Agonized over this message. B/C I’m not one to preach “AGAINST” things. Yo th movement ... Incredi!"e acceptance.

#Not $ st things I disagree %ith. &einventing Christianit'.( Best %a' to )eep the 'o th sa*e ... in*orm the parents.

A"" )inds o* %rong ideas ... entering the ran)s. +AST ,--./ 0es s is N1T the on"' %a' to God. Ta")ed a!o t !eing S pportive o* the 0e%s #Not done %ith that. B t as "ong as I’m on m' soap2!o3.( T4IS ,--./ Ta") a!o t the -mergent Ch rch. In the -vange"ica" &an)s. #Con*erences "i)e Brea)*orth. Best2se""ing Boo)s.(

S415+6 Y15 NA7- NA7-S8 9 Tim. :/;< = “>or Demas hath *orsa)en me? having "oved this present %or"d.” @ 0ohn ;/A2;< = “I %rote nto the ch rch/ ! t Diotrephes? %ho "oveth to have the preeminence among them? receiveth s not. ,here*ore? i* I come? I %i"" remem!er his deeds %hich he doeth? prating against s %ith ma"icio s %ords/ and not content there%ith? neither doth he himse"* receive the !rethren? and *or!iddeth them that %o "d? and casteth them o t o* the ch rch.” ; Tim. ;/;A29< = “4o"ding *aith? and a good conscienceB %hich some having p t a%a' concerning *aith have made ship%rec)/ 1* %hom is Hymenaeus and AlexanderB %hom I have de"ivered nto Satan? that the' ma' "earn not to !"aspheme.” 9 Tim. :/;:2;C = “Alexander? the coppersmith? did m ch evi" to me. The +ord %i"" repa' him according to his %or)s? of whom you also must bewareB *or he great"' opposed o r %ords.” ; Cor. :/;: = “I %rite not these things to shame 'o ? ! t as m' !e"oved sons I %arn 'o .” It’s not D-1D+- %e’re coming against. It’s 5NSC&IDT5&A+ I6-AS that are in*i"trating o r ran)s. #So +ITT+- Bi!"e )no%"edge ... peop"e are s%a""o%ing it.(

The !asis *or a thorit' t rned to the Bi!"e and a%a' *rom the #Catho"ic( ch rch. T4-Y 61N’T B-+I-E. B t %hat happens %hen I have F estions a!o t the Bi!"e8 4o% do I )no% it is a"%a's right8 #A Genero s 1rthodo3'( &o! Be"" 2 This is part o* the pro!"em %ith contin a""' insisting that one o* the a!so" tes o* the Christian *aith m st !e a !e"ie* that “Script re a"one” is o r g ide.e’ve shot do%n Traditiona" Christianit'? the Eeracit' o* the Bi!"e and the Eirgin Birth.( The Inerranc' o* the Bi!"e = C"ip 9 = #Brian 7c+aren(. Boo)s on the Best2Se""ers +ist . Dride themse"ves on N1T )no%ing %hat the' !e"ieve? #!eca se it’s “emerging”(. .e can *ashion o r o%n !e"ie*s. There is no statement o* *aith. = #6o g Dagitt(.hat do the' !e"ieve8 It’s easier to te"" 'o %hat the' 61N’T B-+I-E-..IN/ .hatever 'o %ant to !e"ieve is o)a'. • • • Ca"" themse"ves “-vange"ica"” Spea) at -vange"ica" con*erences.The thing that ma)es the -mergents dangero s/ The' B"end In.. ..hi"e %e’re at it? %e might as %e"" ta)e o t . It so nds nice? ! t it is not tr e. >ind 1 t/ Theo"og' is p *or gra!s. Attit de/ .( Traditiona" Christianit' = C"ip .hat i* tomorro% someone digs p de*initive proo* that 0es s had a rea"? earth"'? !io"ogica" *ather named +arr'? and archeo"ogists *ind +arr'’s tom! and do 6NA samp"es and prove !e'ond a shado% o* a do !t that the virgin !irth %as rea""' $ st a !it o* m'tho"ogizing the gospe" %riters thre% in I And %hat i* 'o discover that in the *irst cent r' !eing “!orn o* a virgin” a"so re*erred to a chi"d %hose mother !ecame pregnant the *irst time she had interco rse8 #Ee"vet -"vis? pg 9G( So? "et see/ .4AT 61 -7-&G-NTS B-+I-E-8 • • • • Tr'ing to nai" do%n %hat -mergents !e"ieve/ +i)e tr'ing to nai" 0e""2o to the %a"". #Ee"vet -"vis 2 pg. . #7c+aren on the Drotestant &e*ormation( = Deop"e %ere cha""enged to thin) *or themse"ves. GH( “. . 9.

