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Mt Athos

These buses depart Thessaloniki from the Chalkidiki (Halkidiki) Station (Greek: Praktorio Halkidikis). KTEL Chakidikis Contact Information Phone: 2310 316555; 2310 316575. Email: web site: (web-site languages: Greek or English). Click the Routes tab, then click on Ierissos or Ouranoupoli in the list to view departure times It is a good idea to call ahead to double check current times and rates. The new Chalkidiki station is located quite a ways from the Thessaloniki city center, so the taxi to get there from the center will cost nearly as much as the bus itself and will take about 15 minutes from the center at that early hour. There is also a city bus that runs from the town center area to the Chalkidiki Station. It is the number 45 and it departs from the Makedonia Bus Station every 20 minutes beginning at 4:40am, arriving at the center of town 10-15 minutes later. It makes stops at only 3 of the regular central stops on Egnatia Street: Kolumvou, Aristotelous Square, and the Kamara (Arch of Galerius). From the central city area it should take 15-20 minutes to arrive at the Chalkidiki KTEL Station in the early morning. For bus 45 schedule:, click on itineraries button (icon of bus, top right) enter bus route number (45) in search window; or dial 185 from any phone in Greece. Tickets may be purchased at a discount one day ahead of use from most Thessaloniki street kiosks. On the bus, if you don't have the exact coins, the ticket machine will not give change.


Vatopedi Arrival Taxi from Oranopolis to Ierissos at 7:00 Mt Athos Wednesday .

Mt Athos Map of Pantocratoros .

bear R.) 250 Track becomes FP.3 hours Walk (m) And then . 170 At fork in road bear L. 200 At fork in road bear R. Pass stone fountain (dry) on R. following direction indicated by arrow. Turn L.6 km Journey Time: 2½ . then up into trees. 750 (Straight on leads to Pantokrator by road. FP descends steeply onto main road with Pantokrator ahead (care needed) and turn L along road. 50 At fork with covered well on L. Note: The traditional route goes straight ahead here. Ignore tracks to R. 0 scramble down very steep bank to reach open area. and to rejoin the route at † below. At major junction at top of small rise. 1240 wall on L and Stavronikita is visible to L. FP climbs steeply up to road with installation with solar panels on R. . Fine views to 1800 Pantokrator. 700 FP emerges from trees and continues to descend across rocky hillside. 210 Stavronikita and Iviron. 125 Arrive at entrance to Stavronikita Monastery. cross road and 350 Leave Pantokrator Monastery by lower gate by kiosk and follow zigzag FP (K) down to harbour. Stavronikita. bear L along walled K (signed Karyes). ignoring paths or Cross bridge to reach rough crossroads (Straight on to Karyes. signed tracks joining from L or R. 300 Note: In wet weather the FP may be slippery. For Pantokrator. Ignore road joining from L. 100 At junction.) KSO/R ‡ 270 Ignore track down to L (Sign to Pantokrator back along FP). which is less steep. signed Karyes and Pantokrator. track on further side and continue in direction of the Monastery. 1000 FP emerges at track. L under arches of aqueduct. downhill. uphill on main road (not L. FP continues on level 700 through trees before beginning to decend. KSO on FP 1300 which continues across road.) After bend to L. To follow it. (R goes down to harbour. Turn L along track. . ignoring faint level track to L. 80 Old buildings to L. monasteries). 50 At T-junction of track with road. As road bears L. going initially along shore. ignoring small FP down to L (may be blocked). Turn R. KSO on FP which continues across road. Cross open area to pick up K KSO with boat house on L and past well house on R.) Path levels out and emerges with Monastery in front (sign back along FP to Pantokrator and other 725 40 Pass kiosk toBear arrive at Pantokrator Monastery entrance. . 150 At crossroads. rejoining at ‡ below. R to Profitis Ilias). downhill along road 160 (Karyes is to R). KSO. bear L along road. (This is the road from Vatopedi noted above. It may be preferable to stay on the main road. Ignore FP uphill to R and KSO. turn R onto level grassy track (signed). FP emerges at main road. turn L following K (signed Karyes). passing aqueduct on L. 0 Leave Vatopedi Monastery entrance and turn L along paved road. fork R onto FP. Mount Athos and the coast. KSO downhill on remains of K. KSO up road. Shortly after this FP starts to follow a on major road which curves round to R towards Monastery. 70 downhill). KSO. 100 Where wall turns L. †110 (Approx time to this point: 1½ hours.Stavronikita Directions from Vatopedi to Pantokrator Mt Athos Thursday Description of Route: Distance: 8. turn hard L. through white pole gate onto forest road.

there are some good views. K = Kalderimi (stone-paved FP or mule track) 0 Leave Pantokrator Monastery by lower gate by kiosk and follow zigzag FP (K) down to harbour. Ignore FP uphill to R and KSO. later.1 hour Version 1. R to Profitis Ilias). 210 1240 80 725 125 . R = Right. KSO with boat house on L and past well house on R. signed Stavronikita and Iviron. going initially along shore. Turn L.6 km Journey Time: ¾ . Bear L under arches of aqueduct. then up into trees.0 This is a pleasant short walk roughly following the line of the coast. ahead to Stavronikita. Abbreviations: L = Left. Shortly after this FP starts to follow a wall on L and Stavronikita is visible to L. Ignore track down to L (Sign to Pantokrator back along FP). Although few signs remain of any kalderimi paving. the path is generally good and is well frequented.Mt Athos Thursday Directions from Pantokrator to Stavronikita Distance: 2. FP = Footpath. Cross bridge to reach rough crossroads (Straight on to Karyes. Path levels out and emerges with Monastery in front (sign back along FP to Pantokrator and other monasteries). Old buildings to L. Arrive at entrance to Stavronikita Monastery. initially back to Pantokrator and. Although mostly through trees. KSO = Keep straight on.

