Joel was a prophet of Judah. He may have been one of the earliest prophets and may have known Elijah & Elisha. Little is known about his personal history, except what is iven in Joel !"!. His name means, #Jehovah is my $od%. He has been called the prophet of revival. He knew that revival must follow repentance. He tried to lead his nation back to $od. BACKGROUND: &he land of 'srael had just suffered a terrible pla ue of locusts. &hey had devoured every reen thin , and left a terrible trail of desolation. Joel believed that this was the jud ement of $od, that fell because of their sins. He knew that this was only a forerunner of much more severe jud ements if they failed to repent. (o, in raphic terms, he described the pla ue remindin the old men that they had never seen the like before )!"*+. Everyone felt its effects. &he drunkard because there was no wine )!",+, the priests because there was nothin to offer )!"-+, the cattle & sheep perished in the firlds )!.!/0*1+. &he pla ue of locusts was accompanied by a severe drou ht )!"!1,!!,!*,!2,*1+. Joel ur ed them to call a fast and turn to the Lord )!"!30!4+. 'n chapter two, Joel warns that an even reater jud ement is about to come. &he locusts in chapter one were but a picture of an even reater future jud ement, if they failed to repent. He warned of a reat army that would come and, like the locusts, destroy all )*"*0!!+. He ur ed them to call a solemn assembly and turn in enuine repentance to the Lord )*"!*0!2+. Everyone was to be present, and the priests were to take the lead. $od promises deliverance )*"!/0*1+, material prosperity )*"**0*4+, and a restoration of all these thin s they had lost. &he chapter concludes with a promise of the outpourin of the Holy (pirit upon all people, and a day of race )*"*/03*+. 5e know that a portion of this promise was fulfilled on the day of pentecost )6cts *"!70*!+. 'n chapter two, Joel looked beyond the outpourin of the Holy (pirit and the day of $race to the ultimate #8ay of the Lord%. &he term #8ay of the Lord% always has to do with jud ement. &he prophets warned about this comin day of jud ement. 9'sa. !3"7,9Jer. 47"!1 9E<ekiel 31"*03 9:ephaniah !"!40!/ 9;al. 4"! 9'saiah 7!"*

&he =ew &estament writers also predicted a #8ay of the Lord%. )! &hess. ,"*. * >eter 3"!1+. &he events prophesied by Joel 0 the atherin of the nations to battle )3"*1 and His jud ement upon them )3"-0!7+, is further described in the book of ?evelation. Joel also prophesied of the future blessin s of Judah. He spoke of their deliverance from $entile domination )3"!0,+. He prophesied the deliverance of Jerusalem )3"!70!2+. He said the land would be blessed )3"!/+, and Joday would be restored to the land permanently )3"!-0*!+.