.. ITC4ING -A&S/ Dastors %o "d preach %hat peop"e %ant to hear.( 9 Timoth' @/.H = “B t evi" men and sed cers sha"" %a3 %orse and %orse? deceiving? and !eing deceived. The entire movement is !ased on *eeding the poor? c"othing the na)ed . B t contin e tho in the things %hich tho hast "earned and hast !een ass red o*? )no%ing o* %hom tho hast "earned themB And that *rom a chi"d tho hast )no%n the ho"' script res? %hich are a!"e to ma)e thee %ise nto sa"vation thro gh *aith %hich is in Christ 0es s.” Yeah? ! t I !reathed it in? in the *irst p"ace.@2. The Bi!"e is Inspired and Inerrant #God %rote itB there are no mista)es in it.e""? gee . C"ip C = Again? it’s not D-1D+.( ST5>> I STI++ B-+I-E.( 4eaven and 4e"" = C"ip @ = #6o g Dagitt( :.@. Dreach the !ene*its? ! t none o* the responsi!i"it'. #Yo co "d "oo) at the person on the gro nd and sa'? “The' %ere the ones %ho !reathed it o t.. %here did %e ever get that idea8 Their concept/ 0es s came to re*orm S1CI-TY.”( God !reathed into the %riters %hat the' !reathed o t. #I’m o)a'? 'o ’re o)a'. To die on the Cross *or o r sins. #“The Bi!"e %as %ritten !' men. A"" script re is given by inspiration of God? and is pro*ita!"e *or doctrine? *or reproo*? *or correction? *or instr ction in righteo sness/ That the man o* God ma' !e per*ect? thro gh"' * rnished nto a"" good %or)s..#S'stematic Theo"og'( . JTo see) and to save that %hich %as "ost.” Theopne stos = God2!reathed.J C"ip : = #Brian 7c+aren( 2 . ACC-DTING -E-&YB16Y.( . The time %o "d come %hen peop"e %o "dn’t to"erate S15N6 61CT&IN-.%e’re coming against.( The Traditiona" Eie% o* the 7ission o* 0es s. I !reathe into 'o ? 'o !reathe o t. Best -3amp"e/ CD&.. It’s 5nscript ra" Ideas.

the . 4o"ds e3perience >A& AB1E./. It hit the ship? and since it %as I7D1SSIB+./.BIB+. Ne% +i*e Eersion( 71E-6/ Dhero #>ero( = To !e s%ept a"ong.e have a"so a more sure word o* prophec'B %here nto ye do well that ye take heed? as unto a light that shineth in a dark place? nti" the da' da%n? and the da' star arise in 'o r hearts/ EISI1N/ Sa% 0es s? 7oses K -"i$ah ta")ing.ord.E1IC.A/..ritten . #4o% man' )no%? that’s a Good 6a'8( B t Deter said .. And this voice which came from heaven %e heard? %hen %e %ere %ith him in the ho"' mo nt. #4ad an e3perience.? God &-A++Y 71E-6.e have a 71&. .ord? and %orth' o* 5nF a"i*ied acceptance. ..C = “Tr st%orth' is the . . No part o* the ho"' %ritings came !eca se o* %hat man %anted to %rite. Not a bad service.ord o* the +ord is &ight.9M = “There*ore I esteem a"" th' precepts concerning a"" things to !e right.o* God. #7ore s re than a EISI1N? more s re than the G+1&Y? 7ore s re than the A56IB+. Tim.( Not )noc)ing e3perience? ! t %hich is 4IG4-&8 .--.( .G29./9<29.S5&-8 Knowing this first/ No part o* the ho"' %ritings %as ever made p !' an' man.” Dsa"m . Deter .” T4.hich is 71&.9 Deter . B t? +AST .” #.IT” Generation. B t ho"' men o* God spo)e as the' %ere moved !' the 4o"' Ghost. B t? a"" he did %as preach.:2.” #. Acts 9H/. Ca ght p in the G"or' C"o d.” .C #T-E( = “B t soon? a ver' strong %ind !"e% do%n *rom the isa"end.. >or he received *rom God the >ather hono r and g"or'? %hen there came s ch a voice to him *rom the e3ce""ent g"or'? This is m' !e"oved Son? in %hom I am %e"" p" )eep the ship headed into the %ind? %e gave p tr'ing? and "et it !e CA&&I-6 A+1NG #Dhero( !' the %ind. est( Dsa"m @@/: = “>or the .1&6.S5&. = “>or %e have not *o""o%ed c nning"' devised *a!"es? %hen %e made )no%n nto 'o the po%er and coming o* o r +ord 0es s Christ? ! t %ere e'e%itnesses o* his ma$est'.e "ive in a “-LD-&I-NC.IS C17D+-T-+Y &-+IAB+. 4eard the A di!"e Eoice o* God.

