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On the Job Training Report 29 May 2012 With Le Passage To India With a special focus on Inbound Tourism LPTISubmitted To: Submitted By:Prof. S. P. Bansal Naveen VermaDirector MTA 4th SamIVS, MTA, H. P. University Exam No: 1579 Roll No: 443 2012 Institute of Vocational (Tourism) Studies Masters of Tourism Administration Himachal Pradesh University Summer hill, Shimla- 171005 2. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to those who have generouslyhelped me in providing the valuable knowledge and expertise during my training. I wouldlike to add a few heartfelt words for the people who were part of this training in numerousways, people who gave unending support right from the stage the training was started. Iacknowledge my sincere debt to all of them. I am highly thankful Prof. Dr. S.P. Bansal, Director, Institute of Vocational TourismStudies, H.P. University, Summer Hill Shimla for his valuable support and guidance. Myspecial thanks go to Dr. Chander Mohan Parsheera, & Dr. Sushma Rewal Chugh for theirpersonal attention, valuable advice and providing constant guidance which has beenindispensable in bringing about a successful completion of the training. I am thankful to Mr. Ripan Dhawan, Joint Managing Director, Le Passage To India(UK, INDI & Maharajas Express - Head) for having faith and confidence in me allowing meto undergo six months training programme of their company. How can I forget to mentionMr. Lokesh Bagga (GM and grand senior MTA first Batch) with whose reference I wasintroduced in this company. I am grateful to Mr. Anuj Negi (Market Head UK and my immediate reportingmanager) for his thorough guidance & support right from first day of the training. I shall alsolike to specially thank my other colleagues, Mr. Amithabh Goswami, Mr. Md. Kaushar, Mr.Gaurav Rai, Mr. Ankit and Mr. Rajiv for giving me the required guidance & helping me inovercoming challenges faced during the Training. I am indebted to Mr. Antriksh Dhulia, my colleague who was most supportive andcalm in advising and addressing my queries regarding all aspects of the business. Underhis supervision, I was able to learn Travel Assist (operation software) within the first twomonths of my training. I would like to thank Dr. Jaswinder Sharma & all the staff members of Institute ofVocational Studies without the active support of them it would not have been possible to seethrough the end of the project. Last but not the least; I cannot forget to mention the patience and belief of my familyand friends. They gave me unconditional support that I needed the most at the hardest oftimes. Naveen Verma MTA 4th Sem. 1 3. ContentsSerial No. Particulars Page No. 1 Acknowledgement i 2 Introduction to Internship 03 3 History behind Internship Programme 04 4 Objectives of Internship Programme 05 5 Job profile 07 6 My Experience 08 7 Company Profile Le Passage To India 11 8 Divisions of Le Passage TO India 19 9 TUI India 21 10 Go India Journeys 25 11 Luxe India 27 12 ICE- Integrated Conference & Event Management 29 13 Indian Routes 46 14 Mintcentive 51 15 Dakshin Routes 56 17 Shaping Lives - NGO 62 18 Marquee Events 66 19 India Travel Tips 67 20 LPTI Achievements 70 21 Career in LPTI 71 22 About Travel Assist 72 2 4. Introduction Internships provide students the opportunity to apply knowledge gained through academics in real life situations. At the same time they also help students in developing and honing skills which will help them perform better at work.One problem commonly cited by employers is that many graduates do not have practicalskills necessary to excel in the job market. They also feel professionalism in students is notenough. Even though there are a large number of theories on how to motivate employees andincrease profits, it is apparent that education alone is not enough to prepare students for theprofessional world. Overcoming these weaknesses will make graduates much more effectivein their careers.Through internships, students gain experience that makes them stronger. In addition to this,their work ethic increases, and they become confident in their abilities. Internships also helpstudents learn about time management, discipline, and effective communication skills. In thebusiness world, critical thinking is very important. Students must be able to make quickdecisions which are based on logic. Internships teach students how to excel in a plethora oforganizations and industries.Thus, an internship can be practically any experience that combines learning with hands-onactivity. Interns for members of Congress might do clerical work for free (or for collegecredit) ten hours a week, while college juniors who intern for P&G are full-time, paidmembers of a professional team. Interns earning their graduate degrees in law or businessmight "train" for an employment

opportunity after graduation. In other words, internships canbe paid or unpaid, full- or part-time, and short- or long-term. Internships can be formalprograms with lengthy application procedures or informal opportunities that you seek out. Nomatter what, an internship offers you the opportunity to acquire practical skills in a structuredenvironment. 3

5. History behind Internship Programme The concept of work experience, internships or cooperative education is not a 20thcentury development, as many believe. The concept of learning by doing goes back to theguild system in Europe. The idea of combining work and education in America was formallyinitiated in 1906 by Herman Schneider at the University if Cincinati where it was referred toas cooperative education. Professor Schneider joined the University of Cincinnati in 1903and began immediately to solicit the interest of the faculty and industrial leaders in the meritsof cooperative education. Schneider was convinced of the efficacy of this concept afterstudying case records of Lehigh University graduates, indicating that those who showedmarked engineering ability had worked while attending college. By 1906, he had convined a reluctant faculty at the University of Cincinnati andenthusiastic industrial leaders of his plan. He initiated an engineering cooperative program ona weekly basis, whereby half the students were in the class for a week while the other halfwas on the job. The students exchanged positions the next week, continuing this patternthrough their study. By 1920, 780 engineering students were working in 135 different firms.By 1919, the cooperative plan was adopted by the College of Business at the university.From its early beginning to today, cooperative education has become an important programin American higher education and then it was adopted by many other universities of theworld. 4 6. Objectives of Internship 1. Internships will provide students the opportunity to test their interest in a particular career before permanent commitments are made.2. Internship students will develop skills in the application of theory to practical work situations.3. Internships will provide students the opportunity to test their aptitude for a particular career before permanent commitments are made.4. Internship students will develop skills and techniques directly applicable to their careers.5. Internships will aid students in adjusting from college to full-time employment.6. Internships will provide students the opportunity to develop attitudes conducive to effective interpersonal relationships.7. Internships will increase a students sense of responsibility.8. Internship students will be prepared to enter into full-time employment in their area of specialization upon graduation.9. Internship students will acquire good work habits.10. Internships will provide students with the opportunity to earn a salary while pursuing educational goals.11. Internship students will develop employment records/references that will enhance employment opportunities.12. Internships will provide students with an in-depth knowledge of the formal functional activities of a participating organization.13. Internships will provide students the opportunity to understand informal organizational interrelationships.14. Internship programs will enhance advancement possibilities of graduates.15. Internship students will have higher levels of academic performances.16. Internship programs will increase student earning potential upon graduation. 5 7. Objectives of Internship Programme Internship program is a very important aspect of our education. Those things whichwe do not experience in the class rooms are being taught to us in the internship. So beforegoing to the internship program I had few objectives which I wanted to fulfill during theprogram. These objectives are as follows: Was an opportunity to test my interest in this field To develop skills in the application of theory to practical work To increase my To acquire sense of good work responsibility habits 6 8. JOB PROFILEOrganisation: Le Passage To IndiaAddress: Le Passage To India E 29, Hau z Khas, New Delhi 16, IndiaProfile: Inbound Operations & SalesMarket: UK, INDI Swiss and Maharajas Express Luxury TrainDesignation: Executive TraineeEmail Id: naveenverma@lpti.inTele: 011 33005555 ext. 230Working Hours : 09:30 AM to 05:30 PM (Officially)Work Days : 05 Days a week, Monday Friday 7 9. My Experience02nd Feb12This was the day of my interview in Le Passage To India Indias No. 1 DestinationManagement company. I was interviewed by Mr. Ripan Dhawan who selected me for histeam. I was asked to join LPTI on 15th Feb09.15th Feb12 to till dateThis was the first

day of my training in this company. I was introduced to my UK team. Myreporting manager was Mr. Anuj Negi.In the first week I was briefed about the company, its core markets and its operational work.For the first time I realized that we are supposed to read the files not from the starting butfrom the last page! In the first week I learnt how filing is done in a proper manner. Also, Ilearnt the importance of filing. I learnt that in LPTI a unique software called Travel Assistis used for the operations. In this particular software all the information related to the clientare entered such as the accommodation, transportation and sightseeing etc. After entering allthe required information a file code is generated by travel assists which is used as thereference code of file of that particular client. After that, vouchers are to be raised for theHotels and Services for the client and the supplier.Mr. Ankit and Mr. Rajeev taught me how reservations are made in hotels through centralreservation. Mr. Antriksh Dhulia taught me the operation of Travel Assist. Therefore therewere quite a few things I learnt in the first week which are as follows: a) Filing in a proper manner. b) Using Travel Assist the software used at LPTI c) Making reservations through central reservation system. 8

