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October 26-30, 2009 Lesson 11

Mrs. Greenhaw’s Knowledge Munchers

Reading Homework:

Spelling Words: Monday: Read “Sid Scores” pages 170-177.

Halloween Party /
1.or Harvest Party will
Tuesday: Read “Words with or and ore” and “Words to Know”
be at 1:45 on Fri-
2.for pages 178-181 Also read “Land of Ice” pages 182-203.
day. We are hav-
3.form Wednesday: Read “My Father’s Feet” pages 204-205 and ing a ‘special snack”
4.more complete pages 206-207 with your child / parent.
and watching a Thursday: Reread everything for fluency to help prepare movie. We will be
for test. Please only read the assigned stories. If they are
6.sort wanting to read more, please encourage them to read their
having pizza, Capri
-suns, cupcakes,
7.long library / AR books. If they are reading 30 minutes every
day, they should be earning 8 points a week!!! (which is 16
goody bags, and
8.bring books!)
more. Mrs. Yas-
9.your mine (Alex’s mom)
10.head AM– Accelerated Math has coordinated the
We will begin this program soon. party for us. If
Monday-Write and say the word
three times. Your child already has a print out you have items for
Tuesday– Triangles / pyramids / the Halloween /
stair steps behind their green pocket in their
Harvest Party that
Wednesday– ABC order binders. Children may work their problems are non-edible,
Thursday– Write a sentence with
out on the paper and circle their answers. They please send those in
each word..(Underline spelling words)
will be given a scan tron card to mark / bubble
**Most students are finishing in so we can sort and
class. That is fine. Please use their answers. This is a program that will allow
put those with eve-
this time for math or reading AR your child to have additional practice on things
library books. they need extra help with or advance onto new rything else and
have it ready.
AR –Your child should be trying to take 1 test
High Frequency Words and per day minimum.
Bonus Math homework: PRACTICE adding and subtracting with and
without pictures and / or manipulatives. Also, remember to be
counting by 1,2, 5 and 10 forwards and backwards. The kids have
fish,their,from,animals, un- a difficult time counting backwards in written form and filling in
der the number..

Robust Vocabulary: nuzzled,

pranced, raging, adapt, in- Fluency: phrasing (grouping more than word together at a time when reading aloud).
triguing, inhabit We are also working on speed, accuracy, details, and reading with emotion according to
endmarks. Your child should have a list of fluency phrases in a clear page protector in
their blue folder.
BLENDS with tr, dr, ch, th, br, st words with “or”

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