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Q.No 1 Write short notes on !

C$%&'$%( Project break-even point Need for project planning Project type organization Rules for network construction Project break-even point Need for project planning Project type organization Rules for network construction


T+&(, M($)*

10 !"# $arks each%


&escribe and co$pare the project appraisal $ethods NP' and (RR with e)a$ple* Which one is better $ethod in esti$ating returns on invest$ent in a particular project* &escription and co$parison of NP' and (RR # 10 # +nalysis and inference of which is a better $ethod product" When a new consulting project was set up0 a new instance of the database was M%-$+*+.& P$+/'-& AMS T0' -+12(34 +-. is a global business and (/ consulting fir$ to the govern$ent0 financial services0 and co$$unications industries" +-. applies both proprietary and partner technologies and provides solutions through business consulting0 syste$ integration0 and outsourcing" 1ounded in 12300 +-. is head4uartered in 1airfa)0 'irginia0 and has offices worldwide" /he co$pany has appro)i$ately 5,00 e$ployees" T0' -0(,,'35' .everal years ago0 +-. developed an internal project $anage$ent syste$ called Project in a 6o)" 6ased on 7otus Notes0 the ho$egrown syste$ was beco$ing inefficient and costly to operate0 particularly because it was designed as a standalone0 non-collaborative

created0 leading to a chaotic syste$ with literally hundreds of separate databases" Without any kind of centralised infor$ation sharing0 it was difficult to use infor$ation fro$ R89 .:R-91W R8 &8RW;9: .:R-91W" 3;9 '<'W9P &='R .:9>98W9? @05A' P&8&B9:' (:RP >79C78B co$panywide $etrics0 such as project co$pletion rates and whether projects were being 1RP.=9W9? R8 W7P9 &8? R8 DE?B9W" @05A' 9F91EW7>9' 899?9? & '<'W9P WR &==Rw the$ to ;&>9 & .R:W(R=7R >79C R( W;9 ;9&=W; R( W;9 1RP.&8<A' .:R-91W' 78 .:RB:9''" @ 1R==&DR:&W7>9 project $anage$ent syste$ would allow +-. $anagers toG

-easure project perfor$ance and Darned 'alue -etrics D'-% i$prove$ents in on-ti$e and on-budget delivery to custo$ers .tandardise processes :nderstand the i$pact of task dependencies within co$ple) projects .hare infor$ation across different product lines

allowing for

T0' *&$(&'54 -any +-. project $anagers were already using -icrosoft Project as a desktop application0 developing project plans and Work 6reakdown .tructures W6.% on their individual PHs" 9owever0 these individual installations were not networked together and did not feed critical project perfor$ance infor$ation to e)ecutives" /herefore0 in =ctober !00!0 when +-. began the vendor selection process for a co$pany-wide project $anage$ent solution0 -icrosoft Project was the natural choice0 DRW; D91&E'9 P&8< 78W9:8&= E'9:' C9:9 &=:9&?< 9F.9:79819? C7W; W;9 &..=71&W7R8A' scheduling and planning functionality and because -icrosoft offered the best price point" (n -arch !00,0 +-. chose -icrosoft as its project $anage$ent software vendor and began a pilot progra$$e" (n Bune !00,0 +-. selected the public sector product engineering group as the first depart$ent to begin the pilot progra$$e" +-. divided this initial pilot progra$$e into four distinct phasesG

P0(*' 16 (n early Buly0 +-. installed -icrosoft Project for and trained 1#I!0 project $anagers working on a co$$on product line" P0(*' 26 (n late +ugust0 +-. e)panded the installation to 130 people in another product line within the sa$e group"

P0(*' 36 08 =&W9 59.W9PD9:0 @05 :R==9? REW ,:R-91WA' ?917'7R8 'E..R:W 1&.&D7=7W79' WR ten e)ecutives0 allowing the$ to $ine data for reporting purposes"

P0(*' 46 (f the pilot is successful0 +-. will e)pand the Project progra$$e to J0000 for billable hours" /he 4uantifiable benefits fro$ the -icrosoft Project deploy$ent includeG users co$pany wide in a staged rollout" !'4 7'3'.%& ($'(* With the pilot progra$$e well under way0 +-. is already seeing benefits fro$ -icrosoft Project" /he syste$ has helped +-. to $eet its goal of creating a $ore collaborative project $anage$ent syste$ that allows $anagers to view $etrics and create schedules with a view of resources across projects and across the entire organisation" /he collaborative nature of -icrosoft Project .erver allows tea$ $e$bers0 tea$ leaders0 and project $anagers to co$plete D'- reporting $ore 4uickly0 leading to $ore available ti$e

Productivity gains fro$ auto$ated weekly reporting process" Honsultants and developers now spend less ti$e each week creating weekly status and perfor$ance reports0 leading directly to $ore ti$e available for billable hours" Productivity gains fro$ auto$ated D'- analysis" /ea$ leaders and project $anagers now spend less ti$e processing and analysing status and perfor$ance reports fro$ tea$ $e$bers0 allowing the$ to also have $ore ti$e available for billable hours" /he -icrosoft Project deploy$ent also allows +-. project $anagers to get a better sense of project status $etrics in real ti$e" /his leads to fewer project budget and cost overruns0 because project $anagers can 4uickly $ake adjust$ents to keep projects profitable"

