The Book of Job is one of the oldest books in the Bible. We believe that Job was a real historical figure. (Ezekiel 14:14 and Ja es !:11 both refer to hi ". This book deals with the age#old $uestion% &Wh' do the godl' suffer(). *n this book% we have the hu an reasonings of en% as well as +od,s answer to the -roble . The first cha-ter of Job% sets the stage for the rest of the cha-ters which follow. .an' -eo-le have isunderstood this cha-ter% and therefore% have drawn wrong conclusions fro this Book. .ost church -eo-le have been taught at least / things fro this -assage: (1" +od is in control. (0" 1atan can,t do an'thing to 'ou% without first getting -er ission fro +od. (/" Therefore% no atter what co es% 'ou should understand that +od allowed it% for so e higher -ur-ose # (To teach 'ou so ething% or to develo- 'our faith".

(a) TESTS AND TRIALS DON’T COME TO DEVELOP YOUR FAITH. (*f the' did% we,d all be s-iritual giants2" # *sa. !4:1/#13# *n this -assage% +od entions / ene ies that co e against 4is -eo-le: 5ear% o--ression% and terror. 6ow% notice what +od said about these ene ies: &1urel' the' (fear% o--ression% and terror" shall gather together (against 'ou"% BUT NOT BY ME 2 This verse is +od,s &disclai er). 4e,s sa'ing% &* didn,t send fear% o--ression and terror against 'ou.) Then% wh' did the' co e( (b) TESTS AND TRIALS COME FROM SATAN TO STEAL THE WORD OUT OF YOUR HEART. # .ark 4:14#13# 6otice% 1atan is after the Word 'ou,ve heard. 4e knows that if he leaves that Word alone% it will -roduce. 4e doesn,t want the Word to -roduce% so% he tries to steal it. 4ow does he steal the Word( Through tests% troubles% and trials2 # v. 17#13 # &tribulation) (+r. # &thli-sis)" # -ressure% trouble% tests or trials. Jesus used this sa e word% in John 17://% where 4e said% &*n the world 'ou shall have tribulation (thli-sis"% but be of good cheer% * have overco e the world.) * like how the 8 -lified translates this verse: &*n the world 'ou have tribulation and trials and distress and frustration% but be of good cheer # * have overco e the world). 1o% &thli-sis) refers to the trials and frustrations of life. 8nd% .ark 4 sa's% that these trials and frustrations co e to steal the Word. 1o% do tests and trials co e to develo- 'our faith( 6o. The' co e to steal the Word out of 'our heart. (c) 9e e ber% we said that so e -eo-le teach that 1atan can,t do an'thing to 'ou without +od,s -er ission. :uestion: Would those of 'ou% who are -arents% give an ene ' of 'ours% -er ission to go cri--le 'our kids( ;f course not2 *t,s in 'our heart to <9;TE=T 'our kids2 (5olks% wh' would we believe an'thing different about +od( >o 'ou think ?;@,9E a BETTE9 <89E6T than +od(" “Oh no, but God in His infinite wisdom...” 5olks% we,ve been religiousl' brainwashed% instead of 6ew Testa ent% taught2 YES, OD IVES PERMISSION. BUT, PERMISSION IS LI!E THIS" ?ou a' have a bo'% about 1! 'ears of age% and he,s running with the wrong crowd. 1o% 'ou call hi in% and sa': &1on% 'ou,re going to get into trouble% running around with a grou- like that2 6ow% * want 'ou to -ro ise e% that 'ou won,t go out with the an' ore.) 1o% he sole nl' -ro ises 'ou% and leaves the roo . 8bout 0 weeks later% the -hone rings at / a. . ?ou -ick u- the -hone% and the <olice tell 'ou that the',ve -icked u- 'our son,s gang% and 'our son is going to have to s-end the night in Aail. (8nd% he just might be in Aail for a long ti e." ?ou sa'% &;ka')% and hang u- the -hone. 6ow% he,s in Aail% and 'ou -er itted it2 Wh'( Because 'ou couldn,t do an'thing about it2 4e ignored 'our warnings% and now% he,s going to have to suffer the conse$uences. ?es% +od allows 1atan to do so e things. But% reall'% it all co es back on us2 # .8TT4EW 17:1/#1B# 9ieu # &Whatever #$% forbid on earth% 4eaven shall forbid% and whatever #$% 8CC;W on earth% 4eaven shall 8CC;W.) ?es% 4eaven allows so e things2 But% W4? does 4eaven

