Launch date: 13th December 2013


! to the World’s 1st Scientific Portal on Career Guidance, based on Nobel Prize winning

theories founded by Nobel Laureates Roger W. Sperry and Rita Levi-Montalcini. The portal is being developed by a team of Corporate Gurus, who realised with their vintage experience an inherent need to develop a system which can guide school children to make a “Right Career Choice”. With ample career options available but in the lack of guidance, students are in utter state of confusion, arising out of pressure from parents, peers and society. The makers of Careerbook realised this fact and started working on a counselling model that brings sustainability to the decision making ability of students, backed by parent’s ratification. The complete pedagogy adopted by Pacific Careerbook Edutancy is based on several scientific models of brain mapping, occupational interest analysis and personality type analysis, as developed by eminent psychological scientists namely Dr. John Holland, Dr. Howard Gardner and Dr. Carl Jung. After thorough research & various consulting sessions with eminent global agencies in Psychometric Analysis and Career Guidance, we have derived the following methodology for students at different academic standards in the school. The 5 tests shall exactly evaluate the personality and occupational interest of the student and on the basis of result synchronisation of all 5 test reports, our psychologists shall suggest the best suited career option for the student. They shall also guide the student about best learning methodology as per his personality type.

“We strongly believe that every child has birth right to right career. ”
Careerbook will create a pressure free environment of learning, based on matching inherent skill and interest of the student with his/her Career Option. Student will be introduced to various Career Opportunities through different practical Workshops, Seminars and Career Camps. The portal has every information about career options available beyond 10+2. Student will get email and SMS alerts whenever an admission notice or career option is available/ open. The students can share their career related problems/ queries through portal or in person with Careerbook Experts. Careerbook shall organise various workshops for Parents also, to make them understand the various Career Options and how to make a right career choice. Students will register on Portal in class 8 th/ 9th and will be thru-guided till they make a career choice in class 12th. However the Portal shall keep the homepage of student live forever and student can come back to Careerbook for any consultation even during their professional tenure.

(Hari Shahi) M.D. & CEO