(NRIC NO. 720715-12-5073)

(NRIC NO : 590129-035371 )

installations and fittings for light and power and other fixtures and additions thereto in good and tenantable repair and condition throughout the term of the Tenancy (fair wear and tear accepted) and to replace or repair any thereof which shall be broken or damaged due to malicious. personal representatives and assigns) of the other part. To pay the said rent at the times and in the manner aforesaid. - . 90000 Sandakan Sabah in the State of Sabah aforesaid (hereinafter called “the Tenant” which expression shall where the context so admits include his heirs.00) only being and to remain deposit to the Landlord on or before the execution of this Agreement (the receipt whereof shall be evidenced in writing) and which deposit to be returned interest free by the Landlord to the Tenant at the expiration of the term herein subject to the deduction of any sum payable by the Tenant to the Landlord for damage done caused or permitted to be done by the Tenant to the demised premises. The rent shall be Ringgit Malaysia Eigth Hundred (RM800. To keep the demised premises including the doors. Jalan Gereja. windows. Malaysia (hereinafter called “the Landlord” which expressior shall where the context so admits include her heir.BT 9. WITNESSETH as follows: 1. electric wire. To pay the sum of Ringgit Malaysia One Thousand Six Hundred (RM1. Taman Megah Phase 3 Batu 7. c. AND Mohd Rasedi Bin Che Mamat (NRIC NO : 590129-035371 ) Sri Modalwan Shipyard & Engineering Sdh Bhd. e. THE TENANT HEREBY COVENANTS WITH THE LANDLORD as follows:a. Jalan labuk 90000 Sandakan (hereinafter referred to as “the demised premises”) for a term of One (1) year commencing from the 1st day of Fenruary 2014. 720715-12-5073) of Lot 150. negligent or careless acts or omissions of the Tenant and any cost of maintenance of the demised premises will be born by the Tenant. Jalan labuk 90000 Sandakan in the state of Sabah. To bear and pay all charges including all service charges for electric current water and telephone consumed or used on the demised premises including all rentals of meters and such like and the renewal of blown fuses bulbs and the cost of subsequent alterations of the present arrangement of electrical fitting or installation of additional fittings. To pay the sum of Ringgit Malaysia Two Hundred (RM500.600. 2.TENANCY AGREEMENT THIS TENANCY AGREEMENT made the 1st day of February 2014 BETWEEN Samsul Bin Bakar (NRIC No. personal representatives and assigns) of the one part. d. In consideration of the terms conditions and stipulations hereinafter appearing the Landlord shall and DOTH hereby let unto the Tenant and the Tenant shall and DOTH hereby take ALL THAT property comprised in Lot 150.00) only per calendar month payable on or before the 15th day of each calendar month commencing from 1 st day of February 2014.00) only as a deposits for the Water and Electrical fees and Utility to the landlord. b. 3. Taman Megah Phase 3 Batu 7.

external surface drains. At the expiration of this tenancy or earlier determination herein quietly to deliver up to the Landlord the demised premises together with any fixture or fittings therein which by reason of their degree of annexation cannot be removed without damage being done to the demised premises in good and tenantable repair and to put the Landlord in vacant possession thereof. Not to store or display for sale any chattel or things that are by their nature inflammable or explosive or liable to cause radiation or contamination by radio activity. 4. Not to do permit or suffer anything upon the demised premises or part thereof which may be or become annoyance or nuisance damage or inconvenience to the Landlord or the occupiers of any neighboring property. In the case of the Tenant fixing and installing any air conditioners to or at any part of the demised premises at the determination of the tenancy the Tenant shall restore at its own cost and expense he original state and condition of the place or place or places where the air conditioners had caused the damage the walls or any part thereof. Not to use suffer or permit to be used the demised premises otherwise than for lawful purposes only. g. i. To keep in repair the structure of and the exterior of the demised premises including all drains gutters and external pipes and in particular the roofs and foundations and external walls thereof shall maintain the common corridor. To pay all taxes assessments and other outgoings payable to the authorities in respect of the said premises during the continuance of this Agreement except payment to be made by the Tenant under Clause 3(d) hereof. septic tanks and other structures in good condition. j.f. Not to sublet underlet assign or otherwise part with possession of the demised premises or any part thereof without the prior written consent of the Landlord and such consent shall not be unreasonably withheld. b. k. l. h. - . m. THE LANDLORD THEREBY COVENANTS WITH THE TENANT as follow:a. To permit the Landlord or their authorized agent surveyors and workmen at all reasonable hours in the day time to enter upon and view the condition of the demised premises and to do such work and things as may be required for repairs alterations improvements or to give or leave on the demised premises notice in writing to the Tenant of any defects and want of reparation then and there found which the Tenant shall be liable to make good under the covenants hereinbefore contained. Not to make or permit to be made any alteration in the construction or arrangement of the demised premises without the previous written consent of the Landlord not without like consent to cut alter or injure any of the walls partitions timbers or floor thereof PROVIDED THAT approval of the relevant local authorities shall have first obtained by the Tenant with the consent of the Landlord the Tenant shall not at the expiry hereof restore the demised premises to its original state and condition.

