Are Christians Eternally Secure?

(Five-Point Calvinism – TULIP)

- orn !oyton" France" #uly $%" $&%'( - )rote *Institutes o+ the Christian ,eli-ion. /hen he /as 01( Total 2e3ravity – The e++ects o+ the +all have e4ten5e5 to every 3art o+ man6s 7ein-( A3art +rom 8o56s intervention" the un7eliever is totally 7lin5 an5 5ea+ to the messa-e o+ the 8os3el( In his +allen state" he is a7solutely inca3a7le o+ res3on5in- to the -os3el messa-e( (,omans 9:$%-$$) Uncon5itional Election – Calvinists 7elieve that 8o5 soverei-nly chooses /hom ;e /ill save( They maintain that 8o5 elects 3eo3le" 7ase5 solely on the counsel o+ ;is o/n /ill( ;e 3re5estines some +or heaven an5 others +or hell( The in5ivi5ual6s /ill 5oesn6t even come into the e<uation( Limite5 Atonement – Christ 5i5n6t 5ie +or all men" every/here( ;e 5ie5 only +or those /ho /ere 3re5estine5 7y 8o5 to 7e save5( (Conse<uently" salvation /as never availa7le to some=) Irresisti7le 8race – The -i+t o+ +aith" soverei-nly -iven 7y 8o5" cannot 7e resiste5 7y the elect( I+ a 3erson has 7een 3re5estine5 to 7elieve" he must 7elieve( Perseverance o+ the Saints – Those /hom 8o5 has save5 /ill remain sa+ely in 8o56s han5 until they are 7rou-ht to heaven an5 -lori+ie5( A true 7eliever in Christ can never 7e lost( >nce save5" al/ays save5(



- A 2utch theolo-ian /ho live5 +rom $&?%-$?%' - y the time o+ his 7irth" most Protestants in the !etherlan5s /ere committe5 Calvinists Election ase5 on Fore@no/le5-e – Armenians 5on6t 5eny the 5octrine o+ Soverei-nty alto-ether( They sim3ly state that 8o5 chooses" 7ase5 on ;is +ore@no/le5-e o+ each in5ivi5ual6s /ill( ,eAectin- the conce3t that 8o5 has 3re5estine5 3eo3le +or hell" they hol5 to the 5octrine o+ the +ree /ill o+ man" 7elievin- that */hosoever /ill may come.( (,omans B:0'C $ Peter $:0C ,ev( 00:$1)

IPTU.@no/le5-e o+ #esus Christ" i+ they so choose( (#ohn $:0'C #ohn 9:$?C #ohn D:D0C #ohn ?:&$C 0 Cor( &:$D-$&) !atural Ina7ility – s3ea@s o+ the +act that man cannot 5o anythin. >U. EA.S – I-nore the Scri3tures Guote5 7y the >ther Position( ).Unlimite5 Atonement – is the 7elie+ that #esus 5ie5 +or all" an5 . CALVINISTS “Once-Saved-Always-Saved” • • • >T.E HI22LE .E" T.E.E ARMENIANS Salvation Can Be Lost TE!2E!CF T> C>EE. SI2ES .AEE SC.omans 9:$%-$0C Isa( ?D:?) Prevenient 8race – is the 7elie+ that the 3re3aratory /or@ o+ the .E T.UT.truly -oo5 until he is 7orn a-ain( Even our 7est attem3ts at ri-hteousness are as +ilthy ra-s( (.IPTU.oly S3irit 5ra/s 3eo3le to come to Christ" as they hear the -os3el messa-e( (#ohn ?:DD) Con5itional Perseverance – This is the 7elie+ that a true 7eliever can choose to reAect 8o5" an5 conse<uently" +or+eit his salvation( The Armenian 7elieves that a Christian can /il+ully choose to /al@ a/ay +rom 8o5 an5 7e lost( . IS S>HE).E I! T.oly S3irit is /hat ena7les an in5ivi5ual to res3on5 to the -os3el invitation( The .AEE SC.E! T)> >PP>SI!8 EIE)S .is loo5 is su++icient to 3ay the re5em3tion 3rice +or the sins o+ the /hole /orl5( Thus" all o+ man@in5 can come to a savin.

