PART A Read the question and choose the correct answer. 1.

The above magnet is a __________ magnet. A bar B circular C U-shaped 2. ! is the _______ pole o" the above magnet. A north B south C east 3. #hich magnets attract each other$ A


C 4. #hich magnets repel each other$ A


#hich is the correct wa& to store magnets$ A B C 7. #hich is the wrong wa& to handle magnets$ A B 2 .B C 5. The above magnets will ________ each other. A attract B re%ect C repel 6.

C '. #hich torch shines the brightest$ A B C (. A #hich bulb shines the brightest$ B C )*. +n which circuit will the bulb be dimmest$ A B C 3 .

+n which circuit will be the bulb be brightest$ A B C 4 . +n which circuit will the bulb be dimmest$ A C B ). #hich circuit will give the brightest light$ A B C )-.))..

A magnet ma& lose its magnetism i" we ________ it. +" more batteries are used in the above circuit0 the bulb will light up ___________ . A stronger B wea4er C smaller 5 .. +n which circuit will the bulb be dimmest$ A C B )/. 3o not _______ a magnet. A rub B burn C carr& )2.). +t ma& lose its magnetism. A dimmer B less C brighter )1. A magnet ma& get _______ i" we heat it. A sha4e B hold C 4noc4 )'.

#hich thing can be attracted b& a magnet$ A iron nail B glass C plastic spoon . #hich thing cannot be attracted b& a magnet$ A wooden spoon B iron nail C steel spoon A.*. 6 . Which are the correct ways to handle magnets? Tic !"# $or correct ways and cross ! # $or the wrong ways.)(.

Circle !&#the magnetic o'(ects and cross !)# the non magnetics o'(ect. steel spoon wooden ruler stapler boo4 one cent coin 7 plastic bottle .1% mar s B.

res 'elow. *oo at the +ict. 8 . 5agnet ______ is stronger than magnet _______. mar4s C. B A 1.). -ill in the 'lan s with the correct answers. 2. The strength o" a magnet depends on the _______ o" ob%ects it can attract. 3. 5agnet ______ attracts more paper clips than magnet______.

se magnets. Circle the o'(ects that .. batter& chess board compass stapler 9 .1% mar s .

it in which the '.umbrella "ishing to& re"rigerator cup / mar s 0.l' is the dimmest. ' mar4s 10 . Tic !√ # the circ.

2. +" more ___________ are used0 all the bulbs will light up ____________ . ). -ill in the 'lan s. mar4s 11 .-. The bulb will be ___________. batteries bulbs less circuit 1. more dimmer brighter +" one batter& is used in a circuit0_____________ electricit& will "low. 3. 6o the bulb will be ___________ . +" more ___________ are used0 more electricit& will "low.

7< 5U<3 =AU>+ <? <ARU9 3+ 675A8 :.3+673+A8A9 :.7< 12 .