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CFTBC Version 0.1 dt.31.7.


Format for Application for AD-HOC Research Projects and Guidelines for Operation of Extramural Projects

Indian Council of Medical Research
V. Ramalingaswami Bhawan Ansari !agar P.Box !o. "#$$

!ew %elhi – $$&&'#

CFTBC Version 0.1 dt.31.7.2013
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V. Ra alin!a"a i #ha"an$ Ansari Na!ar$ %os& #o' #o. ()** Ne" Delhi + **,,-) A%%LICA.ION FOR /RAN.+IN+AID OF AD+HOC RESEARCH %RO0EC. 7Please furnish $& copies and a CD8 Sec&ion A /ENERAL

$. (itle of the Research Project /ommunit9 %ri:en ;ealth committees < (heir Feasi=ilit9 and effecti:eness in addressing gender issues in pu=lic health with special reference to (B. '. !ame and %esignation of i8 Principal 0n:estigator > Email Email) ii8 /o40n:estigator7s8 > Email Email) 2. %uration of Research Project %r.E.(hiru:allu:an %r.Beena E.(homas -( 1 on&hs on&hs

i8 Period which ma9 =e needed for collecting the data ii8 Period that ma9 =e re5uired for anal9?ing the data

". Please note that the font si?e of the content should =e at least ** 2& else the proposal will not =e e:aluated. +. Amount of grant4in4aid as@ed for 7details are to =e furnished in .ection B8 Total Rs. 37,81,130(Thjirty seven lakhs eighty one thousand ione hundred and thirty only) $st 9ear 'nd 9ear 2rd 9ear 13,64,000 13,88,000 0 .taff 0i /ontingencies Recurring 80,000 35000 !on4 recurring7E5uipment 8 48000 48000 (ra:el 89,130 0ii O:erhead charges 15,81,130 14,71,000 (otal +. 0nstitution responsi=le for the research project !ame Postal Address (elephone E4mail Fax No !ational 0nstitute for Research in (u=erculosis !o.$ -a9or .at9amoorth9 Road /hetput /hennai42$ &""4',2*#+&& 044 -28362525, 28362528

CFTBC Version 0.1 dt.31.7.2013

*. 0nstitutional ethical clearance and Project appro:al 7!ecessar9 documents indicating institutional ethical clearance must =e enclosed for research in:ol:ing human su=jects as

also animal experiments8.

1. 0s radio tagged material proposed to =e used in the project either for clinical trials or experimental purposesC 0f so clearance from !uclear -edicine /ommittee Bha=ha Atomic Research /entre -um=ai indicating should =e attached. - No ,. Projects in:ol:ing recom=inant %!ADGenetic engineering wor@ should =e examined and certificate =9 the 0nstitutional Biosafet9 /ommittee 70B./8 to =e enclosed. Guidelines for

constitution of 0B./ can =e o=tained from .ecretar9 %epartment of Biotechnolog9 /GO /omplex Eodhi Road !ew %elhi4$$&&&2. - Not a li!a"le #. Appro:al of the institutional ethics committee70E/8 should =e enclosed. Guidelines for IEC for animal experiments should follow /P/.EA re5uirements and for human studies should follow 0/-R guidelines. Su3 i&&ed for e'2edi&e a22ro4al $&. (he 0nstitution where the stud9 is =eing done should ensure that there is no financial conflict of interest =9 the in:estigators. No conflic& of in&eres&

0/-R should =e reminded if no ac@nowledgement is recei:ed within one month from the date of sending the application .ignature of the) a8 Principal 0n:estigator BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB =8 /o40n:estigator7s8 BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB c8 .1 dt.ES.ION i.ION AND A.CFTBC Version 0. All necessar9 0nstitutional facilities will =e pro:ided if the research project is appro:ed for financial assistance..31.ignature of the . . i:. 0DFe agree to su=mit within one month from the date of termination of the project the final report and a list of articles =oth expenda=le and non4 expenda=le left on the closure of the project. iii.ead of the %epartment BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB .2013 DECLARA.A. 0DFe agree to su=mit 7online8 all the raw data 7along with descriptions8 generated from the project to the 0/-R %ata Repositor9 within one month from the date of completion Dtermination of the project. :i. 0t is certified that the e5uipment7s8 isDare not a:aila=le in the 0nstituteD%epartment or these are a:aila=le =ut cannot =e spared for the project :.. ii. 0f an9 e5uipment alread9 exists with the %epartmentD0nstitute the in:estigator should justif9 purchase of the another e5uipment.ead of the 0nstitution with seal %ate) BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB P. 0t is further certified that the e5uipment7s8 re5uired for the project ha:e not =een purchased from the funds pro:ided =9 0/-R for another project7s8 in the 0nstitute.7. 0DFe ha:e read the terms and conditions for 0/-R Research Grant.. 0DFe agree to su=mit audited statement of accounts dul9 audited =9 the auditors as stipulated =9 the 0/-R.

%iterature revie& revealed that 'ender dis arity is visible across states. cultural. (itle of the project. 2.31.AILS OF . economic. (econdly. • . effective and gender sensitive strategy to cater to the needs of &omen. O=jecti:es 1. • First and foremost this study &ill e*amine the feasibility and effectiveness of &omen artici ation in health care lanning.Feasibility and effectiveness of community based health committees in gender health lanning.CFTBC Version 0. !. $. "his study &ill e*amine &hether ublic health care system be made gender sensitive by health committees+ &omen.ummar9 of the proposed research 7up to $+& words8 indicating o:erall aims of the research and importance of the research proposal. Community driven health committees –Their Feasibility and effectiveness in addressin ender issues in !ublic health "ith s!ecial reference to T#$ '.7.1 dt. Ade5uate information must =e furnished in a =rief =ut self4contained manner to ena=le the /ouncil to assess the project. Sec&ion + # DE.HE RESEARCH %RO0EC. Application of the wor@ in the context of national priorities of medical research if an9 ma9 also =e mentioned. and environmental because of internal differences arising out of these factors largely influence health care utili#ation by the &omen. . "his study tries to understand constraints arising from social.2013 . this aims to include the rimary sta)eholders in the health care lanning and delivery rocess as ublic health systems have been lanned and managed by hysician &ho may not e* osed to gender sensitivities. societies necessitating health lanners to devise alternate.s artici ation in health care delivery considering local needs."o develo guidelines and tools to minimi#e gender dis arities in "$ rogrammes.

"here after data &ill be u dated from each health ost every month.uration of this study &ill be !4 months. one ele)ted re resentati(e &$ard !e!%er0)o"n)ilor0(illa1er an)ha#at resident'. +ata $ill %e o%tained *or! %oth ex eri!ental and )ontrolled "nits. /nce in three month 0eeting roceedings.31.1 dt. (econdary sources such as 415 . 'overnment of "amilnadu and 4!5 7ational (am le (urvey /rgani#ation 47((/5.uring the meetings. -F"$. ". 9o&ever..6(5. in most ositions of o&er. . 2re 3 ost evaluation using intervie& schedule and chec)list &ill be carried out in control cluster too for com arative analysis. once &idely seen across the countries and religions has begun to change during the last fe& decades in some arts of the &orld. 'overnment of 8ndia &ill also be used for data collection. 2re 3 ost evaluation using intervie& schedule and chec)list.2013 This ex eri!ental st"d# $ill ado t %oth &1'pre-post test design. 1. :s such. and ressure &as usually constant to roduce children.7. health indicators including "$ case finding and case holding &ill be carried out. es ecially male heirs. #o$$unity %dvisory "oard .irectorate of 6conomics and (tatistics 4.CFTBC Version 0. follo&1u activities &ill be and assessed for effectiveness. • • • • • • -F"$. one o inion leader and 3 $o!en.&ill meet once a month. and they had no access to 0arriage &as almost a necessity as a mean of su ort or rotection. 8nvestigators &ish to come out &ith ra id and reliable alternate strategy in the face of fast develo ing communication channels. T$el(e health osts& six "r%an and six r"ral )enters' $ill %e identi*ied. Present @nowledge and rele:ant =i=liograph9 including full titles of articles relating to the project.and &2' a ex eri!ent group and a control group.&ill discuss various issues ranging from infrastructure to health service delivery. $aseline information from each heath ost &ill be obtained before start of intervention. . traditional societies. "heir education &as limited to learning domestic s)ills. a &oman had no . Three in "r%an )l"ster and three in r"ral )l"ster $ill %e the ex eri!ental and the rest treated as )ontrolled "nits. .n the ex eri!ent -ones.ntrod")tion2 "he gender dis arity.#o$$unity &oru$ &or T' !ontrol (#(T'#) $ill %e *or!ed. health $or/er. CFTBC $ill )o! rise o* one h#si)ian. the &omen &ere generally at a disadvantage. .