the @ee3in-? Commit: 2e3osit( 8o5 Iee3: 8uar5 +rom harm or loss( 2. >F 8>2( )ho6s 5oin.? 8>2(J Then" /hose res3onsi7ility is it to @ee3 me save5? 8o56s( !. 1 Pete 1:!"# Ie3t 7y the P>)E. THE BELIEVER’S SECURITY a7le to se3arate us +rom the love o+ 8o5( )here is the Love o+ 8o5? In Christ( Fou only have one 3art to 3lay: e in Christ( (0 Timothy $:$0) . Joh$ 1%:2&"2' Pictures the 7eliever in the mi5st o+ a holy han5sha@e( The Father has clas3e5 han5s /ith #esus" an5 the 7eliever is 3icture5 sa+ely in the mi55le( Covenant Tal@ – The covenant that you6re in" /asn6t ma5e 7et/een you an5 8o5" it /as ma5e 7et/een Christ an5 8o5( Since I6m in Christ" I6m 3art o+ a covenant that can6t 7e 7ro@en +rom either si5e( !o one is a7le to 3luc@ you out o+ . 2 Timothy 1:12 In this Scri3ture" )ho6s 5oin.the * han5( (. Rom)$* ':!'"!+ !othin.

Sin-ular( There6s *one.$to /e)th" he shall as@" an5 he shall -ive him li+e +or them that sin not unto 5eath( The e i* ) *i$ .PASSA-ES 1. There are /arnin.e that h)th the So$ h)th 3i4eC an5 he that h)th $ot the So$ o4 -o/ h)th $ot 3i4e( These thin-s have I /ritten unto you that 7elieve on the name o+ the Son o+ 8o5C that ye may 7$o5 th)t ye h)0e ete $)3 3i4e" an5 that ye may 7elieve on the name o+ the Son o+ 8o5( An5 this is the con+i5ence that /e have in him" that" i+ /e as@ any thin. is the sin o+ A3ostasy( . $ #ohn &:$$-$? *An5 this is the recor5" that 8o5 hath -iven to us ete $)3 3i4e" an5 thi* 3i4e i* i$ hi* So$( ./e 1:# – *I /ill there+ore 3ut you in remem7rance" thou-h ye once @ne/ this" ho/ that the Lor5" h)0i$1 *)0e/ the 2eo23e out o+ the lan5 o+ E-y3t" )4te 5) / /e*t oye/ them that 7elieve5 not( his /ill" he heareth us: An5 i+ /e @no/ that he hear us" /hatsoever /e as@" /e @no/ that /e have the 3etitions that /e 5esire5 o+ him( I+ any man see his 7rother *i$ ) *i$ 5hi8h i* $ot .ave To 2o – *I65 never 5o that=. C>!CLUSI>!S F>U6LL C>HE T> $() There Are Guali+ications (Haturity) – *I 5on6t <uali+y" any/ay(.3assa-es" 7ut they all 3oint to one thin-: A3ostasy( 2ictionary: An )6)$/o$me$t o+ /hat one has 3ro+esse5" a tot)3 /e*e tio$" or 5e3arture +rom one6s +aith or reli-ion( Truth in the Hi55le: Totally secure" unless you renounce #esus( T. 0() )hat Fou65 .$to /e)th: I /o $ot *)y th)t he *h)33 2 )y 4o it(. THE .ARNIN.E SI! U!T> 2EAT. sin unto 5eath( The *sin unto 5eath.B. 9() )hat An A3ostate Is Li@e – *That6s certainly 5oesn6t 5escri7e me=. J.