10. During the first week I have got a rough idea about various tasks. In the coming weeks Ilearnt filing to perfection. I was entrusted with the responsibility of making reservationsthrough central reservations. I worked on Travel Assist and also make Document kit/folderfor clients.The voucher kit contains the following things: a) Cover Letter b) Itinerary c) Feedback forms d) Hotel Vouchers e) Transportation/Service Vouchers f) Air tickets (e- tickets) or train tickets (if any)I interacted with various hotel reservation executives as well as sales managers while makingthe reservations which in turn helped me in improving my communication skills. The mainhotels in which we had business were as follows; a) Delhi Hotel Crowne Plaza Surya, The Park Hotel, Radisson, Hyatt Regency, The Taj Mahal Hotel, The Leela Kempinski, Le Meridien Hotel, Oberoi Maiidens etc b) Agra: Jaypee Palace, Gateway Taj, Le Meridien, Amarvilas Oberoi etc c) Jaipur: Le Meridien, Rambagh Palace, Samode Haweli, Oberoi etc. d) Mumbai Taj Mahal Hotel, Trident Nariman Point, Grand Hyatt, J W Mariott, etc. e) Chennai Taj Connemora, Taj Corromandel, The Gateway Taj Hotel, etc. 9 11. I learnt various things among them being how to feed data in Travel Assist, issue vouchersfor accommodation as well as transportation vouchers, making of Docs for the client, mailingthese vouchers to the prospective person and acknowledging mails etc.I have also learned about Invoicing which is the most important part of operations as onemistake can reduce the profitability of the file or even show a file in loss. So it is highlyimportant that the invoice is raised correctly. The invoice can be raised in any currency;mainly the invoice is being raised in Indian National Rupees (INR) or else in USD.I was given my own workstation as well as my e mail ID was made through which I used tocommunicate with the hoteliers, transporters, various back offices of LPTI and otherassociated DMCs located in various parts of company. I still remember two employee Mr.Milind Verma (AGM Jaipur LPTI) and Mr. Saif (Executive Agra LPTI) with whom Iexchanged hundreds of mails in just three months.My e mail ID was naveenverma@lpti.inBy the beginning of May, I got a chance to prepare tailor made itinerary for clients as well, inthe guidance of my seniors and colleagues. Usually I was handling all types of work, but Iwas doing much FITs of SAGA (a travel agent of UK). I used to collect payment fromclients for their excursions by cash, credit card or by Traveler cheaque.All my colleagues and seniors are supportive to me and they have shown some confidence inme, which gives me strength to face all the future challenges. I have always tried to provemyself best and never let down my seniors confidence on me.During my trainee, I also got chance to work for Maharajas Express The worlds SecondLuxurious Train. LPTI provide off board services to Maharajas Express and my MarketHead Mr. Ripan Dhawan look for overall off- board operation of this Train.Thus I would like to say that the internship program was a fruitful experience for me as Iworked under excellent performers of this trade. 10

12. 11 13. About Le Passage To India:Le Passage to India is a premier travel group headquartered in New Delhi, India. As an integrated travel group, it offer the complete range of services associated withvacationing and travel in the Indian Sub-continent. Its core focus is Leisure Travel andDestination Management. It is an award winning travel

group committed to providing quality services withimmaculately planned trips that reflect its years of hands-on experience and in-depth productresearch & knowledge. The Le Passage to India travel group through its Strategic Business Units and partnerstour operators world-wide, caters to the travel needs of varied business segments viz,Individual Travel, Group Travel, MICE, Luxury Travel, Rail Journeys, Soft Adventure,Charter Operations, Cruise handling , Museum tours, Educational trips, and Wellnessholidays. Its strategic business alliances in the South Asia region extend into the tourismfriendly countries of Nepal, Bhutan and Japan. Its Strategic Business Units, also echo the quality and consistency of our groupphilosophy in their client handling across the subcontinent. Its biggest strength is its people.Each of the business units prides itself in providing professional travel services. Innovation in tourprogrammes is its constantendeavour, as they weave theauthentic flavour and essence ofIncredible India, Nepal & Bhutanin itineraries. 12

14. LPTIs Mission To make "Travel" a truly magical experienceLPTIs Vision To be Indias top travel company Anchored by Values Driven by Employees Strengthened by Business PartnershipsLPTIs Goal To be Indias most trusted travel company Exceed customer expectation of service A "wow" on every smile Be the employer of choice Foster partnerships with client & supplier Meet shareholders expectations 13 15. The Le Passage to India Travel Group, is a 50:50 joint venture between Select GroupIndia and TUI Travel Plc, the world largest integrated travel management group.Select Group The Select Group was formally created in 2002, after the Sharma Family disinvestedSITA World Travel to Kuoni Resien, Switzerland. Drawing on the strengths of runningIndias largest and most successful travel venture, The Sharma Family for the next two yearsfocused on repositioning the Select Hotels brand. In 2004, the family toiled with the idea ofdeveloping a world class retail shopping centre, sowing the seeds for creating SelectCitywalk that opened in New Delhi in 2007. In 2005 the group Managing Director, Mr. Arjun Sharma joint a team of Indias topTravel professionals at Le Passage to India. Taking Le Passage to the global platform heinked a 50:50 joint venture with TUI Travel- The Worlds Largest Integrated TravelManagement Company.TUI Travel Plc TUI Travel PLC is the worlds leading international leisure travel group whichoperates in approximately 180 countries worldwide and serves more than 30 millioncustomers in over 27 source markets. Headquartered in Crawley, near Gatwick airport in theUK, the Group employs approximately 50,000 people and operates a panEuropean airlineconsisting of 146 aircraft. The company mainly serves the leisure travel customer and isorganized and managed through four business sectors: Mainstream, Specialist & EmergingMarkets, Activity and Accommodation & Destinations. In the financial year ended 30September 2009 TUI Travel had revenues of 13.9bn and an underlying profit before tax of366m. 14 16. Mr. Arjun SharmaManaging DirectorLe Passage to IndiaWith vision, business acumen and leadership qualities, he has continuously led theorganization to successfully explore new ideas while building on existing foundations. He istoday one of the pillars of consistent development of the tourism industry, not only in India,but also the entire Subcontinent. He is especially known for his passion for innovativemarketing in promoting Incredible India.Current Industry Positions Co-Chairman: Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), National Committee on tourism Vice Chairman: PATA India Chapter Sr. Vice President: Indian Association of Tour Operators Active member of the National Advisor Council of Tourism, constituted by the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of IndiaImmediate Past Positions Chairman: World Travel and Tourism Council India Initiative. 15 17. LPTI Top Management StructureArjun SharmaOur Managing Director is a young and dynamic leader, with sharp business acumen andforesighted vision. To his credit is the re-writing the ethos of travel & tourism business inIndia-which many emulate. A philanthropist and perfectionist his diverse business experiencewill always help steer our business to innovative heights.Chander Ahuja Joint Managing DirectorHis extensive

knowledge of the German speaking travel markets of over 25 years has beeninstrumental in the LPTI team effort to create and design new and innovative travel concepttours to India. Having stayed in Frankfurt for many years is an added advantage to hismarketing skills for the region. Chander heads the German speaking markets business atLPTI.Deepak Bhatnagar - Joint Managing DirectorThe LPTI footprint in the charter market of Goa has gained suitably with his new &innovative approaches. With over 25 years of hands on experience, he is also our keymarketing specialist for the Eastern European markets.Madhu Sudan Joint Managing DirectorWith over 20 years of experience, Madhu has been the key force of the Americas businessfor LPTI. His extensive product knowledge and flair for creativity are valuable assets for thebusiness.Ramesh Punjabi Joint Managing DirectorWith over 35 years of expertise in travel and tourism. He is our face in the Spanish &Portugal markets that demand a very high degree of specialization in tour programmes. 16

18. Ripan Dhawan Joint Managing DirectorWith 25 years of expertise in the English speaking markets, Ripan handles business from keyEuropean markets. He is currently also incubating a full fledged adventure vertical for LPTI.Sanjay Logani Joint Managing DirectorWith about 30 years of extensive product knowledge, Sanjay has been associated with theFrench market for many many years. His flair for newness also allows him to innovate andconstantly bring in new ideas for further enriching client experience.Khalid Khan Executive DirectorWith over 30 years of experience, Khalid is the face of our brand in Rajasthan. His extensiveproduct knowledge of the region is a valuable asset for the business.Sunil Kundu - Senior Vice PresidentWith over 25 years of experience in the European markets, his keen eye for detail andmeticulous planning are a big strength.Bhaskar Dhyani - Senior Vice PresidentAn adept hand in the European market with extensive industry knowledge spanning over 30years, Bhaskar heads our travel operations for the Greek markets.Qamar Zafeer - Asst. Vice PresidentWith exposure to sales, marketing and operations for European markets, Qamar handles thebusiness from Italy and Scandinavian markets. 17 19. LPTI AdvantagesKnowledge Bank & Experience: Their core teams extensive hands on experience in thetourism industry is truly a bank of information, they rely on to give their client enrichingIndia, Nepal and Bhutan experiences.Creativity & Innovation: In order to give clients new experiences their team is constantlyinnovating and adding more value to tour programmes. Ensuring an opportunity for client totake in more and more unique Indian flavours be it interactions with local communities ortreading the lesser known hamlets / destinations during a tour.Safety: One of their prime concerns is to ensure high safety standards are followed at theworkplace, with associates and partners. All clients traveling through LPTI are providedPublic Liability Insurance Cover of over One Million Dollars.Customization and Flexibility: They understand that each partner has unique needs andthey go the extra mile to fulfill them. They design tailor made programs that reflect years ofexperience and in-depth product knowledge & research.Comfort: Their trusted supplier / partner network of transport, hotels and restaurants and, ofcourse, specially selected tour guides makes traveling comfortable, enjoyable, safe andhassle-free.Reliability: The local knowledge available at their offices across their network enables themto guarantee efficient, high quality service at very competitive prices.24 x 7: Yes, their Head Quarters in New Delhi are open 24 x 7. Clients can always reach outto them in time of need, for information, assistance or emergencies. 18 20. Divisions of Le Passage TO India LPTI handles the core business of group tours and brochure programmes mainly focused on major source markets like North America & Europe. We also manage various charter operations through this division. TUI: TUI Travel is the outbound and domestic arm of Le Passage to India. We have an impeccable reputation for quality services in Indian & International Holidays, Incentive travel, Special Interest Tours and Conference Management. Choose from thousands of great holiday options and you are assured a holiday you will cherish for a lifetime. Go India Journeys specializes in business events, customized

holidays and special interest tours from the Australasia region and UK. The hotel portal of Go India Hotels is a comprehensive B2B platform for FIT hotel reservations in India. Luxe India brings to you luxury holidays in the sub-continent. Indulge your passion, arrive in a private jet, travel in a limousine or a yatch, the Luxe La Concierge services will weave magic in your holiday experience. Mintcentiveis a boutique incentive house that offers out of the box solutions for corporate houses to tailor-make indelible holiday experiences with an authentic Indian flavour. Intercruises: We are also the India partners for cruise & shore handling of Intercruises, a global company that is a specializes in offering assistance to various cruise lines for shore-side & port services. ICE India has expertise in handling large international conventions and events. This SBU is also the division that handles our marquee events. 19

