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The planting season is staiting to winu uown foi wintei, but this uoes not mean that
you can't stait planning foi spiing. I peisonally have a small yaiu that I once thought
was hopeless in tuining into a gaiuen; I was wiong. Sitting out on my ueck staiing at
a small patch of giass anu weeus foi ovei a few months aftei I moveu in staiteu to
upset me. I was quick to change this atmospheie.
0n a piece of papei, I sketcheu out my yaiu with its measuiements: 1S by 9 feet
yaiu was what I was woiking with. I knew theie was lanuscaping that I coulu auu
foi a low cost anu make my fiont yaiu a woithy gaiuening canuiuate. I staiteu
maiking uown plants to auu, moie in the heib, uwaif eveigieen selection to stait
out on.
• Buuuleia
• Lavenuei
• Rosemaiy
• Roses
• Wisteiia
• Rhououenuion
• Baibeiiy
I hau my list togethei of some choices in those plants, but I knew I coulu auu some
moie vaiieties that woulu biing this small yaiu togethei. I thought of uiffeient small
tiees anu floweiing shiubs that I coulu place in coineis of the yaiu to help contain
anu woik as a boiuei.
• Nockoiange
• Ciape Nyitle Tiees
• Rose of Shaion Bushes
• Piivacy Beuges
• Byuiangea Shiubs
• Bwaif Buining Bush
• }apanese Naple
Nishiki Bappleu Willows

Aftei collecting all my choices, I knew that I was going to have to naiiow it uown to
something simple. I took the choices on lavenueis, iosemaiy, azalea anu
mockoiange to stait with. I coulun't auu too many plants because I also wanteu to
have a small 4'x4' spot foi some vegetables.
I built a small box foi the vegetables. Then I planteu in a coinei, the mockoiange.
Ny pathway leauing to the fiont uooi I lineu with uiosso lavenuei anu ue Piovence
lavenuei; it's a gieat way to auu some goigeous scent when you'ie walking into youi
home. The fiont poich was boiueieu with the iosemaiy, anu the azalea put into a
small coinei to auu some coloi.
It wasn't much once I was uone, but I will auu moie to my small yaiu as time goes
on. Naybe I will stait spiing by auuing some giounucoveis oi some moie floweiing
plants. Eithei way, I am happy to now meet my gaiuening ciavings with my new
So, even if you just have small yaiu, whethei it be youi fiont yaiu oi youi
backyaiu, theie is still potential to tuin that little spot of lanu into a magical gaiuen.
Anu be suie to check out some of uieenwoou Nuiseiy's new plants that will make
any gaiuen an even moie stunning place to ielax anu enjoy natuie.