8? BE that ' sons have sinned% and cursed +od in their hearts% T4@1 >*> J.@ allowed it2 Jesus said% &* give ?.) *n this verse% Job reveals W4? all the events of cha-ter one ha--ened2 4is 5E89 (faith in reverse" brought it to -ass..) Job continuall' ade sacrifices *6 5E892 4e was afraid that his sons would sin% and bring destruction on the selves. Cet. 1ure it is2 +od is a BCE11E92 8nd% a <9. 6o% sickness is not a good and -erfect gift% and it. But% folks% the res-onsibilit' is not on +od2 *t.s own ad ission% +od had blessed and -ros-ered Job.B /:0! # &5or the thing which * +9E8TC? 5E89E> is co e u-on e% and that which * was 8598*> .s &gift)..) B' 1atan." .*6+ EFE9?T4*6+ 9*+4T2 But% when he co es% don.@T *T2 ?ou have the ke's2 (&) THE CHURCH IS THE ONLY OR ANI'ATION THAT BELIEVES THAT SIC!NESS IS OOD. +.s 'our fault( 6ot eEactl'." (c) JOB # (v. THEN.s -ur-ose is to 1TE8C% D*CC% G >E1T9. (1o% $& blessed and -rotected Job. Doctors know sickness is bad.92 (b) SATAN # (v.s a thief on this -lanet. 1H:1H". 1H" # &Then 1atan answered the Cord% and said% >oth Job fear +od for nought( 4ast not thou ade an 4E>+E about hi % and about his house% and about all that he hath on ever' side( thou hast BCE11E> the work of his hands% and his substance is *6=9E81E> in the land.allow it( Because ?.. 11" # &But -ut forth thine hand now% and touch all that he hath% and he will curse thee to th' face.B =.s on us2 We have the ke's2 6ow does that ean% that if 'ou. WHAT IS FEAR( #5ear is faith in reverse2 *n actualit'% fear is &faith) in the devil2 FAITH" FEAR" 4ears the Word of +od 4ears the threat of the devil Believes it2 Believes it2 1-eaks it2 1-eaks it2 8cts like it. ?et% the church runs around hollering% &1ickness is fro +od.) But% 'ou don. You do so ething about it2 8 lot of -eo-le don.t =.) This is what 1atan wanted +od to do. But% J$b gave 1atan -er ission b' getting into fear. +od didn.t do it.t like this kind of teaching% because it -uts the res-onsibilit' back on the 2 The'.the ene ' out.d rather sa'% “God in His infinite wisdom knows why this trouble came. The'.W*6+ *T for so e higher -ur-ose2 1ickness is fro 1atan.s 6. 8nd% he.@ the ke's of the Dingdo 2 (.5 is co e unto e.6T*6@8CC?. (a) OD # (v.s so2 8cts like it. :uestion: *s this consistent with what we know about the =haracter and 6ature of +od( (Ja.>2 +od didn. 1:13". Sa)a* tried to get +od to curse Job.earl' in the orning% and offered burnt offerings according to the nu ber of the all: for Job said% &*T .TE=T.att. 8nd% destruction ca e. 17:1B"). 1o% 8=T*6+ *6 5E89% he ade sacrifices for the . 6ot onl' that% but then% +od built a &hedge) around ever'thing% to kee.t reall' believe that2 *f 'ou really believed that 'our sickness was a &gift) fro +od% then 'ou wouldn. !" # &8nd it was so% when the da's of their feasting were gone about% that Job sent and sanctified the % and rose u.T 59.s so2 t comes to !ass" t comes to !ass" #Job followed the &for ula for defeat)2 8nd% it !roduced in his life2 # J.ll co e and tr' to rob 'ou blind% even if 'ou.t 8CC. #ear activates 1atan% the wa' faith activates +od.t do it.6 it% and +od >. ?ou see% there.*11*. IWhatever 'ou allow% 4eaven will allow. 8nd% it.” Because% that -uts it back on +od..? (Jn.ET4*6+ 8B.t be going to the >octor% tr'ing to get rid of devoted their lives to fighting it. 1. WHAT ABOUT JOB( #There are several characters in this stor'.re sick% that it.s take a o ent% and identif' what each character did.t Aust la' down% and assu e that +od gave hi -er ission. >. (But% +od didn.

