Passion Victoria: The Beginning

Becky Wilde

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Even though she had applied for countless jobs from a cleaner. She saw herself as a plain normal woman who was down on her luck. when the heading of the last advertisement caught her eye: Room and board included for Cook.” Simone stammered. She had no family since she had been orphaned as a baby. only eating once a day trying in vain to ignore the incessant hunger pains which were becoming so bad. housekeeper. red headed female. The rent for her apartment was due and she had no means in which to pay it. She had been retrenched from her waitress job just over a week ago. three hours north of Melbourne. the answering emails were always the same. To apply for this position call 1600 passion that is 1600 7277406. blah.Chapter One Simone Angel sat at the small table in her one bedroom apartment sipping the last of her coffee as she looked through the employment section of the newspaper. She kept optimistic as she perused the paper hoping she would find a job soon or she would be out on the streets in the capital city of Melbourne in the state of Victoria. no food and was drinking the last of the coffee. Hours are from dawn to dusk. for which she was unqualified. She would get room and board as well as an income. She had been frugal with her food. in Australia. she had to physically stop herself from bending over to clutch her stomach. Simone was down to the second to last ad in the employment section of the paper. She would be able to save some money so she could buy herself a car or even a small apartment. She was a twenty one year old. . and as far as she knew had no living relatives. blah. with green eyes and freckles across the bridge of her nose. blah. She had no money besides the twenty dollars in her purse. unfortunately you have been unsuccessful. needed to care for three bachelor cowboys on the Triple R Ranch near the town of Passion. “You got any experience?” said the sexy male voice over the phone.” “Um ah. this was just what she needed. but was really in dire straits. I would like to apply for the position of cook and housekeeper that is advertised in the paper. she had always wanted to become a chef. Thank you for your application. Simone felt excitement flow throughout her. Picking up her mobile phone she dialed the number listed in the paper and waited for it to be answered. Then maybe she could go back to school. to a secretary. “Yeah. waitress.

Taking a deep breath. There seemed to be no guests in the lobby at the moment. Ten minutes later Simone heard the ping as an elevator arrived on the ground floor just passed the reception desk situated in the lobby. He was approximately six feet two inches with startling blue eyes and black hair. “Yes I can.” Simone stated. “Where are you calling from?” “From my apartment in the center of Melbourne. she grabbed her keys and purse heading out the door.” Simone answered. She fidgeted with her purse and mobile phone as she waited. It would have to do. she guessed his age to be around thirty.” “Who. The over all luxury of the place made her feel as if she was a little girl dreaming of visiting a palace. She was so nervous she couldn't sit still. “Good I'll see you in one hour. but I love cooking and I know how to clean. as long powerful denim encased legs carried him across the marble floor. Changing quickly into her clean clothes she brushed her long hair securing it with an elastic band into a pony tail. Spying a sitting area just to the left she headed over and took a seat.” Simone stated when she heard the call disconnect. I'm five feet six inches with green eyes. Can you be at this hotel within the hour for an interview?” The sexy male voice asked. Simone ran to her bedroom. Her eyes took in the marble floors. The tram had stopped right outside one of the most prestigious hotel's in the city. the place her interview was to be conducted. “You're lucky you called when you did. rummaged through her wardrobe for the best outfit she could find. Shit. high ceilings with chandeliers hanging from above. Slipping her feet into her best flat black work shoes. injecting a professional confident tone into her voice. only employees. She gasped in awe as the doors opened revealing a sexy hunk of a male as he exited. Don't be late.” Simone stated with a quick glance at the clock. “Alright I'll meet you in the lobby. His wide shoulders were encased in a flannel . I was about to head back home. What do you look like?” “Uh well I have red hair. in fact she had been so excited at the prospect of actually having an interview she was half an hour early for her appointment..“Well I was a waitress until I was retrenched. she made her way up the stairs to the lobby of the hotel. **** Simone got off the tram she had taken so she wouldn't be late for her interview. She could only stare at his loose limbed gait. which only turned out to be her waitress clothes of a black skirt with a white shirt.” Simone replied.

Not realizing her eyes showed the fire she felt at the question. as her gaze returned to his. She has the most expressive green eyes and face.” Simone replied with a vexed tone. as her heated gaze once more traveled the length of his body.shirt and his hair was covered with a battered looking cowboy hat. “Seven a. it engulfed her hand with a warm callused clasp as she returned the greeting. “Simone Angel. “She's a feisty little thing. average height with red hair. Thank you. “The names Sam.” “If I give you this job you are going to be working from dawn until dusk.” Sam stated. He didn't look at her again.m. She wrote down her address for Samson Ramsay handing it to him with a smile which lit up her whole face. sorry Sam.” “You mean I'm hired?” Simone asked with hope. She has a sprinkling of freckles across the .” “Make sure you are because I wait for no one. His eyes connected with hers as he headed to the reception desk and she gasped with nervousness as he changed direction heading straight for her. Will that give you enough time to pack up your belongings and contact your family to let them know where you're going?” “Yes it will. so much. Ramsay. I called you. What time do you want to leave?” Simone asked. You won't regret it I promise. she nearly singed the hair from my head. As soon as Sam got back to his room. Mister. “I'll be ready at seven a. but he could feel her watching him until he was no longer visible.” Sam said by way of greeting. Are you willing to leave your home early tomorrow morning? I need to get back to the ranch before noon. Does that bother you?” “I've never been afraid of hard work Mr. “I think I've found her. “Yes. “My name is Samson Ramsay. he picked up the phone and called his brother's. Simone jumped to her feet as he came to a stop in front of her. His hand was huge.m. “That's what I said little lady. I presume you're the woman who called about the job?” Samson asked.” “Thank you.” she said placing her hand in his. You should have seen the heat shooting from her eyes. Then turned on his heel heading towards the elevators once more. Give me your address Simone and I'll pick you up in the morning. He held out his hand to shake in greeting.” Simone stated with gratitude.

“Of course I hired her.bridge of her nose and man does she have some curves. .” Sam paused as he listened. Yeah see you tomorrow. he had just about given up all hope of finding the perfect female for him and his brothers.” Sam couldn't believe his luck.

He placed it on the backseat then headed to the drivers door. “Is your family okay with you moving?” “I don't have a family Mr.” Simone walked to the passenger side door and hopped into the truck. “Come on. Looking back he realized Simone hadn't moved.Chapter Two Simone was waiting on her doorstep with her suitcase at her feet and purse slung over her shoulder when a black four door truck pulled up to the curb. I was lucky enough to obtain the lea se for it. She watched his large capable hands as he maneuvered through the cars and shifted the stick through the gears. We need to head out. He waited until she had her seat belt on before he headed the truck out into the traffic. He didn't talk to her as he headed out of the city. get in.” Sam didn't know what to say to that so he said nothing. “Yes. He leaned down and picked her suitcase up then headed to the truck. She watched as Sam got out of the truck heading towards her. “You okay about sharing a house with three males?” . “Is this it?” Sam asked unbelievably. Sam didn't comment about the dilapidated building which looked about ready to fall down. I am an orphan.” Simone replied. concentrating as the peak hour traffic began to build up. He glanced down at the small suitcase on the step then looked back to her. Ramsay. Once they were on the open highway he seemed to relax a little in the drivers seat. the apartment came fully furnished and equipped.

make yourself at home. “Sorry I didn't mean to fall asleep. The house was quite large and looked to be well maintained. I didn't get much sleep last night.” “How many people will I be cooking for?” “Just my brothers and me.” Sam stated as he walked out the front door.” Simone realized Sam wasn't much into conversing so she turned to the side window and watched as the country sped by. The outside had white weathered boards and a large deck covered with a curved metal roof over the veranda. then straightening her shoulders headed to the kitchen to rustle up something to feed three large hard working men. It had all the latest modern stainless steel appliances and there was a dishwasher as well. She had no idea whether they had enough of a food supply and she felt a bit uncomfortable about the abrupt non communicative responses Sam gave. Simone woke up suddenly as the truck passed over a metal grate. “I'll show you to your room at lunchtime but I need to head off.” “Don't worry about it. She began to feel drowsy as the miles progressed. the ranch hands all have their own houses in the surrounding areas. “Since you're rested up you should be able to have lunch prepared for me and my brothers around one o'clock.” “No problem. “Horses and cattle. Not knowing if she was supposed to serve a .“I'm used to sharing Sam. Oh god. Sam stopped the truck outside a long sprawling ranch house. She rummaged through the cupboards to familiarize herself to where everything was. See you at one. Simone sighed. She followed him in the door where he showed her the bathroom in case it was required then the kitchen. The kitchen was a dream. I was brought up in an orphanage.” “Mm” “What do you raise on your ranch?” Simone asked curiously.” Simone replied. She'd had hardly any sleep last night. I'll drop you at the house with your suitcase. She noticed a door off the left of the kitchen and upon opening it spied a large walk in pantry with a chest freezer. which ran between the gates of the Triple R Ranch.” Sam replied. she was too excited by the prospect of her new position and the quiet interior of the car with the droning of tires on the tarmac soon had her eyes closing. what had sh e gotten herself into? She was supposed to have lunch on the table within three hours. They arrive every morning and leave every night. Sorry I don't have time to give you a tour but I have an appointment in the stables with the vet.

Yes. She'd rather overdo it for the working men rather than serve them sandwiches for the first meal she prepared for them. she had to take a step back and crane her neck so she could look him in the eye. we know we could pass for triplets and we know the only differences are our height. How in the hell was she going to be able to work with the three sexiest men she had ever met and not let on how she felt. he released her waist and took a seat at the table. Conner and Griffith. Sam was the shortest of the three brothers. Griffith came to stand in front of her. When she was steady on her feet. she decided to go for the larger meal. She was in big trouble. Conner leaned down and planted a kiss on her cheek. and Conner is the one in the middle. they all looked exactly the same.” he stated. she could feel her pussy clenching with desire and her panties were becoming damp as she stood staring at the three sexy men. She quickly cut the lasagna into large pieces placing them on three plates then cut a small piece for herself. then slid her body down the length of his until her feet were back on the ground. Sucking in a deep breath she turned back to the counter for her plate of food and turned to the table. The only seat left was in between Sam and . she craned her neck but he was too close for her to be able to meet his eyes. dining room. If you remember that the shortest of us is the oldest and the boss. he is also the youngest. It would have been difficult to tell them apart. He leaned down and placed a light tender kiss on her lips. She gave a squeak of protest as Griffith placed massive hands around the span of her small waist. except for the differences in their size.” he stated with a wink then turned to take his seat at the table. those are my brother's. we'll get along just fine. Simone closed her mouth with a click as her teeth connected. She had just finished placing the plates on the table when three large handsome sexy males walked into the kitchen. He towered over her. She already had the salad and bread rolls on the table with cutlery as well as glasses and a jug of homemade lemonade. Simone had just pulled the lasagna from the oven when she heard a truck pull up near the house. They were huge. Her nipples tingled as she felt them puckering into hard peaks. “Nice to meet you Simone. The other two were approximately six four and six six. The tallest of us is Griffith. you wouldn't want to catch any flies.cooked lunch or sandwiches. she had never met strange men who were so affectionate and they didn't even know her. then picked her up until her feet were dangling in mid air and her eyes were on a level with his.” the largest male stated with a smirk. Simone stood rooted to the spot. “Close your mouth darlin'. “Simone.” Conner stated as he walked up to stand in front of Simone. “Nice to meet you Simone. “That food sure smells good honey. She hadn't realized it was gaping until she had been told.” Sam stated with a grin at his brothers then took a seat at the table.

Her stomach must have shrunk in size and lasagna was such a heavy meal that she felt full after a couple of bites. so she bent her head and concentrated on her meal. Taking another deep calming breath.” Griffith stated. I'll see you at dinner time. There was no way she could tell them she was only used to one light meal a day for the last week. you or one of your brothers should be sleeping in here not me. When the men had finished eating. The men had already started eating before she'd even sat. the housekeeper. you don't eat enough to keep a bird alive. “My brother's and I already have our own rooms Simone. “Yes I'm just not feeling very hungry at the moment. “You'd better.Griffith. “Thanks for lunch little darlin'.” Sam stated.” Simone stated as she took in the huge bed. since she hadn't had any money to buy more food. “You need to eat more little darlin'. “Thanks honey. I haven't done much to make me very hungry. She stared after them with a glazed look in her eyes. It was obvious she was not used to much human contact. I'll show you to your room so you can get settled after you've cleaned up the dishes.” Simone stated as she looked into the concerned blue eyes of Griffith. “Simone don't you like your own cooking?” Sam asked as he watched her pick at her food. “There must be some mistake Sam.” Griffith stated as he walked over to her. He led her down a long hallway to a room at the very end. she walked to the table placing her plate down and pulled her chair back to take her seat. Simone's mouth gaped as she watched him leave. “If you would follow me baby. I could feel your ribs when I picked you up. He ushered her inside the large bedroom and watched her face fill with awe as she took in her bedroom. this is the only one left at this end of the house unoccupied.” she stated. The built in wardrobe run the length of the huge room. We all decided you should have your own bathroom and since this is the only . “I usually do eat more. Sam watched as she gaped after his affectionate brothers. This is the master bedroom.” Conner stated as he planted a kiss on her temple just before he left. they all took their plates to the sink then turned back to Simone. it was large enough to hold the clothes of four people.” he stated. The bed would swallow her whole. as Conner had chosen the seat right across from her. It was much larger than a king size bed so it must have been especially made. planted a kiss on he lips and left the room. as he grasped her hand in his pulling her to her feet. I guess I'm just a bit tired. not listening to the banter going on around her until one of the men called her name.

