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Brand Management Term Paper

Brand - Clinic All Clear Shampoo

Submitted to: Prof. Ramanujam Sridhar

Submitted by: Group 10

Brajesh Patidar 7075

Neha Agrawal 7092
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SDM Institute for Management Development

Mysore, Karnataka
(November 28, 2008)

1. Shampoo Industry Overview 2

2. Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Market 3

• Clinic All Clear

• Head & Shoulders

3. Brand Identity Prism 5

4. Positioning 10

5. Promotional Activities 12

6. Market Research 22

7. Glitches in Clinic All Clear 29

8. Recommendations 30


The shampoo market in India has changed significantly since the 1960s when it first became a
lifestyle product in urban homes. As of 2008, it is a very competitive market with dominant
players such as Hindustan Unilever Ltd. and Procter & Gamble Company. Analysts expect
competition in the market to intensify further with the entry of companies such as ITC and
Shampoo market in India was estimated at Rs. 21.41 billion per annum as of February 2008,
growing annually at a rate of 14.5 percent. Shampoo market is segmented on benefit platforms:
Cosmetic (shine, health, strength), Anti – Dandruff and Herbal.
Shampoos are generally targeted at upper middle class, middle class and house wives, upper
class rural consumers and teenagers (they are the major segment).
New users are being added especially at the lower end of the income pyramid, thanks to the
continued promotion of single-use, convenient and affordable sachets. In urban areas, consumers
are moving away from one shampoo for the whole family to one shampoo for each family
member. The differentiation in use is a strong driver of growth.
Several Companies are now eyeing the growing shampoo market and existing players are now to
defend their turf by launching new products, reducing prices, and focusing on promotions.
Companies are pushing rural penetration by focusing on the sales of sachets. The competition is
poised to increase and the chief determining factor will be the consumer connect that companies

Some Facts about Shampoos are:

• The frequency of shampoo usage is very low. Most consumers do not use shampoo daily.
They use shampoo only once or twice in a week.
• Some customers use shampoo only to address a specific problem such as dandruff or
when they need to condition their hair.
• Major expectations from the product are improvement in texture and manageability,
giving softness and bounce to hair, curing and avoiding damage to the hair.
• Consumers attribute lathering to the act of cleaning.

• Many consumers use only soap or combination of soap as well as shampoo to wash their
• Brand loyalties in shampoo are not very strong. Consumers frequently look for a change,
particularly in fragrance.
• An Indian needs more shampoo for a proper wash ( average 6 ml ) compared to 4 ml
needed in Western countries as most Indian women have long hair.
• Regular users would need smaller quantity of shampoo per bath. Hair tend to collect
more dust due to dusty environment and oiling habits
• Southern market is predominantly a sachet market. In Contrast, shampoo bottles are more
popular in the Northern markets.


Market Challenger Brand (No. 2) – Clinic All Clear

Market Leader Brand (No.1) – Head & Shoulders

Anti-dandruff shampoo category has around 25% share in the shampoo market leaving
remaining 75% or so for other categories. In anti-dandruff shampoo market, P&G scored over
HUL. P&G’s Head & Shoulders brand, the market leader in the segment, has market share of
54.8%. HUL’s Clinic All Clear’s share is 39.6%.

Some facts related to dandruff:

• The sale of anti-dandruff shampoo increases many folds in winter. People test different
shampoo available in market to get rid of dandruff.
• Even the dermatologists say that the dandruff increases during winter as dryness
• To remove dandruff one should leave the dandruff shampoo on the scalp for more than
two minutes. This way the shampoo will be more effective.


