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Writing a review of a book or a film is a task you may easily be asked to do. You can tackle it in two different ways –either by writing the review as if it were a composition or by writing it in a worksheet format, as if you were an expert giving specific technical details of it. Let’s study both ways. When we write –or talk, for that matter- about a book or film we mainly use the present simple tense. In doing so we intend to give life and colour to the telling of the story and we get a dramatic effect which is similar to that used when telling jokes. As we do when we write any other sort of composition, the book/film review should be divided in clearly defined paragraphs, each viewing the book/film from different angles. Paragraph 1 – Introduction to the author and book/film Title? Type of book/film? When was it published/made? Who does it star? Who was it written/directed by? Is it popular/well-known? Paragraph 2 – Introduction to characters and outline of the plot Where/When does the story take place? Who are the main characters? What are they like? What happens? (Just a brief summary, you don’t have to rewrite the book / script.) Paragraph 3 – Your opinion of the book/film How did you enjoy the book/film? In parts? Not at all? Would you recommend it? Some of these expressions might help you write a book/film review: …was written/directed by… in…/… years ago …is based on the life of a notorious bank robber/the author’s experiences in… It is based on a book of the same name …tells the story of…, and as the story unfolds, we see… It stars X in the title role of Y It takes place in the city of Z in the 1960s It’s set in rural England at the beginning of 19th century It is about A’s relationship with her ex-husband In the end, B… What we don’t learn until the end is that… There are several flashbacks to when he was a child… In my opinion,… /I think that…/I would recommend… What I liked best was (the way)… What I didn’t like was…

The technical worsheet format for a book/film review looks like this: Tittle: Writer:* Genre (adventure / action / horror / thriller / war / drama / mystery / sci-fi / fantasy / animation / biography / history): Cast:** Characters: Setting: Plot summary: Personal opinion: Rating (poor / average / good / excellent / unmissable): * It only applies to a book review. ASSIGNMENT Write a review of a film or book you have recently seen/read.36 © O.P. OUP. Adapted from New Headway upper-intermediate. student’s Book. multiple copying and distribution are prohibited . ** It only applies to a film review. This material may only be used for individual study. Write about 200 words.U. p.

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