Daniel was carried into captivity in the third year of Jehoiakim, by Nebuchadnezzar in his first invasion. He was probably about 14 years of a e at the time, and the rest of his life was spent in !abylon. He was contemporary with "zekiel. "zekiel served #od $amon the captives%, and Daniel served #od in the corrupt court. &n spite of the fact that he was a member of a captive race, he rose to positions of power while maintainin unswervin loyalty to his #od. 'here is much in common between the life of Joseph, and that of Daniel. "zekiel refers to Daniel as a model of ri hteousness ("zekiel 14)14*. Daniel was not only reat on earth, but also in heaven. 'wice #od spoke from heaven, and called him $a man reatly beloved% (1+)11,1,*. Daniel-s prophecies deal chiefly with the #entile nations. !y means of #od. iven visions, he predicted the future course of the #entile nations. 'he main theme of his prophecies is the /overei nty of #od (0)01.00*. 'his book, and the book of 1evelation have much in common, and we must understand this book, in order to understand 1evelation. 'he !ook of Daniel falls into two ma2or divisions . Historic and 3rophetic. 'he first half of the book ives us the history of the times and conditions in which Daniel lived (4hapters 1.5*. 'he second half deals with future events from the time of Daniel, until $the time of the end% (Dan. 10)4,,*. HISTORY . (4hapters 1.5* 4hapter one opens with Daniel and the three Hebrew children in !abylon. (Nebuchadnezzar, in his first invasion of Judah, carried away the educated and the skilled into !abylon. 'he historic account of this is found in 0 6in s 04)11.14.* 'hese four youn boys are described in Daniel 1)4. &n the 3alace, they faced their first ma2or decision (1)7*. !ut, these youn men $purposed% in their hearts to be true to their upbrin in and convictions. 'hey, of course, were rewarded by #od (1)18.0+*, and they learned that if they stood true to #od, and would not compromise, that #od would prosper their ways. &n 4hapter two, we have the dream of Nebuchadnezzar. He was deeply troubled by the fact that he had for otten the dream. He demanded, on the penalty of death, that the wise men recall and interpret the dream. Daniel and the three Hebrew children belon ed to the $wise men%, and so faced death, if they could not recall the dream. 'hey sou ht a solution throu h prayer (0)18.19*, and in the ni ht, #od spoke to Daniel: Daniel stood before the kin acknowled in that his information had come from #od (0)09*. this vision portrayed the successive kin dom of the world . !abylon, ;edia and 3ersia, #reece, 1ome, the ten kin doms under <ntichrist, and the final settin up of the 6in dom of #od. &n the earthly kin doms, the one word that describes them is $deterioration%. 'hese kin doms will be destroyed by #od, and an eternal one $which shall never be destroyed% shall be set up (0)44*. 'he stone that $smites the nations% is the =ord Jesus 4hrist. 'his is confirmed and further e>panded in the !ook of 1evelation. 4hapter three records the story of Nebuchadnezzar-s ima e of old. No doubt, this was prompted by the dream of chapter two. Not only was the head old, but the entire body. &t was no doubt an attempt to consolidate his power, and to try to prevent the prophecy of his kin dom-s disinte ration from comin to pass. Here, the Hebrews were faced with bein true to conviction, or yieldin to compromise. ?rom their earliest childhood, they had been tau ht $thou shalt not bow down to any raven ima e%. /o, they took their stand willin to lose their lives, rather than to compromise their convictions. @nce a ain, #od honored them, and sent a miraculous deliverance. Nebuchadnezzar was deeply impressed, and made a decree acknowled in #od (A)0,*. 'he last story dealin with Nebuchadnezzar contains the account of his #od humbled the proud monarch, and tau ht him a lesson o the soverei nty of #od. He was warned in a dream (4),.19*, and Daniel brou ht the interpretation and a plea for repentance (4)08*. 'his plea went unheeded. #od waited one full year for him to repent, and then suddenly sent 2ud ement (4)08.A1*. 'his e>perience was iven to teach him a solemn lesson (4)A0b*. He passes from the pa es of this book, a man who had learned the hard way, the lesson that $#od is over all% (4)A8*.