Clinic All clear is an anti-dandruff shampoo from HUL. Clinic All Clear brand is the Indian
version of 'Clear' brand which is the global brand from Unilever. It not only offers freedom from
dandruff by fighting the last dandruff flake, but also adds back lost nutrients to give the
consumer great looking hair. Clinic All Clear has couple of line extensions like CAC for Men-
Active Sport and Hairfall Decrease, CAC Soft and Silky etc. The Brand wants to expand the user
base to a larger audience. Clinic All Clear’s attributes are youth, freshness, confidence and fun.
Clinic All Clear has had a face lift recently. The colours and the typography of the bottle
containers and the sachets have changed, giving it a new look and feel. It primarily appears to be
a respite from the “Old” look, which had been there for quite some time, and so grown
monotonous.  Clinic All Clear’s brand ambassadors include Shahid Kapoor, Madhavan, Bipasha,
John etc.


Head & Shoulders is a brand of anti-dandruff shampoo produced by Procter & Gamble. It is
world's No.1 anti-dandruff shampoo. A power brand from P&G, this brand made its debut in
India in 1997. In the highly competitive Indian shampoo market, Head & Shoulders is a major
player in the Anti-Dandruff niche. The high profile launch of Head & Shoulders fueled the
growth of this specialty market.
Procter & Gamble wages war on dandruff with Head & Shoulders Solutions designed to treat
itching, flaking, dryness, irritation and redness in a medicated formula. Conditioner technology
also helps protect hair against damage. The emphasis is on healthy, long and beautiful hair,
cleanness and removal of dandruff. The brand used the Markonym ZPT ( Zinc Pyrithine)
Formula which has anti-fungal properties as its differentiator.
The brand ambassadors of H&S are Preity Zinta, Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan etc.


Brand identity may be represented by six-sided prism. All six elements emphasize brand identity.
Brands can exist only then when they communicate. Physical appearance and personality allow
determining the sender. The recipient is defined by consumer reflection and self-image. The last
two elements of brand identity: culture and relationship link the sender.


A brand has physical qualities. It is made up of a combination of either salient objective features
or emerging ones. The brands physical characters are both the backbone and its tangible added

CAC - Anti-dandruff shampoo with ZPTO the special ingredient that stops dandruff. The new
packaging is contemporary with a unique stylishly designed bottle along with an easy dispensing
cap. The eye-catching shape of the bottle is also replicated in the sachets. The sachet has been so
styled that it looks like a bottle. .

H&S – Anti- dandruff, pleasant new scent and a contemporary new look. The Head &
Shoulders’ unique new curved packaging has become a signature part of the brand. This dandruff
shampoo is excellent and does work. Ideal for use every day.


A brand has a personality of its own. By communicating, it gradually builds up the character.
This is also called the personification of the brand and this helps in the instant product alignment
with the target customers.

CAC – CAC has the personality of being young, fresh, confident and fun which is depicted by
the choice of the Brand ambassadors chosen for its ads.

H&S - It is stronger than the milder, ‘easily manageable’ shampoos on the market. Despite that it
is safe to use for children and teens.


The brand has its own culture, from which every product derives. The product is not only a
concrete representation of this culture, but also a means of communication.

CAC - HUL, the parent brand pays more attention to renovation rather than innovation of
products. The same culture is adopted by Clinic all clear as could be seen from its repositioning
from ' No Dandruff' to "Soft and Silky Hair" which is a major change (renovation). There have
been many changes in the brand communication, packaging, positioning etc.

H&S - Universal, with flexibility - Head & Shoulders chose a more globally consistent approach
featuring a consistent new structure and graphics for all its packaging in more than 140 countries
making it one of P&G’s most globally consistent brands. However, the text is different based on
regulatory requirements of countries and communications are based on consumers’
understanding of the product. The structure, graphics and typeface are constant throughout the
globe, with each region having localization control of text.

Self Image

A brand speaks of our self image. If the reflection is directed towards the external customers then
the self image is directed towards the internal customers.

CAC - Adds back lost nutrients to hair to make hair healthy and beautiful.

H&S - The H&S users feels they get unbeatable results with no compromise.


Reflection is basically what the target customer thinks and perceives the product to be. This also
helps to understand the utility derived by the customer.

