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p:ma.s W,ITH: two C2J 'OOLOl{S.1'REQJ:

ARE 'I'W'1ilMI r(l2)' :DGE rmCEI LOClT,ED m'nm MIDDLE :ROwt


pmCES W,ITi 11£UE '(l) COWlS'. 'l'HIU rum mH,r (6) mIND( PECa toclTD C,N 11m mrafErtS'.


PlEca WmlIO:tiJE, O]I'OOI.Olt 1HER.E llESDI:: 1(6) ,C~PmcES: :toC.l1'Et) Dl nm, CENT,a Of lAO!I, :s,mE. CENTER PEC:E$ DO NOT MOVlE: YD rmHESENi '!HI ,COWR O'f me:m:. SIDE

'i:!i!l:l[i] 'm:mI!i!l (~DiFri·~r.r.Jii: 1- - -; - - --

CENT,ER ~,mcE ,COLO IS ARE ,ILWl'fS 'OPPOSIT,E EACH 'O:THER: "t!liIIim opposm~

~~. lopPOsm.1

•. oppos-rn; ,

HOIMing fOllr' ClIb e~

HoH1nt j01i!l' e~e Wi~h the white~l'Itet .p~ ce. utb top (UJ lace. 1W ID.UdJ, >Cl'!elite !I,wrhite eros~ !I~ ~,to the'~ Much 01 thk' Jeqiel is' a.c:hie'l;e.dl!l1th, pHct'~Ge ~! tct'illi1 and! 1I!~ ••• lnIti w~, ,dc, M'I!!e ~ t~.

• IE! ~1!L~tQ i~hl'~l;.he~~~::'I~:iQ~ or'thelo!'!hl~ c:~o~in th!!~l~ll'!i Ql'di2-r - btu!!. OI'Mlf'l'. grei@liI. red!'.

• No\t<:e the ED GE PIECE 'COLORSuo'h :l1illiteh '~h.etop,~Mte ,C'~nte:rp:lece

dd'~he $Ide red and' ,blue i;lenter' p!e;(lel~"nl$' :isho~'l!ie :~ the ed,e

pie~~ 01, in t!li!.eI;'QI'Rd, PQd.iQ:fi~r. -

the' wh~'e c:ente'l' pie ~e on .~~ ~ the bhJetMlNle' ,edp pIece to the. - CD)' .. tM~,Mbte tit ,on the bci\'~ un:in it it <&eC~~11i!1iK1e1'

the blUe ~~;r piece. h' hOM )'~!l' ~e!lot!h.e ,bJ~ '!;:~p~e' W b.lutlWht~, ledge p~e' ;iU'(!'o1il,~~e ~igl\ UU l~'c!,

~ ~ l'1f~t UI:) lace' r· Wiltil. 'the hillile/wMk ,edle

p!leGe :U: on t!he top, (u) l~(le' ,md ,~. ~ ce:1'Ite,l! p!:eGe.

• If ,our cube looks lillie 'lill:1s. ho~d :,w:t ,cuhe' So "he OI'iUllP centel' p[t~e 'ie 01i!.t!he, :f':ligiht OU ra~e and ,tar' S'O.t,~i.1iIf~be s:Lfe W'i~ih the Qra. 'Qenfiiel' p~e '\be I:one

wa,. a~ s:'de4 abciie. .

.... ~L':'o ..... , •• If 10ul'! culle lcolt lile t]tls, do the ilecr.~efiCe below ___ -"'""'''- :sut!' ,:he .bJe ,(len:lierp:ie(lE! ts O'nthe r:ifhti (R) .flKe.

HOlding YOUI' Cube:,

With the whi:\e dNft 1m! ~op (u) race" ~u JlINJ~~, ~l\l. ,he wNte, ~~ pJe~f,

• C'cn~Mr p:tee-.~ '~n b'N em. white :;1 .. 'plu

'2 Cllh_ 'co1!oK. '

• If the C'o:tl1\el' p'leee 15: weilldl OIl the, )IiS\tGIn, (D) ,face. then Mate the bott.oJn (D) 1,lce until the e-ome:l' 'S; dl1'e¢~b- ,liIelOri 'Its: 'lbtendedl locaiio:h. Once ~hi thatpocWon. ,1our C:~De :1Da,,'look 'U~e ~, one 01 tfle 1 plC'Wtfl ,oli! ttle rs"bt,.

THEN do,thJI!'~.en~ b~' ~X.2X or 3X OJ' UNT1Lit, '~~ Iii! U!e CORte:' po~'l.On

• Repeat this: p~Odmi tor aU to1lliL' cc1"he!"&.