s anal'sis of the situation.t do it2" I1atan didn." 9ead the conteEt: Who gave Job the blessings( (+od did # v. &Jesus casts out devils b' Beelzebub.&/.t blas-he e +od) (Ca sa" ..E6T% +od -laced Job into 1atan. 6ow% we.a-. Job -ut hi self there2" WHO TOO! DOWN THE HED E ( #9e e ber% v..ll give 'ou a -erfect eEa -le.s fear activated the devil.DID OD IVE SATAN PERMISSION TO ATTAC! JOB( #+od allowed what Job allowed.s an anal'sis of his attitude. a* .ve read verse 10% and thought that 8T T48T . Job.t do it% and 1atan didn.> <@T @< 8 4E>+E of -rotection around Job( Then% who took it down( I+od didn.. NOR CHAR ED OD FOOLISHLY #This verse doesn. # E==CE1*8TE1 1H:K # &4e that diggeth a -it shall fall into it.s eEa ine what the Cord said: 8nd% the Cord said unto 1atan% BE4. #Job 1:11#10 # &But -ut forth thine hand now% and touch all that he hath% and he will curse thee to th' face. &+od gives% and +od takes awa'2) But sto... That. (1atan tried to get Him to% but 4e didn. . *.D2) . 1H said that +. (?ou onl' think it is% because 'ou." But% does that ean that we should take their anal'sis% and build a doctrine on it2 . THE LORD TA!ETH AWAY #Ferse 01 # &Then Job arose% and rent his antle% and shaved his head% and fell down u-on the ground% and worshi--ed.f course not2 ?ou know that. 8nd% said% 6aked ca e * out of ' other. Job was already there % because of his fear.ka'% been religiousl' brainwashed% instead of 6ew Testa ent taught. THE LORD IVETH. That was Job.s -ossible for a -erson to anal'ze a situation (in the Bible"% and iss it co -letel'.t charge +od% foolishl'. Then% that onl' leaves one -erson: Job.) That. took it awa'( 18T862 JOB SINNED NOT.t take down the hedge..t take it down2 (*f he could ha$e % don. # .t do it2" 1o% W4.s eEactl' what ha--ened2 Job broke down his own hedge% and a ser-ent bit hi . Who took the awa'( 6ot +od2 (1atan tried to get +od to do it% but 4e wouldn..8TT4EW 10:00#04 # The <harisees looked at the situation% anal'zed it% and ade this state ent.s hand.s not true2 4ow do 'ou know it. Cook again% at verse 0H # &Then Job arose% and rent his antle% and shaved his head% and fell down u-on the ground% and worshi--ed..s") *n other words% +od said% &Cook around 1atan% all that he has is (alread'" in th' -ower).t sto. 1H".) (That may ha$e been what the' reall' thought.s hand. But% verse 10 isn.r% J-a' attention.t when Job was -laced into 1atan.d have done it before this(" I1o% if +od translation said% &4e didn.t ean that e$ery detail of what Job said was true.s not 1cri-tural. The Cord giveth and the Cord taketh awa'% blessed be the na e of the Cord)( 6o.and think it out for a o ent.% a ser-ent shall bite hi . But% is it a true state ent( 1ee% it.) Job didn.C>.s said here% b' what 'ou alread' know2" #The sa e thing is true with Job2 4e reall' thought that +od took all his goods awa'. But% is that in line with the Bible( >oes Ja es 1:13 sa' # &Ever' good and -erfect gift is fro +od.t do it. *t.t 'ou think he.) . #4ow did he do it( &The thing * greatl' feared is co e u-on e).). 8nd the Cord said unto 1atan% Behold% all that he hath is in th' -ower.) What does &behold) ean( &C. (+od didn.s wo b% and naked shall * return thither: The Cord gave% and the Cord hath taken awa'L blessed be the na e of the translation said% &Take note)2 (.s not true( Because 'ou know the rest of the Bible2 8nd% 'ou Audge what. Whoso b+.t -ut Job in 1atan..) #<eo-le have taken this verse% and built a doctrine on it. 4e couldn.

