Group of Negotiations on Services

RESTRICTED MTN.GNS/W/120 10 Julv y 1991

Special Distribution


The secretariat indicated in its informal note containing the draft classification list (24 May 1991) that it would prepare a revised version based on comments from participants. The attached list incorporates, to the extent possible, such comments. It could, of course, be subject to further modification in the light of developments in the services negotiations and ongoing work elsewhere.


Relating to other machinery and equipment e. On a fee or contract basis E. Relating to b. Accounting. Other Business Services a.GNS/W/120 Page 2 SERVICES SECTORAL CLASSIFICATION LIST SECTORS AND SUB-SECTORS 1. Software implementation services c. Advertising services b. Other Computer and Related Services a. BUSINESS SERVICES A.MTN. Market research and public opinion polling services 871 864 . Rental/Leasing a. Other C. Consultancy services related to the installation of computer hardware b. auditing and bookeeping services c. Involving own or leased property b. Legal Services b. Relating to c. Other 83103 83104 83101+83102+ 83105 83106-83109 832 F. Interdisciplinary R&D services D. Taxation Services d. Urban planning and landscape architectural services h. R&D services on social sciences and humanities c. Research and Development Services a. Professional Services a. Services provided by midwives. Veterinary services j. Architectural services e. Real Estate Services a. Medical and dental services i. Integrated engineering services g. physiotherapists and para-medical personnel k. Engineering services f. Data processing services d. Data base services e. R&D services on natural sciences b. Relating to Services without Operators ships aircraft other transport equipment CORRESPOND ING CPC Section B 861 862 863 8671 8672 8673 8674 9312 932 93191 841 842 843 844 845+849 851 852 853 821 822 d. nurses.

The (**) indicates that the service specified constitutes only a part of the total range of activities covered by the CPC concordance (e. Telex services e. s. hunting and forestry g. Postal services B. Services incidental to mining i.MTN. Voice telephone services b. COMMUNICATION SERVICES A. n. Facsimile services g. d. Circuit-switched data transmission services d. Voice mail j. Private leased circuit services h. e. Services incidental to fishing h. 1. p. k. voice mail is only a component of CPC item 7523). . Services incidental to agriculture. Services incidental to energy distribution Placement and supply services of Personnel Investigation and security Related scientific and technical consulting services Maintenance and repair of equipment (not including maritime vessels. 633 + 8861-8866 874 875 876 88442 87909* 8790 2. consulting Technical testing and analysis serv. Packet-switched data transmission services c. m. Courier services C. t. 865 866 8676 881 882 883+5115 884+885 (except for 88442) 887 872 873 8675 o. publishing Convention services Other c.g. r. On-line information and data base retrieval 7511 7512 7521 7523** 7523** 7523** 7522 7521**+7529** 7522**+7523** 7523** 7523** 7523** The (*) indicates that the service specified is a component of a more aggregated CPC item specified elsewhere in this classification list. Electronic mail i. Telegraph services f. q.GNS/W/120 Page 3 Management consulting service Services related to man. Telecommunication services a. aircraft or other transport equipment) Building-cleaning services Photographic services Packaging services Printing. Services incidental to manufacturing j. f.

GNS/W/120 Page 4 k. incl store and forward. on-line information and/or data processing (incl. Motion picture projection service c. Radio and television transmission services e. Other 512 513 514+516 517 511+515+518 4. Commission agents' services 622 B. other D. Motion picture and video tape production and distribution services b. Wholesale trade services C. Sound recording f. Radio and television services d. 3. enhanced/value-added facsimile services. store and retrieve m. 843** 9611 9612 9613 7524 n.transaction processing) o. EDUCATIONAL SERVICES A. Franchising E. Other 7523** 7523** n.a. CONSTRUCTION AND RELATED ENGINEERING SERVICES A. Retailing services D. General construction work for civil engineering C. Other E.a. electronic data interchange (EDI) 1. General construction work for buildings B. Installation and assembly work D. code and protocol conversion n. Audiovisual services a. DISTRIBUTION SERVICES 621 A. Primary education services B. Secondary education services 921 922 . Building completion and finishing work E.MTN. Other 631+632 6111+6113+6121 8929 5.

