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Urban Design

Thesis: Waterfront Redevelopment Projects Dear friends, I'm looking for some waterfront redevelopment schemes that I can use as case-studies for my thesis project, which is "Sustainable edevelopment of the !olaba "aterfront#" !olaba is a premium locality in downtown $umbai%India&, a portion of which is slowly being encroached upon by slums# 'he project will include the re-settlement of these slum dwellers and a "people's place" on the seafront# So, could anyone please suggest some appropriate work that I can look at# I have already looked at the (uwait waterfront redevelopment project# 'hanks, Sincerely, -ashmi (urup, )uly *, *++, !ontribute a response Responses Thesis: Waterfront Redevelopment Projects

Dear ashmi, Sabarmati riverfront development project at -hmedabad has been a much worked upon project# you could get touch with !./', school of -rchitecture at -hmedabad or -0D-, which distributed a public copy of the project cost# -lternatively contact ./! at -hmedabad- thge private firm headed by mr# 1imal /atel# 'his firm has done initial design and layout of the project# $s# $anu 2oel, -rchitect /lanner %!./'& 1areilly, 0/ -- $anu 2oel3 -garwal, )uly 4, *++, Thesis: Waterfront Redevelopment Projects I would like to add one more project that is bankside developments on 'hames, 5ondon 0(# -- $adhav 6akil, )uly ,, *++, Thesis: Waterfront Redevelopment Projects "ell, for case studies I would suggest you look into * books speciali7ed in waterfront development and full of successful waterfront projects world wide, these are8 1reen, -nn and 1reen, -nn and :;;=# 2ood luck, -- 9ebatalla -bouelfadl, )uly ,, *++, igby, Dick - 'he new "aterfront a world wide urban success story- $c2raw 9ill co#-:;;<#

igby, Dick - "aterfronts cities reclaim their edges- $c2raw 'he waterfront press, "ashington

Thesis: Waterfront Redevelopment Projects 9i ashmi,

'here would be tons of development projects internationally# 1ut you can have a great resource right ne>t to y 'he work done by /#(# Das and -ssociates on the waterfronts of !arter d#, 1andra 1andstand and the 5andse -lso, Das had done a complete study of the entire 4, km# stretch of $umbai's waterfronts in ;<-;=# It is a ver informative report# 'here was a proposal made by Salil anadive for the $arine Drive precinct which was stopp Since you are looking for a sustainable design with slum considerations, the works of /( Das should be very he -lso visit this site8 http833www#waterfrontcenter#org3 -ctually, the 1andstand promenade has won an award in *++* from the waterfront center# ?or other sources you can visit8 http833www#atlanticplanners#org3whatnew3confsj;@3sources#htm It seems to be a good resource# -- 9arsh 2oel, )uly *:, *++, Thesis: Waterfront Redevelopment Projects

ashmi, in a city such as $umbai where land prices are skyrocketing because of density# I do not think that th powers that be have the political will nor the motivation to allow prime seafront land to be given over to the sl dwellers# 'he powerful of $umbai that make the laws and influence politicians do not want a redevelopment sc that lowers property prices# "hat they want is "- people's place for only certain kinds and classes of people#" I be cynical though, so don't listen to me# -- Shira7 -llibhai, )uly *4, *++, Thesis: Waterfront Redevelopment Projects

-ctually the challenge in this project and the 'global' cities in India is to create public spaces that are truly acce to diverse uses and all sections of society# Sadly, the present development trends and the eagerness for econo success, favor uses such as shopping malls, and riverfront restaurants and bars# % efer to Aintiandi market, Sh and Shichahai lake, 1eijing -- as e>amples of such redevelopment projects&

- novel way to manage this parado> of economic development and social eBuity is to allow different kinds of u during the different times of the day# -s e>amples, you may refer to the $eat-packing district in Cew Dork and Strip District in /ittsburgh# 1oth the sites accommodate lower sections of the society during the day in activitie related to grocery packing and distribution# In the evening, the sites transform into upscale and trendy nightlif

-nother direction for change is the urban policy# "idely e>perimented, there may be ways in which developers be allowed incentives %such as higher ?- 's& if they accommodate affordable housing on the site# Det another direction is to ensure that the relocated slum-dwellers benefit economically from the development, by the new employment opportunities created on the site# Such considerations or brief attention to such issues might help making your project richer and not just a pretty park design# -ll the bestE ?or /ark design, you may refer to8 Stephan )# !raig Smith, ecreation and 'ourism in "aterfront -- -njali -garwal, )uly *=, *++, Thesis: Waterfront Redevelopment Projects



$ost waterfront development projects today deal with reclaiming prime land for recreational purposes or as a wide resource from their prior industrial uses that have often become defunct# -s a result, in addition to losing primary function, the faces of such port cities %seafronts& also face challenges that you mention in the name of encroachment, market pressures, future sustainability, comprehensive planning, development and design in ge

I agree with Shira7, that in a city like $umbai, the "people's place" is selective to certain classes first in its development %as in where the money is coming from& and then obviously in terms of returns %the classes it is catering to so its useE& "hen you look at most case studies, %5ondon, CD!, 1oston, $umbai, (arachi etc#& you find appropriate gentrification in the name of "the gateway to the city" or "grand sea-front development" etc# F projects like the 'oronto /ortlands relied on getting the Flympic commission %which was unsuccessful& to rede industrial waterfront areas# !loser to home, Cew Delhi is tying in the Damuna redevelopment scheme to the upcoming !ommonwealth games in *+:+# $y point is that these are huge projects and their reali7ation into "successful" places may not be as utopian as we would like them to be# 9ighest and best use seems to define in most cases# -lso, part of the problem in reali7ing the project in cities specifically in India is ownership, which fragmented# 'his makes reclaimation very difficult for grand vision projects# .ncroachment and informal uses t have mushroomed over time further complicate the problem#

