The New Rampage

| by Tisaranee Gunasekara “‘Are their heads off?’ shouted the Queen. ‘Their heads are gone, if it please your Majesty!’ the soldiers shouted in reply. Ali!e’s Ad"entures in #onderland $%e&is 'arroll( $ April ), *+,-, ', /ri %anka Guardian( The .ass pros!ription of 0iaspora organisations has been follo&ed by the bla!klisting of -*- Ta.ils of %ankan origin as 1Tigers’. 2nsurprisingly 3u.aran 4ath.anathan alias 34, the hand5pi!ked su!!essor of 6ellupillai 4irapaharan and the .an on!e des!ribed as an 17nterpol &anted terrorist’ by the 0efen!e Ministry &ebsite is not on the terrorist5list .

The 8ajapaksas are on a ne&, &hi!h is likely to push /ri %anka into the biggest 9uag.ire of her !onfli!t5ridden history. The :ourth ;ela. #ar &as &aged on an 1eternally and totally &rong the.’ "s. 1eternally and totally right us’ pre.ise. Al.ost fi"e years after &inning the &ar, the 8ajapaksas !ontinue to "ie& the &orld through those sa.e bla!k and &hite di!hoto.ised spe!ta!les. The identity of the 1the.’ .ight !hange, fro. the &ar5&inning ar.y !o..ander to a .iddle5aged & trying to dis!o"er the fate of her 1rehabilitated’ !hild $plus her ,< year old daughter(. =ut there is, and &ill al&ays be, a 1the.’, so long as the 8ajapaksas rule. An ene.y, and the no5holds barred 1just &ar’ against that ene.y, is indispensable in e>plaining the ine>pli!able and justifying the unjustifiable. :or a &hile it see.ed as if the /iblings .ight settle on 17sla.i! terrorists’ as their ne& strategi! ene.y. =ut post5Gene"a, their !hoi!e had re"erted to the 18esurgent Tiger’. This does not .ean that sporadi! atta!ks on .os9ues and !hur!hes, Musli.s and 'hristians &ill !ease. /u!h anti5.inority ! &ill re.ain a standard feature of 8ajapaksa /ri %anka, gi"en the /iblings’ need to use /inhala5=uddhist supre.a!is. as a politi!o5ideologi!al !o"er for fa.ilial rule. /o Musli.s and 'hristians &ill fun!tion as ta!ti!al ene.ies &hile the Tiger ? and therefore Ta.ils

? &ill be .ade the strategi! ene.y. 'o.pared to the *+,, lo!al go"ern.ent ele!tion, the 2@4 "ote has dropped in all distri!ts, in!luding the base5distri!ts of 2@4 leader 8anil #i!kre.esinghe and &ould5be leader /ajith 4re.adasa $the 2@4 "ote de!reased by -.ABC in the ' distri!t and by D.*)C in the Ea.bantota distri!t bet&een *+,, and *+,-(. 7n sharp !ontrast, the opposition "ote, the anti5 regi.e, anti58ajapaksa "ote has in!reased signifi!antly in .ost of the distri!ts in &hi!h 4' polls ha"e been held. This does not bode &ell for the 8ajapaksas, espe!ially if they are still intent on holding national ele!tions pre.aturely. The need to kill e"en slightest sign of life in the Fpposition and to nip in the bud any possibility of a @orth5/outh politi!o5ele!toral !ooperation an o"er& i.portan!e and urgen!y in this !onte>t. The 8esurgent Tiger &ould be of in!al!ulable help in this task as &ell. 4resident 8ajapaksa has e>!oriated Minister /iripala for ad.itting that G.ega5 de"elop.ent proje!ts &ould not suffi!e to &in "otes . 'leary the /iblings are not going to effe!t any !ourse5!orre!tions, post5polls. They &ill !ontinue to s9uander national &ealth and pile5up national debt "ia .ega proje!ts &hi!h benefit neither ordinary people nor e!ono.y. 7roni!ally the 8ajapaksa lies about a Tiger resurgen!e and a ne& &ar &ill under.ine their e!ono.i! .odel &hi!h ai.s at turning /ri %anka into an 8 and 8 $rest and re!reation( destination for &ealthy foreigners $!asinos, tourist islands and the latest proje!t, a 1gold .arket’ a la 0ubai(. The .yth of the infallible leader &as a Tiger a>io.. 7t is also a 8ajapaksa a>io.. 7n the &orld of the Tiger, &hate"er 6ellupillai 4irapaharan did in the na.e of ;ela. &as !onsidered, ipso fa!to, good and just, and deser"ing of un!onditional un9uestioning support ? in!luding su!h .anifest stupidities as the .urder of 8aji" Gandhi and su!h abo.inations as !hild !ons!ription. 7n the 8ajapaksa &onderland, the /iblings are al&ays right and anyone !riti!isingHopposing the. is a traitor by definition. @o& so.e of these 1traitors’ $in!luding /inhala and Musli. ones( !an be labelled as 1terrorists’ and !onde.ned to a li"ing death through prolonged in!ar!eration and .aterial dispossession. The Tra"ails of a 8a!ist 4ea!e 6isu"anathan 8udraku.aran is on the 8ajapaksa bla!klist. A!!ording to .edia reports, the e"iden!e against hi. in!lude being Gresponsible for releasing the =la!k Iuly .essage on Iuly *D *+,, . This is a telling a!!usation. 7n the 8ajapaksa eyes, !o..e.orating =la!k Iuly is no different fro. !o..e.orating the %TT;’s Maha"eer 0ay. Mr. 4irapaharan e9uated Ta.ils &ith TigersJ Messers 8ajapaksa &holeheartedly agree. The "an9uishing of the %TT; !ould not pro"ide /ri %anka &ith an opportunity to re!tify past .istakes and e.bark on a ne& nation5building !ourse be!ause the 8ajapaksas !ontinued to rule, post5&ar. Gi"en the nature of the 8ajapaksa proje!t su!h a for&ard .ar!h to&ards a genuinely %ankan future &as an i.possibility. Al.ost fro. the "ery in!eption of his presiden!y, Mahinda 8ajapaksa .ade no se!ret about his sin!ere disbelief in the e>isten!e of an ethni! proble.. Ee &as deter.ined to end the @orth5