CAC - Clinic All Clear's time-tested benefit of freedom from dandruff, and also great looking
hair. This brand gives its users the power to wear black.

H&S - Head & Shoulders® the world's #1 antidandruff shampoo has been trusted by millions
the world over to provide unsurpassed dandruff protection and great-looking hair. Clean, soft and
manageable hair. Help you get closer to the look you want and even closer to that special person
in your life.


Brands are often at the crux of transactions and exchanges between people. This feature
emphasizes the way of behavior which is identified with brand most of all.

CAC – Gives its users the confidence to wear anything and not to be worried. The brand cares
for its users and provides them with products well suited to them.

H&S- Dedicated to making the products as effective as possible. Gives reassurance to the users
to look what they want to and be close to the special ones.

Clinic All Clear’s Brand Prism

Head & Shoulders’ Brand Prism


Clinic All Clear

Baseline: No dandruff No hairfall

Clinic All Clear – “Dare to wear Black”.

This shows that clinic all clear has positioned itself as application or use. Its core positioning is
no dandruff. It also stands for confidence.

By looking at the new packs and logo and the way Clinic All Clear is written on the pack, HUL
is slowly rebranding Clinic All Clear as Clear. The brand has moved from ' No Dandruff ' to
"Soft and Silky Hair" which is a major change in its positioning. The brand retains its core
positioning of no-dandruff but is adding additional benefits of soft and silky hair. In line with the
global positioning, the brand now has Vita-Ace that fortifies the hair against hair fall. Clinic All
Clear wants to expand the base to a larger audience. That may be the reason for diluting the anti-
dandruff plank.

It is interesting to note that Clinic is smart enough to retain and extend its core positioning of No
Dandruff for this variant also. The brand is priced at Rs 130 for 200 ml and Rs 72 for 100 ml and
Rs 3 for sachet.

The other variant Clinic All Clear Ice Cool has targeted the youth by its advertising programmes.
Clinic All Clear has used campaigns to target both adults and kids. For example the Chulbulli
campaign is targeting Kids but the Bipasha + John campaign targets the adults. The product is
the same.

As Men's grooming market is booming so it also launched a new another variant i.e. CLINIC
ALL CLEAR MEN, an anti-dandruff shampoo for men only. It washes off the excess oil on the
scalp and prevents dandruff from recurring. The new Clinic All Clear ACTIVSPORT and
HAIRFALL DECREASE leave your scalp with a lingering feeling of freshness.


Head & Shoulders

Head & Shoulders has undergone some exciting improvements, including new formulas and a
great new scent. Its positioning as outstanding dandruff protection has now extended to provide,
along with clean, soft and manageable hair .At the time of launching it used price-quality
inference strategy.

Currently it is using reference pricing as well as value pricing. H&S is targeting customers
having dandruff and dry & damaged hair in all age group. The target market for Head &
Shoulders are the higher middle class people who are brand conscious, early adaptors and who
care about the overall health of their hair.

P&G’s anti-dandruff shampoo brand, Head & Shoulders, has roped in actor Kareena Kapoor,
Saif Ali Khan and Priety Zinta as its new brand ambassador. In its advertisements, Head &
Shoulders introduces itself as a premium brand and uses the charm and beauty of beautiful
models. Attractive Banners and Hoardings are used extensively. Print media (News papers,
leaflets and pamphlets etc.) is used with exclusive high resolution attractive models.



Promotional Activities of Clinic All Clear by HUL:

1. Tie ups with television shows and effective use of Brand Ambassador:

HUL had a Tie up with SONY Entertainment Television, to rope in Shahid Kapoor to shoot a
commercial for its talent show - Fame Gurukul. Shahid Kapoor, brand ambassador of Clinic All
Clear, had shoot with the Fame Gurukul headmistress, Ila Arun, to further build the association
of Clinic All Clear with Fame Gurukul. The commercial brings the key attribute `Confidence' to
the forefront.