By the time the buzzer of the oven was reminding her it was time to put the vegetables in the oven to cook. She decided they were definitely meat eaters and would not put up with rabbit food. in fact it had been downright painful and she was not eager to repeat the experience. She noted the main bathroom needed a good clean. She prepared the vegetables and set them in a bowl of water on the counter covering them with a clean dish towel. They seemed to have a magnetic power which drew her eyes to them and set her body on fire.” Sam stated as he placed a kiss on her cheek before he left. They obviously worked hard. She made an apple pie placing it on the lower shelf of the oven to cook and then made her way through the house. She had never been kissed or cuddled in her entire life. placing it on the bed so she wouldn't have to bend down to empty it. Simone had seen a hunk of meat in the fridge that she had decided to make a pot roast out of for dinner. I'll see you at dinner time with an en suite this is now your room. which most men she had known used the colloquial term for salad.” Sam stated over his shoulder as he left the room. she knew she was going to have to cook three filling meals a day. and if the men could eat the amount they did and not have an ounce of fat to show for it. She was going to have to be very careful not to let any of her feelings show. I have to get back to work. Even though she hadn't been able to eat much recently and didn't eat a quarter of the amount of food the men had put away at lunch time. she had the bathroom gleaming with cleanliness. The timber floors needed a good wash as well as the kitchen. she was going to have to prepare a menu and try to cook a few meals she could freeze in case she ran out of time or was just too tired to cook. there was a mop hanging on a hook on the laundry wall. “I want you to treat this like you would your own home Simone. set the timer on the oven then got to work. She set about listing the ingredients stored in the pantry and freezer and then making a list of food she would need to buy from the store. Simone quickly went back to the kitchen. True to his word Sam brought her suitcase in to her room. Looking under the laundry sink she found cleaning products and a bucket. I'll go get your suitcase. If you have a need of anything and can't find it just let one of us know and we'll get it for you. Simone cleaned up the kitchen and had the dishwasher running before she decided to plan the evening meal. Simone was going to have to try to get used to living with affectionate men. But there was something about the three men she had been hired to cook and clean for. Once she was finished writing her lists she prepared the meat and placed it in the oven to cook slowly. the house needed a vacuum and dusting. The sex had not been pleasurable at all. the dusting had been done and she had most of the washing out on the line to dry in the spring sun and . as long as your chores are done we don't care what you do in your spare time. The floors were vacuumed and washed. She wasn't a virgin she'd had sex once with a colleague from work which had turned out to be an utter disaster as far as she was concerned. She found the laundry which was overflowing with dirty clothes so she put on a load while she was in the room.

air. Surely you don't want to spend all your spare time cleaning?” Sam asked logically. There were another four bedrooms down this end of the house. she set the table and prepared the finishing touches to the meal. She decided she would broach the subject over dinner. “Go ahead. They kept their faces blank. trying to keep her anger hidden. Simone had just placed the meal in dishes on the table as they walked into the kitchen. She washed her hands in the kitchen. Why the hell wasn't she given one of these bedrooms away from the men rather than living down their end of the house. What's on your mind?” Sam asked. “You've had a busy day. When everything was cooking she again set the timer on the oven. We aren't slave drivers. She was only the housekeeper for goodness sakes. . If I know where everything is as well as what supplies you already have and what is needed. Opening each door as she went along she became angrier and angrier. placed the vegetables in the oven and checked on her cooling apple pie. You don't have to do everything in one day you know. She hadn't ventured down to the other end of the house yet but decided tomorrow would be soon enough as she felt exhaustion weighting down her shoulders. “We don't want you working yourself ragged baby.” “Well make sure you don't make yourself sick little darlin'. Why use more of the house when it's not necessary? It would only mean more for you to clean baby. I can plan ahead. “I just wanted to get everything organized so I could get into a routine.” Simone stated. that's when curiosity got the better of her so she ventured to the opposite side of the house. She should not be living amongst them. “Can I ask you something?” Simone asked. One had it's own bathroom and there was another main bathroom and toilet off the long hallway. She heard the three men come in around six o'clock and head down the hall to clean up.” Griffith stated. haven't you angel?” Conner stated as he took his place at the table. Making her way back to the kitchen she got back to work. as they looked back at her. She opened the door to another long hallway which had several doors along the length. we won't be cracking a whip if something isn't done.” Sam stated. The three men looked at her and saw the fire shooting from her expressive green eyes. “No more than usual. “Why have you given me the master bedroom when you have four other bedrooms down the other end of the house? I thought staff were supposed to live separate from their employers?” Simone asked curiously. “We don't use that end of the house unless we have guests.

Sam and Con gently pulled her jeans the rest of the way down her legs and off over her feet. I don't know if she has any experience with men. In our bed with us. Again she just picked a few bites of food from her plate as exhaustion swamped her.” Con stated as he adjusted the erection in his jeans.Simone could see the logic behind his reasoning. She was astounded at the amount of food they could consume in one meal. Sam moved to the bed and pulled the covers down so his brother could place the feminine bundle in his arms on the bed. “She's not used to people touching her. He scooped her into his arms and headed to her bedroom at the end of the hallway. “You picked well big brother. Griff quickly pulled the cover up over the little woman covering the sweet temptation of her body from their eyes. “I know slow and gentle. We are going to have to touch her as much as possible so she becomes comfortable having us near her. All the possessions she had was in one small pitiful suitcase. it looked ready to fall down. The men dug into their meal as if it would be their last. Sam and Con removed a shoe each as Griff undid her jeans to gently slide them over her rounded hips. They all sucked in a breath when they saw the red curls covering her mound. she didn't have any underwear on. Griff stepped back so Con could open the bedroom door. didn't see how it could matter. “I love a woman who doesn't wear underwear. She has no living relatives. We don't want to scare her away until we have her where we want her. You should have seen the dump she lived in. He didn't need to look back to see if his brother's followed. That little girl is so full of passion she nearly burns us with her eyes.” Sam stated to his brothers. Apparently she grew up in an orphanage from the time she was a baby. Since she was only a new employee she decided not to rock the boat too early and shrugged instead of answering Sam. but since she was the one doing the cleaning.” . She would have fallen into him and maybe to the floor otherwise.” Griff stated. he could feel them behind him. He held up his hands in defense as Sam and Griff glared at him. so we are going to have to take things slowly. I don't think she had much money. She felt her eyelids grow heavy as the men conversed with each other over their meal. Griffith caught Simone as she tilted to the side of her chair in slumber. We are going to have to be really careful with her. Her head slumped forward on her shoulders as she finally lost the fight with sleep.

She yawned and stretched as she tried to wake her sluggish body from a good nights sleep. Sam. **** Simone made a cottage pie out of the left over meat from the pot roast with vegetables as side dishes. She gasped with panic as she realized where she was and that she had slept through breakfast. . Glancing at the bedside clock noting it was just passed nine am she grabbed some clean jeans and a T-shirt from the closet and hurried into the bathroom. avoiding their gazes. She was going to have to brazen it out and pretend one of them had not seen her naked. She was mortified that one of them had seen her half naked. They watched her scurry around the kitchen tidying the pots and dishes into stacks.Chapter Three Simone awoke to sunshine streaming through the window. There was only one thing she could do. She had everything ready for lunch as she heard the three brothers enter the kitchen. If only she'd had time to wash and dry the only pair of worn out panties she had before moving she would not be in this predicament. The meal was set out on the table in serving dishes. “Fuck who took my clothes off? Oh god no.” she covered her eyes with her hands as she realized that one of those sexy men had removed her shoes and jeans. Con and Griff all noticed the red tinge of embarrassment on Simone's cheeks but didn't comment on it. She was never going to be able to look them in the eye again. She flung the covers back and gave a shriek of embarrassment as she saw the naked half of her lower body.

What do you mean we? Who the hell undressed me for goodness sakes?” Simone yelled as she looked at Sam then Conner and Griffith.” Simone stated.” Sam stated with angst. “We. You have to remember we're usually only around men most of the time.” Griffith stated. as he got to his feet and left the room. we would have left your jeans on. We were just playing around. It's been less than twenty four hours. There was no point pulling them back up when we already had them half off. we have seen naked women before. She felt tears of humiliation prickle her eyes as they sat grinning at her.“When do you think you'll get over your embarrassment baby? You have nothing to be embarrassed about. I'm sorry we upset you. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders keeping her in place while he talked some sense into her. “Well fuck. You are a sexy intelligent female and we should have taken that into account before we started in on our teasing. I realize that was a mistake because you're not one of the boys. we. that's not the reaction I expected. We know you are not used to b eing around a lot of people.” Conner stated with a lascivious grin. “We didn't mean to hurt you're feelings little darlin'. We were only treating you like we would one of the boys. We are all going to have to learn to compromise if we are to live in a reasonably happy environment. Her face felt so red and hot she was sure she could fry an egg on it.” Griff stated. “If we'd known you didn't have on any panties angel. “Oh my god.” Sam stated trying to keep the grin from his face. I needed Sam and Con to help me get you undressed and into bed. She had never been so embarrassed in her entire life. Griffith found her on the front veranda looking into space with tears streaming down her face. You have to give her some time to get to know us better Con. They couldn't contain their mirth any longer they all burst out laughing. If you try not to take our . “She is.” Griffith said as he walked up behind her. We weren't trying to embarrass or humiliate you Simone. You fell asleep right here at the kitchen table. let alone three men who have the social etiquette of barn animals. She turned away from them and ran from the room sobbing. I thought you said she was feisty Sam?” Con asked his brother. We would never say anything to humiliate or embarrass you on purpose. and we are not used to the sensitive feelings of a female. “I want you to listen to me Simone. “All of us little darlin'. When she didn't turn around and continued to ignore him Griffith grasped her shoulders and pulled her back up against the long hard length of his muscular body. “I'll go see if I can calm her down. I caught you i n my arms before you slid to the floor. Give her a break.

I'm sorry I over reacted. What do you say Simone? Do you think we can give it a try and see how things pan out?” “Okay Griffith. She was feeling much better after Griff had come and spoken to her. She never would have believed such a giant of a man would take the time to speak to her and make sure she was comfortable in her new environment. “Do you know how to ride a horse. Simone?” Sam asked out of the blue.teasing to heart. it engulfed her to the point where hers was hardly visible. Are you sure you want to teach me Griff?” “Yeah I'm sure.” “Well since you are going to be living and working on a ranch I think you should learn. That was never our intention. Conner is Con and Samson is Sam. If we do anything that makes you feel embarrassed. “Now how about we go back inside and eat lunch. but I’ve never been on a horse in my life. I'm sorry if I over reacted.” They ate lunch companionably and Simone listened as they discussed things they needed to get done. Since Griff has the most patience out of all of us I think he should teach you to ride.” “Um if you think so Sam.” “I'm sorry too honey. You need to know how to ride just in case anything happens and just for the sheer pleasure of it.” Griff led her back inside by the hand.” Con stated. You'll have fun little darlin'. If you do something which annoys us we'll let you know as well.” he stated as he placed his hands on her shoulders gently turning her to face him. “Sorry we upset you baby. We didn't set out to hurt your feelings. You won't want to be on a horse too long the first time or you're not going to be able to move much tomorrow. She knew they were going to be great friends. “It's alright Sam. Let's just forget it ever happened and eat our lunch. His hand was huge. no one calls me Griffith unless their pissed at me. Once you get the hang of it you'll probably want to spend all your spare time riding. cause I'm starving. “My name's Griff little darlin'. “It's okay. He was such a gentle giant.” Simone said as she wiped the tears fr om her cheeks. I'll take you for a ride after lunch for a little while. “Uh no. we will try to tone our teasing down so it's more suitable for female company. He seated her at the table and took his own seat next to her. humiliated or unhappy you are going to have to tell us because we may not even realize we have gone too far.” “All right.” .” Sam stated as he looked her in the eyes.

I think I'm going to love learning to ride. “Likewise Simone.” Griff said as he wrapped his tree trunk of an arm around her waist. That's it. and led the giant of a horse out of the stable. as he let go of Simone's hand. “I want you to swing a leg over the horses head so you're straddling him like I am.” Simone greeted with a friendly smile. There was another man in the stables saddling one of the biggest horses Simone had ever seen. This is Chris Walker. Chris this is Simone Angel our new cook and housekeeper.” Simone held in her shriek of fear as the horse started walking by some unseen command Griff had given. Horses can sense your fear.” “Pleased to meet you Chris. I'll lead him out but I'm going to need you to help Simone up on his back with me.” . Just lean back against me. It had a black coat and the longest legs. “You need to relax Simone. Chris grasped her waist and gave her a boost as Griff pulled her up into his lap. “You need to come over here little darlin' so Chris can give you a boost up whilst I pull you up by your hand.” Simone moved closer to the horse so she could reach the hand Griff held out to her. “There's nothing to be afraid of Simone. Thunder's ready to go. It was always one of my dreams when I lived in the orphanage. Simone tried to yank her hand out of Griff's so she could back away from the monster.” “It doesn't have to be a dream anymore angel. “I won't let you fall Simone. Griff helped Simone clean up the kitchen and load the dishwasher. Okay you're all set boss. Thanks Chris.” Con stated with a smile. After lunch was finished Con and Sam headed back to work. Simone watched as Griff mounted the stallion with practiced ease.” “Thanks Chris.“Thank you. She was sitting so stiff Griff knew she would have toppled to the ground already if he hadn't been holding her against him securely. you'll be able to ride whenever you like. She's never b een on a horse before. good girl. Once you learn. he's one of our hands.” Griff stated. When everything was back in it's place Griff led her out to the stables. She was glad he had asked Chris to help her as the horse was so big she wouldn't be able to get her foot high enough to get it into the stirrups. I wouldn't let you get hurt. I promise I won't let you fall. She was sitting on his hard thighs with both legs on the same side of the horse.

” “I can make do until I've earned my first pay Griff. “I can't afford anymore until my first pay check. Griff pulled her into his body more securely as he urged the horse into a trot. Griff slowed Thunders pace until they were once again moving at a slow walk. but she had washed it in the shower this morning and it was still hanging over a rail to dry. Simone could feel the hard muscles of Griff's thighs beneath her legs and ass as they moved with the horse. Sam's gonna thrash your ass for not asking for an advance. She settled back using Griff's large body as the horse walked along at a slow pace. She should have realized she would need a bra to ride a horse. She felt the unmistakable bulge under the cheeks of her ass as she squirmed then froze so she wouldn't incite Griff any further. holding her breasts to stop the painful movement.” “Alright. “One. Why don't you wear any underwear Simone?” “Um. He finally urged Thunder into a canter. It's common decency for you to be able to g et some underwear.Simone began to relax as she became more accustomed to the gentle rocking motion of the horse. Especially now that you're learning to ride a horse. And I for one do not want them stopping their work just to ogle your bouncing beauties. as she had not put her only bra on that morning. She squirmed a little trying to find a more comfortable position as her lower abdomen pooled with liquid heat.” Simone looked down to hide her red cheeks as she replied. Her breasts were bouncing too much. She was going to have to buy some underwear with her first pay check.” . I'll ask Sam for an advance as soon as I see him at dinner tonight. “Who said anything about charity for God sakes. I don't need charity.” Simone stated in a haughty voice. She could feel her labia and panties becoming damp as she rode on Griff's lap. You'll be learning in the corral close to the stables where all the ranch hands will be able to see you. using his body to move Simone's with the rhythm of the horse.” “Why didn't you ask for an advance on your first pay check? Sam would give you one if you told him you need it.” “Fuck Simone. “You can let go now little darlin'. I'm sorry but I only have one bra left that's decent enough to wear and I washed it this morning. She moved one hand and arm to her chest to stop them bouncing. What about panties? How many of those do you have?” he asked as he placed a finger under her chin turning her head up and back to meet his hot blue gaze. He gave a chuckle as Simone grabbed at his arm with the increased pace.

I won't have time to prepare a decent meal for you three.“Good.” Simone stated vehemently. “Let me know if you need any help won't you little darlin'.” Simone couldn't wait to get off Griff's lap. Maybe he didn't think she could feel it. “We'll talk about it tonight over dinner Simone. “make sure you do little darlin' or I'll be telling him for you.” Griff opined. His arm was wrapped around her body.” Griff said with a chuckle. just underneath her breasts.” “Then I suggest we start back.” “I can tell you now you three guys are not going to be telling me wha t to do all the time. I'm not going to stand for it Griff. I am an employee not your little sister. It was driving her to distraction having his warm hard thighs cradling her body. just held on for the ride. Simone groaned as she wrapped her hand and arm across her chest. 'cause otherwise you won't be getting any dinner. . He seemed to have no problem that she could feel his big hard erection poking into her buttocks. Simone didn't respond to his rhetorical statement. with no one to answer to once I left the orphanage at the age of sixteen. She hoped he wouldn't make the horse canter again otherwise she was going to have to hold her chest so they wouldn't bounce onto Griff's arm. I've been on my own for a long time. Just as she finished that thought Griff turned the horse around and seemingly without movement urged it into a canter.

baby. just sat listening while the men talked.” Sam stated as he ran a finger down her soft silky cheek. We won't put you in any danger. Con headed to the living room to watch the news and she didn't notice where Griff headed. She could feel liquid heat pooling low in her belly and her clit was a throbbing ache. Simone listened as they talked about the breeding program to produce more beef which would be the best beef in the country. The three men were driving her insane. Thanks Sam. they all sat down at the table to eat. yet they each effected her as their deep masculine bass sent goose bumps traveling along her spine. so you don't have to be afraid about being up so high. She had dinner prepared on time. I'm not used to being so far off the ground. gentle mare. “I know.” Simone said before she turned and walked back to the house. “How was your ride baby?” “Okay I guess. Griff maneuvered Thunder close to Sam so he could help Simone down from the big horse. She could smell her own desire emanating from her pussy. When dinner was finished Sam went to the study to catch up on some paperwork. He kept his hands around her waist until he was sure she was steady on feet. . If they kept this up she was going to do something she knew she would regret. They took every opportunity to touch her.” “You'll adjust Simone. She didn't converse much during the meal. Their voices were all so different.Chapter Four They arrived back at the ranch in time to see Sam walking out of the barn. God she hoped they couldn't smell her too. He slid her down the length of his frame until her feet were once again on the ground. He reached up grasping her around the waist with his large hands and pulled her up against his big muscular body. I'd better get dinner started. We'll start you off on a much smaller. Her jeans were damp and the seam of her jeans were rubbing on her clit.

The only way she could see her way around the issue was to pretend she didn't care about the way they touched her. “Simone didn't you have something to ask Sam?” Griff's voice broke her from her reverie as he entered the living room. .Simone got busy cleaning up the kitchen and putting the dishwasher on. “Why couldn't you ask me Simone?” Sam asked with intrigue. don't remind me.. “Who do you three think you are for God sakes? Why do you think you have the right to order me around as if I was a child? I am not a fucking baby. I'm going to put you over my knee and tan your ass. Simone headed to the living room to watch some television before settling in for the night. She put a load of wash in so she could hang it out to dry in the morning.” Con stated again.” Sam stated. as he looked at her expectantly.. but no doubt she would be soon.. then set about organizing a menu for the next day..” “What Simone is trying to say is she needs an advance on her salary as she has no money and no underwear. Simone felt color rise in her cheeks.” Conner stated in a firm voice as he looked at Simone. as he looked at her red face.” “If you don't watch that mouth angel. “You have nothing to be embarrassed about baby. “What?” “You need to ask Sam a question. I've seen you nearly naked remember?” “Oh shit.” Griff stated. She needs to buy some underwear especially a bra so she can ride a horse comfortably. don't ya little girl?” Griff said with wink in her direction. “Try me. “I um. Sam and Con were sitting on the sofa so Simone walked over and sat in one of the large arm chairs. Yeah like she could keep that up indefinitely.” Simone stated with ire.” “Just spit it out baby. She was screwed. sexy cowboys touching and kissing her at every turn. She was going to give herself away eventually. “Um ah the thing is. that is to say. “You wouldn't dare!” Simone goaded through narrowed eyes. not yet. She thought about how the hell she was going survive with three big brawny. You can ask me anything.. as Griff asked the question she was too embarrassed to ask herself.

whack whack. “Oh yeah she likes it alright. She didn't even realize she was pushing her hips up into the path of his hand.” Con stated as he moved back onto the sofa.” Simone moaned as Con ran the tip of a finger along the inside of her pussy lips.Conner didn't give her time to move away. grabbed her around the waist and threw her over his shoulder. “Don't just stand there. we're watching. God what was he doing to her? Why was she getting horny from having her ass spanked? Whack. the first smack on her ass shocked her into immobility.” “We are baby. You are so wet honey. “You hit me one more time and I'm not going to make anymore of your meals. “Let me up you fucking barbarian. or so she thought. Smack. as he ran his hand down the seam of her ass until a finger brushed against her swollen wet labia. “Put me down you big ass. Her whole body convulsed as her muscles clenched and released with ecstasy. kicked and hit out at him. Sam placed Simone down on the large bed and followed her down. you just goaded me one time too many. What the fuck are you doing?” “I warned you sugar. placing Simone over his lap holding her down with a large hand in the middle of her back as she bucked. Who made you king?” Whack. You'll be watching my ass at it leaves this fucking ranch. He sat down. smack. She turned her head trying to look up and saw that Griff and Sam were watching. she felt like she was going to explode. What that hell was up with that? She didn't even like sex let alone being spanked. He took her mouth with a gentle persuasive kiss. picked her up and slung her over his shoulder striding into the master bedroom at the end of the hall. He undid her jeans with his other hand and pulled them down over her ass. do something. She couldn't believe he had just hit her. He didn't have to look back to know his brothers were right on his heels. “You like that don't ya angel?” Con asked. Simone screamed as an orgasm careened through her. Simone could feel the heat from her ass tingling down her thighs around the front to her clit. Simone was mortified at how her body had reacted to a spanking. Seeking entry to her mouth by sliding his tongue along the seam of her lips until . whack whack. Placing a large warm palm over one of her ass cheeks he rubbed it with soothing strokes. If Con hit her again. he moved from the sofa like lightening.” Sam stated with a smile. “You just cum didn't you baby?” Sam asked his rhetorical question.” Whack. smack. He moved forward.

she opened to gasp in a breath. Sam made the most of the opportunity sliding his tongue in between her lips and teeth, mating his tongue with hers. Simone was drowning in the taste of Sam. She could spend all day kissing his warm wet mouth, tasting of mint and warm male. She groaned as slid his tongue along hers, feeling molten lava pool low in her belly making her clit throb with need. Sam weaned his lips from hers and moved back slightly looking down into her eyes. “You are so sexy baby,” he stated before he took her mouth again. Simone felt the mattress dip on the other side of her body, she pulled her mouth away from Sam to gasp in a breath of air, turning her head to see Griff lying next to her. Griff placed a gentle grip on her chin holding her head still between his thumb and index finger, then he swooped down and covered her mouth with his. His kiss was so full of passion and emotion Simone felt tears prick the back of her eyes. Sighing she closed her eyes and gave herself over to the pleasurable feelings running throughout her body. Griff swept his tongue into Simone's mouth, tasting her inner sweetness. He couldn't get enough of her. He moved the palm of his hand placing it onto her smooth flat belly. When she didn't protest he slid his hand underneath her T-shirt to feel her warm silky skin. Sliding his hand up further he enclosed one voluptuous breast within his warm palm to knead and massage the soft mound. Simone arched her body into his hand demanding more of his touch. He grasped her hard nipple between his thumb and finger gently rolling then pinching the turgid peak. Simone felt another pair of hands at the waist of her jeans and her button was pulled from the button hole then her zipper was lowered. She wanted to moan out her objection but then felt Griff's fingers pulling and plucking at her nipple, distracting her with the wonderful sensations flowing through her. Con pulled Simone's jeans down over her hips and off her legs until her lower body was completely naked. He looked his fill before sliding his hands up the inside her thighs spreading her legs. He slid down the bed until his face was level with her crotch. Gently using the thumbs of both hands he spread her lips to see the engorged sensitive flesh dewed with moisture. Inhaling her intoxicating scent he lowered his head and slid his tongue between her folds, licking her from her ass to her clit. Sam moved up to her other breast pushing her T-shirt up over the top of her breasts so he could have access to her sweet dusky coral pink nipple. He moved his head down to her chest sucking her hard nipple into his mouth, flicking the tip back and forth with his tongue. Simone was being inundated with pleasure. It was enough to drive her insane. She wanted them to stop but knew if they did she would scream with frustration. “Please, stop. It's too much,” she cried out.

“No honey, it's not enough,” Con stated when he lifted his head slightly away from her pussy. “Do you really want us to stop baby?” Sam asked with concern as he looked into her eyes. “No. Yes. No, please don't stop. You're killing me.” The three men didn't respond, just went back to pleasuring Simone. She felt as if she was going to fall apart. How could anyone survive feeling so much pleasure? Con slid a finger into the depths of her wet pussy. Sliding his finger in and out of her channel as he sucked on her clit; whilst Sam and Griff laved, sucked and pinched at a breast and nipple each. They took turns at her mouth with their own. Simone could feel the muscles in her vagina coiling tighter and tighter as Con slid his finger over a particular sensitive spot inside her cunt. She whimpered and moaned bucking her hips up trying to get more sensations from Con's mouth and hand. He slid his finger out and when he pushed back in with two fingers. It was too much, Simone felt the coil within her muscles snap as she clenched down hard on his fingers. “Oh yeah sweet thing that's it give me your cream. Mm you taste so damn good, I could eat you all day.” Con stated, then lapped up all the cream seeping from her pussy. Con moved from between her legs as Sam moved away from her side. She watched with fascination as well as embarrassment as Con and Sam stripped their clothes from their bodies until they stood before her completely naked. Shit they were huge. There was no way one of them was coming anywhere near her with those big cocks. Simone tried to sit up as she closed her legs clamping them together. Griff placed a hand on her belly stroking her skin with a soothing movement. “We won't hurt you Simone. If you don't want to go any further sweetheart, you'd better say so now; because pretty soon none of us are going to be able to stop. We are all very dominant in the bedroom so you don't have to worry about anything. Just let us pleasure that sweet sexy body of yours. What do you say Simone? Will you let us love you?” Griff asked in his deep sexy voice. “Wh-what if I don't like what you're doing to me? Will you stop if I ask you to?” Si mone asked before she would answer Griff. “If you have any doubts baby, all you have to do is say so. Do you know what a safe word is Simone?” Sam asked. “I ah I think so. Isn't it a word I call out if I don't like something you're doing?” “Yeah angel it is,” Con answered. “We want you to pick a safe word Simone so you can yell and scream at us as much as you want to, but unless you call that safe word we won't stop. If you do call out your safe word we will stop everything immediately. So pick a s afe word Sim.”

Simone liked the way Con called her Sim. The way he said it made it sound like an endearment. “Mm how about pink? I hate the color pink.” “Pink it is baby,” Sam stated as he moved to the bedside table. He took something out of the drawer, but Simone didn't notice as all her attention was riveted to Griff as he started stripping out of his clothes. Simone watched as Griff released his belt buckle and the button at the waist band of his jeans. He didn't bother to undo any of the buttons on his shirt, instead he just ripped it up over his head. Simone stared in awe at the hard packed muscles rippling in his arms, chest and stomach as he moved. The man was built. She was sure she must be drooling as he started dragging his jeans down over his slim hips. He pushed his briefs down with his jeans and Simone watched as his massive cock sprung up and then fall again pointing towards the floor. His flesh was too heavy too stand straight up and out. She knew her mouth must be hanging open with astonishment but she couldn't tear her eyes away from his massive equipment. “Like what you see sweetheart?” Griff asked with a grin. Simone gulped with nervousness as she nodded in affirmation then realizing what she was doing shook her head. Griff moved towards her pulling her into his arms and onto his lap as he sat on the side of the bed. He tilted her face up so she was looking at his face. “I will never hurt you Simone. I promise we will take things nice and slow. Just remember if you don't like anything we do to you or if it's too painful for you, use your safe word.” Simone was too nervous and couldn't speak, so she just nodded her head slightly at what Griff had advised. Griff leaned down placing a gentle kiss on her lips then slid his tongue along her lips seeking entrance to her mouth. When she opened to him he thrust his tongue into the cavern of her mouth, sliding his tongue along hers then over her teeth and along the inside of her lips. He pulled back after a few moments taking a gasp of much needed air into his laboring lungs. He stood up taking Simone with him cradling her against his warm massive chest, then he gently placed her in the center of the bed. He crawled up onto the bed moving until he was between her thighs, spreading her legs gently with his large hands. Sam and Con moved up onto the bed until they were lying next to her, cocooning her between the warmth of their bodies. She was surrounded on all sides and had never felt so small and feminine. It was a heady feeling to have three hot hunky men lusting after her. Sam leaned in and took her mouth with a kiss so carnal it was a wonder she didn't catch fire. Con moved to one of her breasts, sucking the hard peak into his mouth, flicking it back and forth with his tongue until he had her arching up into his mouth.

“Shh. Griff felt trickles of sweat run down over his temples as he kept a tight reign on his control. Griff let her move over his flesh a few times then pulled her up on to his lap so her legs were straight out behind him as he supported her ass with one large hand. Griff withdrew his fingers and moved up between her thighs so he was kneeling on the mattress. He pushed his hips forward with a little more aggression and felt the knob of his dick pop through the tight flesh and muscles of Simone's body. Simone felt the sensitive flesh of her pussy stretch open as Griff started pushing into her body. When she bucked her hips up towards his mouth. “I need you. then started to push in a little further. He held her hips steady with one hand and grasped the base of his penis aiming for her small tight wet hole. He sighed with relief as he felt the muscles in her pussy relax around his engorged flesh. He ran his tongue from her ass through the sensitive delicate folds of her pussy until he reached her clit. Inserting one finger and then another into her tight pussy he slid his large fingers in and out of her a few times. “Oh god baby you feel so good and I'm not even inside you yet. she wanted to feel the exquisite sensations of pleasure tingle inside her sheath and womb again.” Griff growled. She started rocking her hips back and forth. Please Griff more. She needed to feel all of Griff inside her body. He laved around the small protruding bundle of nerves which was engorged with blood. stretching her sheath in preparation for his penetration. He held still giving her time to adjust to his large cock. getting closer and closer to his goal. . She moaned with the pleasurable pain of having her labia stretched.” Griff soothed. he swiped over the bud with the tip of his tongue. Simone was too far gone to reply. “I've never felt anything like this before Simone. We need to take it nice and slow so I don't hurt you. take it easy baby. afraid of hurting Simone with his size. gripping me tight with your warm wet cunt. teasing her with anticipation. He maneuvered carefully until his feet had purchase on the floor and turned them both around so his back was resting on the pillows up against the headboard of the bed in a half sitting half reclining position and helped her adjust her legs so she was kneeling over his hips. Your body is pure heaven.Griff slid down her body licking at her slit with his tongue. Moving the head of his cock over her pussy he coated himself with her natural lubrication. she whimpered with approval as she felt the muscles in her pussy gripping and releasing his velvet smooth hard length. groaning with pleasure as her sheath slowly enveloped his turgid length to the hilt. He started pushing into her tight body being careful to take it slow and gentle.” Griff opined. He stopped every time another inch of his dick pushed into Simone's body. It was too much to bare but not enough. He held her hips down with one large palm across her lower abdomen as she bucked up into his mouth with a whimper.” Simone begged through pants of breath. Her pussy felt as if it was on fire as it spread out around the crown of Griff's cock.

He slid his finger back and forth penetrating her anus with slow increments until it was embedded fully. Flicking his tongue out he rimmed the forbidden hole of her ass. He nibbled and licked his way down Simone's neck. He weaned his mouth from hers. seated on his lap whilst impaled on his dick. . He moved further down her body until he was looking at the puckered skin of her anus. Simone writhed and groaned as Con licked around and around her dark hole. Con wasn't as big as Griff but he was still larger than average. as the wonderful sensations he provoked were too good to ignore. Did you not like the feel of what I did to you?” Con asked with a husky voice. He spread his fingers in a scissoring motion stretching her muscles so she wouldn't feel too much pain when he penetrated her with his cock. If it feels good why should we stop?” Con asked. just before he lowered his head back to her body. He grasped his penis aligned it with her anus and started pushing into her body. he took it slow and gentle so he wouldn't hurt her. shoulders and back. Pushing in a little more he then withdrew his fingers slightly and pushed back in. embarrassed and surprised by what Con had done. Still not comfortable but unwilling to ask him to stop. He slid a cold we finger around her anus until her tight muscles began to relax. Con moved up behind Simone and Griff until his back was flush against hers as he knelt between his brother's legs. leaned down slightly to take one of her elongated nipples into his warm wet mouth. “Um no it felt good. “I'm making you feel good Sim. Con squirted some more lube onto the palm of his hand and coated his latex covered cock so he would slide more easily into Simone's ass. He sucked and licked his way over and around the turgid peak and the soft mound of flesh. “What are you doing?” Simone panted out on a squeak. In and out he slid his fingers until they were once again in her to the hilt. he took her mouth with his.When he was comfortable and Simone was once again settled. then pushed the tip of his finger into the entrance of her ass. He pushed in past the tight ring of muscles and held his fingers still until she adjusted to the burning pleasure pain sensations. giving her time to breath and to say her safe word if she needed to. Drawing his finger out of her body Con squirt another generous dollop of lube onto two fingers and began to push into her again. but do you really think you should do that?” “If I like what I'm doing to you and you like what I'm doing to you it can't be wrong sweetheart. raising goose bumps along her flesh. sliding his tongue in and out of her mouth savoring her sweet taste. What came out of her mouth surprised all three of the brothers. Con laved his way back up Simone's body and she heard him open the lid on something as he popped the top off. He stopped pushing when he felt the tip of his penis surge through the tight muscles of Simone's dark hole.

her head bobbing up and down the length of his penis. That feels so good. They set up a slow gentle rhythm. “Please what sweetheart?” Con growled. making her crave more of the salty sweet flavor. forward and back until he had his cock buried into Simone's body. sliding in and out of her holes until she was whimpering and groaning around Sam's cock. “Simone baby. I want you to suck my cock. “Oh yeah baby. your both going to split me apart. . He reached out a hand turned her head towards his and took her mouth with his own. When I tell you I want you to pull off me. His taste exploded on her taste buds. then leaned down and licked the tip of his penis with her tongue tasting the drop of glistening fluid. “More please I need more.” he stated. Griff and Con gave her a few moments to suck and lick her way around and over Sam's engorged cock until she became so enthusiastic she was taking three quarters of his length into her mouth. They couldn't take the sight of what she was doing to their brother without wanting to feel some pleasure of their own. waiting to see what she would do. Please. Con and Griff looked at each other in surprise then wonder as huge grins spread across their ruggedly handsome faces. I'm not gonna last much longer baby. When she started rocking her hips back and forth in time with them. I need to feel that sweet mouth wrapped around me. He took his mouth from hers. his balls flush up against her skin. “Your mouth is so hot and wet Simone.” Sam groaned. Simon didn't reply she just groaned and began sucking harder and faster.“Oh shit. now. Then held his breath with anticipation. that's it suck me in. She opened her mouth wide and sucked him into her mouth. Sam moved up to the side of Simone once Con was inside Simone's ass.” Sam. got up onto his knees placing his cock near her full red lips. Sam slid his dick out of Simone's ass until just the knob was still inside her body. it hurts. please” Simone spoke disjointedly. they finally let go of some of the control they had on a tight leash. then he surged back in slowly and held still. Griff and Con increased their pace once again and felt the walls of her pussy and ass ripple with their movements. They increased their pace alternately thrusting in and out of her body. Con started thrusting his hips with slow gentle movements. do it so you don't get a mouthful of my cum. Griff pulled his hips back sliding his flesh along the rippled walls of her pussy delighting in the sensations as her flesh dragged along his. I have to have all of you.” Sam stated. Simone reached out a hand grasping his long thick rod to hold it steady.

sliding his fingers through the hair on her mound until he came to the top of her slit. “Let go now Simone.” Con stated as surged into her once more. They increased their pace until they were pounding in and out of her body. as her muscles clamped down on their cocks milking the cum from them. “I know bro but how are we going to make her stay? It's up to Simone. sucked harder and bobbed faster. I'm gonna cum. Gathering some of her cream he swirled his finger over her clit in small gentle circles. She didn't feel her lovers withdraw from her body or clean her body with a warm wet wash cloth. . you're gonna cum aren't ya sweetheart.” Griff panted. If she ever wants to leave we can't force her to stay. Her pussy and ass clamped down hard of the two cocks embedded in her body and she screamed as she fell over the edge. Simone felt her vagina muscles coil tighter and tighter as she rocked her hips with Griff and Con. “She is so gorgeous Sam. We have to keep her here with us. Sam slid his hand down the front of Simone's body. All of a sudden it was too much and she exploded. She felt Sam's cock harden even more and moved her hand down to his balls to gently massage them.” Sam replied.” he groaned out. They both gave a roar of pleasure as they followed her over the edge. she collapsed on top of Griff and fell into a deep slumber. she wrapped her hand around his flesh with a tighter grip. but I want her to cum first.“Oh yeah. curled on her side with the palm of her hand underneath her cheek.” She ignored Sam's warning and was rewarded when she felt him push his cock to the back of her throat as he spewed his cum down her throat with a roar. I'm half in love with her already. She looked like an angel while she slept. Simone didn't let go. When he had emptied his balls and Simone had licked his flesh clean she pulled back with a moan and a gasp as Sam tickled her clit with a faster pace. “Let go baby. “I hope she does because I'm so close to going over. Griff and Con felt Simone's muscles ripple along the length of their flesh and knew she was about to peak. Cream was flowing out of her pussy drenching Griff's cock and balls. Simone was so satiated and replete as she gasped for air. Simone was so full of cock it was a wonder she wasn't dying from too much pleasure.” Griff stated as he stood staring down at Simone.

I like the way you think.“What if we draw up a contract for her job and get her to sign it? That way we can stipulate any amount of time to keep her here and if she ever threatens to leave we can fall back on her breaking her contract?” Con stated with a mischievous grin. “Hm that may have some merit Con.” Sam opined as the three brothers gathered their clothes and left the bedroom. .

“Morning. Simone was stunned by the affectionate nature of all three men. breakfast is ready. He leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her lips. “Morning Sim. She was not used to being kissed and cuddled by anyone.” he said when he pulled his mouth from hers.” he said then released her. Sam came to her last grasped her around the waist with one large hand.” she replied quietly as she sat at the table. He took her mouth with a hot kiss full of thrusting tongues and nibbling licks. .” Simone stated not willing to meet any of their eyes as her face flamed red. She heard the three men enter the kitchen just before she placed the dishes full of food onto the table.” Sam stated as he looked at her. slid it up her back and tipped her over his arm so he was supporting Simone. “Morning babe. “You and I are going into town today Simone so you can pick out some new underwear and clothes. Griff leaned down to place a kiss on her temple before he released her and took his seat at the table. “Good. “Morning baby how are you feeling?” Griff asked as he wrapped his large muscular arms around her waist from behind.Chapter Five Simone was up and about bright and early the next morning preparing a hearty breakfast of pancakes and syrup as well as bacon and scrambled eggs with toast. let alone having sex with them. Con moved up to her grasped her waist with his large hands and turned her gently to face him. stood her upright again and took his seat.

reiterating his statement with his body language. She would never had chosen anything like what she had chosen in her life but Sam was adamant she was to choose what she liked. glad to hear you're not thinking about going against me on this.” Simone eyed his belligerent stance. We'll leave after breakfast. They didn't arrive back at the ranch until late afternoon. Simone went to a discount rack to browse through the merchandise and nearly had a fit when she saw the price of the stock.. “Not on your life baby.. When Sam was satisfied that Simone had enough clothes he took her to the supermarket to do the grocery shopping. Sam helped bring in the bags from his truck and then went to his study to catch up on some paperwork. Simone knew she wasn't going to win this argument so she just nodded her head with a sigh. so when Sam called her into his office she went straight away. you will have no say in c olor or style. with delicate lace. By the time they left the store she had enough lingerie for every day of the week and a spare set.” Simone started looking seriously. Please take me to one of the chain stores where the pricing is cheaper.” “If you don't start picking out some of this stuff right now. whilst she put the groceries and fresh produce away.“Um I don't think. knowing Sam meant every word he said. color and style.” Sam stated firmly and folded his muscular arms across his chest. “I don't care how much it costs babe.” “Good. The first shop they stopped in was full of lingerie of every size.” Sam stated to Simone as she entered the office. knowing she shouldn't waste her breath arguing with him.. She was going to beholden to him for a long time. Sam led Simone from store to store until she had a wardrobe full of new clothes.. Sam drove them into the town of Passion and after parking the car led her into the large mall by the hand. “Take a seat babe. it's way too expensive. Simone had already planned the evening meal. but when we leave this store you are going to have a weeks worth of lingerie. I am not taking no for an answer so you may as well get busy choosing. “I. I'm going to get the sales woman over there to do it for you. Everything she chose was matching. “I can't buy any of this stuff.” Simone stated. so you'd better start looking or I'll choose it for you.” Sam stated in a commanding voice. We are not leaving this store until you have picked out whatever you need. The clothing he had made her choose was all designer labels much to her dismay. “How do you like living and working here so far?” .

“Come here baby. She was surprised when he pulled her down onto his lap and cuddled her into his big. hard. She was perfect in every way.” . The contract is for a twelve month period which you won't be able to break unless there are extenuating circumstances.” Sam said as he rolled the chair back from behind the desk. “Nothing baby I just like the feel of you in my arms. Simone picked up the contract and skimmed over the contents. “Mm well I had better get back to the kitchen and start on dinner. and sucked in a breath as pain pierced his heart.” Sam stated as he passed a pen over to her. End of discussion. If we had to hire a cook. I would be paying nearly twice that amount. Being able to learn to ride a horse and cook which is my passion. laundress and housekeeper. Sam knew it was too soon for them to reveal their feelings to Simone yet. Why?” “I have drawn up a contract for you to sign for your employment. “I know what you're going to say Simone. Sam held Simone close savoring the feel of her in his arms knowing she was definitely the one female they had been searching for. Simone walked around the desk placing her hand in his. Yep he loved her too. keeping his face carefully blank as he awaited for her reply and pushed the contract towards her. submissive in the bedroom but feisty enough to be able to stand up for what she wanted. Most employer's always have contracts drawn up so we thought we may as well also. it is a dream come true. She wasn't used to being held or being loved since she'd had no one in her life to be demonstrative of their feelings towards her. “What's wrong Sam?” Simone asked as she moved back and looked up into his face. warm body. Griff and Con already thought they were starting to fall in love with her. I don't want to hear any protests in regards to the amount I'll be paying you. She saw she would get room. sign it. He waited with abated breath knowing full well she hadn't read the contract which stipulated she would be under their employment for the next twelve months. all meals as well as a salary larger than anything she had ever imagined. otherwise you won't have anything to eat tonight. so he imagined what it would be like to not have her in their lives. So what do you say Simone? Are you willing to sign a contract to remain working here?” Sam asked. If you're happy with the co ntract. he knew she would doubt them if they voiced their love to her too soon. He wasn't sure if he was as yet. She was about to protest to the amount of money Sam had written in the contract.“I love working here. wondering what he wanted. She was still nervous around them and even though she didn't shy away from their affection. but he put his hand up to stop her before she could speak. He let out a silent sigh of relief when Simone took the pen and signed on the dotted line.” Sam riposted.

then wiped down the counters and table in the kitchen. They were all so sexy. that made sense. Remembering the feel of that sweet mouth wrapped around his cock had him shifting in his chair. Simone had dinner on the table as the three men walked into the kitchen from their showers. She had to concentrate on keeping her eyes from roaming their hard packed muscular physiques. What she was feeling must be gratitude towards them. Simone argued with herself until she came up with a scenario that best fit her personality and up bringing. He had let Griff and Con take her the first time as they were both larger in genitalia than he was. She was disconcerted to see them all walk in wearing only a pair of jeans with their shirts off. she didn't know how to love. time and again she found her eyes wandering over their upper bodies. He loved watching her walk across a room. She was fighting a losing battle. Yes. A roof over her head and food in her belly. she found it very disturbing that she was beginning to care for the three men she cooked and kept house for. she didn't know what love was and she had only known them a week. finding a more comfortable position for his engorged flesh. He couldn't wait to take that ass and pussy. How the hell was she going to keep herself from falling in love with them? And how was she going to be able to leave when the time came for her to move on? Simone pondered over her dilemma as she cleaned away the dishes. He moved his hand to his crotch. the gentle sway of her hips drew his eyes to her lush ass. Sighing again he dragged his mind back to his paperwork as Simone disappeared through the door.Sam leaned down and placed a soft kiss against her lips then helped her to her feet by placing his hands at her slim waist. . It was utterly ludicrous to think she was developing feelings for the three brothers already. “Okay and I had better get back to this damn paperwork. could she? No. No she couldn't love. still he couldn't complain. She felt a flutter in the region of her heart as she thought about leaving.” Sam stated as she moved to the door. She was thankful of the opportunity they had given her when she needed it most.

“Simone is already going to be busy tonight Blake.” Griff stated. “Yeah. She had a routine going and was becoming more comfortable with the three affectionate men.” Simone opened her mouth to decline gracefully but she didn't get the chance to speak. “Uh yeah.” Griff stated in a hard voice as he stood to his full height to glare at the other man. She loved riding and Griff told her it showed. Maybe she had done something wrong to turn them off. she was taking to horses and the saddle like a duck to water. We can go dancing or see a movie and have dinner. hi Blake. but they had been the ones controlling her in bed so she couldn't see how. Whatever you'd like. On one Friday afternoon just as she was unsaddling her horse and giving her a rub down. .” Simone started to decline . They hadn't tried to make love to her again and was starting to feel as if she hadn't been good enough in their eyes.” “Well thanks for asking but I have to cook for your three boss'. one of the ranch hands approached her and didn't see Griff in the next stall attending to one of the horses.Chapter Six Simone settled in more as the days passed.” “Well I was wondering if you would like to go out with me on a date tonight. “Hi Simone. “Blake. She was still having her horse riding lessons every afternoon in the corral. this time his glare was so hard. Blake had to physically stop himself from squirming. Simone's too busy to go out on a date. do you remember me?” asked Blake as he walked up to the side of the stall she was working in. I just thought that maybe we could go out after she's cooked for you and your brothers.

looked one more time at Simone then back to Griff. What gives you the right to throw me around like a bail of hay. turned and left the barn. I am quite capable of answering for myself. “In the study doing some catching up on paperwork. oomph. She maneuvered around until she gained her feet and stood glowering at them from as she stood on the bed. stipulating you wouldn't go out on any dates unless you had our approval. “Is that right baby? Did you mouth off at Griff?” Sam asked through narrowed eyes.” Con stated as he stalked towards her. “Listen here Griff. so back the fuck off..” Simone yelled at them fire shooting from her eyes. Simone let out a squeak as Griff picked her up as if she weighed nothing and threw her over one of his massive shoulders.“Uh yeah sure boss. “What? Of all the barbaric conceited ideas. “Now that's where you're wrong angel. “Sam.. “Put me down you big ass. What's going on?” “You're needed in the house now. I don't answer to you or your brothers about having a social life and you don't answer to me. bedroom now. I didn't give her a chance to answer and she lit into me cussing off with that pretty mouth of hers.” . “I said back the fuck off macho man. “What right do you three have to dictate what I should and shouldn't do? If I want to go out on a date you can't stop me.” “What did you just say babe?” Griff asked daring her to repeat what she'd said.” Griff yelled in a loud voice as he headed to Simone's bedroom. “Blake just asked Simone to go out with him. You signed a twelve month contract.” Simone yelled as she pounded on his back with her small fists.. “What the hell is going on?” Sam asked when he arrived in time to see Griff throw Simone down on the bed gently.” Griff stated through clenched teeth.” “Why you little. He didn 't break his stride until he was in the house..” Griff didn't finish his statement. He walked around the stall grabbed Simone's wrist firmly but gently in his massive hand and hauled her towards him. “Con.” Blake stated in a quiet voice. where is Sam?” Griff yelled across the yard when he saw his brother. He was all predatory male and Simone felt a rush of liquid seep from her pussy. I don 't need you or your brothers speaking for me. No harm in asking.

When he had her moaning in pleasure he moved up onto his knees and thrust his engorged cock in her sheath to the hilt. He was pure aggressive male.” he stated as he stood and began shucking his clothes. Griff held onto her squirming wiggling body as Con removed his clothes and then Sam was there. Inserting his tongue between her full red lips. “Strip her down boys. They had her in seconds. She gasped in a much needed breathe of air as Sam pulled his mouth from hers. He nibbled his way down her neck and stopped to nibble on a particularly sensitive spot when she moaned her delight. Simone cried out with shocked pleasure as Sam thrust into her pussy. Wrestling her tongue with his trying to take the upper hand. He kissed his way over her eyelids as she closed them once more. gently but firmly in his grip as Con stripped the clothes off her body. His loving wasn't gentle.” Simone tried to scramble over off the bed and away from the men. making her arch her into his mouth. dominating his female. She put up a fight but was no match for the two brawny men. Sam looked into her eyes letting her see the heat he felt for her and watched as she took a deep breath making her breasts jiggle. He took her mouth in a hot fiery passionate kiss. Simone couldn't get enough of his taste. passed her teeth to tangle his tongue with hers. They were glazed over with a glassy sheen and he sighed in satisfaction. Con plucked and flicked the other peak between his finger and thumb. then began pounding into her. His hands ran over her body as he thrust his engorged cock into her mound through their clothes as he devoured her mouth. then her nose and cheeks. Griff held her still. She gave back as good as she got. She hadn't been watching Sam or Griff. As he kissed her he lifted her into his arms and took them both down onto the bed. Griff kneaded the flesh of one voluptuous mound and moved down to take her hard nipple into his mouth. animalistic primitive male conquering his female. She didn't stand a chance. Con and Griff moved in lavishing her breasts with attention. warm tangy male mixed in with mint. licking from clit to ass and back again. He gave a moan of need as he took her into his arms and ravished her mouth once more. He could see the desire in her eyes as he broke the kiss. Sam took her down to the mattress in a light tackle being careful not to hurt her.Her mistake had been keeping her eyes on Con as he stalked her. He leaned down swiping her wet folds. Sam reached the apex of her thighs. He moved down. it was needy. moving his hands up the inside of her legs. . He gave her a few seconds grace to adjust to his penetration. We control everything in the bedroom not you. “I don't think so baby. he gently spread them apart so he could gain access to the treasure hidden within. She was so engrossed with what Sam was doing to her she didn't realize Griff and Con were on the bed lying beside her until Sam pulled back licking his way down her body. took the turgid peak into his mouth and nibbled on it lightly with his teeth.

no dating anyone unless otherwise approved by us and that you'll be here for at least twelve months. “I'll give you what you need baby. I'm so close. It said you had to watch your mouth.” Simone stated as she tried to push him off using her hands. Sam took her up once more hoping she would give in and give him what he wanted. You should have read the contract baby.” Sam panted out. until she was sobbing out. “What? If you think you're going to control me with sex you can think again you ass. Griff and Con grabbed a hand each pulling them above her head holding them gently but firmly down to the mattress. I'll try to curb my mouth. We don't like it when a lady has a potty mouth. Showing his need to dominate Simone making sure she knew he was the one in control of the pleasure he was able to give her. Simone didn't answer she just kept sobbing and gasping for breath. his balls slapping her ass with his frantic movements.” “Well you can just get the fuck off of me and get out of my room right now mister. demanding completion. Griff also placed a large hand across her lower abdomen holding her firmly in place. The sensations running through her body were like nothing she had ever felt before. “Alright I'm sorry for cussing at you. He moved back up her body once more. screamed and . tears streaming down her face. all you have to do is apologize for mouthing off at us. Sam raised a palm and slapped down on her pussy shocking Simone into speechlessness. “That's for you're cussing baby. I have had enough of you and your controlling bohemian brothers. He was imprinting his body into hers. He brought her to the edge of climax over and over again. Sam pulled his dick from within her body and went back to her pussy licking her folds. He was not about to let that happen until she complied with their terms.” Simone stated with ire. thrusting into her hot wet vagina. He pounded in and out of her sheath.” Sam stated as he began to pound back into her body. She bucked. Simone was so high with arousal she felt like her body was going to snap in half. that's all I was waiting for baby.Sam couldn't get enough of her. “All you have to do is apologize Simone and I'll give you what you need.” Simone sobbed.” Sam stated the terms he and Con had written. He was on the edge and knew it would take nothing more than one more slide of his dick in her wet tight pussy to send him over the edge. He felt the first ripples of her cunt tighten around his rigid shaft and immediately stopped all movement. Please. “Good girl. I want to cum. “Sam don't stop. rimming her wet hole until he had her writhing and moaning again.

When she was quiet once more and her tears dried up Sam looked sat down on the end of the bed near her feet.” Sam stated quietly. Her muscles gradually coiling tighter and tighter until finally the storm culminated. She had just had one hell of a climax. Her body quivered and convulsed uncontrollably as she felt her cum shoot from her body. He slid two fingers inside her and rubbed over a rough sensitive spot until he felt slight rippling motions begin around his fingers. rubbing their hands up and down her body until she opened her eyes to them once more. He leaned down blocking her view of Sam to nibble at her lips with his mouth. tasting every inch of the sweet wet cavern. . She screamed as Sam's stroke sent her over the edge into the most powerful orgasm she had ever had. He flattened his tongue until he was swiping it over the protruding bundle of nerves as Simone bucked up into his mouth. He pushed his tongue into her mouth. Con decided he'd waited long enough. “You are going to have to follow our rules Simone. When he could breath again without panting he leaned down and placed a kiss so sweet and full of emotion on her swollen red lips Simone had to close her eyes against the tenderness. he swirled and nibbled his way to her clit. When he returned it was to see Griff and Con soothing Simone back down from her high. licking his tongue along her sensitive slit. it was his and Griff's turn to pleasure Simone. gathering to erupt in a storm of pleasure. Sam collapsed on top of Simone. as Griff attended to her breasts once more. Con swooped his head down. Simone could see the emotions in each of their eyes as they looked at her with tenderness and concern as she still had tears coursing down her cheeks. Sam withdrew his latex covered cock from her sheath and headed to her bathroom to dispose of the used prophylactic. so I suggest you don't provoke us if you don't like to be kept on the edge like I just did to you. You are going to be punished every time you cuss at us. We all care for you and there is no way you are going to be dating any other man besides us. Simone couldn't believe she was becoming aroused again so quickly.sobbed as Sam pounded into her pussy. Simone had no recourse so she kept her mouth shut and just stared back at him. Her pussy started weeping cream as Con moved down her neck over her chest down to her crotch. A tsunami would have only just been able to compare to the pleasure she had felt. Massaging her arms. She was vaguely aware of Sam's roar of completion as her fell over the cliff with her. Simone felt her sheath tightening. his lungs laboring as he tried to gasp much needed air back into his oxygen depleted organs. Con and Griff moved back to her breasts giving the elongated peaks much needed attention.

He held still giving her body time to adjust to his penetration.” Simone sobbed. Please baby?” Griff asked holding his breath. then did what he'd said. now push out Simone.He pulled his fingers out and aimed his latex covered cock at her hole then surged inside her until he was in all the way. “No. He moaned out his pleasure. Griff waited for her to breath a few times and then began to push in as her muscles relaxed and her body opened to him. She gasped with trepidation. Simone heard a popping sound and then felt Griff massage her puckered hole with wet cold fingers. when she realized what he was preparing her for. “Oh it hurts. Con wrapped his arms around her waist so she couldn't move around too much and hurt herself. “That's it. As you breath out relax your muscles for me. “You promise to stop if I want you too?” “Yes. Just remember your safe word is pink Simone. then picked her upper body up with his hands. but at least let me try before you deny me this pleasure. You'll tear me apart. licking at the sensitive spot he found on her neck. . “I promise not to hurt you sweetheart. When I start to push in. “I want you to take some deep breaths in and out for me baby. If you can't handle me say your safe word. He lubed his latex covered cock with a generous amount of lubrication and then rubbed the head of his dick back and forth. When Simone's muscles relaxed he braced himself holding the base of his penis while he held firmly to one of her hips. Simone felt Griff push firmly against her anus as he tried to breach her body. okay sweetheart?” “Alright. laying flat on his back on the bed with his head towards to foot board. You're doing great. She whimpered as her muscles tightened with anxiousness as she tried to keep him out. Stop please you have to stop. I want you to push out. Simone I promise. your too big. I'm burning with pain.” “Are going to use your safe word Simone?” Con asked as he held her firmly.” Simone replied. up and down her dark hole.” She pushed out releasing her muscles then moaned with pain and pleasure as she felt Griff's big cock head pop through the tight ring of muscles of her sphincter.” Griff answered as he kissed the back of her neck.

in and out of her. She sucked and bobbed up and down his shaft as Con and Griff pleasured her. He took a huge breath of air when he was finally in her body all the way and expelled it again to release his tension. they were astounded at her not wanting him to stop. “You are so fucking tight baby. I need to feel that sweet mouth wrapped around me. Faster. while she sucked Sam off. He felt sweat dripping from his forehead to land between Simone's shoulders. He held the base of his dick with a large hand and aimed it at her face. Con pulled out until he was resting just inside her body. she screamed out her pleasure taking Griff and Con over the edge with her. Con helped Simone sit up so she was impaled on his cock. The sight of her head bobbing and licking their brother as well as her tight flesh sliding over their cocks was so sexy. It feels like your body is gripping my cock i n half with a hard tight fist. He pushed in slow and steady being careful to keep a tight leash on his control so he wouldn't hurt her. No other female had ever been able to take Griff in their ass before. “But you have to do something or I'm going to die. held in their laughter at her statement. Griff grit his teeth as he pushed another inch of his dick into her ass then held still again as she whimpered and moaned. They increased their pace once again until the sound of slapping flesh could be heard throughout the room. They felt her body tighten with warning as her muscles rippled up and down the length of their hard shafts.” he stated. Griff slid his dick out slowly and gently and grunted with pleasure as he pushed back in. Con watched Simone's face as it went slack with pleasure. then Griff and Con held her still as they began to move. increasing their movements in increments until they were moving hard and fast. She was absolutely perfect for them.” The two men set up a slow gentle rhythm until Simone was begging for more. He leaned down and took her mouth with his until she pulled back to gasp for breath. Sam and Con.” Griff. I need more. .” she yelled. “I want you to suck my cock Simone. Simone turned her head towards him and without any preliminary sucked his cock into her mouth through her tight lips. harder. The two brothers impaled her body. Sam moved from his sitting position on the bed until he was kneeling next to her. “Please.“No. then pushed back in and held still.” she yelled at them.


She was always left thoroughly exhausted and satisfied. When she had finished rubbing and brushing the mare down she exited the stall to find Blake standing there watching her.Chapter Seven Simone spent the next day pondering the dilemma regarding what she felt for the three brothers. Simone took her mount back to the stables after her afternoon lesson with Griff. She began to feel like a convenient fuck. giving her permission to ride the gentle mare anytime she liked as long as she advised someone of where she was going and for how long she would be out. You?” . she eventually admitted to herself that she was falling in love with them. She began to feel used. She became more and more despondent as time marched on not knowing what she could do to resolve her feelings and issues. And she was becoming to know them more as well. Someone to scratch when they had an itch. “Hi Blake. She knew if she spouted off at the mouth she could goad all three of them into loving her well into the night. How are you doing?” “I'm fine Simone. feeling thoroughly pleased with herself as he had deemed her a competent rider. They loved her nearly every night but not one of them spent the night with her. slept in the same bed with her. They challenged her at every turn making her think about what she was doing or saying before she actually did anything that could end up hurting her or putting her in danger. even though she wanted to deny them the physicality of the satisfying relationship. She knew she couldn't stop loving them as they were such gentle dominant giants and had pushed through the cynical barrier she had placed around her heart.

I think I'll take your advice Con and get an early night. “Hm. Sam had noticed Simone was quieter than usual..” Con stated with a grin. There is definitely something bothering her.” Sam opined. “No I'm fine.” Griff stated with a yawn.” Simone finished with a smile as Blake laughed along with her. “Nah not for a minute. talking and teasing each other.” Simone said with a tired smile as she stood and left for her bathroom. You can go and have a soak in the tub and slip into bed when you're done. “Alright let's get this mess cleaned up so we can relax for a while. She dragged her feet as she did her chores throughout the day. Simone went to bed early and awoke the next morning feeling more tired than when she went to bed.. I guess we'll just have to wait until she's ready to talk to us.” Sam said as he began to gather up the dirty dishes. Griff has just given me free reign to ride whenever I like as long as I tell someone where I'm going. “I'm sure. eating. thanks I'm going to accept that offer. “Anything wrong baby? You don't seem yourself lately.” stated Sam. yeah. I'd better head back and get some dinner organized or I'll have all three of the boss' growling at me like a bear.” Sam stated. knowing they gave Simone as much pleasure as they got out of their punishments. The only thing she was looking forward to was her ride out on the gentle mare Gypsy that afternoon with Blake. Though we could always punish her into telling us. She had all the wash .” Simone stated as she walked to th e exit. maybe we could go out for a ride tomorrow afternoon if you have some free time?” “I'd like that. They took their seats around the table. “You believe any of that bullshit?” Con asked. Pun intended. thanks Blake.“Hm yeah I'm well thanks. You are looking a bit pale” Con stated.” “Why don't you let us clean up tonight baby.” “Hm maybe you should have an early night Sim. “I suppose so. “Are you sure there's nothing bothering you sweetheart?” Griff asked with co ncern. “Well I'm glad to hear that little lady. “Give her a couple of days and then if she's still not herself we'll talk about what we should do. I guess I'm just feeling a little tired. She had dinner on the table by the time the three men came into the kitchen.

Blake led the way north on his large black frisky mount and she watched as the stallion he rode side stepped and tossed it's head in a nervous manner. Griff.. irritable and just downright intolerant with everyone and everything. It was nice and flat. what was wrong with her? Simone made her way over to the barn and saddled Gypsy while Blake saddled his horse. In essence she had since Blake was with her. Con and Sam were nowhere to be seen. the bathrooms had been scrubbed so they were glistening with cleanliness and she had vacuumed and dusted.” she whispered not being able to think of an answer without hurting Blake's feelings. Despondency was pulling her down within it's dark pit of unhappiness. relaxing for the first time that day. Con and Griff realized she hadn't let anyone know where she had wandered off to. she didn't pull away but she didn't struggle either. Oh shit was she gonna cop it if Sam. He didn't give her a chance to protest. Simone breathed in the sweet scent of the eucalyptus and gum trees. Apparently they had headed out to the far southern pasture to fix a downed fence and had advised Simone they may be late for dinner. She looked away from Blake and stared at the water as it swept passed her. He waited for Simone until she rode by his side and then they talked companionably as they rode towards a stream.out drying. I think we should head back now. . he leaned down placing a kiss on her lips. She was feeling tired. and she had also forgotten to tell anyone else where she was headed. God.” Blake stated. She just placed a hand on his chest pushing him back away from her. I don't know. She was surrounded by people except when they were out working the ranch and yet she felt as if she was so alone. “What did you do that for?” she asked with scowl on her face. “You're not very comfortable around me are you Simone?” Blake asked as he saw her red cheeks. I just. If we don't leave it'll be dark before we get back. but she knew that wouldn't be enough to satisfy the three domineering men back at the house. Simone caught Blake staring at her and became very uncomfortable as she realized she was very vulnerable sitting out in the middle of nowhere with no one else around. Blake placed a finger beneath her chin turning her head towards him. They led their mounts out into the bright afternoon sunshine and walked their horses away from the yard. Simone stiffened with rejection as his lips touched hers. “I had a question I needed answered and you just answered it loud and clear little lady. Blake dismounted first then helped Simone down from her horse and he led her to a large rock protruding from the stream. “Um it's not that. the perfect spot to let the suns rays warm them as they sat and watched the water babbling over rocks and pebbles. She had taken one of her meals she had prepared and froze out of the freezer for dinner so she didn't have to worry about preparing anything.

” Con riposted as he slapped her ass again.” “Well that is where you're wrong sweetheart. standing at the corral. Did you do that?” Con yelled back as he placed her on her feet. Con didn't give her a chance to start walking away from him. What would you have done if a snake had spooked the damn horse and thrown you?” Simone bit her lip trying to come up with a reply. “What is your problem? I haven't done anything wrong so put me down right now. I didn't think about that. such as the brown snake and tiger snake.“Shit yeah okay. “You are a fucking Neanderthal.” “You know very well what you've done you little hellcat. as soon as Chris had Gypsy's reins he picked Simone up and threw her over his big broad shoulder. Con was waiting. “Blake knew where I was the whole time you ignoramus.” “Then stop acting like one. let alone the red belly black snake. There were a lot of poisonous snakes in Australia. not being able to. “I'm sorry. but I was safe because I had Blake along with me.” Simone yelled as she pummeled his back. as what Con was saying made sense. We specifically told you to tell someone where you were going and if you were going out for a ride. He came with me so I was completely safe. When Simone brought Gypsy within reaching distance he snagged the reins and held the horse steady as he scowled at her.” “Sure thing boss. The weather is warming up and warm weather brings out the snakes. Con didn't acknowledge Simone just slapped her on the ass and walked in through the door to the house. “Chris can you take Gypsy into the barn and take care of her? I need to talk to Simone up at the house.” Simone said quietly. because you neglected on telling anyone where you were. “What are you doing you big ass? Put me the fuck down right now. He could have done anything to you out there and no one would have known about it. Can you give me a leg up please?” Blake helped her to mount up again and they headed back the ranch house and barns at a canter. Stop picking me up and carrying me around as if I was a child. If one of our hands went out by themselves without letting anyone know we'd fire them on the spot. It's too dangerous. leaning back against the fence with a deceptively relaxed pose. not because we like throwing our weight around. He headed straight for her bedroom.” Chris stated as he helped Simone from the horses back. We've set rules to keep you safe Simone. She hadn't even thought about the deadly snakes that could be out sunning themselves. .

I caught her coming back with him and he did something to her while they were out there and she won't tell me what. “Don't lie to me again sweetheart. She couldn't help it. . He kissed me alright. Not knowing the reasons for her crying jag was even harder for him to endure. “Oh for crying out loud. maybe she was finally cracking up. what did Blake do to you?” Sam asked through narrowed eyes. She couldn't seem to stop. She just lied to me and thinks she can get away with it.” Con stated with frustration as he looked at her. I'll. she could see Sam and Con didn't find anything amusing as they watched her but that just made her laugh harder. The sobs wrenching from her small body where tearing his heart in two. I have been alone since I was sixteen years old. He crooned nonsensical words and rubbed her back trying to soothe her. You didn't say that I had to tell someone I was going out unless I was alone but I wasn't alone Con so back off. She sobbed for her unknown parents. Blake is hot for you Simone. Well let me tell you I am quite capable of looking after myself.“Well now there's an understatement if I ever heard one. because you failed to let anyone know where you'd be. He didn't do anything to me. The way you two are behaving anyone would think he tried to rape me. “Simone went out riding with Blake this aft ernoon and didn't tell anyone where she was going or who with. “What did that bastard do to you?” “Nothing. who you were with and when you'd be back. If you three don't stop treating me like your baby sister I'll. All of a sudden her laughter turned to tears and she was sobbing her heart out. She bent over clutching her stomach. She was hysterical and the only way to help was to hold her. “Oh for goodness sakes. I'll do something bad. one little kiss. Too quickly for Con's peace of mind.”Simone responded quickly. He noticed the tinge of red climbing her cheeks and moved towards her grasping her by her upper arms. He picked her up in his arms.” Simone yelled. You tell me what he did to you right now or I will put you over my knee and tan your ass. for the loneliness she experienced her whole life and for the men she was now living with as she finally realized she was irrevocably in love with. gasping in breaths of air when she could.” Simone stuttered then burst out laughing. sat on the side of the bed with her on his lap and held her as she cried. “Simone. She laughed until she had tears rolling down her cheeks. Sam was aware of the change in her emotions as they changed from laughter to sobbing. the situation was too ludicrous. he coul d have tried to do anything to you out there and would have gotten away with it.” Con stated as he glared at Simone.” “What the hell is going on in here?” Sam asked loudly as he took in Simone's belligerent face and the anger on Con's.

” Simone explained. Griff and I will help you with any problems you may have. as I said he only kissed me. Con gave a sigh of relief at her statement then moved over to the bed and sat next to her and Sam.” “Alright. “I've brought you a glass of wine little darlin'. “I appreciate that Sam. Thought it might help you to relax a little.” “Don't worry about it baby. I didn't respond to his overture. She entered the adjoining bathroom and filled the tub. I'm sorry if I worried you. “Why were you crying Simone?” Con asked.” Sam put Simone back onto her feet and the two men left her room.When Simone's tears finally dried up and she was only giving an occasional hiccup. it was like kissing my brother and he knew I was mad at him for doing it.” Griff stated as he entered. you're obviously not ready to talk about what's bothering you. “Are you feeling better baby? What was that all about?” he asked in a quiet voice. Relax and have an early night. “Actually I might just do that. Simone reached out a hand and placed it against his cheek. I don't know what came over me. . Sam tilted her face to look at him with a gentle finger under her chin. pouring in some of her favorite scented bubble bath. All you have to do is talk to us. “I don't know. I've never done anything like that before in my life. “Come in. “I don't know really. Why don't you go and have a soak in the tub. Dinner's already prepared you just have to heat it up in the oven. I want you to know we are all here for you when you're ready angel.” Con said in a voice full of concern.” “I know you don't really expect us to believe that. Remember if you ever want to talk we are here for you baby. “No he didn't hurt me. you don't have to concern yourself with preparing dinner tonight we'll cook for you instead.” Simone said making sure her body was concealed beneath the bubbles. She had just lowered herself into the soothing warm water as a knock sounded on the bathroom door. How about you rest up for now. I'm sorry I kind of lost it there huh?” “Are you sure Blake didn't hurt you Sim?” Con asked.” Sam reiterated.” Sam said then placed a gentle kiss on her lips. “I appreciate that Con. Sam.

” Griff handed her the glass and sat down on the edge of the tub. I'm fine. Simone washed her body then relaxed sipping her wine. thank you. Simone nodded. Simone got out of the tub. The two men returned their attention to the TV. too afraid to open her mouth in case another giggle slipped out. Con and Griff were seated at each end of the Sofa. “Simone have you ever had alcohol before?” . and another giggle.” “Sounds like you were on an emotional overload babe.” “Just give a yell if you change your mind Simone. then made her way into the living room. “Um no. She'd never had wine before and savored the fruity taste as it slid over her taste buds and down her throat. I've never fallen apart like that in my life.” “Do you want to talk about it?” “I honestly don't know what came over me Griff. “Are you sure baby?” Griff asked from her other side. Do you want me to join you so we can cuddle?” Griff asked with a lascivious grin. She dressed into her normal sleep attire of a large T-shirt then pulled a robe on over the top.” Griff said as he placed a finger under her chin to bring her face around to his. “Feeling better?” “Yeah thanks. “Do you three know how sexy you are?” Simone asked with a tilt of her head. giggling as she dried herself off. “Did you know I'd never had an orgasm before I met you?” Simone gave another giggle. She made her way gingerly over to them and took a seat between the big sexy men.” Griff tossed over his shoulder as he stood and headed for the door.“Hm that sounds nice. “How are you feeling sweetheart?” Con asked as he turned to her. “Good. “Look at me baby.” Simone said with a giggle. Griff and Con looked at her with a smile then turned back to their show. Sam wasn't in the room.

Griff heard what she'd said and placed a kiss to her temple hugging her tighter against his body as he too allowed sleep to claim him. Never had any moneys. “I love you. “Have you eaten anything today? I know you hardly touched your lunch.” “I don't know.“Uh nope. Why do you have sex with me and then leave? I'm not very good am I? Well doesn't matter I still liked it.” Griff stated as he pulled her into his arms.” “I think it's time for you to go to bed little girl.” “You're tanked baby!” Griff stated. Griff didn't hesitate. then headed for her bedroom. no money. no parents. Who cares.” Simone whispered as she drifted to sleep. . no friends. “Will you sleep with me?” Simone asked around a large yawn. He wrapped a large muscular arm around her waist hauling her into the curve of his warm body. Would've been on the street if not for this job.” “No food. stood. Griff stripped the robe from her helped her into bed. he stripped his clothes off until he was down to bare skin and climbed into bed.

” “Yes. Now tell me. “Ah oh morning. too scared of being rejected yet again. licked along the seam of her mouth until she opened to him. I didn't say that. by colleagues she worked with. you did baby. He thrust his hips . “I um. Griff moved her over to her back and came down on top of her being careful to support his weight on his arms so he wouldn't crush her. She tilted her head up and looked into Griff's smoldering eyes as he looked back down at her. He slid his lips over hers. “What?” “You said you loved me. “Morning little darlin” Griff stated in a sleep husky voice.Chapter Eight Simone woke to the comfort of a warm male embrace. tangling it with hers. She ducked her face back down so he couldn't see the embarrassment tingeing her cheeks. by everyone she had ever met. I want to know if you meant it?” Griff asked again. By the parents whom had made her. She had been rejected her whole life. “Did you mean it?” he asked as he gazed at her. There was no way in hell she was setting herself up for more of the same. She snuggled with a sigh of contentment until she realized she was actually awake and wasn't dreaming. did you mean it?” Simone shifted her eyes away from his. Griff leaned down and kissed her. The previous evenings conversation flitting through her mind at a rapid pace. He tasted the sweet moistness within and felt his cock grow hard against her body. He groaned as he pushed his tongue into her mouth.” Simone said.

she slid her tongue between his lips. He licked and laved at her clit until she was a writhing mass of sensations. Simone leaned up so she could reach his mouth. He plucked at one budded peak then the other with his hand until Simone was arching up into his palm.” . “Answer the question Simone. sliding the pad over the sweet rough spot inside her sheath. I want you to fuck me. He blew a warm breath of air on her clit and watched as the skin of her belly pebbled with goose bumps. When he sucked a nipple into his mouth and scraped the edge of his teeth across the bud Simone moaned out loud. He tormented her with sensation after sensation until she was sobbing out her needs. “Please Griff. She moaned loudly as he took her clit between his lips holding it steady as he licked the bundle of nerves. He felt her tighten around his finger as he brought her to the edge of climax once more. She could feel her body building once more towards ecstasy. Griff slid a large finger into her warm. Moisture pooled low in her abdomen as liquid fire spread through her body turning her into a flame of need for the man kissing her back. Did you say you loved me?” he asked once more. “Stop torturing me I need you inside me now.forward letting her know what she could do to him with a mere kiss. he waited until she quieted and started all over again. Weaning his mouth from hers again he looked into her passion glazed eyes. He laved her nipples with his tongue swirling over and around sending delightful sensations shooting down to her clit. then gave a groan of delight as he reached her breasts. She was so primed she climaxed in an instant. But this time he didn't let her go over. curled it around his and guided it back into her mouth so she could suckle on it. then brought her up again when she didn't answer. He pushed her shirt up as he stroked her skin. wet pussy. Griff held her hips down with a large hand across her abdomen as she shook with her climax. He didn't release her clit. Griff took over the kiss devouring her mouth as he ran one hand up and down her body. Please fuck me now.” “Answer the question little girl. He drew back from her mouth and rained kisses down her throat and chest until he reached his goal. Simone bucked her hips up into his mouth demanding a firmer contact to the sensitive nub. He gave a chuckle just before he opened his mouth and licked at her protruding clit. Griff moved down her body licking his way over the silky soft skin of her belly until he reached the top of her mound.” Griff stated as he placed a chaste kiss on her swollen red lips. He placed a quick kiss to the curls covering her then moved down more until he was resting between her spread thighs.

nibbling until she was overwhelmed with sensations. Caressing. He slid two fingers into her puckered hole until they were buried. He was buried in her warm wet heat to the hilt. A writhing mass of pleasure. “You asshole.” Simone yelled as she hovered on the edge of climax.” Sam stated as he bent his head down to one of her breasts. giving her a bite of pain with her pleasure as Con laved his tongue around the other peak. Grabbing the lube he covered his cock with a . He sucked her nipple into his mouth and sucked hard on the turgid peak.” Her bedroom door burst open as Con and Sam entered the room. When she was quiet once more except for her panting breaths they started in on her again.” Griff stated. squirted some onto his fingers and slid them across the puckered hole of her ass. scissoring them until her muscles relaxed. but it looks like you could do with some help. He massaged and soothed her with the cool wet fluid until her body opened up to him. I'm gonna neuter you all when I get my hands on you. “You bloody bastards. I did say it. Sam grabbed a tube of lube from the bedside drawer. you've just made me very happy.” Griff said with a chuckle. They started again.” Sam stated with confidence. He moved up between her thighs aimed his cock for her hole and surged forward. until she was once again calm. Griff felt the muscles of her pussy ripple around his finger once more and drew it out of her body telling his brothers to stop their ministrations too.“Not until you answer the question. Stop it.” “What are you trying to torture out of her Griff?” Sam asked quietly.” “No you won't baby. “Alright. I love you. “Okay then. “Answer the question Simone. “I'm not letting you go over until you answer Simone. He picked her up and brought her up against his massive chest and lay down with her until she was lying supine on top of him. “It's not for me to say. licking. Are you happy now?” Simone sobbed out. I love all of you. “Oh yeah little darlin. moving them in and out. They took in the sight of Griff between Simone's legs and stripped off their clothes then climbed on the bed either side of her. Sam wasn't as aggressive he watched Griff licking her pussy as Simone writhed and whimpered until his brother pulled back.” Griff replied. Con grabbed the seam of her T-shirt gave a yanked and ripped it in half so he could access her breasts.

then thrust back in together. enhancing their own pleasure and they moaned out with Simone at the exquisite feelings. Simone had never felt so full as her lover's surged into her body together she was so full of emotion and pleasure tears began to leak from her eyes. “Suck me sweetheart. Please I want you to fuck me. She turned her head back to Con and sucked his cock back into her mouth until she had him down her throat. “No not like that. Griff and Sam both pulled their hips back at the same time. Relaxing the muscles of her throat she let him slip in further.” Con moaned out as her mouth and throat worked his flesh. “I need more. They felt the tell tale ripple as her muscles began to contract around their hard flesh. “Oh yeah.” “We are Simone.” he stated in a voice husky with need. then thrust back in with a groan as her lips and mouth gripped his hard flesh filling his body with pleasure. . Swallow on me baby. She exploded around them. she wanted more. He thrust his hips forward and back with slow gentle movements until his balls were resting flush with her body. Simone was not satisfied with that. Using her tongue she slid it along the large vein running the length of his shaft. Sam moved a hand down to her pussy and rubbed a finger over her clit.” Sam panted. “Oh fuck yeah. Sam and Griff increased their pace until they were pounding into Simone's body. That's it milk the cum from my balls. Do it again. God you are so sexy babe. Feeling each others cocks through the thin membrane of skin separating them. both at the same time. Griff slid out when Sam thrust in so that one of her holes were filled all the time with their movements. Simone licked the tip of his cock tasting the drop of clear fluid at the small hole. Con slid his shaft out of her body until the head was just inside. She opened her mouth wide and sucked until her lips were wrapped around his knob. Oh yeah that feels so good. Con moved up so he was level with Simone.” she yelled. I need to feel your mouth on me. “Oh yeah baby.” Sam groaned. I need to feel you in me.” Sam stated as he surged back in .generous amount and started pushing the crown into her body. whimpering out her pleasure around Con's cock. She took more of him into her mouth until she felt him at the back of her throat. She let Con's cock pop out of her mouth so she could voice her needs. He started pumping his hips in time to her sucking. She swallowed on him drawing a moan passed his lips at the pleasure she gave him. gently turning her head so she was looking at his crotch.

” Con said as he kissed her temple. cherry flavor. “Mm. Con filled the huge tub in her bathroom.” “I love you as well Simone. They all collapsed down on to the bed. He squirted some of her bubble bath under the stream of water coming out of the faucet and Simone breathed in her familiar favorite scent. “I love you more than words can say angel. The four of them sat along the built in seats in the tub relaxing in the warm sweet scented water. I think I'd have died if you didn't love me back.” Griff stated as he moved. “Let's get you cleaned up little darlin. He was still buried inside her body and the glorious sensations tingling throughout her began to stir her libido once more.” Con yelled as his cock widened then pulsed as he shot his cum down her throat. panting in breaths of air. No one has ever cared enough to hold me or kiss me. her sobs wracking her body as joy and warmth filled the coldness of her heart. but she reached out a hand to hold Con's thigh letting him know she wanted his cum. I love you all so much. If you don't want my load down your throat pull back now. Waiting for their limbs to stop shaking from pleasure and adrenaline overload. “I love you too baby. they all slid into it when it was half full. Oh fuuck. They both roared out their release as they filled her holes with their cum. Griff held her close as she cried wrapping his big arms around her waist giving her comfort. not sad.“I'm gonna cum sweetheart. I always wondered why you smelled so delicious. “I'm gonna cum. “You should be happy we love you.” Con said with a grin. . When they were able to speak once more.” she cried. Simone's body was still convulsing with pleasure.” Con said as he tugged gently on her hair. holding her against him as he stood. “Ah babe. then we can go have some breakfast. She wasn't unlovable after all. don't cry.” Sam stated as he kissed the back of her neck. Nobody has ever loved me before. Griff kissed Simone on the lips. Want to set up rules for me to make sure I was safe. They grabbed her hips to hold her still as they thrust one last time surging in to the hilt and held her steady to receive their seed. Simone burst into tears. “Swallow on me.” “I am happy.” Griff and Sam yelled at the same time.” Sam said as he pulled his half flaccid cock from her ass gently.

“You know. . I think we'd better take the rest of today off. Besides it's about time we spent a day with our woman. “I'll give you something to laugh about little girl. Too scared to face your employee's because you could be teased.” Sam stated as he picked up her foot and tickled the sole of it with his large fingers. It was good to finally hear her laugh. By the time they were finished in the tub there was more water on the floor than left in the bath. Griff had to hold her by the waist to stop her from slipping down under the water.” Sam stated with a smile.” Con stated waggling his eyebrows at Simone. “You are all such big babies. “I like the way you think brother. If we go out amongst the hands smelling like this we are never going to l ive it down. She thrashed around and laughed so much. There is no way I'm going out there smelling like a girl.” Simone stated with a giggle.

She was beginning to feel very uncomfortable with all attention. You people need to get a life if you have nothing more to do than to stand around talking about others. I love those three men more than my own life and . Taking turns sleeping next to her. Simone began to withdraw again. She laughed often and made her lover's laugh with her. Whenever one of her lover's took her to town to do the shopping. They teased each other and loved each other. Photographers with their telephoto lenses snapped pictures without the awareness of the four people involved in the 'sordid relationship' as the media portrayed it. One afternoon she borrowed Sam's truck and drove into the town of Passion only to come back out of the store to find it covered with eggs and slut written across the windshield with lipstick. People stood still in the street and watched her being abused verbally and no one came to help her. Cars started showing up outside the gates of the ranch. Simone withdrew into her shell even more feeling sick to her stomach that some people had labeled her a slut. “I've had enough of this shit.Chapter Nine Simone had never been freer or happier. Until she decided she had had enough. The three brothers now spent the night in her big bed with her. She climbed into the tray at the back of Sam's truck and glared at the people gawking at her. The phone at the Triple R Ranch was running hot. Journalist calling from newspapers and TV stations began asking for interviews to confirm or deny the rumors of one lone female being able to satisfy three large handsome men. Word began to spread throughout the community about the one female and her three lovers. she felt the stares and saw people whispering about them behind their hands. I was orphaned as a child and until I came to work for the Triple R ranch I had never been held or told that I was loved. afraid the men would be angry with her because of all the fuss.

I wonder how many of you are married but are having affairs on the side. I will never stray from their sides to another. “Are you alright baby?” Sam asked a scowl on his face. If I find out anyone of you have hurt our woman in anyway whether it be physically or maligning her with vicious gossip you will answer to the three of us. Oh God. “Um I sort of told the entire town off but I didn't realize the media was taping me so I may have told like the whole of Australia t o fuck off. Cameras and microphones were pointed in her direction and she hadn't even been aware of them. She has never done anything to you people to warrant the recent treatment she has received from this town. With the exception of a few narrow minded citizens the whole crowd erupted into cheers and clapping. She turned her head to the side and watched as Sam. She heard the squeal of tires as brakes were applied a little to hard to a car. “Yeah I'm fine. She is under our protection. Shut up and leave us alone or go live somewhere else. loving woman I have ever had the honor to meet. so she turned around slowly and froze. Others began to join in as what she had yelled to the whole town began to sink in. because it's none of your fucking business. We don't care what anybody else thinks about our relationship because it is nobody's business but our own. if you don't like me living here I don't care. Con and Griff alighted from Con's truck. Sam held up a hand and waited for the crowd to quieten down until he was able to speak.” “What the hell is going on here?” Con yelled as he vaulted over the tail gate of the truck and took her into his arms. The corner of Simone's lips tilted and then a big grin spread across her face.” Sam stated as he . she has our love and respect and returns it to us threefold. but don't mean a word you're saying. and I know I keep them satisfied as well. the media were everywhere. One good looking cameraman was clapping with a big grin on his face. She began to laugh out loud as people crowded around the truck to speak to her.they love me back. “I don't know what hell you people did to our woman. Agreeing with her that what she did in the privacy of her home was her own business. They pushed through the crowd until they were standing at the back of the truck. I don't care what you narrow minded bigots think about me or the relationship I share with those men. She is the most generous. I will always love those three men. sweet.” Simone finished her tirade and glared at everyone in front of her. If you don't treat her with the same respect as she has treated all of you I can and will make all your lives very difficult. or how many of you tell your partners. girlfriend and boyfriends you love them just so you can have a quick fuck. I am their greatest asset because they love me too.” “What have I told you about that mouth of yours sweetheart?” Con stated. except by the look of my truck I can guess it wasn't very pleasant. She heard the sound of clapping coming from behind. Simone ignored him as she watched Sam then Griff land in the back of the truck. I am not going to be run out of this town by you people.

Simone wrapped her legs around his waist and arms around his neck as he placed a large hand underneath her to support her ass. He let her slide down the length of his body until her feet hit the tray of the truck.” Griff stated as he passed her into Con's arms. “Simone you enrich our lives with love and laughter. sparkling in the sunlight. He kissed her until she was breathless then weaned his lips from hers. He held her steady until he was sure she could stand without support. “Con. “I love you little girl. “Uh oh what have I done now?” Simone asked with a scowl. Sam ignored them as he turned back to Simone he held her chin between his thumb and index finger as he looked deeply into her eyes.” he said just before he swooped down and took her mouth in a passionate kiss.” Simone wrapped an arm around his neck pulling his ear down close to her mouth.” he stated for everyone to hear. “I love you angel. Now he knew he had been right. so she could see the single carrot solitaire diamond set in a white gold band. Con pulled his hand out of his pocket and opened a small blue box. Griff took another and Con slid his hand into the pocket of his jeans. As he took his lips from hers Griff picked her up in his large muscular arms. . As one the three men turned their back to the crowd to stare at her. They knew he could too. He also kissed her passionately in front of the whole town.glared at everyone. Would you do us the honor of marrying us baby?” Sam asked with a husky voice. Con threw his head back and roared with laughter. Then he leaned down and whispered in her ear. The crowd once again erupted with cheers and clapping as they agreed with Sam's announcement. He had always suspected she goaded him on purpose with that mouth of hers. “I love you baby. Simone felt tears trickle out the corner of her eyes as a huge lump of emotion filled her throat.” she whispered. The Triple R ranch owners were generous with monetary support throughout the town of Passion. We all love you very much baby. She had to clear her throat several times before she could speak. Con had an arm around her shoulders and one underneath the crook of her knees. I can't fucking wait. Sam took one of her hands. “I'm gonna punish you for that mouth of yours when we get home Sim.

but you would be married to Con and I in our hearts baby. Simone took a deep breath then knelt down in front of the three men she loved. I love you all so much. “We have that all worked out little darlin. astounded to see the four of them on the TV. Chapter Ten They sat on the sofa in the living room and watched the news.” she stated. kissing them with joy. Griff picked her up in his muscular arms once more. She ended up being pulled onto Con's lap and she snuggled up against him wrapping her arms around his waist. Simone launched herself into their arms.“I can't marry the three of you. The three big men listened intently to what the media had captured their woman saying about them and laughed when a couple of beeps sounded to drown out her swearing. Simone cried again as she and the whole of Australia watched her men propose to her on the television.” Simone stated. “Let's go home baby. So what do you say Simone? Will you marry us?” Griff asked again. “Yes I'll marry you.” he stated. it's illegal. It was there in their eyes for the whole town to see. The media claimed their poly-amorous relationship was one of the first to be heard of in the country and the station had thousands of emails and phone calls applauding the four of them for standing up for their love for each other. You would marry Sam on paper as he is the oldest of the three of us. The noise of the cheering and clapping crowd dimmed to the background as Con took the ring from the box and slid it onto her left ring finger. The love they held for each other shined out from their souls. .

” Con stated. “Oh I think our woman is feeling a little feisty.” Simone goaded. He dumped her onto the middle of the bed and followed her down.” Con stated as he rested his head on top of hers. Con secured Simone within his arms. He took her mouth with a kiss full of heat. wash cloth and a towel. Now stay very still. I could punish you all by myself with no trouble at all.” Simone said softly as a grin spread across her face. you and who's army big boy. They're never far behind when you need some attention.” Sam said with a grin. “You just keep believing that you fucking asshole. Your skin will be much more sensitive once all your pubes are gone and we love licking and eating bald pussy. “I let you do that on one condition. he's going to shave your sweet cunt. You are going to love having a bald pussy. I'd hate to slip and hurt you.” G riff replied. “Yeah.” “I shaved my legs this morning. shaving cream. Lift your hips up so I can slide the towel underneath you. stood to his feet cradling her and headed to their big bed.” “Sam's not shaving your legs Simone. tongues and lips colliding and entwining with their dance of love.“I still owe you a punishment for that mouth of yours angel. “What are you doing with all that?” “I'm going to shave you baby.” “I won't cut you Simone. “No army needed babe. Good girl. . but if I wanted some help I can always call on Sam and Griff. I could get away from you and your brothers if I had a mind to. When he had her moaning and moving restlessly with arousal.” Sam stated as he spread shaving cream over her mound and down her labia. Simone eyed him as he set everything on top of the bedside table. her razor. Sam disappeared into her bathroom then came back with a bowl of warm water.” “What's that Sim?” “Just don't cut me cause it will hurt like hell. Con weaned his lips from hers and began stripping the clothes from her body.

. We've let you get away with too much. First all together. Sam sat back on his haunches between Simone's legs to watch his brother dish out his punishment.” Con stated. being careful so he wouldn't nick her with the razor. We control you in the bedroom remember.” Sam lay back down between Simone's thighs opened his mouth wide until he covered her from vagina to clit and sucked. baby you don't get to tell us what to do. please give me more. “Feels good doesn't it baby?” Sam said then pulled the towel out from underneath Simone's body and dropped it to the floor. He raised his hand slightly then slapped it gently back down onto Simone's pussy making her skin and clit tingle with heat and watched with satisfaction as she bucked her hips up begging for more. You are going to be a puddle of jello by the time we've finished with you little darlin. She loved that she was able to feel much more of Sam's caresses. Con moved on the bed so he could reach her naked pussy with his hand. “Go ahead. “We are going to fuck you all night long Simone.” Simone cried out. I'm so close. Simone bucked her hips up as Sam's breath caressed her sensitive flesh and whimpered as he ran his tongue over her soft flesh.” Simone said as she felt Sam's finger caress her nude flesh. “Besides if I know Sam and I think I do he wants his mouth sucking the cream from your pretty cunt. because he knew exactly what Con had in mind. but from now on you do as we say and only get what we give you in the bedroom.” Con stated. He didn't bother taking the razor and cream back into the bathroom he dumped it all on the bedside table then lay down on the mattress between her legs. Sam had her whole body trembling with desire as he gave her pleasure. “Oh Con more. Sam separated her labia with his thumbs and the caressed at the inside of her moist folds. then separately and then all together again. He slid a finger along her now smooth flesh and watched her face as he did so. Once he was done he took the wash cloth from the bowl of warm water and washed the residue of cream off. “Nah. “Oh. “Sam don't forget I owe our little lady a punishment for her cussing.” he said. He had to use his hands on her hips to hold down as she bucked up into his mouth. He slid his tongue up to her clit swirling and laving the nubbin.” Griff opined then took her mouth. He stabbed his tongue into her and lapped up her pussy juice as it dripped onto his tongue. He did it again and again until she was whimpering with need and writhing on the bed. He ran his palm up and down over the soft silky smooth flesh. The feel of his tongue was so much more enhanced with her hair removed. He breathed out caressing her newly bald flesh with his warm moist air.Sam was gentle as he shaved her.

“Oh yeah babe. Sam and Griff gave her a moment to adjust to their penetration until the need to move overtook them. Simone Angel has spread world wide. “Oh yes. give us your cream. Her lovers all roared their pleasure at the same time as they followed her over the cliff. I'm gonna cum. The sight was so sexy she watched for a few more minutes before she beckoned him closer to her. Sam was reading the paper over a cup of coffee the next morning. The population of the small country town Passion Victoria. Simone screamed as her body erupted with convulsions as she clamped down and massaged the cocks in her body. “What's so funny Sam?” Simone asked. They set up a hard fast rhythm. then both empty. “Milk my cock babe. He pulled her legs out so she was kneeling over him. That's feels so good. I love you so much sweetheart. What he was reading made him laugh out loud. Sam lubed her anus and his cock and began pushing into her body. running his hand up and down his shaft in rhythm with Sam and Griff. then drew her down on top of him giving Sam access to her ass. Both her holes were full.” Con stated as his cock disappeared once more into the depths of her mouth.Simone opened her mouth to Griff tangling her tongue with his as they tasted each other. He withdrew from her mouth and changed positions with Sam. Simone turned her head looking for Con and let out a groan when she saw him stroking his own cock.” “Yeah baby. Australia has exploded over night. He gave her cunt a quick lick and taste before he sat up between her thighs and thrust into her until he was fully embedded. Con grasped her hair in one hand and tilted her face so he could look into her eyes whilst she pleasured him with her mouth. She licked around the crown of his penis then sucked him in deep until he was at the back of her throat. He groaned out loud at the exquisite pleasure he felt as he penetrated her. “I'm gonna cum sweetheart suck me down. People are .” Con moaned. Suck me in deep and swallow Simone. They were driving her insane with need and pleasure. surging in and out of her body at the same time. warning her she was on the verge of orgasm. Simone felt the warm tingles.” Sam groaned out as he pumped harder and faster into her ass. “Listen to this. It seems the recent media coverage of the relationship between the three Ramsay brothers from the Triple R Ranch and their female.” Griff groaned out. Crush our cocks in that sweet body of yours. Oh I love it when you do that.

“I said catch me if you can you fucking asshole.arriving in droves from far and wide from across the country in support of the unconventional relationship.” Simone opined.” “Not that's it's of any consequence what others think. The relationship is bringing others interested in a poly-amorous affiliation into the vicinity as they also look to settle in the area to set up house and businesses for their own alliances. because I don't really give a fuck. A very apt named town as far as I am concerned. Me too. It seems the majority of the general public is in support of such affairs in this small country town called Passion.” 1 . But it's nice to know the majority are batting for love.” “Me too brother. Simone got up from the table and headed towards the back door. “I just love a feisty woman. cause I love you so much.' “Well I'll be damned. “What did you just say angel?” Con asked as he scowled at her.” Con stated with disbelief.” Simone took off running from Con as the laughter of Sam and Griff followed in her wake with Con sprinting after her. “Looks like your temper tantrum at the people of Passion actually worked in your favor sweetheart.

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