1. The key to being a good minister is to first of all be a good Christian. If you’re a good Christian, you’ll be a good minister. (This seems like a lost art, especially in Charismatic circles. I’m shocked by the amount of sin I see in our churches (and, quite frankly, in this school), and the oh !ell" attitude that people ha#e about it. a. I can’t relate to a youth group that doesn’t !ant to li#e for $od% b. I can’t relate to Christians !ho don’t think they ha#e to li#e right% c. &e li#e in a generation of Christians !ho are abusing the $race message. d. &e’#e become accustomed to the !ays of the !orld, and (in a measure) !e’#e adopted their standards as our o!n. e. ! Timothy "#$% ' (elf lo#e is the ) 1 characteristic of our day. *#erything else listed here, comes out of that% f. &. '%( + ,aul didn’t say they don’t lo#e $od% They -ust lo#e pleasure more. (I don’t belie#e he’s -ust talking about religious sinners. I belie#e ,aul included the Christians in this description.) .. As ministers )e too are s*s+e,tible to the s,irit of the age. (In fact, (atan targets us more than anyone else.) The deception is/ If I kno! it, I feel like I’#e done it. (0nd, that feeling of, I’#e done it" increases if you’#e told somebody else to do it.) 1ou’re not going to be -udged by !hat you kno!, or by !hat you’#e preached (and told others to do). 1ou’ll be -udged by !hat you’#e actually done. 2. Sometimes ministers seem to get the idea that they ha&e a different standard to li&e by than other ,eo,le. ( I preach to the people, that they ha#e to li#e a certain !ay. 3ut, someho! I feel like I’m e4empt.") 1ou will be -udged by a different standard. 3ut, it’s not going to be an easier standard. It’s going to be a higher standard. (-ames "#$). (&hy5) '. The ministry +arries a tremendo*s res,onsibility )ith it. a. ,eople, for the most part, belie#e !hat you tell them. (6sually, !ithout thinking, or researching it themsel#es.) o ,eople don’t think% 0 fe! people think. 0 fe! more think they think". 3ut, most people -ust accept !hat the authorities" on the sub-ect tell them. o If you’re !rong, they’ll suffer (maybe e#en die) for it. b. ,eople, for the most part, !ill become !hat you are% o 7bser#ation + a kind, lo#ing pastor produces kind, lo#ing people. ' a cold, harsh pastor, produces cold, harsh, -udgmental people. ((in.) o (cripture + -ohn $.#/ + 8ust like 8esus is the door" to the 6ni#ersal Church, the pastor is the door" to the local church. (&hate#er he lets in, gets in.) Re&. "#

1our mess'ups affect more than -ust you and your family. doesn’t hold !ater here. and they’re shocked !hen you don’t come to the door in a suit. I don’t ha#e t!o'faces. The quality or state of being complete or undi#ided. (0 public" face and a pri#ate" face.aul told Timothy to think of the older !omen as mothers. and more upright than the a#erage belie#er. I -ust !ork for :im. Integrity + ?ictionary/ 1. The pastor !as looking at my >" d. If you tell me off. and gi#e us a place in their thinking that !e don’t !ant (or deser#e). more honest. 8ust a slip + (looking !rongly at a girl) + can really de#astate her. They’re all inter'related. . (9ady sa! brother :agin buying under!ear and !as de#astated. 0. . (ometimes people ne#er do reco#er. o &hat is integrity5 o Integrity is an internal go#erning force. a. I’ll hurt. b. a. I remind the people that.c.) &hy5 o 9ike it or not." o In other !ords. They ring your doorbell. That’s !hy 8ames said you’ll recei#e a stricter -udgment. I’ll bleed. . I !ant to start this course by defining three !ords/ Integrity. &e need to be squeaky clean" in the eyes of others. They can think !hat they !ant to think"." o . !hether it’s popular or not. !hether it’s con#enient or not..irm adherence to a code of moral #alues. people lift us up. and trust us. They see !e’re called and anointed. (ie + $ene + hurt in his pre#ious church.) 0 person of integrity is the same all the time. in their thinking. I’m not 8esus. I’m not 8esus./<=) (. Complete. they subconsciously equate us !ith 8esus. confusion. The )orld needs to see a differen+e in *s. (It’s a commitment to doing right.rom time to time. 3ut. (right and !rong). o That last definition is really good. they do it any!ay. o There’s no hurt like church'hurt". and. The old saying.eople open up to us. and the younger !omen as sisters.) . If and !hen !e #iolate that trust. but they differ slightly. or undi#ided. (9uke 1. 1ou’#e got to be more clean. ethics and morals.) . hurt and anger result. c. !hether I feel like it or not. if you cut me. CO1RSE INTROD1CTION 1.

