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(250) List of Things That Are Forbidden In general Terms (forbidden in the Noble Quran)
Posted by alimedeen October 24th, 2013 List of T hings T hat Are Forbidden In General Terms: Characteristics that are f orbidden in the Noble Quran in general terms, in the order in which they were selected by Al-Shaatibi: 1- Z ulm (wrongdoing, oppression). 2- Immorality 3- Consuming the wealth of orphans. 4- Following misleading path. 5- Extravagance and waste. 6- Stinginess. 7- Sin. 8- Negligence. 9- Arrogance. 10- Being content with this world rather than the Hereaf ter. 11- Feeling saf e f rom the plot of Allah. 12- Splitting into f actions on the basis of whims and desires. 13- Transgressing and despairing of the mercy of Allah. 14- Being ungratef ul f or blessings. 15- Rejoicing in this world. 16- Being proud of worldly accumulation. 17- Loving this world. 18- Giving less in weights and measures. 19- Spreading corruption on earth. 20- Following ones f oref athers blindly. 21- Tyranny. 22- Feeling at ease with wrongdoers. 23- Turning away f rom Dhikr (remembrance of Allah). 24- Breaking promises. 25- Doing evil. 26- Disobeying ones parents. 27- Extravagance. 28- Following conjecture. 29- Walking on the earth with conceit and arrogance. 30- Obeying one who f ollows his whims and desires. 31- Associating others in worship with Allah. 32- Following whims and desires. 33- Preventing others f rom f ollowing the way of Allah. 34- Committing crimes. 35- Forgetf ulness. 36- Transgression. 37- Bearing f alse witness. 38- Lying.


Religious extremism. Despair. Showing of f . Being content with this world. Following whims and desires. Overburdening oneself . Mocking the signs of Allah. Seeking a hasty response in Duaa. Praising oneself . Name calling. Greed. Panic. Conf usion. Reminding others of f avours. Miserliness. Slandering and backbiting. Being careless about prayer. Showing of f . Not lending others. Selling the signs of Allah f or a small price. Dressing truth as f alsehood. Concealing knowledge. Hardheartedness. Following in the f ootsteps of Shaytan. Deliberately taking risks that could be f atal. Following charity with reminders and annoyance. Following ambiguous texts. Taking Kaaf irs as close f riends. Loving praise f or what one has not done. Envy. Ref using to accept the laws of Allah. Accepting the rule of a tyrant. Feeling weak bef ore enemies and traitors. Accusing an innocent person of sin. Opposing Allah and His Messenger. Following a path other than that of the believers. Turning away f rom the Straight Path. Uttering evil in public. Cooperating in sin and transgression. Ruling by something other than that which Allah has revealed. Accepting bribes to avoid ruling according to Shareeah. Enjoining evil. Forbidding good. Forgetting Allah. Hypocrisy. Worshipping Allah as well as it were upon the edge (i.e. in doubt). T hinking badly of others. Spying. Backbiting. False oaths.