articularly in 8ndia. gender dis arity is visible across countries. are discriminated on &ide s ectrum of life &hich includes limited access to education. "he 'lobal $urden of . and over three million contracted the disease. societies necessitating health lanners to devise alternate. res ectable &omen had to be chaste but res ectable men did not and &omen &ere seen mainly as baby1carriers and homema)ers!. (econdly. :bout a third of the &orld. &omen across their lifes an. face different health roblems that are different from men and yet they receive less attention from health system. of &hich infectious diseases are a ma>or art 5. 8n 1998.s o ulation is infected &ith Mycobacterium tuberculosis.:%@56 8n other &ords. 2overty is the single most im ortant contributing factor in deciding the treatment. her o&n land and money.31. about three1<uarters of a million &omen died of "$.7. seventy er cent of these are &omen4 and three <uarters of the burden of ill1health among them is attributable to diseases of overty. "he &omen. :ccording to a double standard of morality. difference bet&een &omen and men. accounting for about 1? million disability ad>usted life years 4. "he ris) of a &oman in a develo ing country dying from a regnancy1related cause during her lifetime is about !5 times higher com ared to a &oman living in a develo ed country. 8n s ecific terms 0aternal mortality 1000 &omen die every day of the conse<uences of regnancy and child birth. over a billion eo le live in absolute overty3. em loyment and artici ation in decisions ma)ing.isease estimates for !00! indicates that 68 out of the 1!6 health conditions and health ris) factors have at least a !0.2013 legal control over her erson.1 dt. =orld&ide. 8ne<uality based on income and dis arity bet&een oor and rich is &ell documented. 'ender dis arity cou led &ith social and infra1structural difficulties ma)e health im rovements for &omen e*ceedingly difficult 'ender dis arity cou led &ith social and infra1structural difficulties ma)e health im rovements for &omen e*ceedingly difficult. or her children 1. /n an average a &oman in a high income country is e* ected to live !4 more years than a lo& income country. health ris)s of overty is most visible in develo ing countries &here the magnitude of the "uberculosis is enormous.CFTBC Version 0. effective and acce table strategy to .

in addition to biological se*. 2olicies and rograms 10 that do not account for gender differences may have a detrimental im act on both men and &omen. /ther one being voluntaristic as ect of gender systems suggesting ho& &omen come to ma)e choice that inadvertently contribute to their o&n disadvantage and devaluation. gender differences in any society can influence both &omenCs and menCs health in number of &aysD For e*am le.2013 cater to the needs of &omen.CFTBC Version 0. &omen are more li)ely to e* erience more significant detrimental conse<uences as a result of olicies that ignore otential gender im acts. need to be considered. -oercive a roach theory has a strong basis as the ine<uity of &omen is most countries seems to vary large e*tend from mass overty and the general bac)&ardness caused by underdevelo ment &hich is a roduct of im erialism. and constraints laced u on men and &omen by virtue of their se*. res onsibilities. 'ender roles are by definition conte*t s ecific and sub>ect to change over time. racism. neo B colonialism. differences relating to gender. racial discrimination and of un>ust international economic relations. First one is coercive as ect of gender system es ecially on &omen focus on men. (uch conte*t s ecific 'ender roles1 'ender constructs can have a far1reaching im act on diseased atterns and on the effectiveness of revention and control efforts. identities and e* ectations assigned to men and &omen and thus contrasts &ith fundamental biological and hysiological differences bet&een men and &omen. 'ender also refers to the different social and cultural roles 8. 'iven the social conte*t of &omenCs lives.31. "hus. • 6* osure to ris) factorsE .1 dt. 9ence. "he unfavorable status of &omen is aggravated in many countries both develo ed and under develo ed by de facto discrimination on the grounds of se*. Aanet salt#man 9 ut for&ards t&o theoretical a roach to gender issues. e* ectations.s ability to maintain their advantage over &omen by dirt of su erior o&er resources. =hen analy#ing the different e* eriences and im acts of health on men and &omen. colonialism. a artheid.7. %$&evie" of literature' "he term gender? refers to the socially constructed role. olitical ideology and to much lesser e*tent hysical. economic .

7. $oth gender differences and gender ine<ualities can give rise to ine<ualities bet&een men and &omen in health status and access to health care. ho&ever. 'ender norms and values. much still remains to be done in terms of learning ho& to incor orate a gender sensitive ers ective into all as ects of health rogramme lanning and im lementation. &omen themselves. &omen on average have lo&er cash incomes than men is an e*am le of a gender ine<uality.1 dt. "hey may loo) u on health roblems as normal or natural as ects of &omen. such as chronic treat them as normal states and ignore them13 .2013 • • • :ccess to and understanding of information about disease management. role of &omen as a care receiver and care rovider influence the e<uity in health service. "he fact that. their families and health care roviders need to be aware of the e*istence of a health roblem. give rise to gender differences. the distinct roles and behaviors of men and &omen in a given culture.31. differences bet&een men and &omen &hich systematically em o&er one grou to the detriment of the other.s biology or everyday activities. de ression and re roductive tract infections. 8n addition. throughout the &orld. because. sub>ective e* eriences of illness and effectiveness of control efforts .CFTBC Version 0. may be so &idely revalent that &omen and care roviders o&er related the recognition +labeling of and res onse to . "here is gro&ing body of literature on the role and im ortance of gender in determining atterns of ill health. ain. 0ainly because.ecision ma)ing illness 2atterns of health service useE 2erce tions of <uality of care.9o&ever. 7ot all such differences bet&een men and &omen im ly ine<uity. certain ty es of health conditions. dictated by that cultureCs gender norms and values. 2rinci ally. also give rise to gender ine<ualities 1! that is. revention and controlE (ub>ective e* erience of illness and its social significanceE :ttitudes to&ards the maintenance of oneCs o&n health and that of other family membersE 4that there is a significant difference bet&een male and female out1of1 oc)et health e* enditure in urban 8ndia115 • • • . For e*am le.

granting referential allocation of resources to male health needs or re<uiring consent from artners or other family members. out1of oc)et e* enditures for ublic and rivate health care services . adolescent girls in this region do not ublicly ac)no&ledge their health roblems. 8n 8ndian society this is the situation in both rich and oor households. "his can affect all &omen but es ecially &omen &ho are infertile. lac) of rivate+ ublic insurance coverage. From my ersonal e* erience. 8n the 8ndian culture.s health needs because of indifference. %ac) of ac)no&ledgement may also affect the &ay in &hich health roviders ta)e action or not to romote health services for &omen. "hese considerations may be influenced by gender biased normative structures that govern households.7. they may refuse to acknowledge the roblem by choosing to remain silent if they fear adverse reactions from the family. &omen and girls may be unable to access them due to discrimination &ithin the household.1 dt. :lthough health services may be available. even though &omen are a&are of their health roblems. even &hen &omen and their families acknowledge the need for treatment.s ermission to utili#e health service outside the household are im ortant gate&ays bet&een &omen and their access to health care. $oth unmarried men and &omen &ith se*ually transmitted infections may be highly stigmati#ed by the reaction from unsym athetic health care roviders. "hird. social and financial barriers may be encountered before health care can be utili#ed14. 2hysical and economic barriers may also revent &omen from accessing health services.2013 (econdly. articularly "$ because it &ould lead to oorer chances for marriage. or deal &ith roblems such as maternal ris) or obstetric emergencies as &ell as other critical needs. due to long distances to health facilities and lac) of trans ortation.31. or lo& value attached to the lives or &ell1being of &omen. girls are li)ely to receive less e* ensive and more home1based care than boys and are also more li)ely to suffer from outright neglect of their health needs than boys15.s or other family member. reventing them for see)ing care.CFTBC Version 0. Festrictions on hysical mobility and the need for husband. community and health care roviders. :dolescent girls doubly victimi#ed by the misconce tion that ("8 can be cured by having se*ual intercourse &ith virgins. 0any studies have documented that. (ometimes families may also turn a blind eye to &omen.

