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Camille Du Par

2 Contact Information Camille Du Par 254.421.4730 114 W. 3 S. Apt. 13 Rexburg, Id 83440

3 Table of Contents Brochure Montage Photodesign Logos Content here Letterhead Business Card Web Page Flier Event Ad

4 Brochure
A Folding Brochure for Lauras Floral company. First, I created the design with the pen tool in Indesign, and created the shape of the flower in that program as well. I went into InDesign, where I transferred the shape so I could use the outline. I then added photos to the shapes, and created a transparent outline for the lily to make the text wrap around it. I added all of the text, using text wrapping and adjusting it to make the fonts look correctly. The message is to buy flowers from Lauras Florals, and let them make your bouquet! The audience is people who want to buy flowers and dont know where to turn. I think the skill of text wrapping was the hardest to learn, but looks the best. I used a Split Complementary color scheme with Brick, Violet, and Lime. The Title Font Name was Harrington, which is a Decorative font. The Copy Font I used was Lao Sangam MN, which is a Sans Serif. The body copy consists of 252 words.

Left: Outside, Fully Unfolded Above: Back, Fully folded

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Right: Inside, Fully Unfolded Below: Front, Fully Folded

6 Montage
A dragon attacks a castle in the mountains. I used Adobe Photoshop exclusively to build this project. I used masks, color filters, layers, the burn/dodge tools, and text and text effects to achieve this look. I wanted to use gray scale to highlight certain parts of the picture. I montage-d the stars into the background to add to the fairy tale theme, based on the quote.

Description and things Here

Fairy Tales are more than true, not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten. Anyone, especially fantasy-lovers, are the audience. Using masks was so tricky, as well as trying to figure out placement, good flow, etc. Also, finding an image to properly montage (the blended effect) was kind of difficult. Its really hard to make something before you have the pictures. I applied a selective colorization to the background, and made the greens really stand out. I also added a black and white filter, and used that to emphasize the dragon and the castle. The color scheme is used was a monochromatic green. I used Zapfino, which is a Script, for the tile font, but I used Bookman Old Style, which is an Old Style font, for the body copy.

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8 Photodesign

A Guitar resting against a plaid couch. I used Photoshop, adjusted the colors using vibrance, levels, and selective color. I cropped the image, and used blocks of color at the top and bottom with the fill tool to create extra white space and contrast. I sharpened the guitar strings, and blurred the couch to add focus to the instrument. I added text over the guitar, instead of at the very top and bottom to better incorporate the message onto the image. I used the rule of thirds with the couch pattern adding natural lines to the image. If Music be the food of Love, play on!--William Shakespeare College students are the audience. It can be really difficult to work with a design when your focal point consists of white space. Also, finding a good color scheme takes a lot of planning. I used a Complimentary color scheme with Gold and Indigo. For the title copy, I used New Berolina MT, a Script font, and for the body copy I used Century Schoolbook, a Slab font. I took the photo in my apartment on Wednesday, February 5th, 2014.

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Description: 3 Seperate Logos for the Mesozoic Menagerie, a petting zoo for miniature dinosaurs. I made sketches of potential designs for the company, featuring a variety of ideas. For the first design, I stretched the os and is in Mesozoic to resemble eggs. After critiques, I created a analogous color scheme and applied it to the letters to create a more fun, childfriendly look. For the next design, I made the M big, and added a black box for negative space. After combining the paths for the box and the M, I deleted the M shape, and colored in the remaining black shapes to match the tetradic color scheme. I chose to color the letters to match the colors of the M and fit the color scheme. On the third logo, I used the pen tool to alter the serifs on one of the Ms so that it looked like it had horns. After getting feedback from my instructor, I made the horned M bigger, and altered the dinosaur so that it almost looked like it was eating off of it, like a green plant. Then, I added a line under the M and the stegosaurus and put the name of the organization in a sans serif font. Come to the Mesozoic Menagerie! Children, as well as parents who will be taking the children. It took me hours to figure out the pen tool, but it was worth it. I used 3 color schemes: Analogous--Blue, Indigo, Purple; Tetradic-Gold, Brick, Teal, Indigo; Split Complimentary--Lime, Purple, and Gold The three sets of title/body fonts I used were: Constantia, Slab Serif; Nueva Std, Modern; Minion, Old Style Serif, and Myriad Pro, Sans Serif Most people voted for the bottom logo. My favorite logo is 2.