Shahid Kapoor highlights the importance of confidence when, one is in the spotlight by saying
“Jo spotlight mein All Clear, Wo Fame ke Near”, followed by an appearance of Ila Arun
promising “Jo All Clear hain, Use Fame hum denge”.

HUL projected it brand "Clinic All Clear” as, always been associated with empowering people
and unleashing inner potential and leveraging inherent capabilities. HUL association with `Fame
Gurukul' is a perfect fit since the format of the show is about being Cool & Confident under the
spotlight which is what Clinic All Clear stands for."

2. Direct Contact with the Consumer:


Do you have the confidence to make your move on the opposite sex? Hindustan Lever’s (HLL)
Clinic All Clear attempts to answer that question with its latest viral.

The viral microsite allows users to make a movie online, participate in it and interact with a
member of the opposite sex. Based on how he/she performs, the user is accordingly accepted as a
triumphant flirt (which would mean he/she has the confidence to make a move) or rejected. The
reactions to users’ moves are wild and whacky (and addictive too), which makes every moment
of the movie-making experience a fun encounter.


Clinic All Clear has taken this route since a lot of brand sites blatantly push their products even
in a designated ‘fun zone’ or space on the web today, which puts off the discerning youth. We
reach out to the youth by appealing to what they like most - wooing and winning over members
of the opposite sex and integrating it into our campaign.

This idea came about as we felt the real potential of video was still not fully exploited in the
Indian web space and it is rich media that really engages the youth. This viral is truly a first of its

In just five days after launch, the site had received 5000 registrations, 200,000 user sessions of
18 minutes each and 1.4 million page views.

A Web Wise also created a viral – a funky moviemaker tool. There were around 3,842,710 hits
to the Clinic All Clear website and over 5000 movies made online.

HLL Web Wise helps build online brand communities ensuring that the brand portals do not just
end up with one-time visitors but have an active repeat-visitor community.

3. Internet Advertising:

Internet advertising, though very recent in concept to India has been successfully used by
companies to build their brands. We bring you as part of our endeavor to keep you updated of the
latest tools to reach audiences, a case study of an advertising campaign of a FMCG major –
Hindustan Lever ran online for its popular shampoo brand, Clinic All Clear. We chose the
particular campaign as a large offline advertiser embracing online medium for one of its flagship
brands signifies a new trend on the part of major advertisers.

The brief given to the online advertising service provider was to use the online medium at an
appropriate time to reinforce the brand theme of “The Confidence to Wear Black” and the
message “Dho dala”. After audience tracking it was decided to run the campaign during the
Christmas & New Year holiday season. Following is a detailed pointer-wise depiction of the way
the campaign was carried out.


Creative’s used:

1. Banner ad for Christmas showcasing Santa gaining confidence to wear black, with a call
for action from the surfer to click & get a Christmas gift.

2. Banner ad for New Year, which showed Year 2000 being washed out (Dho dala)
followed by 2001 again with a call for action from the surfer to click & get a New Year

4. Clinic All clear Contest Promotions:

“Clinic All Clear Total contest winner to win a date with Shahid Kapoor”

Hindustan Lever Limited (HLL), as part of the relaunch of Clinic All Clear Total announced a
promotional alliance with Shahid Kapoor starrer Dil Maange More. The winners of the contest
will be given an opportunity to watch the premiere of the movie with Kapoor. Clinic All Clear
Total, the dual shampoo with the new ingredient Vita-Ace, not only offers freedom from
dandruff by fighting the last dandruff flake, but also adds back lost nutrients to give the
consumer great looking hair.


HLL, as part of the campaign has Kapoor and Madhavan as their new brand ambassadors for
Clinic All Clear Total since they personify youth, freshness, confidence and fun which are in
perfect synergy with the brand attributes.