33 )1e(. 9( PA. .>ST: Parta@ers – Hetochos – Use5 in . (Fully mature() .omans ?:09 – *The /a-es o+ sin is 5eathC 7ut the 1i4t o4 -o/ is eternal li+e (((.e7( &:$D – * ut stron.eceive Christ an5 eternal li+e() Taste5: 8euomai . .E . )E – *I+ they 3e)0e thei 4)ith i$ Ch i*t(.E 8>>2 )>. (.E .Use5 in .TE!E2: Ps( $$':$9% – *The entrance o+ thy /or5s -iveth li-htC it -iveth un5erstan5in.(soli5) meat 7elon-eth to them that are o+ 4.they cruci+y to themselves the Son o+ 8o5 a+resh" an5 3ut him to an o3en shame(.2 >F 8>2 – (S>LI2 HEAT) .S >F T. HS8 – *i+ they t. $ thei 6)87* o$ it" 5)*hi$1 thei h)$/* o4 the 5ho3e thi$1(.unto the sim3le(. e+ore a 3erson coul5 lose their salvation" all +ive o+ these <uali+ications /oul5 have to 7e met( $( E!LI8.e7re/s ?:D-? – *For it is im3ossi7le +or those /ho /ere once e$3i1hte$e/" an5 have t)*te/ o4 the he)0e$3y 1i4t" an5 /ere ma5e 2) t)7e * o4 the Ho3y -ho*t" An5 have t)*te/ the 1oo/ 5o / o4 -o/" an5 the 2o5e * o4 the 5o 3/ to 8ome" I+ they shall 4)33 )5)y" to rene/ them a-ain unto re3entanceC seein.EAEE!LF 8IFT: #ohn 9:$? – *For 8o5 so love5 the /orl5 that he 1)0e his only 7e-otten son (((. Am3 – *I+ they t.SE – *i+ they then 8ommit )2o*t)*y(. (See your lost con5ition() 0( TASTE2 >F T. (Fille5 /ith the S3irit() D( TASTE2 T.e7( 0:$D – *Forasmuch then as the chil5ren are 3arta@ers o+ +lesh an5 7loo5" he also li@e/ise too@ 3art (metochos) o+ the sameC that throu-h 5eath he mi-ht 5estroy him that ha5 the 3o/er o+ 5eath" that is" the 5evil(.TAIE.E GUALIFICATI>!S – (Haturity) . 8) – *((( yet they have /e*e te/ Ch i*t(.T $ – T.e7( 0:' – *That he 7y the -race o+ 8o5 mi-ht t)*te /e)th +or every man(.$8e/ the 1o*2e3(.PA. $ 4 om thei )33e1i)$8e(. )uest (!otes) – *Fet have e$o. 8! – *((( they )6)$/o$e/ thei 4)ith(.>LF 8.

.E P>)E.e /ere here" I65 @ill him all over a-ain(.in their li+e() Cruci+y to Themselves the Son o+ 8o5 A+resh – *I+ .to a 3u7lic reAection o+ Christ( As #esus sai5 in Hatthe/ $0" *5enies (5iso/ns) me EF>../i)te/ him in 3u7lic(.L2 T> C>HE . This is re+errin. HS8 – * a mo87e y(. – *Ha@in. >3en Shame – ACE – *2is-racin. 2.ol5in.e7( 0:D-& – *8o5 also 7earin.ave si-ns" /on5ers an5 miracles o3eratin. Am3 – *.S >F T.E )>.&( TASTE2 his o/n /ill? For unto the an-els hath he not 3ut in su7Aection the 2o5e * o4 the 5o 3/ to 8ome" /hereo+ /e Aust s3o@e(.63i83y(. (.63i8 /i*1 )8e(.E HE!(. Fou 8)$’t 1et THEM to e2e$t( They 5on6t /ant Christ( .him u3 to 8o$tem2t an5 *h)me an5 2. ISE – *E43ose him to 3u7lic ri5icule(.them /itness" 7oth /ith *i1$* an5 5o$/e *" an5 /ith 5ivers mi )83e*" an5 1i4t* o4 the Ho3y -ho*t" accor5in.