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12 Letterhead
A Business Card and Letterhead for Phoenix Quest Collectables and Specialties owner Cecily Adams. I found a font and altered it slightly (after creating outlines) in Adobe Illustrator. I then created the Fire vector and the Phoenix/ bird vector for the logo in Illustrator as well, using the paths tool. After importing it into Indesign, I created the business card by creating a rectangle shape with the dimensions I wanted, and added the information, seperating pieces of information by spacing and color. After I was finished with the business card, I added the logo Id designed earlier to the top of the page. Then, I created the fire design for the bottom of the letter head in Illustrator, and added that in to the letterhead page. I finished by adding the text where I wanted it. After Critiques, I trashed the logo and color scheme, and created new ones from scratch. I redesigned the bird, giving it a curly tail and gave it new colors, orange and a gold/yellow stroke. I also chose a cool blue-gray for the egg/flame to give it contrast, and added mini-flames above the phoenix. Check out Phoenix Quest Collectables and Specialties The audience is adults; primarily those interested in fantasy items. Dont be afraid to start over if youre working on something awful. The color scheme I used is Split Complimentary: Blue, Gold, Brick. The Title Font I used is Palatino Linotype, which is an Old Style font. The Copy Font is Gill Sans, a Sans Serif font.


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14 Business Card

A business card to match the letterhead on the previous page. I used similar elements to give an overall fantasy theme and to tie the two together.


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Web Page

An HTML page with a new logo designed from scratch, advertising Camilla Rose Video and Design. So, for this project, I created a new logo from scratch. After writing my html from scratch, I borrowed the css from the activity wed worked on earlier in the week and re-wrote a lot of it, adjusting the fonts and the colors. After critiques, I created a sidebar image for each side of the body copy text so that I could give the effect of a film strip. I also spent a lot of time making small adjustments so that I could make everything line up just right. I got rid of the curved border from the draft, and ajdusted the colors further. I have a variety of design skills, and can explain how I created my logo. Anyone looking for video or design work is the audience for this web page. CSS is tricky because its so precise. Color scheme and color hex: Analogous: Green, Purple, Blue; #4c2a43, #3f5e25, #3b6ccb; The Title Font was Trebuchet MS, a Sans-Serif font. The body copy Font was also Trebuchet MS, a Sans-Serif. I changed the CSS by: getting rid of the border, adding the film strip border to the body copy. I adjusted the width and height of the body copy, and changed the h3 headings to be in a seperate class from the other headings. Next, I adjusted the h1 heading so that it aligned with the film strip, as well as adjusting other margins and padding.


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A grayscale flier for the Graduate Leadership Conference as sponsered by Vouant Communication. I used Adobe InDesign to create this project. I added the picture, text, and logo, and arranged them on the page. I added black boxes in varying opacities to created visual interest, and placed them on the top and bottom to create unity. I chose to make the date, time, and place white, and placed in one of the boxes, and in the contrasting font, which I also used for the link near the bottom of the page. I also chose to keep the body copy font for the title, to keep a focus on the business feel for the conference, but increased the size to add emphasis. Come to the Graduate Leadership Conference! Seniors who want to improve their chances at getting a job or learning leadership skills. How to use InDesign; also, how to shrink images in InDesign without cropping them oddly and being able to move them. I used Charcoal, a Sans Serif, for the title copy, and Geo Slabserif 703 BT, a Slab Serif, for the body copy.


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20 Event Ad Flier
A flier advertising a Valentines Dinner, sponsored by Bon Apptit Cafe and Bakery. Proceeds will be going to the local womens shelter, and they are accepting donations as well. Dinner will be accompanied by a lesson on communication, with an opportunity for singles to meet new people, or couples to enjoy some time together before the holiday. I used Microsoft Word, learning how to drop in text boxes, and adjust text settings and colors. Overall, it was fairly simple, although I admit I did use Microsoft Paint to figure out the exact color names. I didnt want to crop the picture, or make it very small, so that was tricky to work around, because it takes up most of the page. I used the green box to highlight the fact that it is a paid event, and the red (pinks) to highlight the main points outside of date/time/place, which I placed at the top to highlight the important information. I tried to focus on flow and alignment. Message: Come to the Valentines Dinner! Primarily targeted towards women looking for a relationship or seeking to improve the quality of their own. Alignment is tricky, especially in Word, where it lacked guiding lines outside of a margin. I used a Split Contrast, using the colors Red, Lime and Pur ple from the color wheel. The title font is Harrington, a decorative font. For the body copy font I used Goudy Old Style, an Old Style font. Source: November 2013 Ensign Magazine, page 70


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