31.1 dt.CFTBC Version 0. 8n 6ngland for e*am le com ared to men. 7athanson e*amined this relationshi bet&een illness and feminine role and offered three e* lanation of &omen. confidentiality and information about treatment o tions are not ensured by the often over&or)ed. under aid and gender insensitive health care roviders. in other communities. : ty e of self1 rotective mechanism is one of the ma>or obstacles 1 sometimes the single most im ortant obstacle 1 standing bet&een men and &omen and the achievement of &ell1 being.2013 drive many families into overty. es ecially in develo ing countries 16. &omen themselves are reluctant to consult male doctors. &omen a ear to e* erience illness and re orting to health system more than men 19. "here is gro&ing evidence that. Feferring atients from the ublic service to their o&n rivate clinic. =omen are dis ro ortionately affected as they have less access to household resources and re<uire more reventive re roductive health services1?.&omen. it is &omen demanding social roles that ma)e them ill. First.7. sometimes contributing to medical overty and at times maternal deaths18. it is culturally acce table of the o inion that is &omen have a higher level of morbidityE second . recommending unnecessary interventions &hich they can charge for are e*am les of abusing users of services. rivacy. 6ven in the develo ed counties. . =hile religions li)e 8slam restricts social and hysical contact bet&een &omen atients and male care roviders. <uality of health see)ing and resultant care received by &omen is roblematic.s fle*ible domestic timetables allo& them o ortunities to visit the 'eneral 2ractitionersE and third. des ite living longer. verbally and economically. =omen are also reluctant to use health services because res ect. (ome other studies confirmed this and sho&ed that married &omen e* erience more mental health roblems.s higher levels of morbidity. :nother dimension to this &or)ers &ere not sufficiently trained and or roblem is available Female 9ealth ermitted to recogni#e and treat the sym toms. ma)ing atients ay for drugs and su lies that should be rovided free. and &omen could not access the services as easily. at ublic healthcare centers. "he lac) of lady medical ersonnel B itself is a reflection of gender bias in health care services. ho& &omen 4and men5 may be abused by care roviders hysically.

. &omen &ho <ualify. 8n deed the term mid&ifery means G&ith &omenH.evelo ment 9ormone re lacement thera y 49F"5 to address meno ause at later life though has lead to erceive a normal course of biological changes into sym tom to be relived and termed as a deficiency syndrome!!. :n :merican study revealed that more female doctors than male doctors are found in s eciali#ations &here ta)ing care of family res onsibilities are more acce ted!5. 8n countries li)e 6ngland &here &omen and men. enter medical schools in almost e<ual numbers. (uch as force s &ere deemed necessary!1. li)ely to be e* osed to male dominated health care rofession &hich includes the &ell established 79( &here 80. often artly due to vertical occu ational segregation. 0edicalisation of health has lead to vie& &omen as a mere ob>ect rather than human erson. of general ractitioners !3. has shifted a&ay from female to male controlled delivery in line &ith the changing status of mid&ifery. face hori#ontal and vertical occu ational segregation. 2rior to the nineteenth century it &as usually managed by &omen &ho had learned their s)ills through oral tradition. in the year 199! &omen made u only !0 ercent of consultant even though they re resented 60. 0any studies have sho&n that &omen are often e* ected to conform to male &or) models that ignore their s ecial needs.31.2013 (econdly.1 dt. and the contributions of &omen to formal and informal health care systems are significant. &or) force is female. -hild birth for e*am le.7. such as childcare or rotection from violence. 8n 8ndia 40. %o& &ages and salaries cou led &ith lac) of infrastructure and oor &or)ing conditions leads to migration of valuable and e* erienced human resources from . of doctors !4 &ere female in the 199!193 but their re resentation at decision ma)ing level &as une<ual to their number. though. :lthough ma>ority of the health they undervalued and unrecogni#ed. "hus the medicalisation of childbirth allo&ed the develo ing male medial rofession to consolidate its )no&ledge and status.CFTBC Version 0. from 1?th century on&ards male mid&ifes restricted female mid&ives &or) differentiating bet&een normal and abnormal deliveries reserving for themselves those cases &here instruments. $ecause Female health workers in the health system are less li)ely to occu y ositions that involve decision ma)ing. ercent of consultants!0 are men. &omen as ma>or consumers of health. in 6ngland. of doctors in the lo&er status s ecialism of ublic health medicine and 4?. For e*am le.

2resently seventy er cent of over a billion eo le &ho live in absolute overty are &omen &orld&ide. in studies in 2a)istan!8 and in 8ndia!9 female community health &or)ers have re orted that they are often harassed &hen they are on their &ay to &or) or erforming &or). "he fear of being e* osed to hysical or se*ual violence ma)es them hesitant to attend to obstetric needs of atients at night.s o ulation is infected &ith 0ycobacterium tuberculosis. : study underta)en to assess 'ender and socio1cultural determines of delay to diagnosis of "$ in $angladesh. 2a)istan to high income countries!6.!? 8n other laces. of the nurses &ere emigrants from resource oor settings. community health &or)ers may be sub>ected to violence. 8n 1998.( (ervice /rgani#ations 48-:(/5 from its e*tensive revention &or) suggest that community advocacy can bring . "homas et observe 3? there are gender differences in se*ual behaviour atterns among men and &omen. For e*am le. 8nternational -ouncil of e* erience in 98K :8.:%@5. 8n each of these cases. addressing their se*ual concerns both &ithin and outside of marriage. 8ndia and 0ala&i re orts interval from sym tom onset to diagnosis &as longest36 in 8ndia. 8n 98K front $. about three B<uarters of a million contracted the disease. Further.31. 9ealth ris)s of overty are most visible in develo ing countries &here the magnitude of the "uberculosis is enormous. accounting for about 1? million disability ad>usted life years 4.6.CFTBC Version 0. mere re resentation of &omen in the health system rovide no great benefit to &omen as a &hole and are negatively affecting health. Inderstanding these differences is im ortant to lan gender based intervention strategies in order to ensure that eo le living &ith 98K have a better <uality of life. :bout a third of the &orld.7. this study suggest need for Further research distinguishing atient and rovider delay in order to ma)e health care gender sensitive. 8n the health front three <uarters of the burden of ill1 health among them is attributable to diseases of overty. of &hich infectious diseases are a ma>or art.2013 countries li)e 8ndia. : study in the IJ sho&s that 40. For &omen &ith "uberculosis in 8ndia and $angladesh concern about marriage ros ects &as a characteristic concern.1 dt.