To spend an evening with Kapoor and his co-stars Tulip Joshi, Ayesha Takia and débutante Soha
Ali Khan of Dil Maange More, contestants have to enter the 'Clinic All Clear Dil Maange More
Kamaal ke baal' contest and answer a question - "Shahid ko dandruff se aazadi aur kamal ke baal
kaun deta hain?" The choices are: Pani Ki Botal, Baju wala Hotel, Clinic All Clear Total.

5. Website Promotions:

The fun, interactive website invites the users to decide what they would do in different situations
to attract the opposite sex. The responses are provide3d in the form of videos which range from
hilarious to mushy. Clinic all clear has taken this route as since a lot of brands sites blantly push
their products in a designates fun zone or space on the web today, which puts off the discerning
youth. They have attempted to reach out to the youth by appealing to what they like most and
entwining it with their brand communication.

6. Positioning by use or application:

Another way is to communicate a specific image or position for a brand is to associate it with a
specific use or application.

Clinic All Clear – “Dare to wear Black”.

7. 'Clinic All Clear Dream Job' talent hunt Campaign:

ESPN Star Sports (ESS), the leading sports broadcaster has launched the 'Clinic All Clear Dream
Job' a national level talent hunt for a sports presenter.

'Clinic All Clear Dream Job' offers the most enviable prize - a one-year contract with ESPN


Software India. The winner will become a presenter on the new channel from the stable of ESS –
Star Cricket. The first of 17 episodes of 'Clinic All Clear Dream Job' will be televised every
Thursday on Star Cricket.

Clinic All Clear as a brand stands for self - assurance, self – confidence and perfection; and
Dream Job is a hunt for a perfect candidate who needs to have similar attributes." One has to be
always at his confident best to be "All Clear All The Way."

Clinic All Clear Dream Job has kick started with entries through audio/video clips and call in
phone lines. The show received overwhelming response from enthusiasts across the country.

8. Big holding near various Malls:


Promotional Activities of Head & Shoulders by P&G:

Anti-dandruff Head & Shoulders is clearly pitted against Hindustan Levers Clinic All
Clear. Says a marketing consultant, the fight is not going to be so much in the main shampoo
category but in the sub-segments.

1. Brand Ambassador:

Procter & Gamble has signed up actor Saif Ali Khan as its male brand ambassador for Head &
Shoulders. Saif is a natural fit for Head & Shoulders as he epitomizes today’s style & also
represents the youth, who are constantly multi-tasking, have varied interests & many passions
and therefore do not want to worry about dandruff. Head & Shoulders gives you the freedom to
be yourself by helping eliminate the anxiety of dandruff by not only fighting dandruff but also
preventing it from coming back.


2. New Variants launched:

P&G has introduced an aloe Vera variant of its anti-dandruff shampoo brand, Head & Shoulders.
The new variant is priced on par with the brands existing five variants at Rs64 for 100 ml and
Rs122 for 100ml.

The company had launched a new ad film featuring Preity Zinta for the H&S brand which made
by Saatchi & Saatchi in Bangkok. The company plans to take the aloe vera variant of H&S to
other countries in South East Asia.

3. Application based Promotion:

Making Hair Soft & Dandruff Free

Head & Shoulders is world's No.1 anti-dandruff shampoo. Head & Shoulders is positioned as a
pure play anti-dandruff shampoo and for these 20 years has stuck to this positioning. When the
brand was launched, it really gave HLL brand Clinic a run for its money. The brand had carried
its heritage as world’s largest selling anti-dandruff shampoo and also maintained a good share of
voice. During 2005 that Head & Shoulders began its aggressive campaign to regain the lost
market. The brand roped in the bubbly Preity Zinta to endorse the brand. Earlier Ajay Jadeja had

endorsed the brand. During this period, the brand also extended its positioning from Anti-
Dandruff to "Soft hair + dandruff removing" proposition. The brand also introduced different
variants like Menthol, Aloevera, Black, and Naturally Clean, smooth & silky to increase the
product line depth. Along with the new brand ambassador, the brand also talked about
eliminating 5 problems arising out of dandruff: Flakes, Irritation, Itchiness, Dryness and
Oiliness. The new extended positioning makes sense in the new consumer environment where
customers are looking more at combo products rather than specialty products. Although Head &
Shoulders has aggressive in the market, it is still lagging behind Clinic All Clear in terms of
creative campaigns. Globally, Head & Shoulders had come out with some highly creative
campaigns which were not replicated in India by the agency.