!'4 -+*& ($'(* 3;9 =&:B9'W 1R'W &:9& (R: @05A' ?9ploy$ent of -icrosoft Project was the software license cost0 $aking up 5,K of the total cost of the project" =ther cost areas over the ,-year period included consulting0 training0 ongoing $aintenance0 and personnel costs associated with the everyday use of the syste$" L'**+3* ,'($3& >9:&==0 ! @05A' 071:R'R(W ,:R-91W 7P.=9P98W&W7R8 C98W 'PRRW;=<" @05A' P&8&B9:' &WW:7DEW9 W;9 .:R-91WA' 'E119'' WR W;97: 1&:9(E= .=&8878B &8? 'W&B9? .7=RW .:RB:&PP9 &..:R&1;"@05A' P&8&B9:' :91RPP98?W;&W 1RP.&879'1R8'7?9:78B '7$ilar i$ple$entations should not underesti$ate the change $anage$ent necessary to $ake -icrosoft Project work effectively" Project $anagers0 especially those without P-( 19:W7(71&W7R8'0 C7== R(W98 899? WR E8?9:BR W:&7878B R8 ;RC WR DE7=? 9((91W7>9 GK5A'0 ;ow to .=&8 &8? '1;9?E=9 1RP.=9F .:R-91W'0 &8? ;RC WR &?-E'W GK5A' WR 1;&8B78B .:R-91W conditions" + successful -icrosoft Project i$ple$entation also re4uires a high level of co$$unication between tea$ $e$bers and project $anagers" /his is especially i$portant with regard to co$$unicating the inputs0 steps0 e)pected output0 and dependencies of co$ple) business processes" @05A' P&8&B9:' &='R :91RPP98?9? W;&W 1RP.&879' 1&:9(E==< =RRN &W W;97: 78W9:8&= .:R19''9' (R: DE7=?78B GK5A'0 9'.917&==< W;9 R89' (R: 1RP.=e) projects that re4uire $ore W;&8 #00 W&'N'" RP9 5 R( @05A' .:R-91W' 1R8W&789? E.C&:?' R( !#00 W&'N'0 C;71; C&' C9== &DR>9 071:R'R(W ,:R-91WA' .:&1W71&= =7P7W R( #00 W&'N' (R: & '78B=9 .:R-91W" C(,-8,(&%35 &0' ROI project budget and schedule overruns" 9owever0 Nucleus reco$$ends that co$panies Nucleus Research analysed the costs of software0 personnel0 consulting0 and training over a ,-<9&: .9:7R? WR /E&8W7(< @05A' 78>9'WP98W 78 071:R'R(W ,:R-91W" L7:91W &8? 78?7:91W benefits were also 4uantified over a ,-year period" &irect benefits 4uantified included productivity gains for both tea$ $e$bers and tea$ leaders when creating D'- reports" 6ecause +-. was an early adopter and because it agreed to participate in trade shows and in $arketing ventures0 the co$pany received consulting services fro$ -icrosoft at no cost0 though +-. did use internal consultants for a portion of the i$ple$entation" Ho$panies currently considering -icrosoft Project for si$ilar enterprise i$ple$entations $ust take consulting costs into account when evaluating potential R=(" 6enefits not 4uantified be1&E'9 R( W;9 9&:=< 'W&B9 R( @05A' ,:R-91W ?9.=R<P98W 781=E?9? :9?E19?

considering -icrosoft Project evaluate this potential benefit" S+8$-'6 httpGMMnucleusresearch"co$M li braryM$ i crosoft-roiMd1,J"pdf W0(& 9%..%-8,&%'* :'$' '3-+83&'$'9 74 AMS :0%,' 9'(,%35 :%&0 %3.+$1(&%+3 &$(3*.'$ 2$+7,'1 %3 &0' -+12(34; W0(& *&$(&'54 %* 8*'9 74 AMS .+$ 9'(,%35 :%&0 &0%* 2$+7,'1; J 7isting of difficulties encountered Dvidence of the strategy used +nalysis of the strategy conclusion , ! , ! 10

1or$ the above case how did the solution help the $anagers0 project tea$s and the co$pany" 6enefits of the solution project tea$ and co$pany Honclusion 1 to $anagers 0 2 , $arks each% 10

What are the key steps involved in purchase cycle* &efinition of purchase cycle 7isting of the steps involved in the purchase cycle .u$$arisation of each step 1 ! 3 10

&iscuss the concept of 4uality and project 4uality $anage$ent" &efinition of 4uality =verview of project 4uality $anage$ent .u$$arization of project $anage$ent process 1 , 4uality 5 10

N+-+nswer Note IPlease provide keywords0 short answer0 specific ter$s0 specific e)a$ples and $arks break - up wherever necessary% Note I+nswer all 4uestions" ;indly note that answers for 10 $arks 4uestions should be appro)i$ately of J00 words" Dach 4uestion is followed by evaluation sche$e