21. Dakshin Routes: Dakshin Routes is a boutique inbound tour operator for Southern India. We believe in providing Experiences than just holidays through our wide range of innovative products, local expertise, insight to local lifestyle, cuisine, culture and artforms. PureQuest Adventures: PureQuest is niche brand that aims to address the travel needs of adventure and experiential tour enthusiasts. Products range includes - cultural immersion, active holidays, hard adventure, volunteer & special interest tours. Le Passage to India & TUI China are the founding companies. Pash India Golf: Pash India, a niche golf tourism brand of the Group, promoting golf tours in India and across the globe. We combine the best of golf and travel to create an incredible golfing experience. A member of the IAGTO, London and associated with many prestigious Golf events. Hotel Beds: Hotel beds Accommodation & Destination Services is a leading B2B provider of incoming travel services to travel trade worldwide. Active in 2500 destinations, 3,000+ tour operators and 20,000+ travel agencies put their trust in our expertise. A part of TUI Travel PLC Group.Strategic Partners Malla Travel & Trek Services, Nepal: Malla Travel & Trek Services is one of the leading tour operator of Nepal and has a strategic partnership with Le Passage to India. Offers unique adventure, cultural, special interest, spiritual, spa & wellness tours in gorgeous Nepal. Druk Travel Services, Bhutan: Druk Travel Service is a firmly established DMC providing comprehensive tour packages to discerning travelers in Bhutan. DTS has a strategic alliance with Le Passage to India Travel Group. The holiday options range from culture, spiritual, trekking, adventure, special interest and festivals. Asahi Travel Services, Japan Asahi Travel Services, Japan promotes Outbound tours to India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Maldives. The company offers tours on the Buddhist Sectors & World Heritage Sites of India and Business Incentive Tours to India, Nepal and Bhutan. 20 22. A beautiful journey through timeIts journey began in the summer of 2005, 7th of April, a historic day for the travel andtourism industry when a 50:50 joint partnership was signed between the worlds largesttravel group, TUI AG and Le Passage to India, Indias leading leisure travel group. Thisembarked the inception of TUI India as a part of the beautiful World of TUI. TUI across the globe has always believed in quality and innovation when it comes toholidays. As one of the worlds largest leisure travel company, TUI focuses on maintaininghighest quality standards to ensuring that every single holiday that its client take capturesmemoirs of smiles and cherish-able reminiscences. Its innovative travel packages make surethat every holiday is packed with unparalleled fun and exclusivity, blanketed in Quality tocraft extraordinary moments especially for Traveller. With the worlds largest travel group atdisposal and thousands of great holidays to choose from, one can assured a holiday that willcherish for a lifetime. At TUI India, their endeavor is to make travel easy for traveller, so he/she canexperience the beauty and wonder of our unique planet. So, a traveller leave the knownbehind and walk towards the unknown and in the process discover it. 21

23. Sectors:TUI business is grouped into four sectors, comprising many of the best loved and market-leading travel brands worldwide. The four sectors they operate in are: India and International Holidays Incentive Travel Special Interest Tours Conference ManagementExpert serviceAt TUI India, experts plan exclusive holidays, keeping clients aspirations and needs at thecenter of the planning process. They stand determined in their mission to bring a smile onpeoples face which is why with them; client will always travel with a smile.All their travel packages are designed to take client/traveller right in the throes of localculture and history. The itineraries are perfectly balanced, such as to make client feel thepulse of the destination. Their experiences are so enriching that when a client come backfrom his/her holiday he/she already feel like a native of the place. So delve a little deeper,look beyond the obvious and bring back lasting memories as with them, there can never be adull moment.TUI Advantages:100% Confidence When clients book with TUI they can rest assured that they are in safehands. TUI India is a part of the TUI group, worlds largest travel portal. They value everysingle penny of client therefore with them client get access to thousands of great holidaysalong with the best deals. 22 24. Flawless Services TUI boasts of an impeccable reputation in providing quality services inIndia and abroad. With TUI what client will get is a hassle free vacation. Not only this, theyhave a helpline service to answer clients queries.Their Promise They give 100% to all their customers and endeavor to make their holidayperfect. However in unlikely scenario that their expectations are not met whilst on holiday,their Guarantee has covered client. If client inform them within 24 hours, they will work withtheir partners to make it right within 24 hours or they will reimburse a portion of holidaypackage to client. The Money Back Guarantee* is applicable to all their itineraries underReal European Experiences and Family Club Holidays.(*conditions apply)Value for Money They are constantly working towards selecting the best productsindicating a right balance of Quality and Cost.Product Innovations At TUI they understand that everyone has a unique requirement andthey go the extra mile to fulfill them. They are constantly innovating their itineraries to keepabreast of changing times to provide fun filled holidays for families.Experience and Knowledge With years of experience behind them, TUI get to client thebest holidays possible. Their unrivalled experience allows them to implement high attentionto detail in the holidays they design for client. 23 25. Holiday Experts They have a young, ambitious, enthusiastic and result oriented team. Alltheir experts are destination specialists and bring together their exhaustive knowledge inplanning holidays for client. They believe in happy customers and more than anything,unforgettable holidays. This is what drives them.An award winning travel groupIts parent company, Le Passage to India, has for the last four years won the National TourismAward, The Times Travel Honors and several other accolades for its innovative travelmanagement skills and delivery of quality services At TUI, they dont only plan great holidays, but they also do whatever they can tohelp the under-privileged of our society. In July 2010, they set-up their Corporate SocialResponsibility department. Designed and mandated to operate as an independent unit withinthe Le Passage structure, its task was to empanel grass root level NGOs working for theupliftment of underprivileged children. TUI also recognized issues like animal welfare andenvironment conservation which they believed required attention. With the institution of theCSR department, they aimed to make it possible, for tourists to participate in well plannedactivities adding meaning and fulfillment to their experience. And thus was born Le PassageTravel Foundation - Shaping Lives, a pioneering CSR initiative in the arena of travel industryby Le Passage to India. 24 26. Go India Journeys started operations in April, 2005 and is a strategic business unit ofthe award winning Le Passage To India Travel Group. GIJ is managed by a well knitmotivated team of committed people who have a wealth of experience, in-depth knowledgeof the business and unspoken passion to promote tourism in the Indian subcontinent. Thephilosophy is simple and aims to apply strong management practices in an

atmosphere ofcollaboration and intellectual honesty. Each of us has the ability to remain flexible, pro-active and adaptable in our understanding to find quick value-add solutions for our partners.Our attributes have helped us grow as one of the most reputed inbound operators in theIndian Tourism industry. Our mission statement is to offer unmatched level and qualitytourism services with competitive conditions and listen closely to the needs of all ourassociates. Our staff works 24/7 to ensure utmost care and prompt response to all yourcomplex requests. It is our specialization to tailor make itineraries to suit your interest, taste,time at disposal and budget. 25

27. They believe, their biggest strengths come from our years of hands-on experience in thebusiness that not only give their clients the confidence to give them repeat business year afteryear but also benchmark with the highest global standards they have come to expect fromthem. Transparent & competitive pricing Creative tour programs with value for money Personalization Quick turn around High quality of serviceGO INDIA ADVANTAGE -Young and Dynamic Team - The Company attributes its uniqueness in the industry to thecharacter of its people, and its foundations of loyalty and trust. Our team is young, highlymotivated and has extensive product knowledge.Experience - The companys strength come from years of hands-on experience in thebusiness that not only give their clients the confidence to give repeat business year after yearbut also benchmark with the highest global standards they have come to expect from GoIndia Journeys.Strong Network - Our network strives towards excellence in providing a travel experienceof unsurpassed comfort with the power of their local expertise having uniformity across . Wehave over 20 owned offices and a large associate network across the subcontinent.Unique Product - Our handling reflects years of experience and in depth research andintimate local knowledge.Reliability We are available 24 x 7 to assist customers. 26 28. LUXE INDIA brings the finest collection of exceptional holidays and extraordinaryexperiences throughout the Indian Subcontinent, with special handling through their uniqueLe Concierge service. Whether client dream is to hire a private jet, stay at choicest boutiquehotels, luxury hotels or designer hotels, have a close encounter with wildlife, enjoy a game ofgolf or simply indulge in exotic therapies in recommended Luxespas, Luxe Indiasdedicated team will ensure client a hassle free holiday while he/she experienceunprecedented levels of service and luxury. LUXE INDIA specializes in creating bespoke luxury experiences throughout theIndian Subcontinent. Its specialty is to turn normal run-of-mill trips into memorableexperiential journeys, fine tuned to clients specific preferences, in order to ensure that noexpectation is left unmet. 27 29. With caring eye of their Concierge, a locaphile, who is ever happy to share his inner passionand unique local haunts, local cuisines & shopping experiences, Luxe deliver outof-ordinaryand enriching travel experiences to the discerning traveller- be it arranging a private jet, to aclose encounter with wildlife or meeting a Maharaja, to a personal shopper for jewels anddesigner apparel to exotic therapies culled from ancient Ayurveda, staying in luxury Hotelsor Palaces, to their friendly Butlers, who travels with the clients on local train to guideclients, services them and on overnight journeys lays-out, fret-linen beddings on the bunk ona local train run by the Indian Railways. Launched in 2006, Luxe India has had the privilege of offering its services to eminentpersonalities from across the world. Esteemed guests include the rich and famous, corporatehonchos, film producers, actors and fashonistas. With an extensive network of their ownoffices across 19 major cities in India and with over 30 ground agents in smaller towns &cities they cover India extensively. They now have our own presence in neighboringcountries i.e. Nepal & Bhutan, where they have established their own offices with mostprofessional and dedicated team. The Itineraries are carefully planned to provide a relaxed and culturally rewardingholiday and offer the time to enjoy and relax as well as to explore. Interaction with localfamilies, home visits, cultural shows, souvenir-hunting and insights into rural India everything is selected to match the discerning tastes of elite traveler. They offer a

personalized welcome kit to the clients, which include travel documents,an itinerary and an essential hand-book on how to make their holiday a truly unforgettableexperience. 28