9olland 9ealth 2romotion 0odel30 !. The alternati(e !odel sho"ld %e an inte1rated and in)l"si(e o* *i(e di**erent )o! onents.7. bring concrete rogrammatic benefits and resources. The literat"re re(ie$ de!onstrate that. 9o&ever. e**e)ti(e and 1ender sensiti(e strate1# to )ater to the needs o* $o!en. 1ender dis arit# is (isi%le a)ross )o"ntries. 'oing bac) to "$ related studies. 38 (udha 'ana athy et al. the most effective &omen centered health romotion &ould utili#e more than one ty e as &ell as forms of ractice &hich do not . in turn..31. i. This 3lternati(e health ro!otion !odel0strate1# that ta/es into )onsideration o* the 1ro"nd realities.2013 significant im acts on national olicies 4such as the rioriti#ation of )ey o ulation in 7(2s5 that."annahill 9ealth 2romotion 0odel34 6.'reen and Jreuter 12recede12roceed 0odel3! 4. "he different health romotion models revie&ed areD 1.ahlgren and =hite head 199133 5. so)ieties ne)essitatin1 health lanners to de(ise alternate.states.$eattie 1 9ealth 2romotion 0ode31 3.(ocio1 economic 0odel4.CFTBC Version 0. G G G G G 0edical $ehaviour change 6ducational 6m o&erment (ocial change :t least si* health romotion models can be found in the literature that strives to bridge the ga and reduce the health ine<ualities. em hasis the need for gender s ecific intervention strategies to enhance better access of "$ services."ones 9ealth romotion model 35 "he above models have both advantages and deficiencies as there is no one model that can e* lain the entire dimensions of human health and &ell being and fulfils the =9/ definition of health.1 dt.e.

2013 easily land themselves to such categori#ation.(avita (harma.atta. (ocio1 economic model of health and ado ting -/00I78"@ :.(avita (harma. "herefore.31. FeferencesD 1. 3. Facet of 8ndia overty..CFTBC Version 0. the researchers &ish to underta)e study a strategy in line &ith. 1995. 8t tries to understand constraints arising from social.1 dt.K8(/F@ 'F/I2( 4-:'s5 2romoted by (outh :frican :ids Kaccine 8nitiative 39 and feasibility and effectiveness of 9ealth committees and artici ation of &omen in hel ing the health system to be gender sensitive &ill be studied in detail. economic and environmental factors because internal differences arising out of social. . "o identify the determinant at individual and societal level and attem ts to obtain the o inion at the grass root level.elhi 1!00!.%. %eslie A. -once t ublishing co. 1990.. develo ing countries. economic and environmental factors largely influence the health care utilisation of &omen. -once t ublishing co. ! J. =orld $an). Soc Sci 3 4.atta. . cultural. :mong different socio1economic model of health is the most a ro riate one as it tries toE 1.%. (uggests a ro riate structural changes to enable &omen get an e<ual access to health &ithout any hardshi .7. a sort of $ottom1u strategy !.elhi1 !00!. 7e& .3? J. 0eeting the changing health needs of &omen in Med 40415D 55165. . Facet of 8ndia overty.31 2aolisso 0. 7e& . cultural.

de+6544+ 02F: 2a er 7o. !uman Development Report.1 dt.16 :hmed.elhi !000. 3 $huiya.evelo ment and 9ealth (ee)ing $ehaviour in $angladeshE Soc Sci Med" 51. 87 (67 '. 6nder. and 2riority ( &e1do+&omen1s1health1ine<uities. :.. Falling into overty in villages of :ndhra 2radeshD =hy overty avoidance olicies are neededE #conomic and olitical Weekly" 1?.. (. 1995. 5 6. 7e& . 6544. :.Aessica /gden 'ender and "uberculosis -ontrolD "o&ards a (trategy for Fesearch and :ction =orld 9ealth /rgani#ation. (ree -hitra "irunal 8nstitute for 0edical (ciences and "echnology.&hv.ate accessed !5+8+!009 =omenCs 9ealth Kictoria =omenCs 9ealth 8ne<uitiesE htt D++&&&. 0u)und I le)ar .int+gender+en+ date accessed !9+1+!009 9imanshu (e)har. (.. 0. -aste. Aanuary !008 + 03D36 8yer.isease. (ocioeconomic . 7e& @or). .31 =omenCs 9ealth Kictoria htt D++&&&. :dams. 8ndia !006 /nline at htt D++m ra. 'ender. (FJ 'overnment :rts -ollege. Ja olicy+ gender.&ho. =omen 2roblems :geing =omenE (ome 8ssuesE :nmol 2ublication. :chutha 0enon -entre for 9ealth (cience (tudies.!5 February !009 Fa>a)umar. 3611 ?1. :ccessed on !9+1+!009 =omen and health develo ment1 'ender htt D++&&&. :. and 9ealth -are :ccessD 6* eriences of Fural 9ouseholds in Jo al . 3!4?13!56. 3 2atha).(heela Fangan .ateD11th 7ovember !00!. :. (&it#erland . 0easuring u D ' ics+gender+en+. !004 9anson.uni1 muenchen.2013 World Development Report: overty. -lass. 0..ub.(ecember 1))) =9/ ' J. /*ford Iniversity 2ress. '.31. htt D++&&&. osted 03. Jarnata)aE "rivandrum.r. @anam. 0.7. 0. Inited 7ations .istrict. !000 Jrishna. 'eneva. :. Fout :rchive 'ender 8ne<uality in 9ousehold 9ealth 6* enditureD "he -ase of Irban /rissaE .evelo ment 2rogramme..2. ? 8 9 10 11 1! 13 14 15 16 1? . $urden of . 7e& @or).htm -ontent 2ublication .CFTBC Version 0. -ho&dhury. 4!0055 8bid.&hv. I7.

7. %ondon. !6119. 0.!93 199? Aenny 9oc)ey. =omen and 9ealth 1 8ntroducing =omen.!91 8bid. 0. Foutledge. (ocio16conomic =elfare. =omen and 9ealth B 8ntroducing &omen. F. 8ndiaE $nstitute o% Development Studies.s studies16dited by Kictoria Fobinson and . Jarnata)a (tate. 199? 8bid . 3 9utt.!006 $uchan.31.iane Fichardson. 2. Jarnata)a (tate 8ndiaE $nstitute o% Development Studies. $ergeron. A. 1991 19 !0 !1 !! !3 !4 !5 !6 !? !8 !9 30 . 'ough.e Joninc).1? . 2algrave. (al&ay. 7e& @or) 199? 1 . 7. (. 14. 08" 2ress. !003 'eorge. $righton (usse* Iniversity !00? Aenny 9oc)ey. 3 Imer.s (tudiesE 6dited by Kictoria Fobinson. 2. . Aoban utra. $righton (usse* Iniversity.2013 M("%87 2 46d. 'ender1based barriers to rimary health care rovision in 2a)istanD the e* erience of female rovidersE !ealth olicy lan" 18.iane Fichardson. =aseem. 8nternationally recruited nurses in %ondonD : (urvey of -areer 2aths and 2lansE !um Resour !ealth" 4.. =omen hysicians in NuebecE Soc Sci Med" 44. .1 dt. F. =9/. Aune !00?. 8nD "he sociology of the 9ealth (ervice.. -ambridge. 7e& @or)1199? 8bid . 199? =9/. =omen and 'ender 6<uityE Jno&ledge 7et&or) B =9/ -ommission on (ocial . 2algrave. 2. !006 0umta#. F. $ury 0 -a lan F "est case for social olicy and social theory. -alnan 0..CFTBC Version 0. !00! 18 'eorge..istrict.!95 :sha 'eorge 9uman Fesource for 9ealth B: 'ender analysis. 18!513!. O.istrict.eterminants of health. :. :. "he /utrageous as /rdinaryD 2rimary 9ealth -are =or)ersC 2ers ectives on :ccountability in Jo al .!89. !00? 'abe A.5 6ngendering 8nternational 9ealthD "he challenge of e<uity. "he /utrageous as /rdinaryD 2rimary 9ealth -are =or)ersC 2ers ectives on :ccountability in Jo al .. 3 $ourbonnais.

