Pentecostals are known for two things: Tongues & Emotionalism If that s all !ou see" !ou #e misse$ the %oint& 'I sa! that to those on the outsi$e an$ those on the insi$e&( Outsi$e: If !ou think that s what we re a)out& *n$" Insi$e: If !ou think that s the goal&

There will )e emotions + 'There shoul$ )e, If I reall! lo#e m! wife" there ll )e some emotions attache$&( If that s all that s %ro$uce$ )! a mo#e of -o$" we #e misse$ the )oat& .e nee$ emotion" )ut we nee$ more,

T/E FOCUS 0& Power + 1unamis + 2iracle .orking Power '*cts 0:3( *cts 04:53 + /ol! -host an$ Power + Result: /ealing *cts 0:3 + Power an$ /ol! -host + Result: 6ook of *cts& 6elie#e for %ower + En$ result: Souls&

7& 6ol$ness + *cts 8:79:50 + S%oke the .or$ with 6ol$ness Ties )ack into *cts 0:3 + If all !our e;%erience %ro$uces is emotion in here 'in church( an$ !ou can t talk a)out <esus out there + !ou nee$ another $i%,

5& /oliness + 2alachi 5:0:5 + Su$$enl! Come + *cts 7:0:7a /e Shall Sit + *cts 7:5 + tongues of fire& Refiner s Fire & Fuller s Soa%& /e shall %urif! the sons of =e#i an$ %urge them& Reason for =ack of Power + <oshua 5:> + Sanctif! !ourself& Isa& 8:8 + .ashe$ awa! the filth 'fuller s soa%( &&& s%irit of )urning 'refiner s fire(&

O + T/E UNIT? TEST In one accor$ + '=ist times(& If you were the $e#il" an$ ha$ a church start to mo#e in this $irection" what woul$ you $o TEST T/REE + T/E .or$ of wis$om" w$ of knowle$ge" $iscerning of s%irits /O.ORS/IP TEST . TO /*AE * PENTECOST TEST ONE + T/E O6E1IENCE TEST =uke 78:89 + Comman$ gi#en to >44& 074 showe$ u% in the u%%er room& 534 geogra%hicall! out of the will of -o$& 1a#i$ + Bings go to )attle" sta!e$ home& EliCah + Comman$e$ the ra#ens to fee$ thee T/ERE& 534 geogra%hicall! out of the will of -o$& 2isse$ the whole thing& *cts 7:0 + Right %lace" right time" $oing right thing" right grou% of %eo%le& TEST T.-eneration of confuse$ Christians& Can t come in contact with the /O=? S%irit an$ lea#e Unhol!& In *cts 7 + Power + See all through the 6ook In *cts 8 + 6ol$ness + Turne$ the worl$ u%si$e $own In *cts > + Stan$ar$ of /oliness + *nanias & Sa%%hira 8& -ifts of the S%irit + *cts 09:7:@ + *n$ %ro%hesie$ 1oorwa! into the rest of the gifts& 5 Sa! Something + Tongues" inter%retation" %ro%hec! 5 1o Something + -ifts of /ealings" working of miracles" s%ecial faith 5 Re#eal Something + .

sai$ &&& 7 Bings 5:> + 6ring me a minstrel .Creates an atmos%here where the S%irit mo#es& 1oesn t mo#e in a #acuum& *cts 05:0 + *s the ministere$ to the =or$" the /.