.:/G = “I am the %a'? the tr th? and the "i*e/ no man cometh unto the Father. 9. ..B11.Acc rate Scienti*ica""' = The Bi!"e said the earth %as ro nd %hen -E-&Y1N. .” .M = “4e that !e"ieveth on 4im is not condemned/ ! t he that !e"ieveth not is C1N6-7N-6 A+&-A6Y . -ver'thing e"se e3ists as C1N>I&7ATI1N.tho ght it %as *"at. 0es s is the 1N+Y &-7-6Y *or Sin. There IS a 4eaven to Gain and a 4e"" to Sh n I don’t care .itho t Christ? Deop"e are +ost 0ohn @/. -E-&Y non2Christian is a"read' nder a death2sentence.<. Christianit' . .arned #I* a"" I do? is ta") a!o t a !etter "i*e. It doesn’t ma)e it so.h' Ta") A!o t 4e""8 A"most No 1ne 6oes An'more 0es s Ta")ed A!o t 4e"" Deop"e 6eserve to Be .. I don’t care %ho’s sa'ing %hat/ The Bi!"e is o r G5I6.” Not %aiting to %eigh their good %or)s against their !ad? to see ho% the' come o t.( I* 'o remove he"" *rom the eF ation? 'o remove T4-I& motivation and 'o remove 15&S. The' can ta)e it or "eave it.41 sa's it’s not there. Covered that "ast time/ 0ohn . but by me.. 9.

: = “-nter in at the narrow gate I narro% is the gate? and narro% is the %a'? %hich "eads nto "i*e? and *e% there !e that *ind it..” 0 de v.” 9. A D"ace o* 6ar)ness = Dsa"m :A/.G/9: = “.or)s Can Get Yo In.” 7att. .G2.. A D"ace o* Bro)en 6reams and &egret Ds... &o! Be"" = 9.” 9 Deter 9/. Conditions in 4e"" .” No Amo nt o* Good . 5n*air = -terna" Beings Need to !e Incarcerated *or -ternit'.A = = “Be not tho a*raid %hen one is made rich? %hen the g"or' o* his ho se is increasedB >or %hen he dieth he sha"" carr' nothing a%a'/ his g"or' sha"" not descend a*ter him. 99/. #Isa. A D"ace o* >"ames = + )e . Temporar' = Aion = Age pon age :. Annihi"ation = Yo can’t have 6egrees o* Non2-3istence @. 4e sha"" go to the generation o* his *athersB they shall never see light. :A/.@ = “&aging %aves o* the sea? *oaming o t their o%n shameB %andering stars? to %hom is reserved the !"ac)ness o* darkness for ever.7att.@ = “Bind him hand and *oot? and ta)e him a%a'? and cast him inter o ter dar)ness #darkness beyond darkness( I” @. in torment in this *"ame . Tho gh %hi"e he "ived he !"essed his so "/ and men %i"" praise thee? %hen tho doest %e"" to th'se"*.G2.hat 4e"" Is Not ..@2.. G:/G( No 1ther &e"igion or 1ther “Savior” Can Get Yo In. H/. A D"ace 1n -arth = -mergents.H = “These are %e""s %itho t %ater? c"o ds that are carried %ith a tempestB to %hom the mist of darkness? is reserved *or ever.A = “Be not tho a*raid %hen one is made rich? %hen the g"or' o* his ho se is increasedB >or when he dieth he shall carry nothing away his glory shall not descend after . .

H/9H = “+et not thine heart dec"ine to her %a's? go not astra' in her paths.G/9C = “A!raham rep"ied? Son remem!er that in 'o r "i*etime you received your good things I” :.” + )e . . = “4e"" *rom !eneath is e3cited a!o t 'o ? To meet 'o at 'o r comingB It stirs p the dead *or 'o ? A"" the chie* ones o* the earthB It has raised p *rom their thrones A"" the )ings o* the nations.< = “I drin) o* the %ine o* the wrath of God. 4er ho se is the %a' to he""? going down to the chambers of death. .@2. >or she hath cast do%n man' %o nded/ 'ea? man' strong men have !een s"ain !' her. A/G = #B t that 'o ma' )no% that the Son o* man has po%er on earth to *orgive sins. Tho gh %hi"e he "ived he !"essed his so "/ and men %i"" praise thee? %hen tho doest %e"" to th'se"*. A D"ace .rath &ev.” G.:/A2..ho sha"" !e p nished %ith ever"asting destr ction #away( from the presence of the "ord? and #a%a'( *rom the g"or' o* his po%er. which is poured out without mixture into the c p o* his indignationB and he sha"" !e tormented %ith *ireI” H. A D"ace o* Iso"ation Drov./A = “. The' a"" sha"" spea) and sa' to 'o / N4ave 'o a"so !ecome as %ea) as %e8 4ave 'o !ecome "i)e s8 Yo r pomp is !ro ght do%n to Sheo"? And the so nd o* 'o r stringed instr mentsB !he maggot is spread under you? And worms cover you. A D"ace o* God’s . .him.orm 6ies Not the . :/.” M.:/. 4e sha"" go to the generation o* his *athersB the' sha"" never see "ight.” #The moment 'o "eave I( A. A D"ace 6evoid o* the Dresence o* God 9 Thess. Comp"ete"' 5nnecessar' . Thess.’ ” C.: = “B t I %o "d not have 'o to !e ignorant? !rethren? concerning them %hich are as"eep? that 'e sorro% not? even as others %hich have no hope. A D"ace o* 4ope"essness .” 7att.