(uriyanarayanan. -herise (cott.:.(..6. "annahill -. 2olicies and (trategies to 2romote (ocial 6<uity in 9ealth.g. Aa&ahar. (toc)holm 1991 . %= and Jreuter. 6rica %essem. "annahill.5. =illiams. 6901694 (outh :frican :ids Kaccine 8nitiative 'uidelines For -ommunity :dvisory 'rou s 4-:'s5 1 Auly. in 'abe. 2reliminary &or) underta)en during the data collection &or) for one of investigator. %aia Fui# 0ingote. 9ealth 2romotion 2lanningD :n 6ducational and 6cological : roach 4 th edn.31. (ivasubramaniam and 0itchell =eiss 2erce tions /f 'ender :nd "uberculosis 8n : (outh 8ndian Irban -ommunity 8ndian A 0ed Fes 1!9. 0 46ds5 "he sociology of the health service Foutledge.s 2h. 0c'ra& 9ill.0.2013 31 9olland F Fethin)ing 9ealth 6ducation "heory. %ee 2yne10ercier. (. Aose hine :roc)ia (elvi.1 dt. (haron . 0=. /*ford Iniversity 2ress 4&''(5. $eena 6 "homas. 49. 0.CFTBC Version 0. : Jno&ledge and -ontrol in 9ealth 2romotionD : "est -ase for (ocial 2olicy and (ocial "heory. 6901694 (udha 'ana athy. !013 $. other activities li)e selection of sub>ects and obtaining ermission from . 'reen. Aune !009. 1991. . (oumya (&aminathan 'ender differences in se*ual behaviour among eo le living &ith 98K in -hennai. 8nstitute of Futures (tudies. 0 $ury.irector 2ublic . -handra. Aune !009. 2ublished online 0arch !4. 1. (te hanie (eidel. Kol. 7e& @or). Fenaud F $oulanger.ahlgren. J. (elvi. selection of su=jects standardi?ation of methods with results if an9.:. 9ealth 2romotion: Models and Kalues 4!nd ed. 8ndia 8ndian A 0ed Fes 1!9. A -alnan.!005 . 7o.Aames K %avery. %ondon. Preliminar9 wor@ alread9 done =9 the 0n:estigator on this pro=lem e. ' and =hitehead..7. &or) to ascertain the demand from &omen. 101 1! 419905 $eattie.o&nie F (. "homas.A.thelancet. 9ealth 6ducation Aournal. 6ngaging communities in tuberculosis research &&&. 9o&ever. :licia @ -hou. !00? 3! 33 34 35 36 3? 38 39 +.

7gi:e here the design of stud9 indicating the total num=er of casesDsamplesDanimals to =e studied the mode of selection of su=jects speciall9 in experiments in:ol:ing human =eings e5uipments and other materials to =e used methodolog9Dtechni5ues to =e emplo9ed for e:aluating the results including statistical methods an9 potential to o=tain patents etc.V in*e)tion 6a/ati#a >o"nral o* Fo!enGs 7t"dies. 7o hia Vi8a#. 5los . 7"nil =enon. Chandrase/aran. Beena 4.ndiaC . e838< 2. V. 3le#a!!a Tho!as 9 7 Cha"han. . %etailed research plan. Thir"(all"(an.8 1$*ettin s' . Vol. +e$an. *. Chandrase/aranV. Vol"!e 4. ? 7te(en 3. 1. 7"ri#anara#anan + and 7o"!#a 7$a!inathan @Dender di**eren)es in !arria1e and sex"al %eha(ior a!on1 eo le li(in1 $ith :.7./"( rogramme of 7ational 8nstitute foer Fesearch in "uberculosis. Tho!as. Beena Tho!"es o* 7ex 7ele)tionC 6H 9e"(en. Bel1i"!.. ="r"1esan.+7 atients )are and 7T+sVol"!e 23 N"!%er"e 12 .ndia.1 =ar)h 2007 5. 7a* +e)e!%er 200<.31. =a#er. No.1. =atthe$ >. 6enneth :.. 7o"!#a 7$a!inathan. >"ne 200<.ndian >o"rnal o* =edi)al Aesear)h 12<&6'.1 dt. Chandra 7. Thir"(all"(an. . 7o"!#a 7$a!inathan. =i!ia1a. @:. Eist of important pu=lications of last + 9ears of the all the in:estigators in the rele:ant fields 7enclose reprints if a:aila=le 1. Do/ila Vani.V in Chennai. Ein@s with other 0/-R projects 7ad4hoc tas@ force or colla=orati:e8. 8t &ill be lin)ed &ith model . 7ecessary efforts &ill be made to lin) other 8-0F ro>ects.n*l"en)e o* stress on )o in1 and E"alit# o* li*e a!on1 $o!en li(in1 $ith :. 625-724 4.4 =asterGs dissertation on @7o)ial and 4thi)al ..V testin1 and Co"nselin1. .3 st"d# *ro! 7o"th . 5er)e tion o* T"%er)"losis atients on ro(ider-initiated :. 5"neet 6.4 7hen%a1a(alli .ndia2 3re =7= Bein1 Aea)hedBC 23.200< 3.2013 9ealth &ill be initiated on a roval from the council. -hennai.CFTBC Version 0. 5.V 5re(ention . Beena 4 Tho!as. >ose hine 6. 5reetish Vaid#anathan. 2008 .nter(entions in Chennai.

origins and develo ment. /nce in three month 0eeting roceedings. • • • 2re 3 ost evaluation using intervie& schedule and chec)list. "here after data &ill be u dated from each health ost every month.uring the meetings. -F"$.Organizational profile /rgani#ational rofiling &ill assesses the both 29. 8n the e* eriment #ones.and -F"$. 'overnment of "amilnadu and 4!5 7ational (am le (urvey /rgani#ation 47((/5. (econdary sources such as 415 . health &or)er.CFTBC Version 0. -F"$T' !ontrol) (#(T'#) &ill be anchayat resident5. . • $aseline information from each heath ost &ill be obtained before start of intervention. Private Sector 1). . health indicators including "$ case finding and case holding &ill be carried out. "hree in urban cluster and three in rural cluster &ill be the e* erimental and the rest be treated as controlled units.ata &ill be obtained form both e* erimental and controlled units..1 dt. "&elve health osts4 si* urban and si* rural centers5 &ill be identified.#o$$unity &oru$ &or formed.&ill meet once a month. institutional ca acity and institutional lin)ages 4in terms of . -F"$.31. one &ill com rise of one hysician. and e*clusivity of the organi#ation5.irectorate of 6conomics and (tatistics 4. one elected re resentative 4 &ard member+councilor+villager o inion leader and 3 &omen.&ill discuss various issues ranging from infrastructure to health service delivery.6(5. follo&1u activities &ill be and assessed for effectiveness. <uality of membershi 4in terms of &hy eo le >oin.7. 2re 3 ost evaluation using intervie& schedule and chec)list &ill be carried out in control cluster too for com arative analysis. 'overnment of 8ndia &ill also be used for data collection. %$(ata' .2013 "he study &ill be carried out in the state of "amilnadu 8ndia.

.ndividual survey: "hrough a series of semi1structured intervie&s &ith organi#ational leadershi . 7'/s. data &ill be collected. and levels of efficacy among governmental and non1governmental agencies5. &omen leaders. community leaders.Budget re5uirements 7with detailed =rea@4up and full justification8) and non1members in health . membershi committees. o inion concerning modalities in &or)ing &ith government system and their social commitment to address social determinants of oor &ill be e* lored. information e*change. mean time ga for various rocedures and e* ense related to receiving of health care etc. $&. Facilities in terms of e5uipment etc a:aila=le at the sponsoring institution for the proposed in:estigation.!ected benefits' 1 2revailing social sector commitment of rivate health sector &ill be documented. o tions made available to &omen members from oorer sections of society &ill be collected from the 29.1 dt. #. -. and 1 Felevant+need based strategies can be suggested for health olicy ma) Version 0. %+. 0ean atient registration. 7ational 8nstitute for Fesearch in "uberculosis is one of the im ortant centres under 8-0F and has e*cellent managerial and infrastructure facilities.2013 levels of collective actions. 1 7eed and roblems &ill be identified on com letion of this study. Further.

