FILL IN THE BLANKS – (5 marks each) 1. 2. 3. . $. The key to being a good minister is to, first of all, be a good Christian.

Integrity is an internal governing force. The shepherd’s heart is a manifestation of the heart of the Father. !"les #itho"t relationship prod"ces rebellion. %a&im"m response 'in offerings( doesn’t come from a negative approach.

/ 10 TRUE OR FALSE – (5 marks each) ). ,. .. 2. *"st is the +1 characteristic of the age. %inisters, thank -od, are not able to be infl"enced by the spirit of the age. *"cifer and /"das both fell over a love of 0money1 'merchandise( 34ekiel gives "s a pict"re of a person standing in the shepherd’s office #itho"t the shepherd’s heart. 15. 6s an associate pastor, yo"r primary f"nction is to f"lfill the vision -od gave yo" for yo"r life. 11. 7ne of the best #ays to get people healed is to have them 0so# seed1 to#ard their healing. / 12 SHORT ANS ER – (5 marks each)

12. -ive t#o reasons #hy the ministry carries s"ch a tremendo"s responsibility #ith it8 a. 9eople believe #hat yo" tell them. b. 9eople #ill become #hat yo" are. c. The #orld needs to see a difference in "s. 13. :efine the follo#ing8 %orals ; 0#hat yo" believe1 3thics ; ho# yo" apply #hat yo" believe to people and sit"ations. Integrity ; firm adherence to yo"r code of moral val"es. 1 . *ist and define the fo"r kinds of #omen disc"ssed in the <ook of 9roverbs. a. =trange #oman ; prostit"te b. 3vil #oman ; ad"lteress c. Foolish #oman ; the promisc"o"s single #oman d. >irt"o"s #oman ; the godly #oman.

#hen the pastor didn’t have a shepherd’s heart. The prodigal son got into rebellion. *ist t#o #rong motives for getting into the ministry8 a. The sheep 0#andered off1. e. /ob change d. *ist a. b. b"t didn’t r"n after the one in rebellion #ho had hardened his heart. The ch"rch is changing directions. before @e’ll p"t yo" in the ministry. Canting glory from people 1. relationships. Chat did -od say @e #o"ld do in a ch"rch #here the pastor doesn’t have a shepherd’s heartD -od said @e #o"ld ca"se the people to leave. The coin #as lost thro"gh 0neglect1. #hat things 's"bEects. @o# do #e kno# #hich ones to go afterD *"ke 1$ . 'lost by 0#andering off1.1$.. a. h. 1. Canting a position b. or added. Three parables describing #ays yo" can lose people. 9eople leave a ch"rch for many reasons. 25. b. f. *ist three of the fo"r most common reasons people leave a ch"rch8 a.. infl"ences( have impacted yo" the mostD Chat things might have been done differently. :"ring yo"r years at <ible school. 12. that #o"ld have helped yo" in yo"r callingBrelationship #ith -odD . They #ere e&pected to change c. g. ?"alifications -od is looking for. d. They think a ne# location #ill mean a better life. or 0neglect1(. c. The shepherd #ent after the first t#o . b. c. !ight living Ano#ledge *ongs"ffering Aindness Fr"itB-ifts of the =pirit =incere love The #ord of integrity The 9o#er of -od 1).