The word “Exodus” means “the way out”. This Book tells how the Lord set His people free from slavery and brought them out of Egypt. n !enesis "#$ %hundreds of years before it a&tually happened'$ !od gave (braham a revelation of the bondage that would &ome to “his seed”. (t the same time$ !od promised to make “a way out” for them %!en. "#)"*+",'. -e see the fulfillment of !od.s promise in Exodus. (s the Book of Exodus opens$ three and a half &enturies have passed sin&e the &losing s&ene in !enesis. %The Book of !enesis is a family history. The Book of Exodus is a national history.' -e have no a&&ount of what happened during this long period of time. -e do know that the seventy souls that went with /a&ob to Egypt had grown to a nation of approx. * million people. Be&ause of their numbers$ they posed a politi&al threat to 0haroah$ and he de&ided to &ontrol them with slavery and bondage. KEY WORD: 1eliveran&e MAIN CHARACTER: 2oses 3The predominant &hara&ter of the Book of Exodus is 2oses. His life is summed up in this book. +Born in a time of trouble) Ex. "$ (&ts 4)"4$56. +Born of godly parents) Ex. 5)"+78 Heb. "")5*. +0reserved from death) Ex. 5)7+"6. +0repared for servi&e) 76 yrs. in Egypt %Ex. 5)""+"#'$ 76 yrs. in 2idian %Ex. 5)",+5#' +9alled to :ervi&e) Ex. 5)"+"78 7)"$"6. MOSES’ TASK: 2oses had no easy task. He was told to go to the mightiest monar&h on earth$ and demand that * million people be set free. He was to take this group of slaves and form them into a nation. He experien&ed the wrath of the king$ and the indifferen&e %and sometimes hatred' of his own people. But$ through !od.s power he was able to fulfill the will of !od. 2oody said) “2oses spent 76 years thinking he was somebody8 76 years learing he was nobody8 and 76 years dis&overing what !od &an do with nobody”. HIGHLIGHTS: The Birth and 9all of 2oses %&h. 5+*'$ the "6 0lagues %&h. 4+""'$ the 0assover %&h. "5'$ the 9rossing of the ;ed :ea %&h. "7'$ the ;ephidim in&ident %&h. "4 + no water'$ /ethro.s (dvi&e %&h. "<'$ the "6 9ommandments %&h. 56'$ the Taberna&le %&h. 57+76'. DIVISIONS OF THE BOOK: Exodus &an be divided into three parts) %a' 2ost of the events in the first part %&hapters "+"*' take pla&e in Egypt$ where the people of srael had been enslaved by 0haroah. The Lord heard their &ries for help$ and &alled 2oses to set them free. %b' The se&ond division %&hapters "7+"<' in&ludes events that happened while the &hildren of srael were on their way to 2ount :inai. %&' The final se&tion of Exodus %"=+76' takes pla&e at 2ount :inai$ where the Lord appeared to 2oses. There$ the Lord gave him the Ten 9ommandments$ as well as laws for worship$ sa&rifi&e$ and instru&tions for the building of the Taberna&le.