000 Fs 50.000 "&o (FFs &ill coordinate the activities of K9's.000 "ravel 3 /verhead charges 8).Fe ort &riting 4.130 + .-om uter &ith rinter Fs. facilitate interaction bet&een -F"$.members.31. 1 .81.000 ! -ontingencies 1. -oordinators &ill identify the -:$ members.3 e* erimental sites and 3 control sites.. 2 .000 . %7.000 K9's &ill be res onsible for day1to1day activities of -F"$.28.4000 46 #ones5 * !4 months Fs 10.CFTBC Version 0. %$3illa e 4ealth 5uides &s$1%000 .1 dt.issemination &or)sho s 5. organi#e sensiti#ation sessions to -F"$.%4 months &s$17. %1 months &s$ 1.ata entry o erator &ill be recruited at 3rd month from the initiation of study and entrusted &ith documentation of res onsibilities related to the study. organi#e meeting etc.000 Fs !0.and 29-.%8..130 "otal 37.8nvestigators +2ro>ect staff meeting and Fe ort discussion 3.2013 1 (taff 1$/ro0ect coordinator1*&F+ &s$18.000 Fs !5. %4 &s Fs 10.24. 3$(ata entry o!erator &s$8000 ./ne coordinator &ill be res onsible for 3 K9's .000 )2.and re are the -F"$members &ith s)ills of need4community5 identification and strategy building .000 . % .7.Fecurring !.7on1recurring 4e<ui ment5 1..000 1.ata collection tools rinting !.

I3B4T: T:.5 91 44 !8369513. /omplete Postal Address (elephone !um=er Fax e4mail 10.hri8 +r B44N3 49.1. %esignation) 7)ientist .HE INVES.V J Dender +i**erentials 1<7< 5h + &7o)ial For/' Hni(ersit# o* =adras 2001 -2005 Fo1art# 5ostdo)toral 3.A OF .1<57 Educa&ional 8ualifica&ion 9 De!rees o3&ained 5#e!in "i&h #achelor:s De!ree6 0nstitution Field7s8 Aear %egree B3 &5s#)holo1#' 1<77 =7F &=aster o* 7o)ial $or/' Hni(ersit# o*=adras Hni(ersit# o* =adras 5s#)holo1# =edi)al ? 5s#)hiatri) 7o)ial $or/ 5s#)hoso)ial and 7ex"al . "ele hone 4off. beenaelliPhotmail.e artment of (ocial and $ehavioral Fesearch 7o.urname 2.+7 3 ril->"ne 2003 BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB . 91 44 !83695!5 6mail addressD beenaelli09Pgmail.1 dt.-het ut.I/A.(atyamoorthy Foad.D.D.31.2013 Sec&ion+C #IODA. !ame 7%r.! a)t o* :.e 4. %ate of Birth) 7.CFTBC Version 0.=37BB First name7s8 .ORS5S6 $.DHum.nternational Trainin1 and resear)h 5ro1ra! Hni(ersit# o* 9os 3n1eles -HC93 Beha(ioral as e)ts o* :. .+7 .7.CG 2. -hennai1600 031. 9ead of the .06.

. :.. Aa8ase/aran 7i/ha!ani. 7 =enon .1 dt. >o"rnal o* the .+7 3 ril 2003 C:. ="r"1esan. Research speciali?ation 7-ajor scientific fields of interest8 Ps9cho social issues Gender issues . 5ro)eedin1s o* 2010 . =ohanarani 7"hade(. Chennai. 5ro)eedin1s o* 2010 .ss"e 5 2. +r 3le#e!!a Tho!as and +r Fraser Fares.V03. 0mportant recent pu=lications 7last + 9ears with titles and References8 including papers 0n press 1.+7 2011L222121-125 3.7BN2 <78-1-84626-025-4L 454458 .CFTBC Version 0.denti*i)ation.2013 *. 'eena Tho$as .nternational 3sso)iation o* 5h#si)ians in 3.. ' Tho$as . 9os 3n1eles.and 'eena Tho$as #$ercentages. Vol"!e 6 . Challenges in dealing (ith the problem of Tuberculosis)* periences from Tuberculosis +esearch Centre (IC"+).7. H73 Fe%r"ar# 2007 TAC0N. India.+7 Care.0VDA0%. . +r. 7 7$a!inathan .Hda#a =ahade(an. 2011. 59o7 . =eenalo)hani +ili . +e(ara8 7"r#anara#anan. /urden of the (i0es of HIV infected men in South India.:0.V Aesear)h2 The next K"alitati(e 1. 3"xilia.Chandrase/aran V. India. :istori)al and 7o)ial s)ien)es &C::772010' . +"r1a. *r 'eena + Tho$as. = 5eri#asa!# . =ohanarani 7"hade(. Screening for Alcohol Use Disorders (AUD) among Tuberculosis patientsattending Chennai Corporation Health Centers.7BN2 <78-184626-025-4L 474-477 5. 6 : =a#er . 5re(ention and Treat!ent 7er(i)es' Deneration.31. C V >ohnson and 7 3 7a*ren Alcohol use and HIV se ual ris! among "S" in Chennai. 'eena + Tho$as ? 7o"!#a 7$a!inathan -omen as carers.C4A and Hni(ersit# o* 3la%a!a Aesear)h=ethodolo1# Trainin1 5ro1ra!!e in :.nternational Con*eren)e on :"!anities.N4 . =a# 2011 . Nir" arani Charles.5T7 &Centre *or . Tamilnadu. Hda#a =ahade(an. 7 9 Aeisner .$rocess and $atterns of HIV Disclosure among the spouses of HIV infected men in South India%. (u=erculosis . :istori)al and 7o)ial s)ien)es &C::772010' . ResearchD(raining Experience %uration 0nstitution Particulars of wor@ done No(e!%er 2000 Christian =edi)al Colle1e. = > =i!ia1a . =ohanarani 7"hade(.nternational Con*eren)e on :"!anities.10&1' 26-2< &' 6 >a11ara8a!!a .nt > 7T+ 3.

=atthe$ >. 3le#a!!a Tho!as 9 7 Cha"han. V. Chandrase/"e < . 5los . 'eena + Tho$as. 7te(en 3. =atthe$ >. D N3rendran. 7"nil =enon."e 11. .2013 6. 7o"!#a 7$a!inathan.. =i!ia1a.Vol 4. 5"neet 6. +e)e!%er 200< 705-715 <. 7o"!#a 7$a!inathan.N4 7e te!%er 2010.200< 11. >"ne 2010 Vol 58&375377' 8. 7. Nir" arani Charles. 5. 'eena Tho$as. =a#er. 7o hia Vi8a#. C. #Depressi0e s1mptoms and HIV ris! among "S" in Chennai. . 5. =i!ia1a. ? 7te(en 3. ="r"1esan. 7a*ren' #HIV $re0ention Inter0entions in Chennai. s"%!itted in >3. 5redee 3ra(indan =enon. 7o"!#a 7$a!inathan.. 7o"!#a 7$a!inathan. Chandrase/aran. 5reethish"e 12 . Chandrase/aranV. 6. $erception of Tuberculosis patients on pro0ider)initiated HIV testing and Counseling) A stud1 from South India. Fraser Fares. 5. =i!ia1a. 7te(en 3..5rahlad 6"!ar. India. . 14. Vol"!e 4. 7onali Chiddar$ar. :ealth ? =edi)ine Vol. 7a*ren Beena Tho!as.7. 372-383. .e78<< 12. 7o"!#a 7$a!inathan.+7 Beha(&200<'132<8<-<<6 13.+7 atients )are and 7T+sVol"!e 23 N"!%er 11. =a#er. e1237< 7.5ad!a ri#adarsini.Cha"han. 3deline N#a!athi. Aa8a 7a/thi(el =. A Communit1 /ased Stud1 Done in South India after the Implementation of the +2TC$.+7 J 4 ide!iolo1#. Chandrase/eran V.7. 200<. India% J 3.1 dt. 7"nil +e)e!%er 200<. Basilea Fatson. 6enneth :. =a#er. 7a*ren.+e$an 6easibilit1 of $ro0ider) Initiated HIV Testing and Counselling of Tuberculosis $atients Under the T/ Control $rogram in T(o District of South India No( 200<. 59o7 . +e$an. Vol"!e 5 . #Unseen and Unheard. 7o hia Vi8a#..7$a!inathan. =atthe$ >.31. e838< 10. 'eena Tho$as. 'eena + Tho$as. 'eena Tho$as. 6enneth :. V. A 8ualitati0e Stud1% J 3. >35. 24&4'. 7"nil =enon. India% 5s#)holo1#. ="r"1esan. #Impact of HIV7AIDSon "others in Southern India. 5reetish Vaid#anathan. Are "S" /eing +eached5% 23. 6enneth :.3le#a!!a Tho!as. ="r"1esan. $redictors of se ual ris! beha0iour and HIV infection among men (ho ha0e se (ith men ("S") in Chennai. 'eena Tho$as. 9. Care See!ing /eha0ior of Chest S1mptomatics. Beena Tho!as.+7 4d")ation and 5re(ention.CFTBC Version 0.. V. "orpholog1 and bod1 composition changes are Different in "en and (omen on generic combination Antiretro0iral Therap1 3 An 4bser0ational Stud1. => 6arthi ri#a. Chandrase/aran. 7o"!#a 7$a!inathan. 5"neet 6.

