My wife and I are not “Big City People” but had the opportunity to attend a Toronto Maple Leafs

hockey game on aturday !pril "#$ %&&'( !s parents of two beautiful young boys aged two and four$ and ha)ing *ust e+perienced our first ma*or mo)e into a "'& year,old “new” home$ we had been looking forward to a rare night out such as this one for -uite some time( .e spent the better part of the day at the /ome how in Toronto$ checked into a hotel$ went out for dinner and walked into the !ir Canada Centre for '01&pm$ where the Leafs were preparing to take on the enators( The !(C(C( was all abu22 as the players and Leaf fans such as myself were clinging to slim hopes that they could s-ueak into the playoffs and hopefully lineup for yet another first round match up with the 3ttawa enators( The game started with a bang as the Leafs got out to an early lead( Their momentum and lead o)er the enators grew as the game went on( !lthough my wife and I are far from regulars at such e)ents$ I had the honour of attending a number of games at Maple Leaf 4ardens throughout my youth( 5or me as a young child there was absolutely nothing that could compare to the e+perience of attending a hockey game( 6eflecting on my youth as this game went on$ I couldn7t help but feel as the Leafs entered into the third period$ that this was one of the most e+citing action packed games that I could e)er recall( .ith appro+imately 8,9 minutes remaining on the scoreboard my wife and I :and almost e)eryone else in our section for that matter; couldn7t help but o)erhear a rather large gentleman behind us who was becoming e+tremely loud and obno+ious( /e was dominating a con)ersation that was primarily political in nature$ with two young gentlemen that were sitting immediately behind my wife and I( 5or appro+imately the ne+t # minutes the rather large gentleman proceeded to bellow out political *argon and impose his will on almost e)eryone in our section( !t times he was physically standing up with his arms raised high in the air$ shouting politically moti)ated obscenities( My wife and I were doing our best to a)oid eye contact with the gentleman and ignore him altogether( <nfortunately for us we were caught right in the middle of this gentleman7s boisterous tirade( The following -uotes were and remain in our minds0

“My sister was a heroin addict and was shot in the head(” “=ou right,wing Communist bastards(” “4reen Party fucking rules(” The situation became e)en more uncomfortable for us( I remember -uietly saying to my wife that “at least there were no kids around(” My wife responded with “look right beside him(” itting two seats to the right of this gentleman :who was continuing on with his rant; was a young boy that was appro+imately 8,9 years old$ sitting beside his father( The father had a look of e+treme discomfort on his face( !s I glanced around and back to my left one row and appro+imately #,' seats o)er$ there was another young boy of appro+imately the same age( This gentleman had already ruined our e)ening and was proceeding to taint the e+perience of this game for a number of other adults and young children( The gentleman continued on in an e+tremely loud way with his belligerence and obscenities to the point where I turned and calmly asked him to “tone it down a little(” /e responded$ again in an e+tremely loud way with a )erbal assault on me personally( “.ho the fuck do you think you are> !re you some kind of right wing Commie bastard>” 5earing that the situation would escalate further$ I did my best to a)oid any con)ersation and?or eye contact with the gentleman( !t one point he shouted the following -uestion at my wife and I$ “@o you want your little wife to go o)er to Iran and get raped and shot>” and continued on with other e+tremely asinine comments( The gentleman continued to -uestion me and I did my best to continue to ignore him( /e was demanding to know what my political beliefs were and was rudely asking what my profession was( !t one point he -uestioned “are you a fucking teacher> !nd continued with “what the fuck is it that you do>” .ith appro+imately %,1 minutes left in what I had completely forgotten was

one of the best games I had e)er attended$ two men in black pants and yellow coats marked “security” finally came and escorted the rather large gentleman down the stairs( !s he stumbled his way down the stairs with security$ numerous people in our section began to cheer in fa)our of escorting him away( ! lady followed closely behind the man as he slowly made his way down the stairs( !s a number of the patrons continued to cheer$ the lady turned around and pressed her finger to her lips as if to tell us to calm down and raised and lowered her arms as if to tell us to keep it down( 4estures that were dripping with irony( !s the time ticked down on the scoreboard$ I turned around and had a con)ersation with the two young gentlemen who had been sitting behind us the entire game( .hen asked if they knew the gentleman they e+plained that “he *ust appeared with his wife and sat down beside us and started talking politics A here he ga)e us his card(” The two young gentlemen ga)e me his card and went on to say that they did not wish to keep it( ! rare night out indeed for my wife and I was truly crowned when I read the print on the gentlemen7s business card( It read as follows0 63B 536@ Councillor .ard %$ Btobicoke Corth Toronto City /all$ %nd 5loor "&& Dueen treet .est$ uite CE& Toronto$ 3ntario M#/ %C% .hen we returned home$ we sifted through the )arious councillors and their pictures that are posted on the City of Toronto website( .e clicked on the name 6ob 5ord and confirmed that this was indeed the gentleman that was responsible for completely ruining our e+perience of what was such an entertaining hockey game and for ruining what remained of our e)ening( 4enerally e+tremely calm by nature$ I ha)e been troubled with the following emotion toward Mr( 6ob 5ord( I am angry with him for the way he spoke to my wife and I on aturday !pril "#$ %&&'( I am disappointed in him for the way that conducted himself in a public place( I am e+tremely embarrassed that such an indi)idual is representing

the City of Toronto and the people of .ard %( hame on you Mr( 6ob 5ord for your ine+plicable beha)iour and for ruining such a rare night out( @an and 6ebecca /ope Bnniskillen$ 3ntari

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