30. Today, companies in India and across the globe have started holding meetings & conferenceson and off sites, have adopted travel incentive schemes as an integral part of the companystrategy; are widely conducting product launches and activations to enhance brand visibility,and are interested in organizing events at exotic and mesmerizing destinations and venueswithin India and overseas. To ensure that these are successfully organized, client willdefinitely want a company worth the trust and experience. They are a division of Le Passage to India- Indias leading destination managementcompany and part of TUI Travel PLC- one of the worlds largest travel conglomerate.TUI Travel Plc. is one of the worlds largest travel organizations operating in 180 countriesacross the globe. It is offering its services to more than 30 million customers in over 27 keysource markets and employs more than 65,000 employees. TUI Travel is committed towardsproviding customers with a plethora of travel options when it comes to differentiated andflexible customized travel experiences.The Le Passage to India Travel Group is Indias premier travel company with corebusinesses in Destination Management and Tour Operations. As an integrated travel group, itoffers a unique range of services through its strategic business units (SBUs), dedicatedtowards various travel segments within the subcontinent and across the world. In the year2005, Le Passage to India entered into a 50: 50 joint venture with TUI Travel PLC. 29 31. ICE- Integrated Conference & Event Management is a group of specialists in handlingDestination Management, Conferences and any type of Event Management experience, bystrategically focusing on every channel in the supply chain. They provide with a completeframework with specific attention to detail of clients conferences, meetings and events withtheir professional services specializing in Sports Destination Management Services.TUI Meetings & Incentives is the Meetings & Incentives division of Le Passage to India.Over the last six years since its inception, TUI- Meetings & Incentives enjoys immensepopularity for the quality of its services rendered in the space of Corporate Meetings, Events,Incentive travel and Special Interest Tours at exotic locations across the world. TUI Meetings & Incentives is now merged with ICE Integrated Conference &Event Management. Headquartered in Noida, National Capital Region of Delhi, They are aone stop shop for all the MICE- Meetings, Incentives, Conference and Event requirementswithin India and overseas, enabling the client to contact and coordinate with one relationshipmanager paving way for better understanding and proper coordination of any meeting,conference, event or incentive travel. They use bricks over bricks to build strong foundation of the conference, meeting,event industry and travel industry. They are at service round the clock. They provide servicesof a Professional Conference Organizer, Professional Event Organiser, Corporate Meeting &Incentive Organiser and Destination Management Company including Sport eventdestination management services within India and overseas. They believe their biggest strength comes from the years of hand on experience inthe business that not only gives the client the belief to rely on them , but a benchmark withthe highest global standards that have come to expect from the World Of TUI. 30 32. Services OfferedMore & More organizations worldwide have begun to realize the need for top of the lineprofessionals to manage their numerous Conferences, Meetings, Events & Incentives. Theyat TUI-ICE offer clients services of Professional Conference Organiser, Professional EventOrganiser, Corporate Meeting & Incentive Organiser and Destination Management Services(DMC) for all clients MICE requirements. Their endeavour is to provide clients withprofessional business environment that combines knowledge and expertise in organisingconference, meetings, events and incentives in India and across the world. They aim atrelieving client of all the organisational and logistic aspects of clients events therebyenabling client to concentrate on the technical aspects. They are a group of specialists, a one stop shop aimed at meeting all clients needs.From the time of selecting the perfect venues and accommodation to the caterers,

from thecultural shows to entertainment and group activities, from the pre- bid stage to the review andclosure, the initial budgeting to the financial closing they will stick to client all the waythrough.Their Aim Is To Craft a Truly Exquisite Experience When With Us Their approach is systematic & methodical; their team is trained to sketch theconference, event, corporate meeting and incentive based on a clients individual needs. 31

33. Their team of experts will assist client with:1. Destination Management ServicesThey understand that no conference, incentive or event is complete without a perfecthospitality rendered. As experts in the field, they boast of having the best InsidersKnowledge. So, whether the conference is a domestic or international one, they partner withthe client to ensure that they create memorable events for the participants.As a Destination Management Company, They provide various services: Choosing suitable Accommodation Depending on the customer needs, they assist in selecting the most appropriate accommodation within India and overseas considering the event/conference, budget, room category, room requirement, and proximity from the venue. Accompanying Persons Programs When the customer or the team is busy in a conference, meeting or team building activity, they assure that the accompanying person has a great time as well. Be it the spouse, friends or children, they will have stories to share in the evening. Keeping in mind the current trends and profiles of visitors, they work together to present client with some unique programs and activities such as spa and wellness, shopping, cooking demonstration, art of living, meditation, Bollywood, international folklore shows, taste of international cuisine and many more!. Tours and Sightseeing - They offer specialised and custom created tour packages offering a range of local and national sightseeing options for various tours categorized as Local City Tours, Pre & Post Tours & Excursion tours that cater to all different tastes. Airport Facilitation They can arrange for Special meet & greet services for all delegates/guests arriving at the Domestic and International airports to make them feel absolutely special. They will be well taken care of as they will have their tour managers for assistance in transfers to hotels of stay. 32 34. Airport Transfers They can arrange to provide airport hotel & vice-versa transfers offering choices of medium cars, large cars, luxury cars, mini coaches & large coaches to cater to all possible requirements. Shuttle Services They can arrange to operate shuttle services between the venue of the conference/ event and the hotels of stay for clients guests/delegates in India and overseas.. They can create a shuttle route plan and select vehicles in a manner that will maximize utilization of vehicles while simultaneously minimizing waiting time. Air Ticketing Booking air-tickets for a conference or event has now become hassle free. They are a one stop shop for all travel services including air-tickets. They have an IATA approved ticketing division that can negotiate prices for international and domestic airlines. Official Airline Carrier If the need may arise they also assist in appointing an official airline carrier for a conference, incentive or event for both Domestic & International delegates. Foreign Exchange Counter For the convenience of the international delegates there can be a foreign exchange counter placed at the Registration area at the Venue, during the conference or the event in India. (Please make a note that the counter is subject to prior approval from the venue & the RBI guidelines) Medical Assistance For the safety of the delegates and to attend to any Medical emergencies on site, there can be a provision of a doctor and a Medical assistant at the venue of the conference, incentive or the event. Hospitality Desks A special hospitality desk can be designated at the venue during the conference, incentive or event for any assistance to be provided to the delegates and guests. Overseas Promotion Assistance in the promotion of the conference or event can be provided with the vast overseas network spread across more than 40 countries in Asia, Europe and Africa. 33 35. Technology:Travel Assist: This comprehensive accommodation and tour management applicationenables them to effectively manage end to end business equipment right from stage ofenquiry till the balance sheet. It helps in accommodation

management of all businesssegments right from FIT tours, GIT tours, Series Tours, Ad Hoc, Charter to excursionmanagement. This application is seamlessly integrated with Oracle Financials ERP.2. Corporate Meeting & Incentive OrganiserTUI- Meetings & Incentives offer client with the opportunity to motivate their channelpartners and employees with distinct tailor-made, ingenious, incentive programs. Meetingsand Incentives are particularly productive in inspiring locations and at TUI they help clientchoose and identify such locations. They take care of the logistics and the organizing, so thatclients are relaxed and completely hassle-free to concentrate on enjoying clients conferenceand event. They ensure clients get the right environment for the meetings and therefore theyorganise everything right from the hotel selection, selection of meeting room, team buildingactivities, catering services, technical equipment, brand display, corporate gifts, productexhibitions and much more.They strive to make the incentives tour offbeat and unconventional. They make a note ofclients objectives for the tour and then design the tours and execute them flawlessly.Theyve organized rustic picnics, corporate events, meetings & presentations, culturalactivities, musical extravaganza, river & luxury cruises, sports activities, sightseeing options,exclusive gala dinners, theme parties, international folklore shows, unusual excursions andpersonalized itineraries besides the regular team building and entertainment activities. 34

36. 2.1 Their Scope of Services includes:A. Corporate Meeting They will handle and organise corporate meetings right from online, onsiteregistrations to the end review including venue selection, monitoring the budget, liaison withvendors, sponsors and other stakeholders, production support in terms of Audio visualequipment, layout, design, lighting, providing manpower, language interpreters and providewith their pre and post conference facilities as well.B. Theme Events/Social Programs They plan, conceptualize and organize theme evenings/gala nights after theconference to ensure that the attendees are offered a complete entertainment package. Theseinclude local cultural performances, international folklore shows combined with local cuisineexperience, musical extravaganza and other entertainment activities.C. Team Building Activities They can arrange various team building activities and offbeat locations to make surethat clients team is highly motivated and the memories go beyond the travel period.D. Personalized SouvenirsThey assist in selection of special customized souvenirs/ give-away for the guests.E. Branding They also facilitate with printing & branding for the meeting/ event and tourincluding Banners, standees, brochures, baggage tags, signage etcF. Confidentiality & Security of Data All the information/data given or obtained in reference to the convention would bekept confidential and shall be disclosed only to the authorized person. 35 37. G. Customized ItinerariesAssist clients group with the most appropriate itinerary in terms of suggested duration of stay/ selection of restaurants / must see sightseeing options & effectively weave in theExperience & Wow factors to get maximum mileage on the motivation of the participantsas also the team spirit & bonding between the guests. Clients can add any idea they have tomake the tour suit their unique style and budget.H. Special Contracted RatesWith their buying clout owing to volumes of business, they negotiate special airfares forgroups with the respective airlines directly, for the most economical rates, Work out the mostconvenient air routings, keeping travel time & distances to the final destination, Recommend& offer the most value for money hotel deals, keeping in mind the location & category of thehotel, Keep clients informed & constantly updated on promotional fares & deals that may beoffered by the airlines & hotels for more cost effective travel. In short, best to give value formoney to match clients budget.I. Visa FacilitationAs a standard policy for all large groups, they try and fix up a meeting with the respectiveEmbassy / High commission prior to commencement of the group for the smooth facilitationof visas ensuring maximum visa approvals with the minimum documentation from theparticipant.J. Handling / forwarding & back office processesThey send regular mailers to build up the momentum of the contest to achieve

maximumparticipation. Collection, follow ups, delivery & distribution of passports, will be coordinatedin their office leaving clients office completely hands free. 36