7( Counte5 the loo5 an Unholy Thin.33y a+ter that /e have receive5 the 7$o53e/1e o+ the truth" there remaineth no more sacri+ice +or sins" ut a certain +ear+ul loo@in. HS8 – *S3it on the sacri+ice that ma5e you /hole(.E – *Sho/in.a7out one sin in 3articular( )hat Sin Is It? a( Tro55en Un5er+oot the Son o+ 8o5 – *2es3ises. c() 2one 2es3ite Unto the S3irit o+ 8race .his hate(.e that /e*2i*e/ HosesK la/ 5ie5 /ithout mercy un5er t/o or three /itnesses: >+ ho/ much sorer 3unishment" su33ose ye" shall he 7e thou-ht /orthy" /ho hath t o//e$ .( !ot the 2ivine Son o+ 8o5( #ust li@e any other man( .E)S $%:0?-0' *For i+ /e sin 5i34.– *Common Thin-.E .( (!LE) In or5er +or a 3erson to commit this sin" he /oul5 have to turn violently a-ainst the i7le an5 hate 8o5( Hace – *2es3ise5 the Son o+ 8o5(. E. TC!T – *Treate5 the loo5 as o+ no account(.is loo56s unholy( isho3 Pi@e sai5 the loo5 o+ #esus has no more /orth or 3o/er than the 7loo5 o+ a 5ea5 5o-( )E – *Turns a-ainst the Son o+ 8o5 ((( !o lon-er honors or res3ects(." *)al@s on an5 hates.PA.$te/ the 63oo/ o4 the 8o0e$)$t" 5he e5ith he 5)* *)$8ti4ie/" )$ . Lamsa – *Consi5ere5 the 7loo5 ((( as or5inary 7loo5(.$ho3y thi$1" an5 hath 5one 5es3ite unto the S3irit o+ -race?.T 0 – ).AT SI! IS IT? – (A3ostasy) . )il+ully – !ot Aust any /il+ul sin( Tal@in.$/e 4oot the So$ o4 -o/" an5 hath 8o. 8s35 – *Treats as /orthless the loo5 (((.+or o+ Au5-ment an5 +iery in5i-nation" /hich shall 5evour the )/0e *) ie*( .

2 e)8hi$1*(.$8e/< thei 4)ith have ma5e shi3/rec@: >+ /hom is .( Eincent6s )or5 Stu5ies – *>+ +ree /ill" as a /e3i6e )te )8t o4 the 5i33(.ymenaeus an5 A3e=)$/e (. T.else() D( A5versaries – This is /hat you65 7e li@e" i+ you truly lost your salvation( Lit – *Ho*ti3e O22o*e *.you can 5o acci5entally( Fou6re ON PURPOSE e$o.>U8. me**)1e(. (No 2 e**. I LICAL EMAHPLES $ Tim( $:0% – *Ho3/i$1 4)ith an5 a -oo5 conscienceC /hich some h)0i$1 his /or@s( >+ /hom you 7e/are alsoC +or he hath 0io3e$t3y o22o*e/ o.8> ACI" there6s nothin.E PASSA8E $( )il+ully – Stron-6s Concor5ance – *Vo3. e9 )$1e () *A /e3i6e )te9 2 e"me/i)te/ 8hoi8e(. Hont-omery – *((( mani+este5 6itte ho*ti3ity a-ainst me(. arclay – *. .ANT( This isnLt somethin.e8te/9 e$o.. E – *H)te * o4 -o/.$8i$1 #esus( 0( Ino/le5-e – E3i-nosis – Full @no/le5-e( 9( !o Further Sacri+ice( (#esus is it= Fou renounce . )il+ully – ItLs your /ill( ItLs 5h)t yo. 8eneva i7le – *)ithout cause" or occasion" or sho/ o+ occasion(.they coul5 -et 7ac@ in( . 0 Tim( D:$D-$& – *Ale4an5er the Co33ersmith 5i5 me much evil: the Lor5 re/ar5 him accor5in.( AUE – *Enemies. 8ives you an i5ea o+ /hat a 3erson /oul5 7e li@e( !ot /ishin.e 6itte 3y o22o*e/ o.t )5)y : e.$t) i3y.

