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I. Getting ready to teach Lesson 1 A.

General topic of the lesson: Communities & current events in the local community B. General goal of this lesson: Ss will become aware of a recent activity in their local community. They will feel more comfortable discussing and describing communities. C. Learning outcomes: 1. Content based objectives: Ss will be able to a) identify the location of the USS Missouri Memorial, b) name five countries and two US holidays 2. Linguistic objectives: Ss will be able to a) write their own nouns and adjectives, b) write sentences with a subject, verb and object, c) identify an acronym D. Vocabulary: Vocabulary of emphasis in this lesson is citizen, ceremony, gather and opinion. E. Materials needed: whiteboard markers, worksheets (listed below) and pens. F. No formal assessment of this material is planned at this time. However, the teacher will continue to enforce the ideas presented in this lesson throughout future lessons. Specific areas to be reinforced are: identification of nouns and verbs, sentence level writing and exploration into current events in our community. II. Teaching the lesson Activity 1: Warm up: What is a community? (NMT 10 mins) 1. Solicit answers from Ss, write on white board 2. Review different parts of speech (noun, verb, adjective) Activity 2: Picturing my home/first community (20 - 30 mins) 1. Tell Ss to visualize their home/first community (3 mins) 2. Supervise as Ss share their respective communities with convo. partners (5 mins) 3. Distribute the Community worksheet & supervise as Ss complete 4. List community-related nouns & adjs on the WB Activity 3: Picturing Honolulu (20 30 mins) 1. Tell Ss to visualize their current community in Honolulu 2. Supervise as Ss share their local communities with convo. partners 3. Disrtibute the Word web & supervise as Ss complete 4. Review Word web selections at the board Activity 4: Reading About Current Events (30 mins) 1. Distribute American dream & read aloud 2. Supervise/assist as Ss complete American dream worksheet 3. Review at the end as time allows

Activity 5: Closing (5 mins) 1. Encourage students to look for articles in the Star News Advertiser 2. Start conversation partners III. Reflection This morning I taught this lesson to the students at Hawaii Literacy. For this being my first lesson, I believe several aspect of the class/lesson went well. Firstly, I created every material based on the principles I learned in HPUs Materials Development class. The materials are attractive and I attempted to scaffold the activities. Secondly, I was able to adapt my activities when necessary. For instance, the start-up time for the Community worksheet was much longer than I expected. The students had trouble just filling out the first column (where they listed nouns from their community). Therefore, I didnt address column two (similar words, what will we find there?) because I knew it would confuse some students even more. The more advanced students were able to figure out these directions on their own, which shows the students understood the direction/intention without explanation. I have many improves from this teaching session. First of all, I asked students to picture their communities in their heads for three minutes without talking or input from me. This activity was built on the Tomlinson (2011) principle that students should have a silent period at the beginning of an activity. However, telling students to think about their community was too broad and I had no proof whether they were performing it or not. Next time I will require them to jot down notes or make a list of items in their community instead of just visualizing. Next, when I wanted the class to participate and provide me with answers/solutions, I addressed questions to the entire class. In the future, I will call on students individually so they cant hide in the audience. This tends to happen because we have such a large class and there are always newcomers.