38. K. Professional panel of Tour Managers All groups have a TUI professional escort per departure location to facilitate not onlythe smooth functioning of the tour, but also to handle any emergencies which may occurduring the tour. They believe their biggest strength comes from the years of hand on experience inthe business that not only gives the client the belief to rely on them , but a benchmark withthe highest global standards that have come to expect from the World Of TUI.3. Professional Conference OrganizerThey provide innovative Conference Management, by placing their experience to work. Theyensure that the burden of the conference is taken right off the shoulder of their client byproviding tailor made solution for every aspect of the conference and monitoring andreviewing it time to time. Their in- house specialists look after every aspect of the conference planning from thepre conference arrangements to the post conference facilities.3.1 Pre- Conference FormalitiesTheir team of experts helps in: Providing professional expertise & assistance in preparing and collating the bid document. Facilitation of easy clearances from government bodies Assessing the need of a strategic alliance with the Ministry of tourism & national carrier within India Offering comprehensive marketing solutions from concept, strategy and creative development to production and implementation Detailed Budgeting of the conference to the minutest details and constantly monitoring it 37 39. 3.2 Conference ManagementThey provide customized support based on individual needs: Venue Planning: They assist in selecting a venue for the conference, handling onsite operations, space management & banqueting. Financial Control: They constantly monitor the budget with an effective accounting system Press Assistance: They assist in Media briefing for the conference along with pre & post event press releases. Secretariat & Staffing: They provide special Business centre services with dedicated manpower to handle queries for the conference. They also facilitate in organizing specialized language interpreters for onsite query handling & man power for event ushering. Conference Registration: They have invested in the best online conference registration software to enable online delegate registrations. Liaison: As a conference organizer, they not only provide services to organise the conference but they also liaise with vendors, sponsors and other stakeholders related to the conference. Production Support: They provide full production support for the conference in terms of Audio visual equipment, layout, design, lighting etc. Catering: They ensure that apart from a well organized conference, the delegates get the best of the catering services. They plan cost effective & balanced meals during the conference that brings out the local flavor & caters to delegate preferences. Give Away: They assist in selection of special customized souvenirs/give aways for the delegates, speakers and guests aligning with the theme of the conference. Their association with various NGOs enables them to source articles/gift items from them which they offer as souvenirs to the delegates and visitors. Social Events: They plan, conceptualize and organize theme evenings/gala nights after the conference to ensure that the delegates are offered a complete business cum entertainment package at the conference within India. 38 40. 3.3 Post Conference FormalitiesTheir services of the conference & event management extend right up to ensuring that thehost is given full support in winding up post conference closure. They provide Post conference documentation including administrative services to the client They help in closure of all accounts with the client, vendors and other stakeholders They also assist in publication & distribution of post meeting reports of the conference.They work from scratch to the end to make sure that the conference is well organized andleaves a good impression with the delegates, speakers, guests and other stakeholders.Their Technology They use Events Pro! Software for handling all the conferences. The software offersuser friendly interface to the delegates that allows them to register for the conference, choosesessions, fix appointments, make itineraries, book travel, make secure online payment andeven

generate invoices to claim re- imbursements from companies or sponsors. The systemcomes with in- built triggers & checks that enable them to ensure that the delegate, sponsorand exhibitor never miss an important deadline. Even reminders for updates on information,conferences, extract submission, payments and more can be programmed into the system.4. Professional Event Organizer Events are said to create and leave an impression in ones heart, whether it is clientsCorporate Events, Marketing Programs or even clients Personal events. Their professionalevent planners coordinate, manage & execute the special event in India and overseas andmake it an unforgettable one. 39

41. They understand client requirements and use careful analysis, meticulous planningand innovative creativity to bring the ideas to reality. They are able to manage every aspectof the event - from the concept all the way through to execution. They not only ensure thatthe event is perfect, but also take care of all the logistical requirements.Their services include: Mapping the project scope Defining, controlling and monitoring the budget Assistance in selecting and reserving the event venue Theme Development and logo designing Partnering with production companies to design innovative staging and graphics Procuring unique, personalized, themesupportive gifts, souvenirs, giveaways. Planning entertainment options Selecting Mike Coordinators, Anchors Assistance in arrangement of support staff, ushers/ volunteers etc On-Site Management Logistics management in terms of fabrication and designing Audio-Visual, Lighting & Sound Set Up Liaison with all vendors 40 42. 4.1 Corporate EventsTheir extensive and trusted supplier network means that they are able to deliver interactiveand authentic events which exceed client expectations. Whether it be a press conference or a seminar, their creative ideas and exciting themes are always relevant to the organisation and the strategic objectives. They offer varied choices of organizing dealer meets and incentive tours for rewarding and inspiring the stakeholders of a company. Content employees are great assets to companies. Amuse them, motivate them or get the best out of them through their motivational programmes, employee offsite options, and many more.They are filled with original & innovative ideas to ensure extraordinary outcomes in theevents which drive the organization forward.4.2 Marketing ProgramsThey create events that are a platform for providing a tangible experience of the companysvision and message. To ensure complete integrity in conveying this message, they overseeevery detail of the event, working with suppliers who are able to deliver the best of what thebrand message requires. Advertising services: The success of a brand depends on how the brand is able to connect with its customers. They assist in planning and executing effective advertising campaigns and P.R Activities to maintain the brand visibility in the minds of its customers. Brand Promotion Services: Marketing does not only involve communication to the customer, but it involves communication to the right customer at the right time and by the right people. They make sure that they take clients brand to the right customer by organizing Road shows, grand opening events, concerts, product launches, mall activations etc. 41 43. 4.3 Personal EventsPersonal events are said to be the closet to the heart. They make it a perfect one. Theirprofessional event planners will assist clients at every step to ensure clients event is morethan perfect. Be it gala dinners or theme parties, they customize everything to suit the needsand desires of their clients.5. Sports Events Destination Management CompanyThey are champions in what they do. They are specialists in providing hospitality and travelservices to the countrys most talked about sporting events namely the FIH Hockey WorldCup 2010 as the official travel partners, Common Wealth Games Delhi 2010 as the GamesTravel Office. Their group company also handled the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 as theofficial travel partners. They understand sports intrinsic popularity among the consumers and the desire to bethere. They partner with event owners and the right holders to assist them in achieving theirbusiness objectives. They at ICE have a dedicated team that is round the clock ensuring toroot clients brand in the event and deliver flawless services to the athletes,

participants &guests. They offer services to their clients, from VIPs and sponsor guests to executivegroups and prize winners, from participants to accompanying persons and even fans, theylook after each individual. They tailor make their requirements to ensure they have flawlessexperience of Indian Hospitality. Their team is equipped to handle queries with great careand ensure the complete satisfaction of spectator visiting the games. 42

44. Their services include: Operations of a Games Travel Office Air Ticketing Accommodation Services Travel Services including local transport Airport Facilitation Designing of the shuttle service Map Hospitality Desks Accompanying person programme Tours and Sightseeing with special packages Pre & Post tours Spectators Booking Overseas Promotion And many more... Their world class software and web applications are a support to their programlogistics, enabling them to organize the event with both professional and creative flair. Theirjob is to ensure that everyone concentrates only on enjoying the game, while they take careof all the arrangements. 43 45. Corporate and Social ResponsibilityThey firmly believe that it is their responsibility to provide benefit to the community wherethey work. Their group company-Le Passage would be the first and perhaps only travelbusiness to have a dedicated foundation for social, environmental and ecological upliftmentprojects. It specially aims at improving child and animal welfare.Few of their initiatives in serving their community include: The Organization supports Wildlife SOS; and is dedicated to conserving and protecting the environment and wildlife They Organise Blood Donation Camps with the help of Rotary Blood Bank It is thus deeply associated with CHINTAN Environmental Research and Action Group, an NGO based in Delhi They make all efforts to preserve the local customs, culture and cuisine. They source souvenirs, articles and gift items prepared by children in various NGOs who are associated with them and also recommend the same to their clients. Voluntary contribution by all staff of the organization was organized aiming to collect enough money to sponsor 08 differently abled children. They try their best to make their meetings- green meetings with minimal use of paper. They recommend the use of recycled/ hand made paper for stationery and other publicity items during conferences.Their company is consciously aware andpro-active in its attempt to promote greenventures amongst its employees and itsbusiness. Their company was alsoawarded the Galileo Award 2007-08 for Best Corporate Social ResponsibilityInitiative. 44 46. Green MeetingsA green meeting or an event is a gathering or an assembly of people for the purpose ofexchange of knowledge while incorporating environmental considerations to minimize itsnegative impact on the environment. Their team ensures that the conference isEnvironmentally Friendly while it continues being the talk of the town."GO GREEN 10 EASY WAYS" Here are 10 easy tips they apply to any meeting to makeit more environmentally responsible. Use paperless technology Instead of sending paper invitations, send E-mail and/or set up a website. Make all copies two sided or offer any information and materials to those that request it via E-mail, Pen Drives, Rewritable Cds etc. Recycle is the Buzzword: All printed materials published on recycled paper, using vegetable-based inks, and on both sides of the page. Re-use is the Key: Use reusable Badges, Backdrops & sign boards that can be used for future conferences. Have Re- Use collection bins for the badges. Jute is the Newest Fad: Whether it is the badges or the Conference bags, folders , go green - the Jute way. Recycling bins at meeting rooms: Provide recycling bins for paper, cans, and plastic in meeting rooms. Donate Un-used food: Consider donating un-served food. Eat Green: Include vegetarian meals in clients conference. Ensure the vegetables are local & seasonal. Speaker & Presenter to go Paperless: Ask client speaker & presenter to reduce the number of handouts. Encourage the conference proceedings to be given out electronically. Green Giveaways: Lay emphasis on green, recycled, durable, reusable giveaways at the conferences or events. Spread the Theme: Let the delegates,

suppliers, vendors know that the theme for the conference is Green. It is surprised at the response received from them. 45