• It tile' C01'll.e:1' plece is 07;1 'Ule~p (u) faee. lIIo'i\'e ft, tOI the, Wiem. (DI) lace 83' doiII,

NOW rot. lh, b~ (Il) litO!, IINTn .: "", c·orner i~ ,dl!l'ectJb'

h.:m. i"s ilihndBd: \iop' {'Ill E~e, IocatiOJl. .

lloldingr Your Cubel

Wi", the COMPLETED WHITE LAYEi£t ·on tI1e BOTIO'M. fQIl~. hfi ~ rtdfio tiiemkfdlh .~.whiCJthle~ po~!onilmgtM edill pleces'in tIle ClOl'Nel :plMlI.

~NoU.ekbe ~er~:l'm!l! d' ~~ {~ ¢o!lld :M ~d..~,.pee:n)

~ TiliB~ CIU'F[C,lLi - -

• '~i'!.w~.·1m.e b);' ~i'!~ o. ~ (U)f~, ~ tII",~. ~m oE Qe ~ ~ 0fIJ Ute ~ (1]) t;)~, w:~ pllilw 0JlI it hlakhe~ 1 .: Hde· .~~ p~. 'The ~l' on.~e ~ piieae\; ~ (u) rlae ·~mde~mme· h' dlRdiolil the edp pJeGe ~~,

1) IF J01ll~ 1IlW:mt '[tile eq-re'pieae bIi the amed~etlon ,6 Uaa.ted in ~hep:l'c~~. the'A.ldIO'lJlil the !l'egentta1h!Ofts , prc~d bebri:

2) 1Jr' "JClhe: flIlO'Ibg the' , mdk-4ed: :~.tlM! pkitue. .ktru~ed: i>elbW': -

!:ece· m,the .~ame dbe>ct'~on ali Ibllbwthe .~.en;1Iil ln01eS:

I Colilt1lnue=hese dep~ 'Qdim, aU ~he edte :pleaes omehlUie .~~. I:lriIIlo:rC

J: (If!II''oF \ha, IlilCig@ pi'eC'@~ i$:!!il~ 'hl"II~,h1ld~ ~ :h!tbt t.l.

I::'~~~hm:\l~' U!:, • ,U, :po$ition. tlilen, d!" eiJlllel' ,one of the S'equ.e'nt~a1l1lO'¥es. and it will

mOft ·to, t.b la,ElI'. Then .1W ,can do the.I'~l"1aa '"'q,l.Ientlll

h!Oft$' to p I' :!lnthe <co~Hd lcc,at'~on olE t'hemtddle '~l'.

Holdin Your 'Cube:

U """\ch ,~.,,.lk»1 pajh~ em .U!t: top (U) lac-eo eI! )TOQr ,nbeto ,!WI Gf tile ~Imt pd'e:rns s1lo:im, ion tile ,eueS: bel.D.\il1',

2) !M'JiI ,.oUmrl the,~ ~hCe"

.YeUQiweqe p:lem 1m tke hp (U) .1!lced.CI NOT need to matcb ,on, the ride p~ces ... ,et~

1st Step : Ma~~ a yellow 'crO:S5'

Then'makh theHiN1\ to rta\e '] OI" III. hold the c:ube,~, m~h ~ ~~e g,nd ,do, ~h\SlQ • .-nc:'e.


~j; 2nd Step: Make ,all the corners =tellow NOW, looK iIJ\.'op 1[1I1J l~e W roakh :fOut' \op (0) la,ee'io, OllIe of t.heltftelii belc:Ml!

S~:l Er No 'U::!I'liicr CUbe; ,aN Yell.ow dI1 '~ 'op (u) r:~, ,~Ql.m h~. 'y"llow LD!1o Corllll' on Len ~ ~E shown

state 2 If'IOne COl'MI' 'Cm llC f!.IMMJ'mateh pft" top, i[U) lace 111$ fhOlIliI and do \he Ie~nie below.

Do ~hiil!i_51.!f.\I@nc. L 2' 01' 3, liiimes:'o adtEeve l!lcompl.,. ,.U(lW .op (111) EKe. Altier eaen ~cpen~e. Olliellit;,~he c:ubeto R,EMA,!'CFI the tap, (U) ll.eeto the' appr~I',El.t1!' date and l'eped, the se~eee' 'Qh)\.I~lIin ~neH lllre' :eIl.c8lll:

Holding Your Cube:

l)Whlle lio!db!fcoe all' ~ NOW t-wk"~ top (ll) l~ W'!\U di,leafi '2 cC't:neH liN m, llhe I\!ght hc.tlo:m. :2 C!Ol'JiI'em MUS"T he m, ,the

lrlg'M loC'fikfn ,Ii~ A, B 01' A. Il' or 13" C ,U shown, ~e~w . .. all ~ CC'1'I:liIeIN ,iIH :lIn, lhe 1'1p" pIDace then :~ee,d 'le, 2nd step onnezt pale.