According to the trade, HLL has upstaged P&G in the current game. The main reason they say, is
that much before the launch of Head & Shoulders, HLL had booked prime display space in most
retail outlets. With posters of Clinic All Clear plastered all over, P&G, which has been talking
about Head & Shoulders since 1991 has to make do with a handful of counters.

4. Promotion through Television Shows:

Procter & Gamble (P&G) and MAA TV have announced the launch of 'Shiksha - Secure Your
Child's Future', a special promotion to help educate the children in India. By purchasing packs of
Vicks, Whisper, Ariel, Tide, Head & Shoulders and Pantene between a mother can win either Rs.
2 lakhs towards Graduate Education Fee of one child (24 such Prizes), or Rs. 5,000 towards Next
Year's Tuition Fee for one child (96 such Prizes) and a number of other Consolation Prizes, all
courtesy P&G. Every day, Rs. 2,25,000 worth of prizes will be announced between 9 p.m. - 9:30
p.m. on MAA TV, totaling to Rs. 5 million+ dedicated by P&G towards the Shiksha prizes.

Consumer research conducted by P&G indicates that 'education of her children' is the single-
most important priority for an Indian mother. Procter & Gamble's mission was to improve the
quality of life of consumers by offering them superior branded products such as Vicks, Whisper,


Ariel, Tide, Head & Shoulders and Pantene. Shiksha was yet another initiative that helped us
contribute to building a strong community and a more educated India.

Some of P&G's successful social responsibility initiatives include: PEACE - a unique

environmental education program; FUTURE FOCUS - the first-ever write-in career guidance
service; Project DRISHTI - with the National Association for the Blind (NAB), the first-ever
Sight Restoration Corporate project in India; Project OPEN MINDS - a project with UNICEF
aimed at education of working children; Project POSHAN - with UNICEF to combat

5. Relaunching of Head & Shoulders:

Procter & Gamble had reinvented their brand ‘Head & shoulders’ with value additions –but
available at the same price. They chose Kareena as she embodies our brand’s core value: It gives
fearless confidence. P&G used the process of rolling out an integrated marketing plan which
includes television commercial, in-store advertising and a music video featuring Kareena

Procter & Gamble has relaunched its flagship brand Head & Shoulders with a brand new star
endorser Kareena Kapoor.

The objective behind Promotional activities of P & G was to achieve:

C = Consideration Set

R = Relationship

I = Identity

S = Search

P = Perceived Value

Consideration Set: In order to be a winner, your brand must – first and foremost – be in the
Consideration Set. It must be among those that a potential customer will consider buying. There
are three attributes, which a brand must have in order to be in the Consideration Set. First there
must be relevant awareness. Then there must be recognition. And lastly, there must be brand

Relationship: To thrive in the new millennium, it is essential for brands to build relationships
with customers. Privilege Cards and Frequent Buyer Programmes will help build brand loyalty.

Identity: Brand identity will be viewed on several levels. At its best is the emotional benefit a
brand offers. Below that are the functional benefits, the brand personality and the symbols

Search: Brand managers will have to be constantly alert, reinventing the brand to fill in new need
gaps in the market. Externally, the search for these gaps in the market will be on an ongoing
basis. Internally, too there is need for a search.

Perceived Value: Value is a prerequisite for all brands. Actual value is not perceived value. It’s
not just what the customer gets, but what he thinks and feels he gets. The intangibles are as
important as the tangibles.



