The Seven Most Powerful Scriptures

NOTICED? At the end of every year as one year draws to a close and another !e"ins #od always "ives $e a challen"e for you% So$ethin" that if you&ll do it will ta'e you to the ne(t level in #od% )EMEM*E) +AST ,EA)- )ead throu"h the NT% To"ether as a "roup% T.IS ,EA)- Seven $ost powerful prayers%

#od didn&t "ive us the /ord0 1ust to 2infor$3 us% The /ord is #od&s part of your prayer life% .e $eant for us to pray the /ord !ac' to .i$% Acts 4-54657 2And when they heard that0 they lifted up their voice to #od with one accord0 and said0 +ord0 thou art #od0 which hast $ade heaven0 and earth0 and the sea0 and all that in the$ is- /ho !y the $outh of thy servant David hast said0 /hy did the heathen ra"e0 and the people i$a"ine vain thin"s?3

SE8EN NE#+ECTED PASSA#ES I&$ not "oin" to !e teachin" throu"h the passa"es% I&$ readin" the$0 e(plainin" the$ a little% *ut0 a!ove all0 I&$ challen"in" you to $a'e the$ part of your prayer life% Pro!a!ly $a'e a !oo'$ar' SEASON%< put 9e$ in your *i!le% :This is #od&s word to ;S0 for this

These are so$ewhat o!scure scriptures that :pro!a!ly no one in the roo$ is already prayin" for the$selves< %%% if we&ll do it %%% it&ll chan"e our life%

=%< The Ephesians Prayers One in Chapter one %%% one in Chapter three% Essentially prayers for revelation 'nowled"e%

>E,- .ead 'nowled"e won?t help you $uch% I can tell you0 2It&s #od&s will to heal you%3 *ut until you "et a revelation of it0 and how it wor's% ,ou?ll stay as sic' as you ever were%

C.Ar$ )aised Christ.which he wrou"ht in Christ% .niverse.nderstandin" is arran"in" the facts.O/ M.The eyes of your understanding being enlightened.Ma'e sense% /isdo$ is 'nowin" how to apply the facts% :The correct application of 'nowled"e0 so you "et results%< Prayin" for )E8E+ATION so you >NO/ .s. PO/E) is availa!le% Sa$e $easure.O/ TO APP+.Center in on one% That you $i"ht 'now . IT %%% #ET )ES.Bin"ers Earth.Ephesians =-=765= 2/herefore I also0 after I heard of your faith in the +ord @esus0 and love unto all the saints0 Cease not to "ive than's for you0 $a'in" $ention of you in $y prayersA That the #od of our +ord @esus Christ0 the Bather of "lory0 $ay "ive unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the 'nowled"e of hi$. that ye may know what is the hope of his callin"0 and what the riches of the "lory of his inheritance in the saints0 And what is the e(ceedin" "reatness of his power to us6ward who !elieve0 accordin" to the wor'in" of his $i"hty power0 /hich he wrou"ht in Christ0 when he raised hi$ fro$ the dead0 and set hi$ at his own ri"ht hand in the heavenly places0 Bar a!ove all principality0 and power0 and $i"ht0 and do$inion0 and every na$e that is na$ed0 not only in this world0 !ut also in that which is to co$e%3 >nowled"e is "ettin" the facts% .e?s #reater.Than anythin" you?ll ever face% Stren"thened in the inner $an% /hat would that do for you? @o! 55-5=6CD 2AcEuaint now thyself with hi$0 and !e at peace..+TS% Mentions several thin"s.there!y "ood shall co$e unto thee% )eceive0 I pray thee0 the law fro$ his $outh0 and lay up his words in thine heart% If thou return to the Al$i"hty0 thou shalt be built up0 thou shalt put away iniquity far fro$ thy Spiritually stron"% .All of his >in"ly Power0 Personal Power turned into the for$ of ener"y% )evelation that .ands Saved .

#ive you the Power to Chan"e 6 :I$a"ineG Pray itG< :.Do you thin' that would $a'e a difference in your life? That&s Powerful Prayer F= 5%< Philippians Prayer to Shape the /ill :The one that started the series%< Philippians 5-=56=C 2/herefore0 $y !eloved0 as ye have always o!eyed0 not as in $y presence only0 !ut now $uch $ore in $y a!sence0 wor' out your own salvation with fear and tre$!lin"% Bor it is #od which wor'eth in you !oth to will and to do of his "ood pleasure%3 In the last verse0 we dealt with )E8E+ATION% .EA)G< The "reatest ene$y we&ll ever face is our flesh% The devil is defeated% The flesh is an 2on6 !oard3 ene$y% So $any ti$es0 sin is a 2want to3 issue% The devil doesn&t have to push very hard0 !ecause we already have the desire to sin within us% This prayer covers !oth sides of the issue% Chan"e $y will0 "ive $e the power to 2do3 what I 'now I should do% C%< #ettin" /isdo$ 2#ive $e /isdo$%3 :/isdo$ is the principle thin"%< .ea0 the Almighty shall be thy defence0 and thou shalt have plenty of silver% Bor then shalt thou have thy delight in the Almighty0 and shalt lift up thy face unto God% Thou shalt $a'e thy prayer unto hi$0 and he shall hear thee0 and thou shalt pay thy vows% Thou shalt also decree a thing.So that your souls $ay !e possessed with faith in Christ% )est of the list.and it is delivered by the pureness of thine hands%3 Christ $ay dwell in your hearts !y faithMace.ta!ernacles% Then shalt thou lay up gold as dust0 and the "old of Ophir as the stones of the !roo's% .They Want To% They an!t "top% /ill.ere we&re dealin" with #ettin" the Sin Out% PEOP+E SIN :ONE of 5 )EASONS<. and it shall be established unto thee.#od can chan"e you 2/ant To3 :Half #attleG Wake 7a$G< Do.and the light shall shine upon thy ways% When men are cast down0 then thou shalt say0 There is liftin" upA and he shall save the hu$!le person% He shall deliver the island of the innocent.

