The events recorded in the book of Esther occurred between the completion of the temple, and the mission of Ezra. It has to do with the Jewish people who did not return to rebuild the temple, but remained in the land of their captivity. You will recall from a study of the book of Ezra, that only 5 , people returned. The !in" #hasuerus of this book, is none other than the "reat $er%es, !in" of &ersia. In one of the world's most important battles, the (reeks defeated him at )alamis in *+ ,.-. The events of the book of Esther took place about this time. The book of Esther is the second of two ..T. books about a woman. The book of /uth was the other, and contains the account of a (entile comin" into the land of Israel. The book of Esther tells the story of a Jewess in the land of the (entiles. The main lesson of this book is the overrulin" hand of (od. (od's name is not mentioned in this book, but 0is hand is at work, preparin" people and arran"in" circumstances for the preservation of 0is people. we also see the activity of )atan. ,ack of 0aman's evil conspiracy a"ainst the Jews, we see the devil. 0E has made several attempts to destroy the people that (od has chosen. here in this book, we see him try a"ain, and we watch with wonder and amazement as (od foils his plans, and makes a way of deliverance for 0is people.

THE OUTLINE: #s we consider the outline of this book, notice how (od moves the ri"ht people into the ri"ht place, at the ri"ht time, to fulfill 0is purpose. You even see 0is hand in the sleeplessness of the !in" in the ni"ht. The events of this book center around three feasts. (a) The Feast of Ahasuerus - 0istorical records indicate that this feast was held to consider the e%pedition a"ainst (reece. #ll of the nobles and princes were invited to a colossal 1+ day ban2uet. .n the seventh day, then the kin" was 3merry with wine4, he summoned 5ueen 6ashti to appear and e%hibit her beauty 7naked8. To her credit, she refused to come 7191:1;8. The an"ry kin" deposes her 7191<:;;8, and after a kin"dom:wide search for a new 2ueen, Esther, the Jewess, is chosen 7;91:1=8. (od places Esther in a strate"ic position for an upcomin" crisis amon" her people. (b) The Feast of Esther - Chapter 2 records the important event of >ordecai savin" the kin"'s life. This too, plays an important role, later on in the book. Chapter 3 introduces us to 0aman : his promotion and >ordecai's failure to do him honor. 0aman was so enra"ed that he decides to destroy all the Jews 7;91:158. I see in this man, a type of the antichrist, who will attempt to destroy Israel. Chapter 4 records the mournin" of the Jews, as word of their doom reaches them. This chapter contains Esther's heroic approach to the kin". )everal outstandin" thin"s are said in this section. we have >ordecai's words, 3?or if thou hold thy peace, then deliverance shall arise from another place4 7*91*8. 0ow those words remind us of the warnin", 3take heed lest another take thy crown4. #nd those words, 3and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kin"dom for such a time as this@4. It is important to be ready and willin" when a need arises. Esther's reply reveals the "racious and "odly person she was. )he had compassion for her people. )he committed herself to (od, and said, 3If I perish, I perish4 7*91A8. )he understood the value of intercessory prayer and fastin", and re2uested the people to pray for her 7*91A8. Chapter 5 reveals (od's preparation of the way of deliverance, as Esther is "raciously received by the kin", and she e%tends an invitation to the kin" and 0aman to attend the ban2uet. 0aman was overBoyed by his "rowin" popularity and erected a "allows to hand the one man who would not honor him 7>ordecai8. The future for >ordecai looked dim, but (od was at work 7always on time8, and the ni"ht before he was to die, the kin" could not sleep. 0e re2uested that they read to him and (od directed the readers eyes to the account of >ordecai, and his savin" of the kin"'s life. )omehow, >ordecai had never been rewarded. To make a lon" story short 7read the account8, 0aman was ordered to e%alt >ordecai before the people 7A9*:118. Thus, the proud was abased, and the humble e%alted. Chapter records the

In their darkest hour. The fateful day arrived. who will arise and try to e%terminate the Jews. no /oyal &roclamation could be reversed. that on the thirteenth day of the twelfth month. This book is a book of Celiverance. they should be e%terminated and their property taken by their slayers. . In memory of his deliverance.The peril of the 0ebrews did not end with the death of 0aman. their >essiah. the feast of &urim was established. The kin" "ranted >ordecai to write and si"n letters to his people.y the constitution. he is han"ed 7by order of the kin"8. There is comin" another 30aman4 7the antichrist8. they have kept it.story of 0aman's death. permittin" them to arm and defend themselves. (!) The Feast of "ur#$ . and know that Jesus -hrist is. Year by year. and the Jews will see 0is wounds. but it was one on which the chan"ed conditions of 0aman and >ordecai were repeated throu"hout the entire province. on the very "allows he built to kill >ordecai 7=91:1 8. . The /oyal &roclamation had "one forth. indeed. Ironically. the Celiverer will come.