47. The launch of Indian Routes by the Select Group marks the coming together ofIndias top Travel Specialists with a collective experience of over a hundred years in inboundtourism in the Indian Subcontinent. The focus is on Designer Tourism and Responsible Tourism with uniquely craftedprograms to suit the discerning traveller whether he is travelling individually or is part of aCorporate Incentive or a Special Interest group. They offer their guests superb care and attention, years of expertise, and privilegedaccess to enriching experiences. They also leverage pricing among other strengths of a largehospitality conglomerate. With its Head Office in Delhi and branch offices in Mumbai & Chennai, IndianRoutes has 30 carefully selected associate offices throughout India, Nepal, Bhutan and SriLanka.VisionIndian Routes is committed to "Good Tourism". Its Travel Professionals with long innings inthe Travel Industry are strongly committed to the reversal of environmental degradation aseffects of travel. They are committed to contribute to environmental, socio -cultural andeconomic improvement in the Indian Subcontinent, through the way they do business. Theybelieve that Tourism must negate social ills; enhance culture & heritage and must profit allalike. 46 48. Responsible Tourism - Going back to the Roots"All Tourism must be sustainable; conserve the resources it utilizes, be eco-friendly; allTourism must benefit communities and all its stake-holders". - Robbie CollinsIndian Routes has decided to play its part in best business practices: Use re-cycled paper Ban plastics Trash for cash Limited printing Conserve water Plant Trees Car Pool to office Buy local products Reduce personal Carbon foot-print Increasingly partner with businesses that want to green their supply chain Support community development; conservation and biodiversityServices:Independent TravelCustomized Tours for the Alert Independent Traveller is their focus. their knowledgeableand quality conscious team works closely with their guests to understand their needs &interests. They design the trip with great attention to detail and execute it with superb care.They operate with the belief that every happy guest will return to lean more about IndianSubcontinent and will be their Ambassador to this part of the world. 47 49. Group TravelBrochure tours, Thematic tours, Special Interest tours, Cricket tours and Cultural tours on theclassical or off-beat circuits are their specialty. The challenge of designing the unusualstimulates the team and brings out the best in them. Whether it is Yoga, Spirituality, Wildlife,Cookery, Art & Architecture, they tailor make trips that are at the same time, are great valuefor money. Greatly enhancing the experience of the group traveller is their panel of expertand knowledgeable tour-guides.Incentives and Conferences (MICE)The Indian Subcontinent is a veritable treasure trove of incentive destinations with itsfabulous locales, diverse cultures, vibrant traditions, delectable cuisines, excellent hospitalitystandards, and a warm-hearted, welcoming people.Couple all of the above, with emerging world-class convention centres, top-end internationalhotels, multi-lingual guides, cutting edge conference technology, open- skies policy, high-speed trains, private jets, burgeoning array of international & domestic flights,entrepreneurial genius - they have the perfect recipe for a premier MICE destination.Sports TourismA strong focus for Indian Routes, they have partnered with Cricket Journeys in the UK 48 50. Routes/ ItinerariesCultural SojournsVisit to World Heritage Sites, Magnificent Palaces, impressive Museums, and Temples of allfaiths.Special Interest ToursArts, Crafts, Music, History Tours, Cookery Tours, Photography Tours, Rail JourneysIncentive TravelIncentive trips aligned with corporate strategy and objectives; innovatively designed toexcite, motivate, energize corporate teams; focused to produce results.Sports TracksCricket Tours - One Day Cricket; Twenty20; IPL; The Commonwealth GamesGolf in the SubcontinentRural TourismVisit to villages & rural communities to see rich traditional arts & crafts, and experience thetraditional way of life in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Orissa, Uttaranchal, Nepal, Bhutan. 49

51. Spice TrailsSprawling estates of exotic spices - pepper, cardamom, coffee, rubber, turmeric; Distinctivecuisines and rich and varied culinary heritage. Meetings with families whose ancestors tracetheir routes to ancient spice traders.Wildlife EncountersStalking the Tiger; the one-horned Rhinoceros; the Wild Ass; the Asiatic Lion;Ranthambore, Bandhavgarh; Kanha, Pench, Panna, Gir, Bandipur, Nagarhole, Corbett,Mudumulai, Wynad.Himalayan RoutesSpectacular peaks; deep secret valleys; forested hillsides; sparkling rivers; dramaticmoonscapes - Hiking, Trekking, Trans- Himalayan Safaris; White water rafting.Professional & Study ToursGlobal Programs, Industry Specific Professional & Study Tours, Educational ToursThe Path Less TraveledIn the Buddhas Footsteps, Connect with the Tribes, Remote Rural Journeys.WellnessLuxury Spas; Ayurvedic Centers; Yoga Retreats 50 52. Mintcentive is the Strategic Business Unit of Le Passage toIndia Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd. a complete DestinationManagement Company specializing in travel to Indian Sub -Continent. Set-up in August 2002, it has recently beenconferred the National Tourism Award for the year 2006 2007, being number one for Inbound Tourism. With headquarters in New Delhi, Le Passage has a dedicated team of 450 travel professionals with extensive collective travel experience. The well-knit motivated team of committed people have in-depth knowledge of the business and with an unspoken passion to promote tourism in the Indian subcontinent ensures that all guests are well looked after and provided quality services. The philosophy is simple and aims to apply strong management practices in an atmosphere ofcollaboration and intellectual honesty.Le Passage to India is recognized by the Department of Tourism, Government of India. 51 53. Their MissionTo make Travel a truly magical experienceTheir VisionTo be Indias top travel company Anchored by Values Driven by Employees Strengthened by Business PartnershipsTheir Goal To be Indias most trusted Travel Company Exceed customer expectation of service wow on every smile Be the employer of choice Foster partnerships with client & supplier Meet shareholders expectations 52 54. Mintcentive ExpertiseWEDDINGSIndian weddings are very bright events, filled with ritual andcelebration that continue for several days. They are not smallaffairs, anywhere between 100-10000 people attending. The trueIndian wedding is about two families getting wedded socially withmuch less emphasis on the individuals involved. India, particularly the states of Goa and Rajasthan, has become extremely popular asa wedding destination for visitors. The excitement and ambiance of getting married in a faraway place can be very appealing. From palaces to beaches and farmhouses to jungle resorts,Bollywood Studios; choices are many and multifaceted. When it comes to getting married in India, clients options are limited only by theirimagination. Some of the most extravagant weddings have included processions of elephants,Camels and Horses, fire dancers, performances by Bollywood celebrities and many more. Mintcentive provides clients personalized Innovative and fresh wedding ideas andtake care of all their requirements. Their services include Venue Selection, tour booking, hotel booking, flight booking,car rentals, wedding preparation, decorations, honeymoon arrangement and many more. 53 55. INCENTIVES Mintcentive brings with it an entirely new level of travelexpertise, an unmatched ability to carefully craft itineraries and apassion to deliver unforgettable experiences, to incentive travelers inthe Indian subcontinent. Guests are transported in luxury, on flights or trains chartered for the occasion if needbe, given a welcome befitting a Maharaja and an experience that is absolutely mesmerizing!Be it having breakfast or cocktails at a venue just 300 meters from the magnificent Taj Mahalor unraveling the historical charm of walking down the narrow lanes of Old Delhi thatEmperors once traversed, their travel offerings become life long memories. Guests are transported in luxury, on flights or trains chartered for the occasion if needbe, given a welcome befitting a Maharaja and an experience that is absolutely mesmerizing!Be it having breakfast or cocktails at a venue just 300 meters from the magnificent Taj Mahalor unraveling the

historical charm of walking down the narrow lanes of Old Delhi thatEmperors once traversed, their travel offerings become life long memories. 54

