Dear Colleague, It is with pleasure I send you a detailed collaboration proposal.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to a fruitfull and longstanding collaboration, Regards, teven De Coninck Package deal : ETGOM courses in Modern Orthopaedic Medicine Cyriax Course structure Course structure Diploma Course in !odern "rthopaedic !edicine # I refer to the specific information online http#$$$content$diploma&course&orthopaedic&medicine& cyria% I suggest to start with a ' day course session i.e. !odule ( and ) consecutively, in order to save travel costs. *he course is open to !D’s, +*’s, D"’s and DC’s. ,ogistics +lease provide enough treatment tables -preferably minimum . per three participants/, hight ad0ustable or some low and some high positioned tables. 1lip char and$or whiteboard 2 beamer and pro0ection screen 2 loudspeaker to connect to my laptop. keleton pieces upper and lower e%tremity and fle%ible spine for demo purposes. +lease respect a ma%imum of 34 participants. Course hand outs and assessment forms are provided in english language 2 powerpoints and film productions are as well in english language.

by email. . De . +lease transfer the amount due on following account # "!Consult bvba .677 euro. "n approval of this collaboration proposal we can set a schedule and plan the different modules of the diploma program. facebookpage etc. *his price includes # travel costs. *he course will be advertised by the local organisation partner as well as by =*?"! online www.!ore info on course materials # http#$$www. 1or marketing purposes it is allowed to use pictures from our website to advertise the course. !ay I also ask you to provide your full contactinformation # (ddress. visum costs. phone. upon availability.cyria%. (lso provide the specific contact information we can put on line specifically for the participants. course hand outs -are sent to the organi8ing partner per email/ and course certificates. hotel costs.epelemstraat 9 )$content$orthopaedic& medicine&course&materials +rice *he all inclusive price for a si% day session is . ( deposit of 3777 euro needs to be paid by bank transfer at least 6 weeks before the start of the and the =*?"! facebook page. Aou will also receive a confirmation of my flight data. week before the start of the course/.>7 9'39 )ank Identification Code # ?@CC)=)) (fter receival of the downpayment the course hand outs will be sent to the organi8ing partner. website. cellphone. *he saldo is paid in cash in =uro on the first day of the course -or via bank transfer .5.cyria%. and the course will be confirmed. honorarium. transfers.aan )elgium )elfius bank International )ank (ccount <umber # )=': 7':5 3.

9 .9.9 or the first week of 0uly 57.+lease take into account that the course schedule of the =*?"! team is already quite full for 57. *he first available option would be the second week of 0anuary 57.

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