I,t Step: Position 1eUow eorners correctl,

Wh1le :holdlng ~ ,e:Ube as tho~ abofe"loOk ,Iii the top (u) ,race. Plade '~he 2 C-Qft\e~\ domen l1II '~he bade A. B Qr dlal~n, A. :Do:t B. Cael'OiSi' .&om~h ,0Uiel'.

II Col'J'Ie!!:'f " ,and: .B ,are' 'In 'the rlght~e 'then to M~C'b Ie 8M n.

d,a "he reqpe:1We ,b~Ww: --

If JOU JWed \0 ,.,.,itch , C'CI:rhl!'r~ It:ke H aM C ,QI' D .!md A. ,bela do •• CVM~ ~. 1M", om:nt the' ,cl.1he fQ ~ '2 ;«;:Ot'RC' C'OftIIU"IlN in 'Uw bacl<: and do 'the :S8CDJ11neR qaiA.


10ur C'Uhe lOoIs l1ke thill picture can l1lCIW to ~ 1 .. 111 $Np~

2nd'St p; Position ,sllow edges correctl, '

, , III edge _~' C:01"~K' uclJ edges are .1tt~~ii,' in~l)rHet, Ol' the c:Ub (Ii ISO the Ea~ w!U!I,tbecw~t, eil:e,bthe, bade (B) '~" 'Ibe'n. c[eW,mm'e U ,the ,erJle piece!: need ",0 nl1::N'e c!Dck:~_:l~e ,Cil' coun:tel'""doci!{l!li!lle' ad dA 'the OOI"beC't ~below.

l~i'Jt~'!li' [p' an ILl edits: Be m~t. then do eit;he:r aq,~ below oJItcot.ahll then .• 'e~mme »lha\ d_iton. '~e ~. I'dp plft~ 1llee4 hll!.01e ,w 110' tile ~~ ~Ilence lH!1mr.


Try these additional m,ovlS

Mlltticc·]tu:ed C:rc~~

~·the ;ol'IH ~ ,lMl horlt do the· M~1r11t ~~

SllJPilIl'e In The ]Middle

HW~ ·the ~ollled! ~1Ml1l'Q!i!to do \lie· M~1J!t ~~,

!iF ~ III~. ~.,dmp tm-II 0.1" _ G!'ije ~,ra- ~1IR;I--U, ~l:I'~ ~ 1I::l00 b'11IUQ]I,:1t~ top ~~;h ~1 ~ ~'~!illlr$lonE. tBt w~ td ~ Ute !m!ruw iUliU !.s' ~ ]iWOO ~WIon ,yt!l~oId.)

·Jb.1JWrto NpiMt!iI ~~ '~IH· '''',AI U. JiW!t..~ CUM. p~d ~ DiilMQIW[ C~ts Ih't.l'l!IallOO&ll!n.l9P5 .. Dill &e::bJ. ~. f\ll~.fllhc:u-1 c:ida! r.atum· n:S: eanb:·!iIl a~thtd. Jlil! C"uaU clrtiblM. ~nd JI:j, C"araU oJ~-.Idf, aU·1:e<t \n 1.~~·peL MIi! ~' 111~ d ~,~ lSIIillUtIIlUS: dall!l¢

Nov .. ~ )l111~~ ~nd U!it ~~ dube'!n ~ 20061!!.ot.~ ~

hrtfllt;' J ~ l;J~!; ~ tNit.]w· 'C\OIlJd.IM sun dvirWJ Ul!i ~1iIl;.t. in "" I993lpi:OH ·of h~ twlnlSlQfl SikcnI Ftrdl b/lX!P w.o.J Air. iIrll!.1i hls e~~ II:! 1:1,1

tb.· Do!rKtD~ Gt .wmlman, 0.1' hJ_t;oo,UJnJ.H~ ..

'The ~,~~ C~ _Ii lMdIt. ~ Illllnl!lllrlIDgl af Luullll=l~l'i .. lt Cl$1d ~~ 61ijj ~ ~1ed ~dn: '~f,

Mol't'tNi!ll30(hl.!!l!11OI'I. Rubll"fC1Jbjs ~ .bMn dd: ~~1lI' ~I'U\.I ~IIMI!DN pl.\M.d on,,~.or.,d ~~ ~iII1OiJkll'I'~ U. ~ 0:1' Mouni. B~'twk.!

Prizes and may iHiitoU'lItftil

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