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Gina DiPalermo Assessment Assignment 4 February 17th, 2014 Scoring Rubric for secondary 5-12 students vocal skill

development Intonation 4- Student is consistently in tune; quality is clear, focused and characteristic of the voice. 3-Intonation is mostly accurate but student fails to adjust isolated pitches does not detract from overall performance. 2- Students exhibits a basic sense of intonation, yet has significant errors. Sound is thin, unfocused and detached. 1-Student is continuously out of tune; performs with a tone quality that is not characteristic of the voice.

Expression Performance Assessment CRITERIA Sometimes Achieved. achieved 2 3. Singer has Singer has a basic clear understanding understanding of dynamics of dynamics but is not and is able to consistent in implement use. them in music. Singer does not Singer has a Singer phrases exhibit a basic sense of line using connected line; phrasing; has legato making always many errors connections detached. that detract both musically from overall and textually. sense of line. Singer is Singer Singer is indiscernible. attempts clearly Student cannot articulation of understood; properly text but few occasional articulate. words are errors on understood. specific words. Singer has no Singer rarely Singer has facial expression shows facial great facial or engagement expression expressions to music or text. indicative of and is understanding engaging to music or text. audience. Does Not achieve 1. No dynamic range. Singer is either consistently at either end of dynamic range. POINTS Consistently Achieved. 4. Singer has a very strong awareness of dynamics and uses this to inform all other aspects of performance.




Singer consistently shapes phrases using legato; interpretation is meaningful and adheres to the style.


Student is consistently understood with excellent knowledge of text.

Facial engagement

Singer shows high quality of expression facial expressions are engaging and show deep understanding of music and text.

Vowel formation CRITERIA FOR TECHNICAL SKILLS Performance Does not attempt Rarely attempts Often Attempts Scoring 2. 1. 3. Diction Student is unable Student is Student exhibits to form clear occasionally able a sense of consonants. to be to form diction, has Student cannot be clear words but is intelligible clear understood. often not consonants but understood. are sometimes detached. Vowel Shapes Student cannot shape vowels. Student occasionally attempts but is very inconsistent Student often exhibits correct vowels shapes indicative of proper technique

Student exceeds 4. Student exceeds in their ability. Diction is clear fluid and develop; student has intelligible consonants that shape each word adding character to the overall performance. Students vowels are consistently pure and very easily incorporated. Student has a strong sense of vowel connection indicative of strong vocal technique. Student exhibits strong understanding of the breath, preparing and supporting phrases evenly.


Student is rarely breathing correctly and is unable to support tone throughout a phrase.

Student occasionally exhibits correct breathing; tone quality is still unsupported unable to hold a phrase. Students upper and lower parts of the body are not in proportion.

Student has consistent breathing; occasionally has ends of phrases but does not detract from overall performance Student has a good awareness of posture with occasional slouching.


Student does not have correct posture.

Student consistently has tall and evenly weighted posture. Body appears to be relaxed yet strong in stance.