s anal'sis of their co ents% at the end of the Book. 3# 2*29%2)#. )23. *$) c$332)).. 8nd 26 I’3 /$$& ). (=EF" # Ferse ! # &* had heard about 'ou before% but now * have seen 'ou with ' own e'es.) 1o% we start off% knowing their theories were incorrect. We can learn a lot of things fro the Book of Job.1*’) c$%*). But% * want to give 'ou two things here. FALSE STATEMENTS" Job ade a lot of wrong state ents about +od% which he had to retract.E9*T% (=ha-ters 11%0H".86 T98>*T*. (6*F" &?ou asked wh' * talk so uch when * know so little.BUT.t Aust conde n e # tell e why 'ou are doing it.r% do 'ou think that Job issed it( Ob$iously % he issed it2 *t would be Aust as accurate to build a doctrine on this !assage% as it would% when Job accused +od of taking his fa il' and -ossessions. WAS WHAT JOB SAID TRUE( #Cet. 8nd% all / were wrong2 Cook at +od.. % a an 'ou have adeL and to 1.a7 3$)28.a) &$. Job had / &friends) who ade his ordeal worse than it would have been% to begin with. Cet. * take back ever'thing * said% and * sit in dust and ashes to show ' re-entance. )$ 6$+/28.s take a o ent% and introduce 'ou to Job. But% Job saw he had isAudged the situation% and re-ented.s friends% and then we. But% when 'ou. 1H:0#1! # &* will sa' to +od% J>on. 2* 3a-2*/ 3. * have talked about things that are far be'ond ' understanding.86 EM<E9*E6=E% (=ha-ters 4%! 1!%00".t we take his word for it( WHAT ABOUT JOB’S FRIENDS( #* don. #$%+ +... >oes it reall' see right to 'ou to $00+.6%1. 6$+ 12*1 #$% -*$5 6%77 5. Wh' sick% a lot of ti es% 'our worst ene ies are other =hristians. IEli-haz # argued fro the stand-oint of 4@. 4e listened to what others said about God% instead of what +od said about 4i self.. 52c-. IBildad # argued fro the stand-oint of 4@.& ( *s it because 'ou know no one can save e fro 'our hand. Just the slightest wickedness and * a done for.t know whether 'ou. ?ou gave e life and were so kind and loving to e% and * was -reserved b' 'our care.86 .1021.&( 8re 'ou unAust like en( *s 'our life so short that 'ou ust . INo-har # argued fro the stand-oint of 4@.$%*& 3. JOB’S FRIENDS WERE WRON " .s see what Job hi self% said at the end of the Book.. This stor' illustrates that: (a" 1atan hates and attacks ankind (b" 8-art fro the Word of +od% -eo-le have a tendenc' to isinter-ret those attacks. ?ou have ade e% and 'et 'ou destro' e. %ob himself said he was wrong. JOB’S :COMFORTERS.ll look at what we can learn fro their co ents. 3. # J.6% (=ha-ters K%1K%0!"..) (6CT" 1ee% Job ade the sa e istake that so e of us have ade.' wrath is kindled against thee% and against th' two friends: for 'e have not s-oken of e the things that is right% as ' servant Job hath (in his re-entance".+2)# )$ ). if * sinnedL and to +.*& 4$# a*& 0+$10.77 I’8. 5a1 )$ &.1)+$# 3. 8ll three had their o-inion about Job.B 40:3 # &8nd it was so% that after the Cord had s-oken these words unto Job% the Cord said to Eli-haz the Te anite% .s condition.) >oes that sound like the +od of the Bible( .B 40:/ # &1urel' * s-oke of things * did not understand% things too wonderful for e to know. ?et a77 ).11 a*& &. # realized this 'et% or not..

