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-4 "# The Phat Startup. Reflects on SXSW “Turning Gaming Passions into Profits” New or!" N #pril $" %&$'- When as$ed to %e panelists and represent &or the 'amin' and tech community at ()(W* it was a no %rainer and an immediate +,( &rom -ames .ope/ and 0nthony Frasier* the &ounders o& 1he 2hat (tartup. ()(W (3arch 7-4 * #544) is the lar'est &esti6al o& its $ind in the world* and is the heart o& the con6er'ence o& the interacti6e* music and &ilm industries. 7ic$in' o&& their promotional tour with ()(W* in 0ustin* 1)* the 8ew -ersey and 9ron: %orn nati6es* %lew attendees away 3arch 7th as panelists on “Turning Gaming Passions into Profits”. 2articipants were o&&ered e:ecuta%le ad6ice that can %e put into action* 8;W< 1he 2hat (tartup http=>>>* o&&ers a uni?ue learnin' en6ironment &or entrepreneurs to use the e:plosi6e ener'y that hip hop culture o&&ers to ele6ate and sprin' %oard their ideas into a thri6in' competiti6e %usiness. “These guys formula to success is simple... figure out what startups need, while actually being a startup themselves. And by choice or force, ideas come together. The Phat Startup is on top of their game”. Cj Peters, CEO& Founder, Konsole Kingz

“Turning Gaming Passions into Profits” Panel Discussion ideo! http=>>>#544>53>4@>s:sw-turnin'-'amin'-passionpro&its>http=>>>#544>53>4@>s:sw-turnin'-'amin'-passion-pro&its> In a recent inter6iew* post ()(W* the 'entlemen o& 1he 2hat (tartup o&&ered these re&lections= (ow )o *ou thin! a festi+al li!e SXSW" an) all of its uni,ue features" has helpe) the gaming communit*!ames= 0 &esti6al li$e ()(W does wonders &or the 'amin' community. 3any o& us are seen as technolo'y lo6ers and many o& us lo6e music. 1his is a 'reat way to com%ine all the worlds to'ether promotin' the educational panels> wor$shops and to'etherness in the community 6ia the parties and &esti6ities surroundin' the &esti6al. It also shines li'ht on the 'amin' world %ut with a %usiness type o&

6i%e to it %y %rin'in' to'ether the people that create the 'amin' landscape with those who are currently doin' %usiness in it. #s a first time atten)ee an) panelist" )escri.e the energ* / +i.e felt .ase) on *our e0perienceAnthony= 3y &irst time %ein' at ()(W* I didnAt $now what to e:pect. ;ur panel was &illed with ea'er 'amers loo$in' to turn their passions into opportunity. When the panel was o6er 'amers &rom all wal$s o& li&e came up to meet us and 'et e6en more in&ormation. ,6eryone had a hun'er &or more< Reflecting on *our e0perience / !nowle)ge gaine) at SXSW" what1s ne0t for the Phat Startup!ames= ()(W made me reali/e that our messa'e is needed in a %i''er scale. We stuc$ to 8+C* 8- and we% %ut now we need to 'o to more cities and promote entrepreneurship in our communities 6ia 'reat wor$shops and e6ents. 1here are people out there that do not $now us or e6en entrepreneurship in 'eneral* we ha6e to %e the 6oice and upli&t our people. We ha6e to create the tools and resources that our community can use to e&&ecti6ely chase their dreams. B%ossup Anthony= We will ta$e our e:perience &rom ()(W and try to recreate that ener'y e6ery month at our e6ents in 8+C. B%ossup "#coming E$ents! (tartups 0re Card= 7eepin' it Real with %en &oro'itz 1uesday 0pril 4"* #544 &rom 7-@=35 pm (,D1) http=>>>%en> For more information contact: Wanda Reynolds (C) 347- !!-4 "# B%ossup