The two key phrases in this book are: (1) Observe to do - Moses wanted them to be doers of the Word, and not hearers only. ( ) !emember - "The #ivin$ of the %aw - &:'-1( "The )ovenant - &: * "Their +ast ,lavery - -:1"The #reat .eliveran/e - 0:11 "The .ivine %eadership and ,2pplies - 1: -3 "The ,ins of the past - ':0 "The .ivine 42d$ements - &:' "The 5n/ient .ays - * :0 This 6ook shows the blessin$ of obedien/e, and the /2rse of disobedien/e. 7verythin$ depends on obedien/e - life itself, possession of the promised land, vi/tory over foes, prosperity, and happiness. We see this 6ook tea/hin$ the infle8ibility of the law. 9Tho2 shalt: and 9tho2 shalt not:, o//2r over and over a$ain - 9a blessin$ if ye obey, and a /2rse if ye will not obey.: The 6ook of .e2teronomy is a /olle/tion of addresses and son$s that Moses $ave as his farewell messa$es to ;srael. ;t is a book of !emembra/e. The name 9.e2teronomy: means 9se/ond law:. The law is repeated in this 6ook for the se/ond $eneration. (<o2=ll remember that the $eneration of people who ori$inally re/eived the law had all died in the wilderness.) .e2teronomy /overs abo2t two months time, in/l2din$ the *( day mo2rnin$ for Moses. This book m2st have been a favorite of o2r %ord=s. >e often ?2oted from it. >e ?2oted from this book when fa/in$ the temptation of the devil. ()ompare Mt. &:1-11 and %2ke &:1-1* with .e2t. 1:*@ 3:13@ 3:1*@ and 1(: (.) #enesis tells of the be$innin$s of the /hosen nation of ;srael. 78od2s relates the or$aniAation of the people into a nation, and the $ivin$ of the law. %eviti/2s tells the way this people were to worship #od. B2mbers $ives the story of the wanderin$s of this people. 5nd, .e2teronomy relates the final preparation for enterin$ the promised land. .e2teronomy /an be divided into three messa$es of Moses. The first is /ontained in /hapters 1-&, and /o2ld be /alled, 9%ookin$ 6a/k:. The se/ond is re/orded in /hapters -- 3, and /o2ld be /alled, 9%ookin$ Cp:. The final division is fo2nd in /hapters 0-**, and /o2ld be titled, 9%ookin$ O2t:. The 6ook then /on/l2des with the death of Moses. Moses= Dirst 5ddress - 9%ookin$ 6a/k: - )hapters 1-& 5s the book opens, we see the /hildren of ;srael on the border of the land of )anaan, in a pla/e where eleven days Eo2rney, some &( years a$o, /o2ld have bro2$ht them. <et, it had taken them &( years be/a2se of their 2nbelief. >ow little pro$ress we make be/a2se of o2r 2nbelief. Moses re/o2nts their history remindin$ them of #od=s dire/tion, s2pply and provision, and of the fail2re of the people. (.e2t. :0) Bow they stood ready to enter the land, and Moses wanted them to learn from the past: Bamely, that #od will be there to meet their every need, and only 2nbelief wo2ld hinder their pro$ress.

Moses= ,e/ond 5ddress - 9%ookin$ Cp: - )hapters -- 3 ;n .e2t. 1 :1, we see the key to this se/tion. 9These are the stat2tes and E2d$ements, whi/h ye shall observe to do in the land:. ;srael was $oin$ into a new land, and everythin$ wo2ld depend on their /onstant and intelli$ent obedien/e to #od who was $ivin$ them the land. #od wanted to tea/h ;srael the

. 5nd.t was this ho2r that motivated him all his life (>eb. They wo2ld s2ffer for their disobedien/e. in /on/l2din$ his words to them. 1(:1 ) .srael /o2ld $o no farther 2ntil Moses was $one.9%ookin$ O2t: .love whi/h is the real f2lfillin$ of the %aw. 13).srael the s2preme importan/e of obedien/e. in farmin$. and that they were to be holy. (.n the res2me of laws Moses reminded hem of proper relationship to #od and man. . #od showed him the promised land (*&:1-&). . The 6ook /loses with Moses endorsin$ 4osh2a as the leader of the people ()hapter *1).t has /ome to pass e8a/tly as Moses said it wo2ld. They were to stay /lear of false worship ()h. #od=s laws are for o2r $oodF Moses= Third 5ddress . #od showed to . we find the $reat prophe/y /o/ernin$ )hrist=s /omin$ (11:11). 5nd. The people did not /hoose them by pop2lar voteF They were /hosen by #od. and he was home. >is work was finished. Dinally. Cpon Mo2nt Bebo. 1-).srael mi$ht have been thro2$h obedien/e (1-1&). 5fter the son$ and final words. They were to $ather to$ether for worship ()h.srael=s leaders. To disobey wo2ld be to forefeit all. too. they m2st obey. .D they were to enEoy the blessi$s of the land. they were to separate themselves from evil ()h. is a remarkable /hapter. . They were to show love to their brethren ()h. he sand the son$ fo2nd in /hapter * . What a $reat day that m2st have been for Moses. they /hose death. >istory re/ords and is still re/ordi$ the f2lfillment of these dire predi/tions. and then $athered Moses to >imself (*&:--3). it o2tlines their f2t2re as it will be if they are b2siness.srael /o2ld enEoy if they wo2ld be obedient. >is pil$rima$e was over.t tra/es what . in this book. >e reminded them of #od=s holiness.e2t.e2t. >e first spoke of the blessin$s that the /hildren of . . >e /o2ld $o no farther and . #od /hose . Moses bade them farewell. and in health. and thro2$h disobedien/e. 11: 0). 11).)hapters 0-** We now see Moses $ivin$ the people some solemn warnin$s. Moses set before them life and daeth. Then he tells them of the res2lts of disobedien/e. 1&). Misfort2ne wo2ld follow them in everythin$ they wo2ld 2ndertake .