For the purpose of Market Research on the two brands, survey was done. A questionnaire is
prepared related to brand preference, advertising influence, packaging etc. The questionnaire is
as follows:


1. What is your age-

a) 15-20
b) 20-25
c) 25-35
d) >35

2. Gender-
a) Male b) Female

3. How frequently you use a shampoo

a) Daily
b) 3 times a week
c) Twice a week
d) Once a week

4. Which package size you prefer?

a) Sachet
b) Small bottle
c) Big bottle

5. Do you use antidandruff shampoo?

a) Yes b) No

6. When somebody says antidandruff shampoo which brand comes in your mind?

7. Which antidandruff shampoo you will prefer?
a) Clinic all clear
b) Head & Shoulders
c) Other

8. Why?
a) Cheap/price
b) Removes dandruff completely
c) Advertisement
d) Any other reason.

9. Whose advertisement you like most?

a) Clinic all clear
b) Head & Shoulders
c) Others
d) Don’t pay attention

10. How much ads influence your shampoo purchase?

a) Not at all
b) Less influence
c) Very high influence

11. Which shampoo’s packaging is more attractive?

a) Clinic all clear
b) Head & Shoulders.
c) Others

12. How much Package designs attract you to purchase a shampoo?

a) Not at all
b) Sometime
c) Most of time


Attributes of respondents:


A total of 64 people were interviewed. 56% were female. 50% of the respondents were in the age
group of 20-25.

The following analysis were made based on consumer responses-

Frequency of use:

Almost half the respondents use shampoo 3 times a week which shows that the prior image of
shampoo is changing and the usage has increased. However, even after communicating that the
shampoo must be used daily, still only 16% of people do so.

Package size:

Small bottle is preferred by majority of the people. This lasts them for about a month and thus it
is easy for them to add it in fix monthly purchase and gives them ease of shopping.

Brand Recall

The response shows that the brand recall of H&S is the highest (80%). Very few people recall
CAC when talking about AD Shampoo. They do not know about the brand much as an AD
Shampoo. They think it to be in line with Clinic Plus Shampoo.

Preference and Reason

The preference is same as the Brand Recall. In other words, the brand the consumer prefers is
his/her first recall. Almost 80% of the respondent’s preference in AD shampoo is H&S. The
reason for this is clear as it is effective and removes dandruff completely. While advertisements
and some other reasons do influence the preference, the survey showed that none of the
respondents believed price to be the reason for buying AD Shampoos. The rationale could be
because none of the brands in this segment are of low cost because AD Shampoo is bought for a
purpose of removing dandruff and people do not mind paying premium for it.

Ads and its influence on purchase

45% people liked ads for brands other than CAC and H&S. This shows that the advertisement
could be one area of improvement. Though only some people responded that do not even pay
attention to the ads. Yet when it comes to influence on purchase, 20% says ads do not influence
them. However 70% people say that ads have some influence on their purchase and thus it
should be taken care of.


Packaging and its Influence on Purchase

For packaging also people like packaging of other brands more than the 2 in concern. However
H&S packaging is attractive to many consumers, while only 14% on people like the packaging of
CAC. 70% of respondents said that attractive packaging influences the purchase and since CAC
lacks in this, it needs to improve upon it.



• There is very little brand recall for this product. The consumers think of this product as a
variant of Clinic Plus shampoo and are not really aware of it being an AD Shampoo.
Most of them believe that H&S is the only shampoo in this segment.

• The shampoo is preferred by a very less % of people due to non-awareness. The brand
variants are not highlighted much. Also people believe H&S to be the best in the category
and thus prefer it. H&S performance has been very good and CAC has not been able to
break through H&S positioning. It could not create much awareness.

• A lot of people believe that ads influence the purchase and thus this is a problem for CAC
as CAC ads are not much appreciated by the consumers. Many of them don’t even
remember the ads.