al. #HIV.CFTBC Version 0. >ose hine 3ro)/ia 7el(i. C. 625-724 15. 7"ri#anara#anan + and 7o"!#a 7$a!inathan #9ender differences in marriage and se ual beha0ior among people li0ing (ith HIV in Chennai. C.ndian > T"%er).ndian > T"%er) 200<L 562185-1<0 17. Tho$as. =. 6e! . $ersons (ith HIV Infection and Tuberculosis. V. Bala!%al.. 0n case no financial assistance has =een recei:ed nil should =e stated. 2008L 552 <-14. 7. Chandrase/aran and Fraser Fares. Aa!esh 6"!ar.7i(as"%ra!ania!. 7hei/ . India. Tamil 2adu and "aharashtra. #9ender and Socio)cultural determinants of T/)related stigma in /angladesh. Do!ath#.7. and HIV)2egati0e Indi0iduals from Southern India% C. N. =ohan +. 'eena Tho$as. $erceptions and health care needs of HIV )positi0e mothers in India. al. '. =it)hell Feiss #$erceptions of gender and Tuberculosis in a South Indian urban communit1% . 0ndicate titles of the projects and reference num=er if a:aila=le for 0/-R grants. Thila/a(athi 7. "ala(i and Colombia% . 5ad!a ri#adarsini. India. =. Boo athi 6. The >ohns :o /ins Hni(ersit# 5ress 200< Vol 3. 3deline N#a!athi. From other sources Past IPresent IPending I (his information must =e gi:en otherwise the application will =e returned.2013 14.lia#as.nt > T"%er) 9"n1 +is 2008 12&7'2 856 J 66 1<. D. >ose hine 6. Bar%ara Dreen1old and 7o"!#a 7$a!inathan. 7"dha. +. Tho$as. Tri(eni.ndian >o"rnal o* =edi)al Aesear)h 12<&6'. 6ari!. F. . From 0/-R Past IPresent IPending '.2. >a$ahar. . B.+7 2008. 'eena +. 'eena +.+ 2008L 462 <46-<.7. :. 7"dha Dana ath#. 7o"!#a 7$a!inathan. Aa!esh 7. '. Dinnela N. =innie =athe$. 3"er.' +. 22 &7" l'2 76< J 7<. India% . >. Nara#anan #2utritional Status of $ersons (ith HIV Infection. $erceptions of Tuberculosis $atients about $ri0ate $ro0iders /efore and After Implementation of +e0ised 2ational Tuberculosis Control $rogramme. =. 6. >a11ara8a!!a. >"ne 200<. 9a/sh!i A. se uall1 transmitted infections and se ual beha0iour of male clients of female se (or!ers in Andhra $radesh. IFinancial support recei:ed $. D.V. 6. 'eena Tho$as. et.Nir" a. ="ni#andi. +. 7o!!a. A.1 dt. results of a crosssectional sur0e1C 3. 5. 5aran8a e. Vasantha. Tho$as. 7"/"!ar.31. C. #.B. 'eena Tho$as. et. C. 5. 3rias. <<-10< 16. 20. A. Tho$as. Chandra 7.$rogress in Communit1 Health $artnerships.Aa8atash"(ra 3.

<1 44 2836<525 4!ail address2 %eenaelli0<M1!ail.+e art!ent o* 7o)ial and Beha(io"ral Aesear)h No..%ate of Birth) 10.AT. Educa&ional 8ualifica&ion 9 De!rees o3&ained 5#e!in "i&h #achelor:s De!ree6 %egree 0nstitution Field7s8 Aear B7) &A+7' =7F &=aster o* 7o)ial $or/' =aster o* Bio-ethi)s 3r"l 3nandar )olle1e T../omplete Postal Address (elephone !um=er Fax e4mail etc.D.2013 Sec&ion+C #IODA.' <1 44 2836<513.urname '.CFTBC Version 0.0VDA0%.V03. Tele hone &o**.:.hri8 .Bel1i"! 5h + &Fo!enGs st"dies' 3la1a a Hni(ersit# 6arai/"di *. ResearchD(raining Experience %uration 0nstitution BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB Particulars of wor@ done 23 #ears!o First name7s8 .31.I/A. !ame 7%r.Chennai-600 031. (u=erculosis .77.%esignation) (echnical Officer4B 2.DHum.D.7.="!%ai A"ral +e(elo !ent st"dies 1<87 =edi)al ? 5s#)hiatri) 7o)ial $or/ Bio-ethi)s Dender :ealth 1<8< 2008 2013 Catholi) "ni(ersit# 9e"(en.1.)o! ".+7 1.1 dt.. *r Thiruvaluvan .06.Chennai 7o)io-Beha(ioral as e)ts o* atients $ith TB.HE INVES.Chet "t.. .1<67 7.ORS5S6 $.7at#a!oorth# Aoad.Research speciali?ation 7-ajor scientific fields of interest8 Ps9cho social issues Gender issues . %eenaelliMhot!ail.A OF .)o!.

1. 7hen%a1a(alli A.:. =. 2008 #.+7 200< V.31.L =ohana.From 0/-R Past IPresent IPending '. No. 2008 2.n*l"en)e o* stress on )o in1 and E"alit# o* li*e a!on1 $o!en li(in1 $ith :.Thir"(all"(an. Lung Disease and HIV/AIDS. 9HND +.From other sources Past IPresent IPending I (his information must =e gi:en otherwise the application will =e returned. 4.2013 .V03.7.IFinancial support recei:ed $. A.0mportant recent pu=lications 7last + 9ears with titles and References8 including papers 0n press 1. . 0n case no financial assistance has =een recei:ed nil should =e stated.Do/ila Vani.CFTBC Version 0.4 =asterGs dissertation on @7o)ial and 4thi)al . 0ndicate titles of the projects and reference num=er if a:aila=le for 0/-R"es o* 7ex 7ele)tionC 6H 9e"(en.1 =ar)h 2007 4. Bel1i"!.D. 733AC >o"rnal o* T"%er)"losis. Vol.L 7hen%a1a(alli.7.n*l"en)e o* 7ha!e and 7ti1!a in :.V s)reenin1 a!on1 $o!en in prostitution Thir"(all"(an. =ohana = 733AC >.V in*e)tion 6a/ati#a >o"nral o* Fo!enGs 7t"dies.4 7hen%a1a(alli .. &1' 16-24 3.1 dt. Thir"(all"(an.5re(alen)e o* :.V a!on1 T"%er)"losis ."t 5atient 3ttendees Thir"(all"(an 4.