The eE-erience of others will s-eak to 'ou% re inding 'ou that those who forget +od have no ho-e. t came in a nighttime $ision as others sle!t.t stand.) *t..) De' thought: 6ot ever' sickness is the result of -ersonal sin.. (K:K#11" Who are 'ou tr'ing to fool( 1-eak so e sense if 'ou want us to answer2 4ave we beco e like ani als to 'ou% stu-id and du b( Just because 'ou tear 'our clothes in anger% is this going to start an earth$uake( 1hall we all go and hide( The truth re ains that if you do not prosper. my hair stood u! on end. 5ilter 'our eE-erience through the Word. you wouldn’t be having this trouble ” ! &9ead the histor' books G see # for we were born but 'esterda' and know so littleL our da's here on earth are as transient as shadows. but couldn&t see it standing there. E720. felt the s!irit&s !resence.s -ossible to hear a wrong $oice 2 Each of us needs to be careful when we. 4e is surrounded b' terrors% and if there are good da's% the' will soon be gone. You ha$e tried to make me feel ashamed of myself for calling you a sinner. # “)his truth was gi$en me in secret. came this $oice. fear gri!!ed me+ trembled and shook with terror.all he has.. but my s!irit won&t let me sto!. Each was wrong.. the breath of God shall destroy him L the fla es shall burn u.. (b) BILDAD # Judged b' 4u an Tradition # Bildad eans: “*on of contention” *Bildad’s Theory: “If you were really doing right. +od said the' were (Job 40:3"2 '$0. 1H:1H # Jesus stilling the stor : *f +od was behind the stor % and then 4e sent Jesus to still it% then +od was guilt' of working against 4i self% and a Dingdo divided against itself% &hearing +od)% and be o-en to correction fro others. (1K:0#!".a< # clearl' isinter-rets the -resence of a s-irit of fear% as a essage fro +od. &Cisten and * will answer 'ou fro ' own eE-erience% confir ed b' the eE-erience of wise en who have been told this sa e thing fro their fathers # 8 wicked an is alwa's in trouble throughout his life.s friends had a different theor'.t inter-ret the Word b' 'our own eE-erience.t behind ever'thing that ha--ens. Each attributed his theor' to +od.) (4:K". 1atan is the one who co es to steal% kill% and destro' # Jn. )hen out of the dreadful silence. We have to judge what is said% even if so eone sa's% &.) (1!:13#/H" De' Thoughts: (1" ?ou can. it is be"ause you are wi"#ed . But the wisdo of the -ast will teach 'ou.IEach of Job. an' voices in the world% and none of the is without signification (1 =or.t ean that +od actually s!oke. (0" +od isn. as though whis!ered in my ear. *uddenly. 1ickness can co e: (a" because 'ou sinned (b" because 'ou broke a natural law (c" as a 1atanic attack (because 'ou were doing what is right"2 Whatever the reason% 'ou can still be healed. 9e-ent% if 'ou need to% and then believe +od2 .t let e sto-).” (0H:1" 'ote( Just because someone thinks +od has s-oken% doesn. as a s!irit !assed before my face . They die beneath the hand of God .” (4:10#17" THREE WRON DOCTRINES eans: & God is the dis!enser”- (a) ELIPHA' # Judged b' 4u an EE-erience # (Eli-haz *The Theory: “God is behind everything that happens” .. &EE-erience teaches that it is those who sow sin G trouble who harvest the sa e. 14:1H".' s-irit won. for ha$e the answer for you. <aul said% &There are.a+ #“ hasten to re!ly.

h% that he would ake 'ou trul' see 'ourself% for he knows ever'thing 'ou.t living right. 6or% did these things ha--en because +od had so e higher -ur-ose. . *f 'ou co e to +od% bragging on 'ourself% 'ou can forget it. Job didn. God #nows what $e is doing&” . No-har Audged the situation b' what he saw% and assumed that he knew what +od was thinking.s the basis for our healing2 8ll three theories were wrong.h% that +od would s-eak and tell 'ou what he thinks2 .t know +od b' what we see or feel. (&?ou clai 'ou are -ure in the e'es of +od2 . &>o 'ou know the ind and -ur-oses of +od( Will long searching ake the known to 'ou( 8re 'ou $ualified to Audge the 8l ight'( 4e is as faultless as heaven is high # but who are 'ou( 4is ind is fatho less # what can 'ou know in co -arison() (Job 11:3#K" De' Thoughts: (a" We don.erit # No-har eans: “. 4e feared a fear% and it ca e u-on hi . We onl' know +od b' what the Word sa's about 4i . We co e on Jesus.t lose ever'thing 4e had% because +od was behind it2 6or% did he lose ever'thing because he wasn. That. 4e lost these things because he o-erated 58*T4 in the >EF*C. erits% and b' 4is shed Blood.) Job 11:4#7" (b" 6either do we a--roach +od on our erits for healing.ough” *The Theory: “In $is Infinite done.(c) 'OPHAR # Judged b' 4u an .