/hat&s /isdo$? Prover!s C-=C6=I 2.she shall bring thee to honour0 when thou dost embrace her%3 /isdo$ is the principal thin"% .ATION0 that you&re "oin" to have to do0 !efore you see results% Juit drin'in" coffee %%% headaches will stop% :Not fro$ the /ord %%% fro$ the Spirit% /ord of /isdo$ 6 This is what you need to do to "et results in T.appy is the $an that findeth wisdo$0 and the $an that "etteth understandin"% Bor the $erchandise of it is !etter than the $erchandise of silver0 and the "ain thereof than fine "old% She is $ore precious than ru!ies.ow #et? @a$es =-7 6 As'% *elievin" you receive% #od&s showin" $eG 5%< Dealin" /isely in the Affairs of +ife .Prover!s 4-76H 2#et wisdo$0 "et understandin".and with all thy "ettin" "et understandin"% E(alt her0 and she shall promote thee.ow to Apply the /ord >nowled"e 6 *ein" E(posed to the Bacts% :If you&ve !een sittin" in this church for lon"er than a year %%% should !e clear0 #od wants to heal you%< .IS SIT.nderstandin" /ould !e 2#ettin" It0 Mentally%3 The li"hts have co$e on0 and you understand how it wor's0 and what $a'es healin" co$e% If you&re still sayin"0 2I 'now #od heals0 what I don&t 'now is how to "et .love her0 and she shall 'eep thee% Wisdom is the principal thingA therefore "et wisdo$.p /ith That.i$ to do it%3 /isdo$ /ould !e0 you can ta'e those principles0 apply the$0 and see healin" co$e into your !ody% :Step !eyond%< So$eti$es0 there&s so$ethin" IN T.and all the thin"s thou canst desire are not to !e co$pared unto her% +en"th of days is in her ri"ht handA and in her left hand riches and honour%3 T/O SIDES TO /ISDOM =%< >nowin" .CS* /isdo$ is supre$e% #N* #ettin" wisdo$ is the $ost i$portant thin" you can do% Our +ifestyles Don&t +ine .for"et it notA neither decline fro$ the words of $y $outh% Borsa'e her not0 and she shall preserve thee.IS situation%< .

E.IN#S TO COME :SEE T)APS M OPPO)T.O/ ME T. BO) OPPO)T.APPENS .EN T.S unto Moses0 and his ACTS unto the Children of Israel% If Moses hadn&t 'nown his ways0 the children of Israel never would have seen his Acts% Philippians That I $ay 'now you and the power of your resurrection% :A$plified *i!le0 plus the E(odus counterpart%< Those that 'now their #od shall !e stron" and do e(ploits% I%< @ohn 2Show :$e< thin"s to co$e%3 Prepared in advance% See the devil&s traps and avoid the$% Ma'e chan"es in your life before the crisis co$es% Avert it totally or lessen its effects% L%< Ton"ues Perfect prayer in the perfect will of #od% Divine Secrets% /hat a head6start in lifeG • • • • • • • .S0 /.E ABBAI)S OB +IBE *E )EAD.IM :)ECEI8E< S.NDE)STAND T.A8E T.Don&t do Stupid thin"s% A certain a$ount co$es with a"e and e(perience% )eco"niKe the will of #od and 'now how to wal' in it% 2Deal wisely in the affairs of life%3 +ots of pro!le$s we could 1ust avoid% 4%< .NITIES< P)A. COME >NO/ #OD&S /A.Not !e ready for opportunity when it co$es% 7%< Psal$ =DC- 2Teach $e your ways%3 .e $ade 'nown his /A.AT .e can prepare you to step throu"h the door at the ri"ht ti$e% People $iss opportunities !ecause they weren&t ready for the opportunity when it ca$e% :Pastorin"%< Saddest thin" in the world.E /ANTS M .NITIES /.a"in Prepare me for that which you&ve prepared for $e% #od has a plan for your life% Even when you don&t 'now the plan0 .E /O)D /ANT /.IN# O. IN T.T #OD&S P+AN *EBO)E IT .AT MO8ES .E PO/E) TO DO IT DEA+ /ISE+.