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The Interview

The purpose of these instructions is to allow the current rush chair(s) on how to perform an Omega Delta Phi style interview. This means that future generations of brothers can use these instructions to perform an interview that is transparent between the interest and the brother(s) holding the interview. In this document you will find how to control the setting, different levels of questions ranging from feedback to „bid-critical‟ questions, and transitioning towards the end of the interview with the proper information.

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Leadership Questions:  Tell me about a time that you demonstrated leadership. describe what “Brotherhood” means to you. or at home?  Why did you select UT Dallas and your major? Purpose-Based Questions:  Why are you interested in Omega Delta Phi?  What are your goals for this semester?  Where do you see yourself five years after college?  College can be difficult.  Organization Experience o First Question  Current students: Are you a member of any other organization on campus?  Follow up: Have you held a leadership position?  For incoming freshmen / transfers: Were you involved in any organizations in high school / at your previous college?  Follow up: Did you hold a leadership position? o Second Question (if they answered yes)  Did you ever help to organize an event in one of those organizations?  (If they answer yes) Tell me about it. looking for prospective members for a service / social fraternity. any race”. We pride ourselves on multiculturalism and diversity. What motivates you to succeed? Hard Questions:  In your own words. off-campus.  Tell me about a time you performed community service. Skills Questions:  If you were in my shoes. Describe an encounter that demonstrated the importance of diversity to you. What did you take away from it?  Tell me about a time when someone criticized your actions. what qualities would you look for? o Follow-Up: Do you have those qualities?  What is your best attribute? Your worst?  Tell me about a time when you overcame an obstacle to accomplish your goals.  How do you know that our organization is the right place for you?  Omega Delta Phi‟s mascot is “one culture.Rush Feedback:  Which rush event was the most memorable to you? o Follow-Up: Did you like or dislike it? Why?  Who/What brought you to the rush event?  Which brother or brothers do you remember interacting with you during rush? Informational:  How many hours are you enrolled in?  Do you work? o Full time or part time? o Where do you work?  Do you live on-campus. How did you handle it? .

Choose one.PME Questions: *** Nervous Questions:  When was the last time you went to the movies (besides the rush event)?  You have to live without music or sports.  What‟s your favorite class?  Where is your favorite place to go eat? .