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March 24, 2014 M.Ed., Higher Education Program Loyola University Chicago, School of Education 820 N.

Michigan Chicago, Illinois 60611 To Whom It May Concern, I am writing on behalf of Matt Cartwright, whom I have had the pleasure getting to know as a colleague at Loyola University. Matt is an exemplary scholar and professional who will bring a unique perspective to the field of higher education. His past experience in marketing and management combined with his passion for social justice and education make him an ideal candidate to contribute to the advancement of higher education. Not only does he understand the needs of businesses, corporations, and other organizations, but Matt also appreciates academia, student development, and institutional research. This unique combination makes Matt an invaluable professional who can offer pragmatic results while providing a compassionate perspective. During a semester-long group project for a student development class within Loyolas Higher Education program, Matt always came to meetings prepared, motivated, and energetic. His organizational skills kept the group on-task and on-target. Without prompting, he created timetables, shared project outlines, and set goals for the group. He provided these materials in a helpful, friendly manner, making sure to ask for our feedback and input. Clearly, he is a natural leader who inspires a group. His past experience managing a highly-successful team in a competitive market at Mindshare, a marketing agency, also demonstrates his ability to implement strategic plans and motivate a group to succeed. These skills are particularly significant in todays diverse, competitive, consumer-driven higher education landscape, making Matt an incredible asset for any educational institution. In addition to his diligent work ethic, Matt always contributed thoughtfully to group discussions. Since topics in this course could be controversial or emotional, it would have been easy to shut down, become defensive, or attack group members. Not only did Matt always remain levelheaded, he also helped others share difficult stories by listening intently and being supportive. He challenged members appropriately, pushing people to articulate their opinions clearly. Again, this combination of compassion and diligence is difficult to find, and certainly sets Matt apart from his peers. I highly recommend Matt as a higher education professional and know the field will greatly benefit from his contribution. In his interaction with colleagues, direct reports, managers, and professors, Matt has always been warm, professional, enthusiastic, and highly competent. He has an uncanny ability to detect problems and solve them efficiently. Both personally and professionally, I could not recommend Matt more highly. He is truly one-of-a-kind. Sincerely, Kate Tillotson M.Ed., Higher Education, Loyola University Chicago Senior Director of Development and Communications, Chicago Youth Centers