1 Kings

The two books of Kings appear in the Hebrew Bible as one book. They practically cover the whole period of kingly reign over the nation of Israel. The book of 2 Chronicles covers the same period of time as 1 Kings !in m"ch the same way that 1 Chronicles records the same events as 2 #am"el$. %or this reason we will not do a separate st"dy on 1 & 2 Chronicles. The a"thorship of the books of 1 & 2 Kings is "ncertain altho"gh 'ewish tradition claims it was 'eremiah. In 1 Kings we are introd"ced to the prophet who became the voice of (od to the people. Divisions of the Book: There are fo"r main sections) 1. The *assing of +avid , 1,2)11 2. #olomon , 2)12,11)-. .. The +ivision of the /ation , 12)1,10).-. 1li2ah , 13)1,22 1. The Passing of David: The days of +avid4s feebleness created the opport"nity for a rebellion against him led by his own son 5doni2ah !1)6$. 'oab +avid4s captain and 5biathar the priest 2oined the rebellion against +avid. Beca"se of this "nrest +avid had #olomon appointed King before his death. +avid gave him specific instr"ctions for the establishment of the kingdom and e7horted him to be loyal to (od !2).,-$. 2. Solomon: The story of #olomon falls into two main divisions. %irst the early years of obedience and blessing. 5nd finally the story of his disobedience and 2"dgement. 1arly in his reign (od appeared to #olomon in a dream !.)6$ saying 85sk what I shall give thee9. His choice was remarkable and indicated his desire to have (od4s blessing wisdom and strength !.)3,1:$. (od not only granted him his re;"est b"t in addition gave him the other things he co"ld have asked for. He was reminded that these blessings wo"ld come if he was obedient. #olomon gave himself first to the organi<ation of his kingdom !chapter -$. The d"ties were allotted and each man was responsible for a partic"lar area of government. These were the days of the /ation4s greatest material prosperity. %ollowing the organi<ation of the /ation4s b"siness #olomon t"rned his attention to b"ilding the Temple. He "nderstood that this was his task by +ivine appointment. %or seven years the constr"ction contin"ed and what a marvelo"s b"ilding it was. Chapter = describes its dedication and the wonderf"l prayer of #olomon. (od manifested His approval by filling it with his *resence !2 Chron 3)1,.$. It was a great day for Israel b"t it was short,lived. #olomon fell into sin and his sin led to the division of the /ation. #olomon4s sins were)!a$ 17travagant >"7"ry , 1:)1-,,2? , He spent 3 years on the >ord4s ho"se b"t 1. on his own !0).=@ 3)1$ !b$ #ens"ality , 11)1,. !c$ 5postasy from (od , 11)-,= (od was angry with #olomon4s behavior !11)?$. He wo"ld lose most of the kingdom !11)1.$. (od raised "p adversaries against him !11)1-,-:$. The book of 1cclesiastes records #olomon4s ret"rn to (od. He was forgiven b"t the harvest co"ld not be stopped. The /ation divided. 3. Division: Anrest and rebellion had been growing d"ring #olomon4s reign. He had ta7ed the people heavily in order to s"rro"nd himself with l"7"ry. the people wanted their load lightened. In these remaining chapters we see the res"lts of #olomon4s disobedience and its terrible effect "pon the nation. !a$ The disr"ption of the kingdom thro"gh the folly of #olomon4s son Behoboam !11)-.,12)?$ !b$ The Ten Tribes revolt and enthrone 'eroboam as king of Israel !12@2:$. 'eroboam made his capitol at #amaria and this federation became known as “The Northern Kingdom . This of co"rse had been

"li#ah: Into this "ngodly scene 1li2ah came. 21$. Ehat a fail"re she wasF This was what Goses and 'osh"a said wo"ld happen if they wo"ld not obey the >ord. He first appeared d"ring the reign of 5hab who was the worst of all Israel4s kings !10). CThe evil reigns in Israel of 'eroboam /adab Baasha 1lah #imri Dmri 5hab and 5ha<iah !12)2:. The book concl"des with the death of 5hab. Ehat a solemn warning this history o"ght to have for "sF '"dah had some good kings and had periodic revivals and their kingdom lasted 1. Twenty times the #cript"re describes 'eroboam as the son of /ebat 8who made Israel to sin9.22)6..$.1$.$. !c$ The comparative history of the two kingdoms . 'eroboam set "p 8calf9 worship at Bethel and +an to keep the people from going to 'er"salem to worship.22)6:$. Ehat a man of (od 1li2ah wasF *oorly e."ipped in the nat"ral b"t possessing a mighty anointing he became (od4s voice to the /ation. In another 16: years she wo"ld be taken into captivity by the 5ssyrians. . 5ha<iah his son reigned in his stead and contin"ed in his father4s evil ways !22)6. He called the /ation to repentance and destroyed the prophets of Baal !ch. Ee are reminded of the words of #olomon 8righteo"sness e7alteth a nation b"t sin is a reproach to any people9. The f"ll acco"nt of this is ro"nd in 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles.0 years after Israel fell.-.$ so He sent 1li2ah to anno"nce the coming 2"dgement !13)1:$. 5 soldier 8by chance9 drew a bow and the arrow !directed by (od$ fo"nd its mark and 5hab died !1 Kings 22). He reproved 5hab for his treachery against /aboth and anno"nced his coming death !ch. 1-). 1=$.:$.6$. His sins provoked (od !10).-$. !. CThe reigns in '"dah of Behoboam 5bi2am 5sa and 'ehoshaphat !12.. >ess than 1:: years had passed since Israel was at her height. The nation took another step toward their downfall and captivity. !*rov.prophesied by 5hi2ah !1 Kings 11).