;astern !risis but sa& its resolution in purely .ilitary ter.sK i.posing a total defeat on the Tigers. Fn!e the @orthern !risis is bla.ed on the .alignan!y of the Tiger and the a"ari!e of nationalists, the /inhala .ajority, and su!!essi"e %ankan ad.inistrations, are absol"ed of all bla.e. 7n the 8ajapaksa "ersion of history, there are only e>!esses and Tiger !, no /inhala e>!esses or go"ern.ental ! 7t is this perspe!ti"e &hi!h sees nothing ano.alous in e9uating the !o..e.oration of =la!k Iuly &ith supporting the %TT;. @or is this e9uation a one5off fluke. 7n *++L, the 8ajapaksa regi.e ordered %ankan diplo.ati! .issions to re9uest their host go"ern.ents to ban =la!k Iuly !o..e.orations by %TT; 1front organisations’ $i.e. any 7n ,BL<, .ost /inhalese looked a&ay as a .inority of rioters atta!ked !i"ilian Ta.ils. That deadly indifferen!e ste..ed partly fro. the belief that Ta.ils are responsible for Tiger ! $A si.ilar unjust justifi!ation underlined e"ery Tiger atta!k against non5.ilitary targets, starting &ith the Anuradhapura .assa!re.( 2nder 8ajapaksa rule, this deadly .i> of ra!is., indifferen!e and inhu.anity .ade a triu.phant return in the guise of offi!ial patriotis.. This &as the .indset &hi!h enabled the post5&ar outburst of febrile triu.phalis., una!!o.panied by e"en a .odi!u. of pity for the plight of !i"ilian Ta.ils 5 and the subse9uent .ad rush to "isit the @orth una!!o.panied by any desire to help the displa!ed Ta.ils. $The !o.parison &ith the !elebrations &hi!h follo&ed the defeat of @aMis. is inappropriate for one ob"ious reason ? the /e!ond #orld #ar &as not a !i"il &arJ post5&ar, the "i!tors did not ha"e to share a s.all island &ith the "an9uished(. The ger.s of the !urrent !risis &ere i.pli!it in that heartlessly inane euphoria. /inhala5=uddhist supre.a!is. bred separatis.. :ro. the /inhala Fnly of ,BD) to the =la!k Iuly of ,BL<, .ajoritarian e>tre.ists de.onstrated that there is no %ankan identity and that Ta.ils and /inhalese are in!apable of !oe>isting &ith ea!h other. The best argu.ents for separation &ere !reated pre!isely by those &ho sin!erely belie"ed that they &ere relentlessly battling separatis.. Moti"ated by their ideologi!al predispositions and dynasti! a.bitions, the 8ajapaksas are dri"ing the !ountry do&n a retrogressi"e !ourse, ba!k to the disease "e!tor &hi!h turned a linguisti! di"ision into an ethni! proble. and bred a long &ar. Iust as the Tigers e"entually be!a.e the greatest obje!ti"e ene.ies of ;ela., the 8ajapaksas see.s deter.ined to be!o.e the greatest obje!ti"e friends of separatis.. 8eferen!esJ
,. This is &hat the 8ajapaksas had to say about Mr. 4ath.anathan before he !hanged his *. <. -. D. ). A.

allegian!e fro. the /un God to the Eigh 3ing httpKHH&&&.defen!e.lkHne&.asp?fna.eN*++B+-+LO+L httpKHH&&&.defen!e.lkHne&.asp?fna.eN*++B+-+*O+L The list reportedly in!ludes a !ouple of long5dead people httpKHHdbsjeyaraj.!o.HdbsjHar!hi"esH*B*)+ httpKHHdbsjeyaraj.!o.HdbsjHar!hi"esH*B*<B httpKHH&&& httpKHH&&&.thesundayleader.lkH*+,-H+-H+)Hrudraku.aran5and5the5ltte5ru.pH

L. The /unday ? ).A.*++L

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