REVIEW OF LITERATURE: Thai business solution consultants and KCE’s IT built six rich a lications in onl! "# da!

s$ and each a lication is %ull! inte&rated 'ith the co( an!’s )A* in+est(ents, PILAM RAJATANAVIN$ -ana&in& .irector at THAI BUSINESS SOLUTION sa!s$ K/ blac0 earl and K/ connect %or )A* allo' KCE de+elo ers to +isuall! create these a lications1 'ithout code1 and then reuse 'hat’s been built to asse(ble ne' a lications, 2ecause )A* is eas! to use and understand$ Thai business solution and KCE sta%% can build e+er!thin& in1house$ ensurin& accurate a lications and decreasin& the de+elo (ent costs, The inte&ration 'ith )A* is sea(less, )A* in%or(ation is auto(aticall! ulled %or use in the K/ business a lications, “Now KCE has streamli e!" error#$ree sol%tio s that sa&e time a ! mo e'( )he there*s a +ha ,e i the -%si ess" it*s so eas' to ,o -a+. i to the a//li+atio s a ! ma.e a!0%stme ts1( .eutsche ban0 recentl! launched an inte&ration solution that le+era&es a (iddle'are b! )A* called )A* *rocess Inte&ration 3)A* *I4$ 'hich 'as de+elo ed to %acilitate the exchan&e o% in%or(ation bet'een a co( an!’s internal business s!ste(, KOK#KEON2 TA3$ Re&ional 5ead o% *roduct -ana&e(ent$ Asia1*aci%ic at 4EUTSCHE BANK sa!s$ 6%irstl!$ the 2an0’s )A* solutions o%%ers inno+ate +alue1added ser+ices and %unctionalities such as ara(eteri7ation and custo(i7ation8, 6)econdl!$ .eutsche 2an0 'ill ro+ide clients 'ith a connecti+it! 0it$ 'hich eli(inates the need %or additional ro&ra( de+elo (ent on the client’s end$ resultin& in cost sa+in&s8, “As the /io eer i E ter/rise Reso%r+e Pla i ,5ERP6 i te,ratio sol%tio i the

i !%str' with o&er 78 'ears o$ e9/erie +e" 4e%ts+he Ba . is +o $i!e t that it is a-le to ta.e SAP i ter$a+e to the e9t le&el with its seamless i te,ratio sol%tio with the SAP e &iro me t1( BANK O: AMERICA is one o% the 'orld’s lar&est %inancial institutions$ ser+in& indi+idual consu(ers$ s(all1and (iddle1(ar0et businesses and lar&e cor oration 'ith a %ull ran&e o%

IRI)5 2A9K sa!s$ “SAP B%si ess O-0e+ts Pro$ita-ilit' a ! Cost Ma a.#term strate.e +e a-o%t the or.i+ /art er1 2anco Itau is the (ost +alued 2ra7ilian ban0 3./ (illion custo(ers$ o+er / (illion internet ban0in& custo(ers$ U)< = billion (ar0et ca itali7ation etc. the a+ti&ities o$ tellers" the +all +e ter" a ! the -a+.i .e more i $orme! !e+isio s(1 LIESL JOB" CIO A//li+atio 4eli&er' at BANK O: IRELAN4 sa's" “Val%e $rom /ro+%reme t a+ti&ities +omes ot 0%st $rom !oi . lo .atio a ! the a-ilit' to st those !eals +o siste tl' a ! lo+. . o$$i+e( This will /ro&i!e a % i$ie! &iew o$ the +ost o$ r% i .i&i .e a ! +om/le9it' o$ o%r te+h olo. o%r -%si ess < .eme t will hel/ %s +a/t%re the i $ormatio re.hts to !ri&e more e$$e+ti&e -%si ess !e+isio s1( A99E -C CO-I)5$ )enior Accountant at ALLIE.e a stro . sa!s$ “)e +hose the SAP so$tware i /art -e+a%se o$ the +om/a ' ‟s strate. %s a!&a +e! i telli.a i.. i the &al%e thro%.row " so has the si.eme t(1 Mi+hael Ra--itt" at 2A9K OF IRELA9.h ti.i+ /art ershi/ with the -a . i !%str'( )e $elt SAP wo%l! $i a +ial ma a.ban0in&$ in+estin&$ asset (ana&e(ent and other %inancial and ris0 (ana&e(ent roducts and ser+ices. l! contracts le&al su ort$ Un aid . a.' i $rastr%+t%re" SAP will hel/ streamli e a ! sim/li$' o%r $i a +ial s'stems" s%//ort timel' a al'ti+s a ! /ro&i!e -etter /ro+ess i!i .i .reat !eals -%t also $rom -%'i .4 There sourcin& acti+ities co+er a 'ide ran&e o% roduct cate&ories: -RO$ Furniture$ E>ui (ent$ Tra+el )er+ices$ Cash distribution lo&istics$ )er+ice and )u loan and leasin& car sales etc. -ILTO9 :O9E)$ Finance Executi+e at 2A9K OF A-ERICA sa!s$ “As o%r +om/a ' has .