1 dt.--.R0 '.2013 #.31.7.N/T0 %*1/2.%R* Community forum for T# control 1CFT#C+ .CFTBC Version 0.

/reamble' Fecogni#e the devastating im act of the "$+0. 6ach 29-4trial site5 unit &ill maintain a -F"$a5. -ommunity re resentatives must broadly re resent the community living in the coverage area of 29-.CFTBC Version 0.must be dra&n mainly from the community surrounding the 29.=hen electing the re resentatives.31. %$ 6ission CFT#C rovide an o ortunity for affected communities.4trial site5. 3.2013 -ommunity forum for "$ control 4-F"$-5 &ill ado t the model of -ommunity :dvisory 'rou s4-:'5 romoted by 4(::K85 (outh :frican :8.&ill be set u >ointly by community re resentatives and 29authority. screening and treatment rocessE ii voice concerns about the develo ment. 6ach -F"$. 1$ (efinition "he term QCommunity forum for T# control 1CFT#C+ . refers to grou of community re resentatives artici ation in lanning health care delivery relevant to local need.1 dt. b5. 6stablishing and maintaining the CFT#C 415. im lementation and outcomes of &omen s ecific "$ treatment servicesE iii give advice on accrual and retention of &omen "$ atientsE iv advocate for human rights and romote ethical conduct in treatment 2rovisionE an integral com onent of the ublic health system. affordable. and other district level /fficials follo&ing any locally acce ted rocess.irector 2ublic 9ealth. race and ageE inclusion of marginali#ed members of the . effective and locally relevant "$ case finding and case holding Fecogni#e the need for community involvement in ublic health care delivery to also include the ro er functioning of -F"$. v contribute to addressing and resolving grievances about the health care system in general. c5.F "$ e idemic on the eo le of 8ndia. "his &ill be done through rior a roval from . the follo&ing must also be consideredD inclusion of eo le affected 4self+family member5E diversity in terms of gender. -ommunity re resentatives on the -F"$.( Kaccine 8nitiative. es ecially &omen "$ atients to 1 i increase understanding of the "$ sym toms. e*ce t for t&o resource ersons &ho may be dra&n from sta)eholder institutions beyond this community.7. "&o third of artici ants &ill be &omen. &omen in articular and the urgent need for evolving safe.

&ill be guided by. and. and &or) to&ards solving roblems of accrual and com liance to :"". although -F"$-s &ill not artici ate directly in recruitment or retention. including to 1 0 hel and advise &omen on the community entry rocessE 1 hel and advise health care service rovider to rovide gender s ecific needs.31. 1 2roduce regular re orts at each site on the rogress of -F"$-s. 4c5 6ducation of the community on as ects of the "$. . d5 Foles and res onsibilities of the -F"$0 6ach -F"$. nomination forms.rosters. and reading lists. 4iii5 conduct outreach rogrammes for s ecific grou s.0. 0 -F"$-s.F "$ etc. 28s.CFTBC Version 0.1 dt.7. including 1 4i5 safeguarding the human and legal rights of &omen atients and communitiesE 4ii5 su orting the ethical conduct of .F "$. 1 6ducating the research team on community e* ectations. including to 1 4i5 assess community im act of &omen artici ation in health care service lanningE 4ii5 formulate recommendations regarding the gender s ecific needs 4iii5 ensure a &omen voice throughout the rocess of "$ control activities 4e5 -ontribute to human rights com liance and ethical conduct of health care services the community on the results of the discussionE and./"( rovision to &omen "$ atients. treatment guidelines.R.2013 community. lin)s to "$ resources in the region+on the &eb. and other 29-4trial site5 staff mustD 0 6ncourage active discussion and artici ation of -F"$-s in the &hole rocess of health care delivery including "$ control. including to 0 facilitate information flo& from the 29. e. 4d5 Koicing community concerns. rights.g.. the follo&ing list of roles and res onsibilitiesD 4a5 6nsure information flo& bet&een 29. including to 1 4i5 romote individual and organi#ational learningE 4ii5 facilitate and conduct community a&areness1raising and learning events on different forms of "$.and artici ating communities. &omen "$ atients -harter of Fights and other information about atients. but is not limited to. adolescents. 1 ta)e res onsibility for ensuring targeted health careintervention ! health care including "$ control activities reaches the community. -F"$.handboo) that consists of the -F"$'uidelines. 4f5 0aintain a -F"$.

2013 5. 29. and ad hoc s ecialists may not be voting members of the -F"$-. 8.meetings occasionally. 4!5 29.Forum.units &ill rovide administrative su ort to the local -F"$-. 6.members &ill &or) together to educate and inform ne& members about all issues ertinent to the "$ control initiative and area s ecific needs.must consist of no more than 15 members.members 415 28s. be consistentD 4a5 6ach -F"$. -a acity building and develo ment of the -F"$..(u ort for -F"$-sD Foles and res onsibilities of 2rinci al 8nvestigators 415 "he 28s &ill rovide su ort to -F"$-s and su ort the artici ation of local -F"$. for the . resource ersons.CFTBC Version 0. including distribution of the agenda and minutes rior to the meeting of the -F"$-E 4b5 to re are documents. 4b5 0embershi of the -F"$. ho&ever.members in a regional -F"$. hotoco ying. "he follo&ing must. referably &ith good &ritten and verbal communication s)ills. ro>ect staff.irectorate of 2ublic health 9. 28s and 294d5 to com ile re orts on the activities of the -F"$. 0eeting rocedures of the -F"$415 6ach -F"$.member &ill receive an agenda rior to each line &ith its -onstitution and &ith the su ort of the 29-4trial site unit5. to function as a secretariat.meetings &ill be educational in nature.must be revie&ed every t&o years.for a redetermined eriod &hereas s ecialists in any area of interest to the -F"$.&ill meet at least si* times a year although the fre<uency may be increased &hen necessary. 4!5 "he secretariat &ill be res onsible for the follo&ingD 4a5 to rovide administrative su ort for the ro er functioning of the -F"$.may also be re<uested to attend -F"$.and. &here a ro riate.staff. fa* usage.1 dt. ?. tele hone. 4c5 Fesource ersons &ill serve on the -F"$. /rgani#ational structure of the -F"$. 4!5 (ome -F"$. and ostage.7. including but not limited toD. (ecretariat and administrative arrangements of the -F"$415 "he -F"$. ensure general ca acity .for 29. com uter+8nternet 415 "he organi#ational structure of the -F"$. 4d5 28s. 4!5 6ach -F"$.&ill be determined by the community members and as such may vary. agenda for forum meeting including basic facilities on the day of meeting 4c5 to liaise &ith members of the -F"$-. and -F"$.and the -F"$.31.should identify a &omen member -F"$-.

7.2013 building. 10.must design and im lement outreach rogrammes to involve ersons of all socio1economic status. men and &omen. "his document must address issues such as regular elections. membershi . voting. .must develo and ado t a -onstitution or terms of reference that is consistent &ith these ' collaboration &ith 29. 13. that trial site must be dissolved. -onsultation &ith the -F"$"he 28 or his+her delegate4s5 must consult &ith the -F"$. 435 2ro>ect staff &ill inform -F"$-s about &or)sho s and conferences 4local and regional5 of interest to the -F"$-s. office bearers. and adolescents. .issolution at closure of a trial site =hen a trial site unit closes do&n for any reason the -F"$. 11.31.on all matters affecting the health care delivery including "$ case finding and case holding in each community. ( ecific outreach rogrammes by -"$6ach -F"$. -onstitutions or terms of reference of the -F"$6ach -F"$. conflict resolution and dissolution. com osition.CFTBC Version 0. roles and res onsibilities. 1!.1 dt.