56. EVENTS Mintcentive is expert at creating planning managing anddelivering innovative and creative event solutions to the higheststandard through-out India. Mintcentive understands that every event is unique and hasits own specific objectives and is committed to the creation ofdynamic events and experiences with long lasting impact.Mintcentive design, create and deliver completely fresh: Business Meetings Corporate & Special Events Product Launches Award and Gala Dinners In addition whether clients event needs trains, flights or automobiles; their in-house travel team can provide a full travel service also. Mintcentive has a talented, dynamic and knowledgeable team to ensure the higheststandards of service. Clients special event will be a special and memorable event. Mintcentive works closely with client on all budgetary aspects to deliver costeffective solutions with full transparency and promises to deliver the best possible deals, forthe best possible prices. Client can utilize their expertise as much as they like to manage an entire event or justone particular aspect. If they are looking for a partner with total trust and confidence; theywould be delighted to hear from them. 55 57. They are most preferred and most trusted partner in Dakshin (southern) India. Theyare a boutique inbound tour operator, with a collective experience of over 20 years in theindustry. They believe in providing Experiences than just holidays through their wide rangeof innovative products, local expertise, insight to local lifestyle, cuisine, culture and artforms. Gaining Strength from the fact of being a regional specialist, supported by theirstrong network of own offices all over South India coupled with great purchasing power,they are committed to provide their guests with magical holidays of impeccable quality at thebest prices.Dakshin Routes AdvantagesKnowledge Bank & Experience: Their core teams extensive hands on experience in theregion, is truly a wealth bank of information that will give client enriching experiences ofSouth India.Creativity & Innovation: Their endeavour is to give clients new experiences, their teamconstantly innovates for their tour programmes, creating opportunity for client to take inmore and more unique south Indian flavours be it interactions with local communities orenjoying the delightful arts and architecture of the region. 56 58. Safety: One of their prime concerns is to ensure high safety standards are followed at theworkplace, with associates and partners. All their clients traveling are covered through thePublic Liability Insurance Cover of over One Million Dollars.Customization and Flexibility: They understand that each partner has unique needs andthey go the extra mile to fulfill them. They design tailor made programs that reflect years ofexperience and in-depth product knowledge & research.Comfort : Their trusted supplier / partner network of transport, hotels and restaurants and, ofcourse, specially selected tour guides makes traveling with them comfortable, enjoyable, safeand hassle-free.Reliability: The local knowledge of the region, and the strengths of their group network witha pan- India presence enables them to guarantee efficient, high quality service at verycompetitive prices.ExpertiseDakshin Routes is inbound tour operator and offers South India tour packages that includeKerala, Pondicherry, Bengaluru, Mysore, Coorg, Munaar, Cochin, Gokarana, Trivandrum,Kovalam, Alleppey and many other exotic destinations. South India is a place blessed withexciting destinations like beautiful beaches, silent backwaters, hill stations, wildlife parks andsanctuaries.Dakshin Routes is pioneer travel agent and tour operator with a collective experience of over20 years in the industry. They provide magical and memorable South India tour packages ofimpeccable quality at the best price for individuals, families, group and corporate. DakhsinRoutes also prepare customized tour packages as per clients need and budget. 57 59. PureQuest Adventures was born of a desire to address adventure and experientialtourism tour operators with a specific platform that showcases the valueaddition of theirlocal talent and ideas. Along with their destination expertise, their enthusiasm for product innovation andthe maturity that comes from years of experience

on the travel scene, they can tailor theperfect adventure product for client. PureQuest Adventures will be the beginning of an international network drawing onthe capabilities of well-established destination experts.Their Mission To meet the aspirations of adventure and culture enthusiasts, bringing them closer toenriching and authentic experiences.PureQuest Advantages:Authentic experiences Their itineraries have that extra something. They put passion into designing eachproduct, whether it is trekking in the wild, cycling up a mountain or just mingling with thelocals at a festival. They bring travelers deeper into the culture and geography of eachdestination and pride themselves on having the courage to be different from anyone else.They constantly check and evaluate their itineraries and with the help of their trip leaders ortheir eyes and ears, they are always on the look out for something new to add, everyseason. 58

60. 100% trustThe safety of the travelers is a priority to them. Trip leaders are qualified in specialized firstaid training according to recognized standards and are briefed thoroughly on their health andsafety protocols. They maintain a standard level of quality in equipment across theirdestinations and are very well protected by a group wide liability insurance coverage.Exceptional trip leadersThey greatly value their trip leaders. PureQuest trip leaders are carefully selected on clearcriteria of qualifications and people skills. Their trip leaders are born and bred in the regionin which they operate and are proud to be ambassadors of their culture and heritage. Tripleader manuals are updated every season with notes on trip preparation, on-trip proceduresand post-trip feedback.Locally sourcedThey prefer properties and suppliers that are local, sustainable and unique. They are alwayson the search for places and people with character, whether for accommodation in anextraordinary setting or favorite eating places that offer a taste of home-cooked food.Whenever possible, only locally made products are purchased for use on trips.Environmentally engagedCentral to their philosophy is to protect the environment in which they operate. Besidessupporting local projects, they work with responsible suppliers and encourage some simplebut key rules on all PureQuest trips. A self audit is also carried out in every destinationaccording to established guidelines. 59 61. Heart of the communityBeing socially responsible and giving back is their way of life, and every bit counts. theysupport at least one community project per destination with emphasis on the education ofchildren and of their welfare. They also pledge to match any personal donations made byPureQuest team members.Remarkable partnershipsThey are committed to being a trustworthy and strong partner, and strive to always go onestep further. Their responses are quick and thoughtful. They provide timely destinationupdates and trip information. They make it a point to ask for feedback and suggestions thatare communicated to the team and incorporated into future trips.Eco PledgeAt PureQuest, they follow the following guidelines: Inform all travelers on the local environment and any specific threats, and educate them on bad practices when they see them. Do not take any plants or flowers with them. Do not feed or disturb any wildlife. Do not buy skins, furs or products of endangered animals. Use established campsites and leave no trash. Lead by example and leave a place cleaner than when they found them. 60 62. They bury only biodegradable waste including food. They carry back all nonbiodegradable waste to the nearest town or facility for proper disposal. Toilet tents or sites must be at least 50 m from any water source, bury any waste at least 10 cm deep and burn any paper. Bring adequate clothes to avoid the need for fires or heating equipment They will avoid making open fires and also discourage others from doing so. Cook with kerosene not wood. If wood must be used, they will try to use as little as possible and only what is necessary. Use biodegradable soaps; any washing or bathing must be done a distance away from any water source and use pans/buckets for rinsing. Do not create new trails; stay on established trails or durable surfaces - rocks, gravel, sand, dirt, dry grasses, etc. Avoid using plastic bags. Use refillable bottles for water and reusable cutlery. Conserve water and electricity. Work with responsible partners in order to promote sustainable tourism. Remind the travelers to consume local products to

support the economy. Use well-maintained vehicles to not cause any further pollution. 61

63. Shaping Lives is the identity of Le Passage Travel Foundation, a dedicated CSR initiative ofLe Passage to India. It aims at facilitating respect, recognition and warmth into the lives of lessprivileged children. Its core focus is to be the bridge between our socially inclined inboundtravelers and our empanelled grass root level NGOs.Its logo revolves around a tree with its trunk refined into a pencil tip. This configurationsignifies the core values of sturdy, unwavering strength and uprightness for which ourcompany stands and a will of the Foundation to re-write smiling futures. The branchesdepicted by figurines, symbolize our business units and colleagues, as the integral supportiveelement across India. The hands depicting leaves, represent our travel partners andempanelled NGOs who are ever willing to participate in our social decisions andimplementations Shaping Lives is bound by the following doctrine :- Vision: A smile on every childs face and their families Mission: To facilitate change for the less privileged through the travel industryValuesThrough our responsible leadership role in the travel industry, we wish to become pioneers ofchange in the lives of the less privileged.We commit to total transparency and accountability, and also dedicate our deeds and actions,towards fulfillment of our mission, vision and goals. 62 64. Foundation Goals Education Health & Hygiene Life Skills Vocational Skills Protection from Abuse & Trafficking LineageIn 1970, Mr. Inder Sharma, Chairman, Select Group established theInder Sharma Foundation (formerly known as the InternationalFellowship Foundation of India). This foundation was trust enshrined onthe bedrock of promoting awareness and education in the field of Traveland Tourism. Since inception the foundation has awarded nearly 250 scholarships to students ofCatering Institutes of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai and Gurdaspur, besidesnumerous students at the Universities of Delhi & Kurukshetra. Helping create a rich talentpool has not been the only initiative of the Foundation. It has been associated with researchin the field of Tourism since 1987 and has instituted an annual S K Misra Gold medal andscholarship for the best student at the Institute of Travel & Tourism Management (IITM,Gwalior). The Foundation has always emphasized on the value of deep deliberation, foresightand healthy debate to steer tourism towards a self-sustaining and inclusive path. Its annualSom Nath Chib Memorial event is a platform for incisive dialogue and deliberations. Overthe years several illustrious personalities including international luminaries cabinetministers, top government officials, tourism experts and heads of companies have graced theoccasion. 63 65. The 25th year seminar in 2010, focused on the growing need to adopt responsibletourism practices within our business framework with an international and Indian perspectiveon "Sustainable Environment and Tourism" from noted experts. The Inder Sharma Foundation ( ISF) in association with Shaping lives has set-up "The Ghulam Naqshband Endowment Fund", for encouraging meaningful Research inTourism at the Amity Institute of Travel & Tourism, Amity University. Mr. Naqshband wasa founder member of ISF and the guiding beacon and mentor to the Le Passage to India team.Other Philanthropic Initiatives Le Passage to India celebrates its Foundation Day on the 06th of August each year.Instead of splurging extravagantly in parties or social events, the day has becomesynonymous with philanthropic activities, being undertaken with great zest by everyemployee (colleagues as we call ourselves, being a family). Some of the initiative that havebecome signature events now are as under : Gurukul Lunch, Gautam Nagar, New Delhi Gurukul:(School using traditional Indian teaching, esp. Vedas, Acharyas:Persons with Knowledge of Vedas, Guru; teacher, Sevadars:Those who do service). A special lunch is organized for allinmates of the Gurukul totaling approx 200 young, potentialacharyas, their gurus and administrators. This is in lieu of theparty any organization would normally hold on its Foundation day. The sevadars (servingmanpower) on this occasion are colleagues from all echelons of LPTI

management. Thisyear, the Company also presented three dining tables and six benches to the Gurukul. 64

