Canterbury Tales Project

Character Section  Facebook Profile • Create a Facebook profile for one of the characters in The Canterbury Tales (digital or on paper). This profile will need to include: a profile photo, at least three status updates, a personal info section (relationship status, etc.), biography (about me section), personal quotes, and friends list. Create the profile on a piece of poster board and design it to look like an actual Facebook profile page.  Character Back Story • Create a 2-3 page narrative explaining the background of one of the characters in The Canterbury Tales. Explain the character’s position and background leading up to joining the pilgrimage. Research and Analysis Section           Real life character comparison (Miller, Pardoner, Wife) Medieval Relics Medieval vs. Modern Pilgrimages The Wife of Bath's Prologue and Medieval Attitudes about Women The Medieval Church (or aspects thereof) Thomas à Becket and the Shrine at Canterbury Female (or Male) Fashion in the Fourteenth Century Fourteenth-Century Food and Cookery Life of Geoffrey Chaucer Choose your own topic and have it approved by your instructor.

Research and write a 2 ½ to 3 page paper on one of the topics above. The paper will need to describe and analyze your chosen topic incorporating at least two outside sources. We will be working in the computer lab to compile sources as well as discussing how to write use MLA format. All papers will need to be typed, 12 point Times New Roman font, and have a works cited page.

Creative Section  Recording Spoken Word • Transform one of the tales into a rap or spoken word piece. Model this version after the examples we viewed in class. Family Tale • Record and edit a family member telling an original story.  Video • Talk Show

Videotape interviews with the major characters appearing on a talk show to relate their journey to the TV audience. Be sure that the interview conveys the characters’ personalities. Write a one-page paper explaining the significance of the events you choose to share with the TV public. • Skit: The book in three min. Transform and condense one of the tales into a three minute short to be shown or performed in class. This short needs to be complete with costumes and props. Be sure to include all the significant characters and events of the tale. Write a 2-3 page script for this video or performance. A Modern Retelling Choose one of the tales we have read in class and create a modern version of that tale. Be sure to include a prologue and create a modern version of the narrator (A modern miller might be a mechanic, etc.). Write a 2-3 page script for this video or performance.

* It is required that you include a one page explanation of your creative project. Why did you choose this medium? What are the reasons for presenting it the way you did? Also, you must include one annotated literary criticism with your project. This criticism must pertain to the tale you have chosen.

All final projects and checklists will be due the week of Nov. 30th
The majority of this project will be worked on outside of class. However, Wednesdays will be “in-class” work days. This will be time for you to work with your group in class. However, if I see that students are not taking advantage of this time, we will return to normal class work and students will not be permitted to work on their projects during class. I am available after school until about 4:30 pm or before school Tuesdays and Thursdays if students need to meet to work on any part of the project. I can provide video cameras and other resources if requested in advance.

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