$i>ed use is probably the best approach -- you should look at different e>amples of how you can integrate a v of uses to sustain a vibrant community# Investment in real estate is most likely going to be high income but us may be may be programmed to cater to all income groups# Dou also need to define "people's place" a bit more the "orli seaface in $umbai for e>ample -- it abuts a fairly affluent, mostly residential community but many p use the space in the evenings and the mornings# It could be a lot better but it would be fair to say that it is a p place# If I live in -ndheri, I wouldn't come to "orli to enjoy that space# $y point being, that you need to also d the scope and catchment area of redevelopment -- who is the clientG 'he neighborhood, the district or the city 'his will inform the gamut of your programmatic guidelines to approach the problem# ?or resources8 http833www#atlanticplanners#org3whatnew3confsj;@3sources#htm 1ooks8 1reen, -nne and Dick igby, :;;<# 'he Cew "aterfront8 - "orldwide 0rban Success Story, Cew Dork8 $c2raw 9ill, **, pp#, 4<4 illustrations, 0S H=;#;I# %h3b& 1reen, -# and D# igby, :;-;,# 0rban "aterfronts8 !ities eclaim 'heir .dge, Cew Dork8 $c2raw-9ill#

1ruttomesso, # :;;I !ities on "ater and 'ransport, 6enice8 International !entre !ities on "ater, :;; pp# J ill#, !H ;;#I+

1ruttomesso, # :;;4# "aterfronts8 - Cew ?rontier ?or !ities Fn "ater, 6enice8 International !entre ! "ater# .dwards, 1# :;;*# 5ondon Docklands8 0rban Design in an -ge of Deregulation, F>ford 0(8 1utt -rchitecture#

2ordon, David 5# -# :;;=# 1attery /ark !ity8 /olitics and /lanning on the Cew Dork "aterfront, Cew Do 2ordon and 1reach,# :II pp# ,+ :::#

9oyle, 1# S#, !ityports, !oastal Kones and egional !hange8 International /erspectives on /lanning and $anagement, 1rian 9oyle %ed#& !hichester 0(8 "iley, :;;<, >vi J 4:< pp, ill#, ,I#++ pounds %h3b&

9oyle, 1# S#, D#-# /inder and $#S# 9usain :;@@# Dockland Development# 5ondon8 1ellhaven#

evitalising the "aterfront International Dimensions o

-rticles8 2ordon, David 5# -# "Financing Urban Waterfront Redevelopment#" )ournal of the -merican /lanning -ssociation, 6ol# <4, Co# *, pp# *,,-*<I, Spring :;;= % &

2ordon, David 5# -# "Managing The Changing Political Environment In Urban Waterfront Redevelopmen 0rban Studies, 6ol# 4,, Co# :, pp# <:-@4, )anuary :;;=, % &

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2ordon, David 5# -# " rchitect!re" #o$ %ot to &!ild a Cit' (Implementation at &atter' Par) Cit' #" 5and and 0rban /lanning, 6ol# *<, Co# :, pp# 4I -I,# Covember :;;4# 9all, /# :;; :# "Waterfronts" %e$ Urban Frontier#" 0niversity of !alifornia Institute of 0rban and Development, 1erkeley !-# "orking /aper I4@# $ay :;;:# 9ebbert, $# :;;*# "*ne +Planning Disaster+ )ournal, :=8*, ?all :;;*, pp# ::I -:4 ,# -- -nubhav 2upta, )uly *@, *++, Thesis: Waterfront Redevelopment Projects fter


nother" ,ondon Doc)lands -./0(-..1#" 'he 5ondon

hi, ashmi check the website waterfront#com#Dou'll find various case studies related to waterfront development#-lso searc $innepolis iverfront#It also hav details about the signages and planning aspects# I myself is working on advance study topic-'10I5' S/-!.S -5FC2 I6. ? FC'' -5FC2 "I'9 $D '9.SIS / F Incase u also get some details regarding my topic then, do e-mail me onvasudhapatniLrediffmail#com# In searchng for riverfront with hell lot of development do, also find out which type of riverfront best suits ,eith residential or recreational##It'll help you out to plan in a better way# -- 6asudha /atni, $arch :=, *++< Thesis: Waterfront Redevelopment Projects 9ello ashmi,

I saw your message on -rchnet# I suppose that you must now have gotten over with your thesis, can you plea meG

I am a student of architecture in her final year and I have taken my thesis topic as ""aterfront Development i $umbai"# I need your help regarding8

:# )ustification of site in $umbaiM which site is more appropriate for waterfront developmentG -re there any sit the !olaba areaG *# 5ive case studies 4# "hat websites should I refer to for masterplansG 5ooking forward for your reply,

-- Shikha 1haradwaj, December *+, *++< Thesis: Waterfront Redevelopment Projects

?or anyone else doing research on this subject, there are some case studies on -rchCet under the "building ty category" of Waterfront Development# -- F7gur 1asak -lkan, )anuary :<, *++= Thesis: Waterfront Redevelopment Projects

hello friends iam vani student of architecture from hyderabad i have selected theisi topic as waterfront architec we are supposed to prepare a Buestionarre here the Buestions for all in urban environments how much importance is to be given in preserving natural resources of land# what role waterfronts play in preserving themG *#role and imporance in understanding the behaviour of water in waterfront architectureG 4#does history influences the waterfront developmntsG ,#does waterfronts create a sustainable environmentsG howG -- 6ani 2undu, $arch ;, *++@