66. Gift a Gift : Almost every employee across our network donatedgifts in the form of clothes, toys, stationary and books to the wastepicker children of Nizamuddin, in Delhi. We partner NGO Chintanfor this initiative through Project Arman that helps to integrate thesechildren into society through education and encourages alternative means of livelihood forthe families. Sponsor a Child : Voluntary contribution by all staff of theorganization was aimed at collecting enough money to sponsor 08differently abled children on the 8th Foundation day. The largehearted response by colleagues, with a matching contribution by the Company, resulted insuccessful sponsoring of 10 differently abled children in a special school run by NGODeepalaya in Gandhi Basti (slum) behind Okhla Railway Station and 6 less privilegedchildren at the Deepalaya School in Kalkaji Extn. Blood donation : Again an annual feature in partnership withRotary Blood bank, this year saw us cross the 100 units markcomfortably just in NCR region. We have over the years, donatedmore than 850 units of blood through annual blood donation camps. Gift of Sight : The Company also has a number of colleagueswho have already gifted their eyes to the Eye bank. This noble giftis in addition to their annual blood donation.All these discrete initiatives have been milestones in our journey that has led to the gradualblooming of our CSR initiative. We look back to these rich and noble social contributionswith a sense of accomplishment and as the catalyst, in our vision of Shaping Lives. 65 67. MARQUEE EVENTS2011 12 February - 02 April : ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, India, Bangladesh & Srilanka. Travel arrangement handling for the spectators in India & Bangladesh. Complete Handling of the 15 days Darjeeling Mail Luxury Train Tour in 12 - 26 September 2011 This luxury train covers 2430 kms on its journey through Mumbai Udaipur - Jaipur - Delhi - Fatephur Sikri - Agra - Varanasi - Darjeeling (including travel on the UNESCO World Heritage Darjeeling Himalayan Railway)2010 World Cup Hockey championship, New Delhi, 28 Feb to 13 March 2010-12-03 Indian Maharaja Exhibition at Victoria & Albert Museum, London & Munich, 2010 Commonwealth Games, New Delhi from 3-14 OctoberPast Events (2004 - 2008)2007 - 2008 Handling of the Visit of the Princess Sturdza of Romania in 2007 & 2008 Handling of the Visit of Mayor of Barcelona to India2004 YPO Conference, New Delhi, Handling of the complete logistics for the Young Presidents Organization Conference in New Delhi and Agra included transportation arrangements at all venues and a special train charter for the delegates to Agra. 66 68. INDIA TRAVEL TIPSVISAAll non-residents require visas for India, which must be obtained prior to departure. Touristvisas are usually valid for 6 months from the date of issue. Passports must have at least 2blank pages and be valid for 6 months after clientr return from India Two passportphotographs are also required at the time of application. In case client are travelling toneighbouring country and are coming back to India after that visit again, ensure client havedouble entry visas. The Government of India has announced a scheme of granting TouristVisa on Arrival for the citizens of Finland, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand and Singaporefor a short period upto a maximum of 30 days. Please contact Indian Embassy/ Mission formore details and terms and conditions of this scheme.HEALTH AND VACCINATIONFor advice on vaccination and immunizations client may visit INSURANCEAdequate travel insurance is important for clientsr personal safety. Mountain and otheradventure sports enthusiasts should have insurance that covers trekking, climbing andmountain biking.COMMUNICATIONMobile phone coverage is extensive all over India, with the exception of some remote areasin National Parks, where it may not work. Please check with clientsr mobile provider fornetwork tie-ups.MEDIAMost national papers are published in Hindi, English and all regional languages. 67 69. PHOTOGRAPHYTourists should seek permission from the concerned authorities before taking photographs ofplaces of military importance, railway stations, bridges,

airports, military installations, metrotrains, tribal areas and sensitive border regions. It is prohibited to take photographs in someof the temples, historical monuments, forts, palaces, tombs and monasteries. Visitors arerequired to take special permits from the Archaeological Survey of India for photographingmonuments with tripods and artificial lights. Camera fee is charged extra in some historicalmonuments.CURRENCYThere are no restrictions on the amount of foreign currency or travelers cheques a tourist mayimport, provided a declaration form is completed on arrival. This will also facilitate theexchange of imported currency as well as the export of unspent currency on departure. Cash,bank notes and travelers cheques up to US $ 10,000 or equivalent need not be declared at thetime of entry. Use authorized money changers for converting foreign currency.SHOPPING AND SOUVENIRSMost shopping areas have an opening times from 1000 2000 and most will have oneclosing day per week though this day will vary from place to place. Central CottageIndustries, State Emporiums and Delhi Haat are some of the prominent places that can theybe visited for shopping. 68

70. SIGHTSEEINGMost museums in India are closed on Mondays and site museums especially those neararchaeological monuments, on Fridays. Photography is not always permissible, and at manyplaces it is permitted only at a fee. There is usually a higher fee for using a video camera.When clients are visiting religious sites, it is advisable to wear trousers, full-length skirts. Tryand wear shoes that can be slipped on and off easily, as in some religious site client may needto enter the sanctorum bare foot.English is spoken at almost all tourist centres; client can also book the services of trained andapproved guides who also speak German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian or Russianthrough the GTO in advance.TIPPINGSome hotels include service charges on their bills; in such cases tipping is not necessary.Where this is not done, a tip of 5 to 10% is considered customary.The porter who takes clients baggage to their room can be tipped Rs.20 per bag or Rs.50 pertrolley. (These estimates are for 5 and 4-star hotels and would be proportionately less in 1, 2or 3 star hotels). Tipping to taxi drivers for airport/railway station transfers is not customary.However, Tour guides and drivers do expect tips depending on the assignments and numberof days spent on the tour. 69 71. LPTI - ACHIEVEMENTS2010 National Tourism Award - Inbound Tourism 2009, for being the No.1 DMC in India National Tourism Award Taj Hotels, Resorts & Palaces Award for support to promote Goa Hotels Taj Hotels, Resorts & Palaces Award for second largest Revenue Contribution to the Chain Bird Express Travel Award 2009 for Operational Excellence2006 to 2009 National Tourism Award - Inbound Tourism for Three consecutive years (2006-2009), for being the No.1 DMC in India Galileo Express Travel & Tours Award 2008 for Corporate Social Responsibility SATTE Award 2007 Indias Most Professional Tour Operator in Leisure Tourism Global Award - World Travel Market 2006 SATTE Award 2005 Entrepreneur of the year Award - Mr. Arjun Sharma , Managing Director 70 72. Career in LPTIAt Le Passage, Human Capital is their strength and pride. Their sustained ability to nurturetalented individuals and provide them with the right working environment, experientiallearning, de-centralized decision making and empowerment is a culture they strongly believein. Employee development through building competencies and all-round exposure is one oftheir success mantras. The many awards and accolades they continue to get are a recognition of theirpassion, process orientation & the high service standards the employees & their companybelieve in. They are continuously innovating and creating structures and systems that nurturethe growth and development of their Human Capital. They are passionate about buildingstrong, long-lasting relationships with their internal & external customers. They are seeking people, who strongly believe in collective synergies throughcollaboration and teamwork; who have the ability to think creatively, thrive on innovationand take up challenges 71 73. About Travel AssistIt only take time to explain how the solution will work for anyone and offer advice about allaspects of implementation, support and future development - so one get a clear,comprehensive picture of the impact of "Business Application" on their

organization and canprogress to implementation with confidence. This is done through ready to implementsolution and services for travel business.Tour, Travel and HospitalityTravel Assist.Travel Assist is a user friendly interface oriented Tour Management Application that enablesa tour operator (DMC- Destination management center) to efficiently manage completetour cycle from enquiry to tour operations to financial accounting and till balance sheet withMulti Company, currency and language integrated with various points of sales. 72

74. Enables Tour company to manage operation of all business segments: FIT, GIT,Series, Adhoc, Charters and Excursion management. Auto generate of XOs (Vouchers) / Itinerary / Response form /Invoices /Credit notesand option to mail then accordingly. Can be accessed from different distant locations and help in the following coreactivities in centralized manner for Branch Consolidation, Contracting, ManagementReporting and Payment. Travel Assist provides the efficient, high quality and profitable operations, fromproduct planning to operations to accounting to MIS suite for all levels of executive rightfrom file handling to decision makers of the business. Travel Assist is seamlessly integrated to Oracle Financials accounting functions andcan be integrated with any third party application or ecommerce platform solutions usingService Oriented Architecture using XML.OTHER FEATURES. Automate & simplify business processes to handle larger transaction volumes. Efficient online transaction processes resulting in reducing manual and duplication jobs. Improving customer satisfaction. Improving controls to manage growth related operational risks with centralized security and controls at all levels. Improving turnover / employee ratio. Better negotiating power vested with product development team with centralized tariff. Secured base access with more features. Instant MIS Generation. 73 75. QUICK UNDERSTAND: Seamless business process, Centralized contracting,Query/Quotation management, handle transaction volume, maintain turnover/Employeeratio, Automated scheduled reporting, all sales point integration, Rate management andefficient transactions.MODULES. Centralized contracting.. Centralized content management. Enquiry operation and booking.. Quality control. MIS- management information suite.Centralized Contracting. Centralized Contracting. Allocation management. Rate management module. Hotel. Transport. Guides. Airlines. Special events etc. Inquiry and Operations. Tour Information. Tour Cost Estimate and Inquiry follow-up. Centralized databank for all costings. Centralized status for all services requested to suppliers.. Allocation Control. 74 76. Rooming list. Airline name list generation. Generation of Itineraries linked to a centralized picture gallery. Generation of vouchers and emailing them directly to suppliers from the application. Statement of Tour Profitability. Booking. Check tour availability. Capture Pax details and book tour. Generate Sales Invoice and Receipt. Amendment / Cancellations. Transport Movement management. Quality. Welcome kit with feedback form generation. Capturing of feedback form data. Utilities. Profile Management. To Do Task management. Sales Team Activity Management. Centralized Image Gallery. MIS Suite. Instant Sales Analysis. Trend Analysis, Variance Analysis. Auto Scheduled Reports. 75