4IRK BERENSMANN$ CIO and COO at 4EUTSCHE POSTBANK A2 sa!s$ “)e .-ARCO9.WI9$ 5ead o% Inno+ation and I( le(entation$ West ac Institutional 2an0 said: “Cor/orate +%stomers wa t .reater a%tomatio o$ /a'me t /ro+essi .(1 West ac Institutional 2an0 3WI24 deli+ers a broad ran&e o% %inancial ser+ices to co((ercial$ cor orate$ institutional and &o+ern(ent custo(ers 'ith connections to Australia and 9e' Eealand.irector at BANCU ITA= S(A.8 With around @" (illion clients$ @A$### e( lo!ees and total assets a(ountin& to B@=/ billion$ the *ostban0 Crou is one o% Cer(an!Ds lar&est %inancial ser+ice ro+iders. /a'me ts( This sol%tio si.E) .$ 'ill i( le(ent )A*G solutions to trans%or( its core ban0in& rocesses and increase a&ilit! to deli+er enhanced roducts and ser+ices on an inte&rated lat%or( to su ort its &ro'th.i .:OA?UI.E WE)TI9$ -ana&in& . sta !ar!s $or se !i .$ a subsidiar! o% 39F)E:)A*4$ toda! announced that 5o(e Trust Co( an! o% Toronto$ a 'holl!1o'ned subsidiar! o% 5o(e Ca ital Crou Inc.i . -IKE 2AL. The roducts o%%ered ran&e %ro( a!(ent transactions and de osit and lendin& business to bonds$ in+est(ent %unds$ insurance olicies and ho(e sa+in&s contracts. r% ( )ith SAP sol%tio s" we aim to a+hie&e the lowest /ro+essi .E A9. a ! re+ei&i . It %ocuses on business 'ith ri+ate custo(ers and 'ith s(all and (ediu(1si7ed co( anies. . i$i+a t time a ! mo e' a+ross e&er'!a' /a'me t +ha )A* Canada Inc. WI2 o erates throu&h dedicated industr! relationshi and s ecialist roduct tea(s$ 'ith ex ert 0no'led&e in transactional ban0in&$ %inancial and debt ca ital (ar0ets$ s eciali7ed ca ital$ and alternati+e in+est(ent solutions. +osts a ! $astest time to mar. a ! . ew we ha! a /ro&i!er we +o%l! rel' o i the lo .lo-al will sa&e els(1 messa. 6With the )A* co( onent$ 'e can ut (one! in AT-s and branches at exactl! the ri&ht (o(ent at the lo'est ossible cost. *ostban0 o%%ers its ri+ate custo(ers si( le$ lo'1cost roducts %or their da!1to1da! i retail -a .RA.

Vice *resident and Ceneral -ana&er at Financial )er+ices$ )A* Canada sa!s$ “:i a +ial ser&i+es +om/a ies s%+h as Home Tr%st ee! a stro . %mero%s +%stomers worl!wi!e to a+hie&e their .AUKA9T.ies( SAP $or Ba . te+h i /ro!%+ts a ! mar. . -est#r% -%si esses(1 .i .ets" a ! s%//ort -%si ess strate. /ro+esses to meet the e&er#+ha .i .' $o% !atio $or +ore -a . !ema !s o$ their +%stomers a ! i !%str'( The' ee! $le9i-le sol%tio s that +a hel/ them re!%+e o/eratio al +om/le9it'" a!a/t to $%t%re +ha .' a ! -est /ra+ti+es" whi+h are hel/i . sol%tio s are -%ilt o SAP*s /ro&e te+h olo.oal o$ -e+omi .i .RIC5AR.