oly 8host shall teach you in the same hour /hat ye ou-ht to say(.Christ( . .oly 8host it shall not 7e +or-iven( An5 /hen they 7rin.IH – *Trea5in.() &( 2es3ite Unto the S3irit o+ 8race – E.o/ much more severe /oul5 the 3unishment 7e +or the one /ho 5es3ises Christ? (Sorer than *5ie5 /ithout mercy.a 3erson( To 5iso/n as Lor5(. EL8 – *)ho has moc@e5 the S3irit o+ 8race(.E – *)orse 3unishment +or sho/in.un5er+oot the Son o+ 8o5" an5 Countin.. C>HPA.? Fou6re save5( 0( 2enieth He e+ore Hen – Arneomai – *To reAect in the +ace o+ a +ormer relationshi3(.his hate a-ainst the S3irit(.im" you6ll 7e +or-iven( I+ you *7las3heme the S3irit o+ 8race. *To 5eny 7y /ay o+ 5iso/nin.Hoses6 La/ an5 5es3isin.Fou can6t -et them to re3ent( They 5on6t /ant #esus( Fi-ht the -os3el at every turn( D( 2es3ise5 Hoses6 La/ – Consi5er unim3ortant" reAect" hate( The com3arison is ma5e 7et/een 5es3isin.E: Lu@e $0:B-$0 – *Also I say unto you" )hosoever shall 8o$4e** me 6e4o e me$" him shall the Son o+ man also con+ess 7e+ore the an-els o+ 8o5: ut he that /e$ieth (/i*o5$*) me 6e4o e me$ shall 7e 5enie5 (/i*o5$e/) 7e+ore the an-els o+ 8o5( An5 /hosoever shall s3ea@ a /or5 a-ainst the Son o+ man" it shall 7e +or-iven him: 7ut unto him that 7las3hemeth a-ainst the . Lamsa – *An5 has 63)*2heme/ the S3irit o+ 8race(. ()(E( Eine) 9( 2enie5 e+ore the An-els – *To renounce" 5eny utterly" a++irm that one has no connection /ith a 3erson(. I+ you s3ea@ a-ainst .5es3ite (7las3hemin-) the S3irit o+ 8race(. 7y 2IS>)!I!8 .is loo5 as an Unholy Thin-" an5 5oin. $( Con+ess He e+ore Hen – )hat ha33ens /hen you *Con+ess /ith your mouth the Lor5shi3 o+ #esus" an5 7elieve in your heart that 8o5 has raise5 him +rom the shall ans/er" or /hat ye shall say: For the .you unto the syna-o-ues" an5 unto ma-istrates" an5 3o/ers" ta@e ye no thou-ht ho/ or /hat thin.

a-in6s Ta3e – Soun5 Cli3 C>!CLUSI>!S F>U6LL C>HE T> D() There Are Guali+ications (Haturity) – *I 5on6t <uali+y" any/ay(.. &() )hat Fou65 . .>STILE >PP>SE.$/)tio$.7ut sue churches( )rites Atheist oo@s an5 Son-s( Au5io Cli3( ii() )oman on . ?() )hat An A3ostate Is Li@e – *That6s certainly 5oesn6t 5escri7e me=.ave To 2o – *I65 never 5o that=.: 2oes nothin.EAL-LIFE EMAHPLES )atch +or the List:          Enlightened Tasted of the Heavenly Gift Partakers of the HG Good Word of God Powers of the World to Come Crucify to themselves/Open hame Wilfully Trodden !nderfoot the on Hostile Opposer Can"t #enew Them !nto #epentance $ %on"t Want Christ i() 2an ar@er( PastorJEvan-elist +or $1 years( !o/ runs the *> ee/om > om Re3i1io$ >o.( .

