Value Stream Mapping Key

Value Stream Mapping Key

Process Symbols


Name Customer/Supplier

Description This icon represents outside sources. It represents the supplier when placed in the upper-left, and the customer when placed in the upper-right.


This icon is a process box with operator. The process or activity name is listed in the top bar, and the department or function name in the center area. It may represent a process, operation, department, or other activity involved in material flows.

Production Control

This icon is a process box; an area where value can be added to a product. The process or activity name is listed in the top bar, and the department or function name in the center area. It is a shared process operation or department. It includes estimates for the number of operators required, for the value stream. Process or activity name in the top bar, Department or function name in the center area. Note the information technology used to assist in the processing of information in the lower-left corner. If largely or completely manual, may indicate “manual” or “manual” plus the information technology used. This data box is placed under other icons that have information required for analyzing the system. It typically includes Cycle Time (Process Time, Lead Time), Changeover Time, and other processing information.

Process Box with Information Technology

Select shape and type text. Yellow handle adjusts line spacing.

Data Table

Information Symbols


Name Production Kanban

Description This is a visual signal representing a trigger of production of a specific number of parts.

Last updated: 9/13/2010

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First Out Sequence Flow. FIFO FIFO Lane Last updated: 9/13/2010 2 of 6 . This is a card or device that instructs a handler or operator to withdraw items from a supermarket. The next process or customer would pull from this inventory. It represents storage of raw materials as well as finished goods. A database. The time period may be listed below the icon.Information and Technology Services Value Stream Mapping Key Batch Kanban This indicates batch processing. Batch Withdrawal Kanban Withdrawal Kanban Database This is a card or device that instructs a handler or operator to withdraw items via batch processing from a supermarket. Supermarket Push Arrow This icon represents a push of information or material from one process to another. Inventory This is a material Queue of products that are not being processed. Shipment Truck This represents shipments using external transport from a supplier. It may be labeled with the frequency of shipment. A process produces something regardless of the downstream needs. Information Information Box Material Symbols Text box for including relevant information only as needed. This represents a First In. Icon Name Physical Pull Description This is a withdrawal of materials from a supermarket. This is an inventory “supermarket” that contains some inventory available to downstream customers enabling them to select what they need.

This icon batches kanbans to level mix or volume. This shape represents electronic flow of information. Inventory is usually paperwork or electronic files.boxes  Work stored in e-mails (message. If there is a cost ($ value) listed below the symbol. it represents the scheduling priority. IN Multiple Operators X5 OXOX Load Leveling Phone This represents collecting information via telephone.Information and Technology Services Inventory/In-box Value Stream Mapping Key An in-box is an information queue. Glasses represent collecting information visually. Manual Information Electronic Information Go See Scheduling This arrow indicates manual flow of information. files)  Design projects in queue  Untransmitted faxes Operator This is the symbol for a worker. It is added to a process box to indicate a worker completes some or all of the process tasks. requests for information. This symbol and number represents the number of workers involved. Inventory examples:  Forms in people’s in. Last updated: 9/13/2010 3 of 6 . Percentage of time to perform the specific process may be noted in parentheses to the right of the number of workers. Kaizen Burst This highlights improvement needs at a specific process that is critical to achieving the future state map. It can also indicate informal Scheduling. This icon indicates inventory.

Shipment or Materials Movement Arrow Signal Kanban Last updated: 9/13/2010 4 of 6 . This represents material or product flow from supplier to process or from process to customer. Pull Arrow Pull Arrow 2 This indicates that a customer or process pulls from a previous process. Pull Arrow 4 This indicates that a customer or process pulls from a previous process. Pull Arrow 3 This indicates that a customer or process pulls from a previous process. This icon is used to alert when the inventory levels in the supermarket between two processes drops to a trigger or minimum point. This indicates that a customer or process pulls from a previous process. Safety/Buffer Stock This is an inventory stock reserved for specific circumstances. process to customer flows bottom to top. Supplier to process flows top to bottom. Sequenced Pull Ball This icon represents a pull system that gives instruction to other processes to produce a predetermined type and quantity of product without using a supermarket.Information and Technology Services Value Stream Mapping Key Kanban Post This represents a location for kanban signal pickup.

Rework This indicates multiple iterations or a need for rework. Value-added times are cycle processing times. and non-value-added times are wait times.Information and Technology Services Timeline Segment Value Stream Mapping Key A timeline segment shows value-added times and non-value-added times. Clock A clock icon indicates a delay or timing constraints. It includes totals for value-added and non-value-added time. Last updated: 9/13/2010 5 of 6 . Timeline Total This represents the end of a timeline.

labels.75 hr 0 hrs 8 hrs 10 hrs 4 hrs 14 hrs 5. envelopes $75 Staff Support: $1788 Process Time (P/T) = 23. SharePoint 0 Prepare Data 0 Create Reports DBs.75 hr .5 hrs 5. Excel P/T: 2 hrs L/T: 5 days Staff Availability: 4-6 hrs* * Variance based on competing higher priorities P/T: 5-6 hrs L/T: 1-5 days Staff Availability: 6 hrs P/T: .5 to 1 hr Staff Availability: 1 hr P/T: 9-11 hrs L/T: 1-2 days Staff Availability: 8 hrs P/T: 5-6 hrs L/T: . DBs Import Data DBs.75 hrs Change Over Time (C/O) = 8.5-3 days Staff Availability: 0 hrs* C/O: 1.25 minutes every 37.75 hrs Lead Time (L/T) = 112. Printers .5-15 minutes@15-60 min intervals * Bi-weekly volunteer likely working overtime LT PT 40 hrs 2 hrs 16 hrs 30 hrs 0 hrs .5 days Deliver Reports 100% mailed at end DBs Manual.Information and Technology Services Value Stream Mapping Key Example of a Value Stream Mapping VSM: PSM Access Services UL Security Report Process Access Services Communications Unit Liaisons (UL) Update Request Notices UL Requests Customer Demand 2 reports Average 1 report per 6 months (approximately 24 business weeks) Lead Time 4 weeks Databases UL Security Report (hard copy and Excel) 6 Months of Info May & November 1 IN Outstanding Updates IN IN Print Delay Possible Rework Possible IN By May 31 & November 30 2 days Organize Resources Manual.5 minutes Last updated: 9/13/2010 6 of 6 .5 hrs Value Stream Metrics (per report) Associated Resource Cost Estimates (per report) Materials: paper.5 to 1 hr L/T: .