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Fruits and vegetables Most of the vegetables and fruits provide a healthy food for hamsters but it is important

to limit the amount of their diet. That is because some of these foods contain higher water content, especially tomato and green leafy vegetables. If these types of foods are served often or hamster eats too much it can also lead to diarrhea. Especially dwarf hamsters are more prone to diabetes, so veterinari an advice not to offer those fruits. You should serve your hamster with small se rving of different fruits and vegetable, this will provide them variety of nutri tion without causing digestive disorders. Some suggested serving sizes of vegetables and fruits are: 1) A slice of banana, strawberry, mango etc. 2) A single floret of cauliflower 3) A small piece of carrot. 4) A leaf of spinach or reddish. 5) A slice of red tomato. Feeding tips to hamsters Feed your hamster on a regular schedule everyday because they have high metaboli sm. If they are not getting regular meals, their digestive equilibrium will be d isturbed. Hamster must be provided with same proportion of food at same time eve ryday and not just filling up their bowl when empty. Hamster should also have an easy access to fresh water.

Foods that should be avoided Hamsters will eat whatever you serve them, but be cautious while feeding these f oods: 1) Raw potatoes - DO not feed your hamster with raw potato as they contain solan ine toxicity which can lead to diarrhea and vomiting. 2) Chocolate contains theobromine toxicity that can lead to seizures and heart a ttacks. 3) Most of the raw bean contains phytohaemagglutinin, it's a protein that can c ause damage to the intestinal lining. 4) Garlic and onion contains thiosulphate that and can lead to a breakdown of RB C (red blood cells).

1) Increase the calorie intake to build your muscles, take at least 25000 calori es every day. 2) Rather than eating 3 or 3 heavy meals in a day, divide it into 5 to 6 smaller meals. 3) Drink lot of water as it helps to build muscles at optimal rate. 4) Eat food with higher content of protein, your body needs 1 to 2 grams of prot ein for every pound of weight. So if your weight is 170 pounds, take at least 17 0- 340 grams of protein every day. 5) Increase the intake of fats; it is helpful for distribution of proteins, it a lso helps to maintain good eyesight and glowing skin. However the intake of satu rated fats must be regulated but unsaturated fats can be taken in higher content as they are good for building muscles.

Daily exercises

It is necessary to have a good diet but good diet alone cannot help you to gain attractive muscles. Your body needs proper exercise to build good muscles. 1) Perform high intensity workouts as they are the key to build muscles. Light w orkout may seem easy but it will not be fruitful even if performed for long time . Do at least 1 hour intense workout session every morning. This will provide fa vorable condition for muscles to rebuild. 2) Take a sleep of at least 7 to 8 hours a day. This helps your body to recover and build your muscles. Do not take alcohol or caffeine products for good slee p.