1ht them" 7rin-in.IST.yourselves" /ho /ill su7tly an5 stealthily intro5uce heretical 5octrines" even 5enyin.chil5ren" saith the Lor5C +or I am marrie5 unto you(.an5 /i*o5$i$1 the M)*te .e lost his salvation(.s3o@en o+ in the true 3rover7" The 5o. oth the Calvinists an5 the Armenians have trou7le e43lainin. Harria-e – A Covenant( The covenant is still intact" even /hen you6re 7ac@sli55en( )hat 7rea@s the covenant? A3ostasy( )hat 5i5 they 5o? TU.e /as never save5(.e7( 9:$9() $ Cor( 9:$ – *An5 I" 7rethren" coul5 not s3ea@ unto you as unto s3iritual" 7ut as unto 8) $)3" even as unto 7a7es i$ Ch i*t(. T/o Ste3s – Entan-le5 a-ain in sin( ( ac@sli5in-() A!2 are >vercome( ac@sli5in.!E2 F.ho 6o.turns 7ac@ to his o/n vomit" an5" The so/ is /ashe5 only to /allo/ a-ain in the mire(.E .( Paul ha5 a thir5 o3tion( Carnal – *+lesh-rule5. Armenians: *.33" 3ersonalO 7$o53e/1e o+ our Lor5 an5 Savior #esus Christ" they )1)i$ 6e8ome e$t)$13e/ i$ them an5 are o0e 8ome" their last con5ition is /orse N+or themO than the +irst( For never to have o7taine5 a N+ull" 3ersonalO @no/le5-e o+ the /ay o+ ri-hteousness /oul5 have 7een 7etter +or them than" havin.PA.the 7ac@sli5er( Calvinists: *.>) C>UL2 PE>PLE 8ET T> T. $ 6)87 4 om the ho3y 8omm)$/me$t /hich /as Nver7allyO 5elivere5 to them( There has 7e+allen them the thin.u3on themselves s/i+t 5estruction( 0 Peter 0:0%-00 – *For i+" a+ter they have esca3e5 the 2o33.o7taine5 Nsuch @no/le5-eO" to t. ut" *I! C.5oesn6t cause you to lose your salvation( (2oes har5en your heart – .the 3eo3le" Aust as there /ill 7e +alse teachers amon..AT PLACE? 0 Peter 0:$ – * ut also there arose +alse 3ro3hets amon.T 9 – .>H T.>LF C>HHA!2HE!T – )hat6s the comman5ment? .tio$* o4 the 5o 3/ throu-h Nthe 4.( #eremiah 9:$D – *Turn" > 7ac@sli5in.