Arrive at Karyes Main Square. fork L onto FP (K). About 50m after passing kellion under construction (in 2010) to L. KSO. Follow sign to Karyes. but not on to Karyes). K emerges onto road near major road junction. Cross bridge. At fork. . Kiosk is on R. Turn R along road then immediately L at next Tjunction onto road into Karyes. Ignore FP off to R. KSO along K. Pantokrator. R = Right. FP = Footpath. Ignore track on L. At T-junction. uphill. Road bends around to R. Track emerges at main road. K = Kalderimi (stone-paved FP or mule track) Walk (m) 0 130 400 450 30 200 200 570 180 250 70 670 160 50 50 180 20 And then . KSO (L off road) along track that soon becomes K (signs here to Pantokrator and Profitis Ilias but not to Karyes). Ignore track to R. Descend to Karyes. With large open area to L. KSO = Keep straight on. Turn L along road (here joining the route from Pantokrator). Water pipe on R.Karyes Directions From Stavronikita Mt Athos Friday Abbreviations: L = Left. then after 20m turn L along FP signed to Karyes. . Arrive at T-junction with road. Turn R out of Stavronikita Monastery gate and proceed with aqueduct on R. Ignore new paved road which leads into the Skete. Join track at T-junction. Turn R along road. Turn L along road then immediately R at T-junction. FP becomes K after a few metres. past fountain on R up steps onto FP which soon emerges at concrete road. Where road flattens out and bends R. Bear R along wall past Skete of Bourazeri on L. Iviron and Stavronikita the other). turn L off FP towards open area in front of kellion (continuation of FP becomes overgrown). turn R (signed Karyes one way. Ignore turning to R signed to Skete of Profitis Ilias. Turn R. FP crosses track at staggered junction: turn L along track then R back onto K (signed back to Pantokrator. FP becomes stony path then K again. . take FP uphill to R (signed Karyes). Turn R along access track away from kellion. 20m later.

Karyes Map Mt Athos Friday .

signed Iviron. KSO/L past bakery. now uphill. bar. Pass through gate into the grounds of Koutloumousiou Monastery. FP = Footpath. signed Panagouda. Then retrace steps.2 hours (5. almost the entire route is along a fine.0 This route descends from 350m to sea level.) 100 Turn hard R onto FP (kalderimi) signed Iviron (before ford) 750 Cross stream and KSO with river on L. R = Right. 600 Pass chapel on R. Ignore track to R just before buildings. 350 Cross track. Iviron and the sea. K = Kalderimi (stone-paved FP or mule track) Abbreviations: Description of Route: Walk (m) And then . passing the fountain. broad kalderimi path which for much of the way follows the course of a river. turn R along well-signed FP 250 for 300m. the former home of Fr Paisios. Valley soon widens with Iviron visible ahead. KSO along K. 40 Arrive at entrance to Iviron Monastery. path continues with river now on R. . 310 Entrance to Koutloumousiou Monastery on R. Bear R following main street. 950 Pass fountain on R as path turns L. 100 Pass through gate to leave monastery grounds and KSO downhill along concrete road. KSO = Keep straight on. Note second FP on R. From the Main Square in Karyes. 0 Epistasia and Protaton on the R. KSO. KSO through 170 second gate. bear R past kiosk (on L). . 150 Cross bridge over river.Mt Athos Friday Directions from Karyes Distance: 4.5 km with detour to Kellion Panagouda) Version 1. It is possible to make a short detour to visit Kellion Panagouda. initially on the right bank. KSO. Ignore FP on R. Apart from a possible detour. Otherwise. . (This is an alternate shorter route to Kellion 200 Panagouda to that noted below but is less straightforward. To visit Kellion Panagouda. down out of town. 210 Ignore lane/K up R. The route is through trees until the valley broadens to give views of Mount Athos. 220 Cross bridge over stream and bear L. L = Left. follow the main street. 800 At fork at approach to Monastery.9 km Journey Time: 1½ . latterly on the left bank. former home of Fr Paisios.

Iviron Map Mt Athos Friday .

Lakkou Saturday Mt Athos Directions From Iviron to Karakalou in the direction of Mega Lavra .

Prodromou Sunday Mt Athos Directions – from Lakkou Skete – then hike to Prodromou Skete .


Skiti Annas Directions Mt Athos Monday .

Mt Athos Tuesday Directions – an hour hike from Ag Pavlou .

Dionysiou Map Mt Athos Tuesday .

5 Euro 13:45 Speed Boat 16 Euro .Mt Athos Boat from Daphni to Ouranopoli Boat from Dionysiou to Ouranopoli Or should I hike to Simonopetra? Directions from Dionysiou Confirmation number Agia anna 10:00 77060 12:10 7.