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BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK - Bad Day at Black Rock 7-9-5 chgs. Sore BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK ‘ 1-2 oor eee Pee FADE IN BEFORE MAIN TITL en ESTABLISHING SHOT: ~ BLACK ROCK ~ PART OF TOWN: FOCAL POIKT:, RAILROAD STATION abandoned, in an extrome state of dilapida- aren. the structure is blistered by the . resolute sun, the roof is weather-warped « iBry rot and inildew wage a_relentless battle against the foundation. Between the build~ . fee and the tracks is a long, somewhat ae aoe ow platform, its floorboards twisted by Tee eormites and the elements. The matche pened overhang of ‘the building, throwing || eer aittle shade'to a portion of the platform, sags and bellies. From the overhang is appended a rectangular. panel on which, in fisiy paint, the town is identified: BLACK ROCK one 6f the broken wires holding the panel is longer than the other, cocking the sign irregularly. 4 he railroad tracks reach endlessly into the horizon. Past the town on each side stretches the ocean-like prairie, with sand dunes rising and falling monotonously, shouldering each ‘other toward infinity. ‘The morning. sun lays over this wastelend of the American Southwest, a gigantic yellow ‘pruise from which heat waves ike boodshot arteries spread themselves over the poisoned sky. ei A’small shack ‘stands next to the station, - _ separated. by a narrow alleyway and leaning ‘toward the larger puilding, as if for support. The words. POSTAL TELEGRAPH * are arced across its austy vitrine.. An old Straignt-backed chair, reinforced with : twisted wire, is tilted against. the north- west corner of the shack. In it ds Mr. é ‘Hastings, the postal telegraph agent, a man _of middle years and exorbitant mediocrity. He sits there spinelessly, fingering a wart on his receding chin and, once in a while, for variety, rubbing a ymuckle under nis watery Noses “8 4 Of cre-runuing en tipt merely in order’t ‘ain. consecutive: jumbers,”the ‘soript with M're-bun, "but herewith in” {i-you wi) find a summa: