Batman Begins Analysis

By Sam Tyrell

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Trailer: Plot Summary
The opening scene starts with a flash back as the character Bruce Wayne is shown as young teenager falling into a well where bats fly around him. Due to this Bruce Wayne develops an intense fear of bats. Next, another catastrophic event happens in Wayne s life, for his parents get gunned down after viewing an !pera show. Bruce was by his parents side during the murders and deep down he thinks it was his fault. The murders name was "oe #hill. Bruce then goes on to be raised $lfred %ennyworth the Wayne s butler. &ourteen years later "oe #hill makes a plea deal that would reduce his sentence to parole in exchange for the testimony against 'otham s crime lord #armine &alcone. Bruce goes to the trail and plans to kill "oe, but before he can do so one of &alcone(s assassins does so. This brings into play )achel Dawes Bruce s lifelong friend, where she scolds Bruce Wayne for attempting to take the law own hands and tells him his father would be ashamed. Bruce then decides to travel the world and learn about criminals and their behaviors. This backfires for he is taken to a Bhutanese prison, where he meets *enry Ducard. Ducard then offers to train him in the arts of stealth and fear with the +eague of ,hadows. The leader of league of shadows is )a s el 'ula. $fter completing his long training, Bruce finds out that the +eague(s true intention is to destroy 'otham #ity, because they view it as too corrupt for saving. ,o Bruce refuses to -oin them and burns down the +eague(s temple. )a(s is killed by falling debris while Bruce saves an unconscious Ducard and leaves him with the local villagers. Bruce

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returns to 'otham where he takes control of his family(s company, Wayne .nterprises. /n doing this where Bruce meets Wayne .nterprises top scientist +ucius &ox, who shows Bruce various weapons. Next, Bruce finds the entrance into the cave under the well he fell in as a child. By this finding he confronts his fear of bats and creates the bat cave, which his lab0storage place where he keep all of his batman gear. Bruce needs a suit and so with the help of +ucius he decides he gets the batman appear0 and gear, and this is where bat man if born. The first thing he does, as Batman is he intercepts a drug shipment and provides )achel with evidence to indicted the criminal &alcone. &alcone is then sent to -ail where #rane 1scarecrow2 gives him an hallucigen toxin while wearing a burlap mask, which drives &alcone to be fearful of everything. Batman is also exposed to the drug when investigating #rane, but is rescued in -ust / time $lfred before he completely goes cra3y, and is given an antidote by &ox. )achael then gets the drug but batman saves her before the *allcigen got into her system for good, by giving her two vials of the antidote. Bruce also gives #ommissioner 'ordan two pills of the anitbotic that cures people of the hallugians symtoms. !ne for him and one for mass production. #ommissioner 'ordon then finds out that the compound has been laced into the entire city water system. The climax of the movie is at when Bruce has his birthday celebration. During the celebration Bruce is confronted by Ducard, who reveals him self to be the real )a(s al 'hul. Bruce hurries to kick his guests out so none of them get hurt. $s Bruce s guest narrowly escape, )a(s men ambush the house and )a s reveals the +eague(s plan to destroy 'otham4 the group has being conspiring with #rane the whole time. The +eague sets fire to the mansion, and Bruce is saved by $lfred and is taken to the

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bat cave. Thus giving Batman time to rescue 'otham, but first he rescues )achel from a mob and indirectly reveals his true identity. *e then goes for )a on the monorail train that is carrying the emitter toward the city(s main water distribution center, which would poison the whole city. #ommissioner 'ordon uses the Tumbler(s cannons to destroy a section of the tracks, and Batman escapes from the train, leaving )a(s to die when it falls and crashes. /n the end batman is a public hero but by doing so he will never be able date )achel. The movie ends by 'ordon as promoted to +ieutenant of the 'otham %olice &orce, and mentions a criminal who leaves "oker playing cards at crime scenes. Batman promises to investigate, and disappears into the night.

/magery that /nspirers The Dark 5night Trilogy is essentially the story of Bruce Wayne. The specific movie / m going to be talking about is Batman Begins, which is the first movie in this trilogy. The movie BatMan Begins does a superb -ob in depicting the themes of fear, anger, and -ustice. These three themes work in coherence with each other to give this film personality and also they are three key traits that make up Batman s personality. Batman Begins words alone can t depict these themes compared to the visual content of this movie, so there are pictures to show off the themes of $nger, &ear, and "ustice. These themes are depicted throughout everyday life and makes Batman begins relatable to everyone.


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atma! " ruce Way!e# u$e$ a!%er to motivate him duri!% hi$ time$ o& $tru%%le. 'otivatio!
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i$ the $i!%le mo$t importa!t &actor i! $ucce$$ i! li&e. Thou%h batma! relie$ o! hi$ a!%er to pre$erver( he ha$ the power to cha!!el hi$ a!%er $o to !ot make irratio!al deci$io!$. )!%er i$ al$o co!veyed i! thi$ movie throu%h the villai!$ o& *ra!e( a!d +alco!e. Their a!%er however i$ u$ed i! a !ative co!!atio!. ,! retro$pect thi$ i$ a key di&&ere!ce betwee! atme! bei!% a $uperhero a$ oppo$ed to a $uper villai!.

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Bruce Wayne as a child struggled with his fears, and they seemed to control him, and so for Wayne to be the protector of 'otham city he must put his fears aside. The 6illains of Batman Begin utili3e fear of their victims to create control amongst the people. The ,carecrow 1crane2 is a prime example of utili3ing fear to obtain control4 from the hallsigins that he releases on people leaves them emotionaly ustable. Batmans ferrlessness makes him the superhero that no villain wants to mess with.

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-u$tice i$ the mai! diver o& the character o& atma! becau$e it harmo!i.e$ pa$$io!$ o& &ear a!d a!%er by keepi!% hi$ ambitio! toward$ doi!% the ri%ht thi!%. atma! embodie$ the !obility o& how a $uperhero $hould act i! that he !ever irratio!ally kill$ a villai! /u$t ba$ed o&& the &act that he ha$ the upper ha!d o! them. The movie re&lect$ /u$tice becau$e i! the e!d both the mai! villai!$ where $ubdued a!d the evil plot u!do!e. )!%er( +ear( a!d -u$tice are illumi!ated !ot o!ly i! Batman Begins but al$o throu%hout the batma! $erie$ a!d the$e &eeli!%$ add applicable perceptio! o& atma! to view$.