In case the demised premises or any part thereof shall at any time during the said term be destroyed or damaged by fire lightning riot or other unforeseen cause so as to become unfit for occupation and use then the Landlord shall not be bound or compelled to rebuild or reinstate the same unless they in their discretion thinks fit. The Landlord hereby permit the Tenant to enter and recondition the said premises PROVIDED all alteration and installations to and on the said premises shall be at the sole cost and expense of the Tenant. b. c. Each party hereto may terminate this Tenancy Agreement by giving Two (2) months notice in writing to the other. If the rent hereby reserved or any part thereof shall at any part thereof shall at any time be in arrears and unpaid for One (1) month after the same shall have become due (whether formally demanded or not) or if the Tenant shall at any time fail or neglect to perform and observe any of the Covenants and conditions herein contained and on its part to be observed and performed then and in any of the cases the Landlord may at any time thereafter re-enter upon the demised premises or any part thereof in the name of the whole and thenceforth hold and enjoy the same as if this tenancy had not been granted but without prejudice to any right of action or remedy or the Landlord for any antecedent breach of covenant by the Tenant. In the event of the Landlord not deciding to rebuild and reinstate the demised premises then the rent hereby reserved shall cease and determine from the happening of such destruction or damage as aforesaid and the Tenant will peaceably and quietly leave surrender and yield up to the Landlord possession of so much of the demised premises as shall not have been destroyed. - . 5. If the Tenant shall be desirous of taking on a new tenancy of the demised promises after the expiration of the terms hereby granted and of such its desire shall give to the Landlord notice in writing not less than Three (3) calendar months before the expiration of the said term and if the Landlord does not require the demised premises for their own use then the Landlord will at or before the expiration of the term hereby created if there shall then be no subsisting breach of any of the Tenants’ obligations under this Agreement and at the cost of the Tenant grant to the Tenant a new Tenancy of the premises hereby demised for a further term to be determined to commence promises hereby demised for a further terms at the prevailing market rate containing the like covenants and provisos as are herein contained. PROVIDED ALWAYS THAT IT IS HEREBY AGREED AS FOLLOW:a. d. In the event of the Landlord deciding to rebuild and reinstate the demises then (provided the money payable under any policy of insurance effected by the Landlord shall not have become irrevocable through any act or default of the Tenant) the rent hereby reserved or a fair and just proportion thereof according to the nature and extent of the damage sustained shall be waived and cease to be payable until the demised premises shall have again been rendered fit for occupation and use.c. e. That the Tenant paying the rent hereby reserved perform and observe the covenants and conditions hereinbefore contained and observed shall and may peaceably hold and enjoy the demised premises during the said tern created without any interruption or disturbance or by the Landlord or any person claiming through under or in trust for them.

- . All expenses and stamp duties payable or levied in respect of the preparation execution and stamping of this Agreement shall be borne by the Landlord of the one part and the Tenant of the other part in equal proportion.6.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have hereunto set their hand and affixed their common seals the day and year first above written.. Jalan Gereja.: 720715-12-5073) in the presence of:- ) ) ) ) __________________________ in the presence of:- ………………………………… Signed and Delivered by the abovenamed Tenant Mohd Rasedi Bin Che Mamat (NRIC NO : 590129-035371 ) Sri Modalwan Shipyard & Engineering Sdh Bhd.BT 9.…… - __________________________ . Signed and Delivered by the abovenamed Landlord SAMSUL BIN BAKAR (NRIC NO. 90000 Sandakan Sabah in the presence of:- ) ) ) in the presence of:- …………………………….

00 8. Ground Floor 1st floor Entrance Gate 2 sets of Gate Lock Living Hall 1 set sofa 1 TV 1 Ceiling Fans Curtain Dining 1 set of dining table Kitchen 1 Refrigerator Water pipe and Sink 1 tong gas Twin dapur gas Store Room Prayer Room (Ground Floor) Toilet (Ground Floor) 1 Mirror 1 Washing machine 7kg Master Room 1 unit Air-conditional 1 dressing Table with mirror 1 wardrobe 1 Queen size bed with mattress Curtain 1Ceiling fan Master Room Toilet 1 Mirror Room 2 1 Single size bed with mattress 1 Wardrobe with mirror 1Ceiling fan Curtain Room 3 1 unit Air-conditional 1 Singe size bed with mattress Curtain Toilet (1st Floor) 1 Mirror Additional option (price permonth) 1.00 4.00 3.Queen size bed with mattress RM100.1 HP Aircondition RM100.00 2.APPENDIX This is the items that are provided in the house which is in good condition. Astro Decorder Set RM50.00 7.00 - .LCD TV 32” RM100.Single Size bed with mattress RM50.00 5.Water Heater RM50.Stand fan RM20. Ceiling Fan RM50.00 6.Water Filter set RM50.00 9.

Jalan labuk 90000 Sandakan Tel: 019-8537094 2 Tenant Mohd Rasedi Bin Che Mamat (NRIC NO : 590129035371 ) Sri Modalwan Shipyard & Engineering Sdh Bhd.BT 9.00 Reading of Electrical Bill Meter ______________________ Date: ______________ Reading of Water Bill Meter ________________________ Date:. Jalan Gereja. Double storey terrace house.4731881819 in favour of Samsul Bin Bakar before the 15h day of every month.ITEM PARTICULARS 1 Owner Samsul Bin Bakar (NRIC No.00 RM500. 3 toilets and 1 store room._____________ No. 5 Term 1 year commencing 1st February 2014 and expiring on 1st February 2015 6 Rental RM800.00 per month 7 Security Deposit Two (2) months Deposit Utility Total (RM): Rental Payment Mode The rent payable shall be deposited with Public Bank under the Account No. Sabah 4 Type of Property 4 rooms. 90000 Sandakan Sabah Tel: 01119059572 3 Property Lot 150. RM1. Taman Megah Phase 3. 720715-12-5073) of Lot 150. of house key hand over: _____________ Checked & received by Tenant / Representative: Confirmed by Landlord: Name: Date: Name: Date: - .900.600. Taman Megah Phase 3 Batu 7. Jalan Labuk 90000 Sandakan.00 RM2.