• 70% of respondents said that attractive packaging also influences the purchase and since
CAC Packaging is believed to be not very attractive (based on the survey); it can create
loss of sales and market share and also boredom in the minds of consumers.

• There have been some complaints by users. The quality was degraded from the standard
quality was one of the complaints made by a user. Some complained that the quality was
not good in sachets. Some says that the shampoo causes dryness.

• No proper research as the Company said that ZPTO in Clinic All Clear stops dandruff.
This was proved to be not true because dandruff is known to be caused by several factors
besides microbes and the Ad which promoted this was discontinued.

• The ads by CAC do not provide complete information about the usage of its products.
The ads are not able to clearly depict that this brand is completely different from Clinic



• Increase Awareness
Apart from fully fledged messages via Ads, CAC must use reminders to increase the
brand awareness. It registers more impressions on the customer's mind even if it wasn't
able to spell out its message in full. Use visual and audio cues to enable viewers to
connect to the longer versions of the commercials. For reminders, use 10 or even 5-
seconders, using them with greater frequency. Secondly, expand the impact laterally by
using other media to reinforce the TV commercials. For example use merchandising
items (caps, bags, mugs etc.), point-of-sale reminders, posters, stickers etc.

Also the customers must be made aware of the fact that CAC is different from Clinic Plus
and is an AD shampoo.

• Customer Complaint and Feedback Center

CAC must try to have interactive, as opposed to just one-way, communications. Allowing
the consumers to send in their complaints and feedback would make them feel involved.
This could be done by having a website for customer feedback. Also queries could be
posted so that new people can enquire about the product and understand its benefits and
uses. The complaints must be responded immediately convincing the customer that the
problem would be taken care of. His queries must be cleared. By doing so, the brand
would be able to build a lasting relationship with the customer.

• Creative advertising
Usually the advertisements try to have more focused, benefit-oriented advertising.
However in this process they tend to suddenly rob their ads of quality and charm. CAC
must leverage on this opportunity by insisting on unorthodox executions. The message
must creep up on the consumer from a tangential direction, almost catching them by
surprise. CAC must bring on ads which not only focuses on its benefit but is very
appealing and eye catching for the consumers. The most important criterion is that the
brand must have something significant to say, or offer, to the customers and based on
this, they must make their ads. Also, celebrities must be chosen who fits the ad as well as


reflect the attributes of the brand of being young, confident and fun loving. This would
help them to build brand recall, and would influence the consumer purchase.

• Total Brand Experience

Clinic All Clear shampoo must turn its advertising into a total brand experience. Along
with the Commercials and other mediums of promotions, it should broaden the
interaction by sending Clinic All Clear vans around the cities where the brand is
available; they must present the detailed demos of ways to clear dandruff problems, use
give-away shampoo sachets to establish a connection with the brand. Also they must
highlight usage techniques of CAC that one should leave the dandruff shampoo on the
scalp for more than two minutes for effective use. They must use live interaction as a
form of advertising and must provide consumers complete experience by giving them a
chance to experiment.

• Constant Innovation
“Once a customer, always a customer”, is no longer true in these days of fluctuating
brand usage. Customers now have more choices than before and are more willing to try
out new brands. This fickle-minded buying warrants a constant focus on the changing
mindset of the customer. The brand too has to change with customer tastes. Therefore,
CAC brand must keep innovating new product variants and the same must be
communicated well to the consumers. The consumers get bore of seeing same package
over time. Thus, packaging must be changed to reflect the change in consumer

• Reinforce the Decision

After people have tried the product, make them realize they have made the right decision.
For example - Pepsi ad which said, “Yehi hee hai right choice baby, aha!” this made the
consumers confident of their choice. This will help to have customers hanging on to the
brand forever. The human mind looks for signals to reinforce the decision made by it, to
tell itself that yes, you were correct. CAC must adopt this method to gain customer
confidence and influence them.