Refuse disposal services 9403 C. incl. whether on an exchange. bullion • . Guarantees and commitments 81199** f. but not limited to.transferable securities 81321* . Services auxiliary to insurance (including broking and agency services) 812** 8121 8129 81299* 8140 B. etc. 81339** futures and options . consumer 8113 credit. 81339** inclu. products such as rate and interest rate market instruments (cheques.other negotiable instruments and financial 81339** assets.) . in an over-the-counter market or otherwise. Life. Trading for own account or for account of customers. Lending of all types. Other education services 923 924 929 6. the following: . incl.foreign exchange 81333 .MTN. Adult education E. All insurance and insurance-related services a. accident and health insurance services b. bills.. Sewage services 9402 B. ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES 9401 A. Other 7.. mortgage credit. Reinsurance and retrocession d. Non-life insurance services c. inter alia. Acceptance of deposits and other repayable funds 81115-81119 fro. Banking and other financial services (excl. . FINANCIAL SERVICES » A. Sanitation and similar services D. etc. All payment and money transmission services 81339** e. insurance) a.GNS/W/120 Page 5 C. 81339** certificate of deposits. Financial leasing 8112 d. factoring and financing of commercial transaction c. forward rate agreements.derivative products incl.the public b. Higher education services D.

TNC/W/50. pension fund management. Other 9319 (other than 93191) 933 8132 81339** 8119+** 81323* 81339** or 81319** 8131 or 8133 8131 9.h-j. advice on acquisitions and on corporate restructuring and strategy 1. under-writing and placement as agent (whether publicly or privately) and provision of service related to such issues h. Advisory and other auxiliary financial services on all the activities listed in Article IB of MTN. Participation in issues of all kinds of securities. such as cash or portfolio management. Social Services D. Provision and transfer of financial information. Other Human Health Services C. incl. Hospital services B.A.GNS/W/120 Page 6 g. incl. securities. Travel agencies and tour operators services C. all forms of collective investment management.) 9311 A. and financial data processing and related software by providers of other financial services C. Other 641-643 7471 7472 . and other negotiable instruments k. investment and portfolio research and advice. TOURISM AND TRAVEL RELATED SERVICES A. HEALTH RELATED AND SOCIAL SERVICES (other than those listed under l. catering) B. Tourist guides services D. Hotels and restaurants (incl.MTN. Money broking i. incl. custodial depository and trust services j. Asset management. Other 8. credit reference and analysis. derivative products. Settlement and clearing services for financial assets.

Passenger transportation b. Rental of vessels with crew d. Rental of vessels with crew d. Libraries. TRANSPORT SERVICES A. Freight transportation c. Space Transport E. RECREATIONAL. Supporting services for air transport 7211 7212 7213 8868** 7214 745** 7221 7222 7223 7224 745** 731 732 734 8868** 746 D. Pushing and towing services 733 7111 7112 7113 .MTN. Supporting services for maritime transport B. Rental of aircraft with crew d. Passenger transportation b. News agency services 962 C.GNS/W/120 Page 7 10. live bands and circus services) 9619 B. Freight transportation c. Pushing and towing services f. Maritime Transport Services a. Maintenance and repair of aircraft e. Sporting and other recreational services 963 964 E. museums and other cultural services D. Maintenance and repair of vessels e. Supporting services for internal waterway transport Air Transport Services a. Passenger transportation b. Entertainment services (including theatre. archives. Internal Waterways Transport a. Passenger transportation b. Maintenance and repair of vessels e. Rail Transport Services a. CULTURAL AND SPORTING SERVICES (other than audiovisual services) A. Pushing and towing services f. Freight transportation c. Freight transportation c. Other 11.

Freight transport agency services d. Services auxiliary to all modes of transport a. Other Transport Services 8868** 743 7121+7122 7123 7124 6112+8867 744 7131 7139 741 742 748 749 12.MTN. Maintenance and repair of road transport equipment e. Rental of commercial vehicles with operator d. Storage and warehouse services c. Supporting services for rail transport services Road Transport Services a. Other I. Maintenance and repair of rail transport equipment e. Passenger transportation b. Transportation of other goods H. Cargo-handling services b. Supporting services for road transport services Pipeline Transport a.GNS/W/120 Page 8 d. Transportation of fuels b. OTHER SERVICES NOT INCLUDED ELSEWHERE 95+97+98+99 . Freight transportation c.