MH370: Chinese patrol ship detects pulse signal

Haixun 01 records signal with same frequency as that of black box ping as search continues for missing plane
A pinger locator sits on an Australian ship in the southern Indian Ocean during the search for the black box of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH !0" #hotograph$ %euters

Tania Branigan in &ei'ing (aturday ) April *01+ A ,hinese search ship has detected an electronic pulse in an area of the southern Indian Ocean where it is belie-ed the missing Malaysian Airlines plane crashed. state media has announced" /,hinese patrol ship Haixun 01 searching for flight MH !0 disco-ered a pulse signal with a frequency of !")kH0 per second in south Indian Ocean waters (aturday./ the official news agency. 1inhua. said" It also reported that a ,hinese air force plane spotted a number of white floating ob'ects in the search area" Anish #atel. president of 2ukane (eacom 3 which has said it made the beacons for the flight data and cockpit -oice recorders on board MH !0 3 told ,44 the pulse was identical to the standard beacon frequency" 5he Haixun 01. one of two ,hinese ships in the area. picked up the signal at about *) degrees south latitude and 101 degrees east longitude. 1inhua reported" /It is yet to be established whether it is related to the missing 'et./ it said"

,hina6s 7iberation 2aily reported that three people on board the ship had heard the signals. which had not been recorded because they came suddenly" 5he Australian defence minister. 2a-id 8ohnston. said he had not recei-ed a report on the signal and warned that it may not be from the plane" /5his is not the first time we ha-e had something that has turned out to be -ery disappointing./ he told A&, tele-ision" 5he report is the first potentially positi-e sign in the race against time to find the Malaysian aircraft6s black box" &ut there is as yet no indication of whether the pulse is in fact connected to the plane. and no wreckage has been found in the area despite a massi-e international hunt" 9xperts ha-e warned that the electronic beacons designed to guide searchers to the flight data and cockpit -oice recorders will stop emitting signals within the next two weeks. and perhaps e-en within the next few days. as they run out of power" 5he &ei'ing:bound &oeing !!! disappeared in the early hours of ; March. shortly after taking off from <uala 7umpur with * = people on board" In-estigators belie-e it was deliberately di-erted from its course. but experts say that without the flight data and cockpit -oice recorders there is little hope of finding out who was responsible and why" 9-en then. they caution that the information may not shed much light on the mystery" Multiple countries are in-ol-ed in the search. with 1 aircraft and at least 11 -essels scouring an area some 1.!00 kilometres north:west of #erth on (aturday" Australia is leading the hunt for the plane" Authorities there ha-e yet to comment on the 1inhua report" More than 1)0 of those on board the flight were ,hinese nationals and ,hina has contributed se-eral ships and -essels to the search" Malaysia said on (aturday it had launched an in-estigation into the disappearance of MH !0 that would bring together international a-iation experts" 5he defence and acting transport minister. Hishammuddin Hussein. told a news conference that Australia. ,hina. the >(. the >< and ?rance had agreed to take part in the in-estigation" 5he team would examine maintenance records. flight recorders. meteorology and /medical and human factors/. including psychology"

'Pulse signal detected' in search for lost plane MH370

S AT U R D AY 0 APR!" #0$% A patrol ship has pic&ed up a pulse signal in the southern !ndian 'cean in the hunt for flight MH370's (lac& (o) recorder* reports +hinese ne,s agenc- .inhua/

The signal has a frequency of 37.5kHz per second, according to reports, which is the standard frequency for cockpit flight data recorders - better known as the underwater locator beacons or the black bo! . The "hinese patrol ship Hai!un #$ was searching for lost %alaysia &irlines 'light %H37# in the southern (ndian )cean where it is belie*ed the passenger +et, with ,3- people on board, crashed nearly a .onth ago. The area was chosen based on hourly satellite pings the aircraft ga*e off after it *anished fro. radar on / %arch when it was scheduled to tra*el fro. 0uala 1u.pur to 2ei+ing. The 3inhua agency reports that a black bo! detector deployed by the ship detected the signal at around ,5 degrees south latitude and $#$ degrees east longtitude. (t is reported the pulse was picked up o*er a period of $5 .inutes.

4nderwater locator beacons are triggered by water i..ersion.

There is no confir.ation at this stage that the pulse is fro. the .issing plane. The battery on %H37#5s black bo! is due to run out on %onday. 2elow6 7eflection of a 8ew 9ealand search plane o*er the (ndian )cean.

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