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Conflict between fate and free will in Dr.

Free will and fate are the main conflicts in Marlowes play, whats the difference between them? Who is in control of them? Or do they control us? We live in a world made of rules where fate is the hidden power that no person has control over it, most people say that we can not change it, that everything is written; and there is no way out of it, nevertheless God give each of us Free will; the capacity to make our own choices, make our own mistakes and learn from them. Dr. Faustus is a play that give us the portray of very well formed, free-spirited and educated young man, who thinks he already had mastered everything he needed to know about theology, but he is not satisfied, he is eager to learn more; he craves for knowledge, the knowledge of the world. I think he wishes for something more than knowledge, its just he doesnt know how to called it; he wants to be admired and respected. He is attracted to the hidden things and start studying Necromancy (opposite sciences); I think as any human being who is really tired and worn out and looking for something more: something that goes beyond conventional things, starts by studying the opposite of what he begun studying it. The battle between fate and free will in this play is very confusing, how to know, how to differentiate, in the play it is clearly without no doubts the lack of faith in Dr. Faustus, we can see how in the play he farewells theology maybe it is because of Fate that we make bad decisions; maybe Fate is giving us Free will, not in a direct way.

Faustus choose to sell his soul to the devil, if we notice Mephostophilis mention something about demons with free will, after Faustus conjures Mephostophilis to serve him in everything he demanded, he said that it was impossible for him to follow orders from Faustus, that his loyalty was with Lucifer, but somehow Mephostophilis took the decision of showing up before Faustus. It means that demons are also acquaintance with limited free-will and explains to Faustus how the conjuring works and He can get and what is the price for everything that He wishes, also there is a part where Mephostophilis tries to convince Faustus to reconsider the deal with the devil but Faustus Ignores him and continues with his desires, this is another proof of Free will in the play Faustus decides to continue with the dealing without not thinking in the consequences of his bargain. The nature of Lucifer also reveals a conflict between Fate and Free-will; how Lucifer pass from being Gods favorite Angel to be the devil ( the representation of evil) what were the reasons that leaded Lucifer to go the dark side, why did ruin his life? Maybe the reason could be that his life was so perfect and He got bored; (too much perfection is boring) conventional things are not enough, another reason could be also that He was tired of being a shadow, he wanted to be superior but with God as his master He would never move forward, so he made a decision and betrayed God and became the prince of darkness, but was it worth it the price? Giving up everything he knew in order to start something new. In the end the main question here would be: why does God invest us with free- will? I think it has to be with feelings; god gave us everything we need, he made us to his image.

I have heard that we come here with a purpose; its our job to find that purpose, as I said before this has to do with feeling like; Love, hate, etc. over all love because love its constant, we cannot alter it; there is a sonnet (116) that explains Love and it says that: Love is not love, which alter when in alteration we are here to worship God to earn what we had before, its a test, and its up to us if we want to accomplish that mission, but in the end we learned that we have to face our fate, embrace it and accept the punishment and receive the rewards for our acts. In the case of Dr. Faustus, He bargain his soul for 24 years of acquiring knowledge, but was it real knowledge what he got? Was it worth the price?