(To ma@e sore 7y ru77in-" irritate5() ESE – *A6)$/o$e/ thei 4o me 4)ith(. #ames6 )arnin#ames &:$'-0% – *B eth e$" i+ any o+ YOU (7elievers) 5o ERR >ROM THE TRUTH" an5 one convert himC Let him @no/" that he /hich converteth the sinner +rom the error o+ his /ay shall save a soul +rom 5eath" an5 shall hi5e a multitu5e o+ sins(.o( B:1" #a( D:D – an5 that coul5 lead to a3ostasy() *Ta@e hee5" 7rethren" lest there 7e in any o+ you an evil heart o+ un7elie+" in ?EPARTIN>ROM THE LIVIN. is the o33osite o+ 7ein.IPTU.5oesn6t cause you to lose your salvation( (2oes har5en your heart – .*overcome.e lin@s the 5eceit+ulness o+ sin /ith their 3ossi7le 5e3arture +rom the livin.E. . SC.ES The )anton )i5o/s $ Timothy &:$$-$0 – * ut the youn-er /i5o/s re+use: +or /hen they have 7e-un to /a4 /anton a-ainst Christ" they /ill marryC H)0i$1 /)m$)tio$" 6e8).the Christian +aith(. )anton – *To +eel the im3ulses o+ se4ual 5esire.( $ #ohn &:D-& – *For /hatsoever is 7orn o+ 8o5 overcometh the /orl5: an5 this is the victory that overcometh the /orl5" even our +aith( )ho is he that overcometh the /orl5" 7ut he that 7elieveth that #esus is the Son o+ 8o5?. 8) – *. ac@sli5in.$ #ohn 9:09 – *An5 this is his comman5ment" That /e shoul5 6e3ie0e o$ the $)me o4 hi* So$ Je*.e7( 9:$9 – an5 3ro5uces hostility to/ar5 8o5 – . (.e7re/s 9:$0-$9)( .*e they have 8)*t o44 thei 4i *t 4)ith(. A!2 >EE.eAectin.C>HE – ein.8o5( >T.* Ch i*t" an5 love one another" as he -ave us comman5ment(.an *overcomer.-O?" ut e4hort one another 5aily /hile it is calle5 To 5ayC lets any o+ you 7e HAR?ENE? throu-h the ?ECEIT>ULNESS o+ sin. (Thayer) A-ainst Christ – Ho++att – *Their /anton 5esires ma@e them 8h)4e a-ainst Christ(.

* i* the So$ o4 -o/?.Err – Plano – to se5uce( I+ any o+ you are se5uce5 +rom the Truth( >ne Convert .ymenaeus an5 Ale4an5er $ Tim( $:$'-0% – *Ho3/i$1 4)ith" an5 a -oo5 conscienceC /hich some havin.evelation )arnin-s .e7( $%:9&-9' – *Cast not a/ay there+ore your con+i5ence" /hich hath -reat recom3ense o+ re/ar5( For YE HAVE NEE? O> PATIENCE" that" a+ter ye have 5one the /ill o+ 8o5" ye mi-ht receive the 3romise( For yet a little /hile" an5 he that shall come /ill come" an5 /ill not tarry( !o/ the Aust shall live 7y +aith: 7ut i+ any man 5ra/ 7ac@" my soul shall have no 3leasure in him( ut .t )5)y 8o$8e $i$1 4)ith have ma5e shi3/rec@: >+ /hom is .im – *to turn 7ac@.2. BAC@ UNTO PER?ITION NAm3 . Another .ho i* he th)t o0e 8ometh the /orl5" 7ut he th)t 6e3ie0eth th)t Je*.E ARE NOT O> THEM . Hont-omery – * ut /e are not o+ /e4e8tio$* unto 3er5ition(.e7re/s )arnin.t o4 the 6oo7 o4 3i4e" 7ut I 5i33 8o$4e** hi* $)me 6e4o e my >)the " an5 7e+ore his an-els(.HO ?RA.O> THE SOUL.e Say .evelation 9:$-& – *An5 unto the an-el o+ the church in Sar5is /riteC These thin-s saith he that hath the seven S3irits o+ 8o5" an5 the seven starsC I @no/ thy /or@s" that thou hast a name ( e2. . .emem7er there+ore ho/ thou hast receive5 an5 hear5" an5 hol5 +ast" an5 re3ent( I+ there+ore thou shalt not /atch" I /ill come on thee as a thie+" an5 thou shalt not @no/ /hat hour I /ill come u3on thee( Thou hast a +e/ names even in Sar5is /hich have not /e4i3e/ thei 1) me$t* (*i$)C an5 they shall /al@ /ith me in /hite: +or they are /orthy( He th)t o0e 8ometh" the same shall 7e clothe5 in /hite raimentC an5 I 5i33 $ot 63ot o.t)tio$) that thou livest" an5 ) t /e)/( e /atch+ul" an5 stren-then the thin-s /hich remain" that are e)/y to /ie: +or I have not +oun5 thy /or@s 3er+ect 7e+ore 8o5( . 4)ith( . (to the truth() Save a soul +rom 5eath( . )ho 2i5 .e65 Con+ess – Lu@e $0:B – Con+ess me 7e+ore men( )ho )ere The >vercomers – $ #ohn &:D-& – *For 5h)t*oe0e i* 6o $ o4 -o/ o0e 8ometh the 5o 3/: an5 this is the victory that overcometh the /orl5" e0e$ o.eternal miseryOC BUT O> THEM THAT BELIEVE TO THE SAVIN.ymenaeus an5 Ale4an5erC /hom I have 5elivere5 unto Satan" that they may learn not to 7las3heme(.t hi* $)me o.