<nd Darius the . 'he chapter concludes with the dramatic words. foretold by Jeremiah. (4hapters 8. Daniel had a vision of four wild beasts. and he purposed to remain true to #od. were drawin to a close (. 'he last thin s were revealed to Daniel in the rei n of 4yrus. the $clock% of &srael-s national life stops.)0*. He based his plea upon the honor of the name of the =ord (. writin on the wall. Daniel interprets these (8)18. His character and deeds are described in 8)07. &t always pays to serve #od. or $'he 'ime of Jacob-s (&srael-s* 'rouble%. 3ersia (bear*. durin which #od will deal e>clusively with &srael. 'he final chapter in the historic section has to do with Daniel-s activities durin the rei n of Darius. !e innin with the 1apture of the 4hurch.pron ed ram represented the united power of . oat was the kin of #reece (<le>ander the #reat*. and you see Daniel $as he did beforetime%. (8 years* . there appeared to him a #lorious 3erson who then ave him an insi ht into the thin s that would befall his people in the latter days. a hand appeared. ?ollowin this time. kneelin and ivin thanks. and the third of one week (. be an at the command to build and restore Jerusalem. under "zra and Nehemiah.A*. 'he rou h he.1A*. &n the new empire under Darius.10* Durin the first year of !elshazzar-s rei n. thou art wei hed in the balances and found wantin . <t this point. He then set himself to prayer and penitence on behalf of his people. makin confession of their sin. they kin dom is divided and iven to the .edo.Nebuchadnezzar was succeeded by !elshazzar.)1. 'wo years later. #abriel came to reveal #od-s future plans for &srael. and finished it . 1ead Daniel 5)1+. and in the rei n of 4yrus the 3ersian%. PROPHECY . 4onseBuently he was cast into the lion-s den. Daniel became conscious (no doubt by readin the scrolls*. 'he wise men were unable to interpret the writin . #od is callin out a people from both the Jews and the #entiles. 'he two. (4. Daniel would not compromise.*. 'he $little horn% comin up amon the ten is the <ntichrist. &n the midst of a drunken carousal. . the first of seven seeks. <s he was prayin . Daniel was mournin and fastin for three weeks. in Daniel 9. 4hrist is $cut off%.05*. 'his stirred up the 2ealously of the other rulers who with reat cunnin planned his downfall. (1) 7 Weeks . and pleadin their cause. (4A4 years* .two weeks.)07.edia and 3ersia. $so Daniel prospered in the rei n of Darius. but $#od who is over all% wrou ht a miraculous deliverance. the 4hurch. and now 2ud ement time had come. we have another vision of the ram and the he. (4) 1 Week . be an at the buildin of the wall of Jerusalem to the crucifi>ion. but not for Himself (Dan. intervenes after the 5. that the seventy years of 2ud ement upon Jerusalem. 'his chapter also contains the prophecy of the division of the #recian "mpire amon the four enerals when <le>ander died. 'hese were divided into three periods. as representin the kin doms of !abylon (lion*. . to form His body. #reece (leopard*. 'his section closed with these words.08*.)04. the second of si>ty.edian took the kin dom%.0A*. after 49A years. 'his chapter draws back the curtain. History records the overthrow of the . and 1ome (terrible beast*. ten kin s would rei n. Daniel was called. &t is evident from the /criptures that a $week% represents a period of seven years. years* . 'his period of time is known as $'he 'ribulation 3eriod%. and reveals some of the unseen conflict in the realms of the spirit (1+)10. Daniel was promoted to the hi hest office in the land (5)1. < ain. which symbolized the four kin doms pictured in Nebuchadnezzar-s dream. and endin with the /econd <dvent.0A*. (3) Gentile Rule . @ver this fourth kin dom.edes and 3ersians. &n the first year of Darius. !elshazzar had not sinned i norantly (7)01. He said that #od had decreed seventy $weeks% upon the people and the city. &n the third year of his rei n. $&n that ni ht was !elshazzar the kin of the 4haldeans slain. oat. (2) 62 Weeks . not yet be un.3ersian empire by #reece. $Daniel-s 8+th Ceek%. He was a man of profli ate habits. an unknown number of years.th week. Ce are now in this period. and he told !elshazzar that $#od hath numbered thy kin dom.

ention is made of the two resurrections (Daniel 10)0*. <s was predicted before. 'here were to be three more kin s.edo. his empire would be divided.5*.&n Daniel 11. 'hese two resurrections will be over 1+++ years apart (1ev. Now. we find the vision which concerns the immediate future of the . in this $end time%. and then <le>ander the #reat would appear and destroy this empire (11)A. 0+)1. 10)A*. there follows the promise to those who turn men to #od (Dan. as the pieces are fallin into place.4*. . .3ersian "mpire. 'his book was to be sealed until the $time of the end%. 'hen. this @ld 'estament prophecy takes on new si nificance. 'he si ns indicate the Daniel-s 8+th week is not far off.