a/ay.u3 their o/n shame( )an5erin.a-o" un-o5ly (im3ious" 3ro+ane) 3ersons /ho 3ervert the -race (the s3iritual 7lessin. *o3e M)*te )$/ Lo /9 Je*.* Ch i*t (the Hessiah" the Anointe5 >ne)( 2escri3tion o+ an A3ostate v( B – They 5e+ile the +lesh" 5es3ise authority( v( $0 – S3ots in your +easts o+ charity( S3ots: *.ostile >33oser o+ the 8os3el( #u5e6s False Teachers Their Sin – 2iso/nin.Faith – Am3 – *.stars" to /hom is reserve5 the 7lac@ness o+ 5ar@ness +orever(. )E – *Iee3 on 7elievin-(./aves o+ the sea" +oamin.the +aith(.ol5in.themselves /ithout +ear – (Communion() Clou5s )ithout )ater – Loo@ 3romisin-" 7ut no su7stance( Trees /ithout +ruit( T)ICE 2EA2 .Lost (once 5ea5) ((( orn A-ain (alive) ((( A3ostasy (5ea5 a-ain)( . Sin@ shi3s( Fee5in. )e sa/ /hat @in5 o+ a 3erson Ale4an5er 7ecame – a .to your +aith in Christ(.ol5in. !i.a-in..+ast to +aith(. !LT – *Clin. Put A/ay Faith – !I#E – *Some have reAecte5 concernin.#esus #u5e $:D – *For certain men have cre3t in stealthily Ngaining entrance secretly by a side doorO( Their 5oom /as 3re5icte5 lon.E – *They have 5estroye5 their +aith(. !oyes – *Thrustin.oc@s in shallo/ /ater(.an5 +avor) o+ our 8o5 into la/lessness an5 /antonness an5 immorality" an5 /i*o5$ )$/ /e$y o. .

not the S3irit( Peter6s False Teachers 0 Peter 0:$ – * ut there /ere +alse 3ro3hets also amon.u3on themselves s/i+t 5estruction(.1ht them" an5 7rin. sin unto 5eath( A mature 7eliever renouncinChrist( Everyone else is covere5( Ie3t 7y the Po/er o+ 8o5( .you" /ho 3rivily shall 7rin.)or5s o+ Eanity – v( $B )ith Fei-ne5 )or5s Ha@e Herchan5ise o+ Fou – v( 9 – (!o sincerity( Easy Livin-() Every /arnin.s/ellin(arro-ant) /or5s" moc@ers" se3arate themselves (cause 5ivision)" sensual" havin.v( $? – Hurmurers" com3lainers" /al@in.3oints to a3ostasy( It is *the.eserve5 Forever – v( $1 8reat S/ellin. 2escri3tion – v( $%-$1 Shall Utterly Perish in their o/n Corru3tion .in 5amna7le heresies" even /e$yi$1 (/i*o5$i$1) the Lo / th)t 6o.$0 Cannot Cease +rom Sin – !o a7ility to re3ent – v( $D Forsa@en the .the 3eo3le" even as there shall 7e +alse teachers amon.a+ter their o/n lusts" their mouth s3ea@in.i-ht )ay – v( $& Hist o+ 2ar@ness .