(If I can say it this !ay.B/C) 2.) b. AREAS TO 8A9: IN INTE3RIT4 1. integrity is an internal go#erning force. &hen !e talk about ministerial ethics. This is !here I dra! the line. my church and my colleagues. CharacterDintegrity is the foundation that allo!s the building" to go up. Aoney . Ethi+s + ?ictionary/ 0 set of moral principles or #alues. 5ro&. !. (0 lot of times.o It’s saying. INTE3RIT4 1. there’s no decision to be made. $$#" 6 0gain. &hen you build a building. ((pecifically. *thics are part of that system of #alues. 3ut. &e said that integrity !as adhering to" a set of moral #alues. If there’s the slightest bit of dishonesty in#ol#ed. my #alues system.. 2orals + are also a part of my system of right and !rong". it’s really about ho! I’ll li#e out !hat I belie#e before the !orld. This is !hat I !ill allo! myself to do. (ie + the Calgary To!er). integrity is !hat you are% It’s your character.irm adherence". 0nd.) o @eally. ethics are our #alues that ha#e to do !ith ho! !e !ill interact !ith other people and situations. (*4odus .) . (e4 . 0 person that builds his ministry on talent !ithout ha#ing a foundation of solid character !ill ultimately be destroyed. (&e’ll talk more about integrity in a moment.%/! + It takes both integrity and skill to be a good leader. I’m going !ith !hat’s right.) d. integrity is the in!ard commitment to do it". morals ha#e to do more !ith the principles of right and !rong themsel#es.) c. C.. 5salm /7#/. I !ill not cross that line. *thics are ho! I’ll apply !hat I belie#e"." ( . 5ro&. integrity !ill make decisions for you. Aorals are !hat I belie#e".#/ % 1our integrity (or lack of it) !ill directly affect your family. !hat’s underground is more important than !hat you see.

@elationships !ith other people.  ./1C + something to say". <#' + in" + only gi#es us the circumstances.or !e take thought beforehand and aim to be honest and absolutely abo#e suspicion.  9o#e + not hypocritical". four for de#elopment.%!$ + . !#" + 7ur message to you is true. before :e !ill appro#e you and put you in the ministry. o ! Cor. our moti#es are pure. but also in the sight of men. o &. $ Thess.o!er of $od.or !e are on our guard.2. . o 3y" + These are the qualifications.ureness + right li#ing. . not the qualifications.  3y the &ord of Truth + IFT*$@IT1.  Eno!ledge + . .  9ongsuffering + (lo! to anger. sincere. 2ONE4 % a.i#e for character". &hile !e’re here. !hich ha#e to do !ith character5          . $o back o#er the list. conduct". Tim.  0rmor + .#!.o!er of $od + ?e#elopment 0rmor + ?e#elopment.ureness + Character Eno!ledge + ?e#elopment 9ongsuffering + Character Eindness + Character The :oly $host + ?e#elopment 9o#e + Character &ord of Integrity + Character The . ' 6 8*est + $od has requirements. $. intending that no one find anything for !hich to blame us in regard to our administration of this contribution. .  Eindness + Fot harsh. . ! Cor. fruit. .  3y the :oly $host + .  3y the .illed. (0mp) b.reparation. gifts.aul gi#es us a list here of !hat $od’s looking for. our conduct is absolutely abo#e board>" c. not only in the sight of the 9ord.

C. o ./1G'1I.ro#erbs C/2'." . >9A8S? THAT 3O@ERN RE9ATIONSHI5S o ?a#id said. ?e#elop good habits no!. SE= a. $ Tim. c. If you’re !aiting to get into the ministry before you get your life in order.ro#erbs G/.ro#erbs I/1'1=.G/G'= + (specifically 8udas + 8ohn’s $ospel) + #.'. (?a#id/ It takes not only talent. (criptures to teach through/ o .ro#erbs J/1'. (#! + 7lder as mothers. o Colossians 2/.  9ucifer fell o#er money" + *Hekiel . o Titus . Thy gentleness has made me great.2.  Aatthe! . 3ecome a person of character and integrity. ' &hat does all this ha#e to do !ith the ministry5 8ust this./I'1B. b.'1G. you’ll ne#er get into the ministry. The battle is !on or lost in the thought realm. ". o .d. younger as sisters.=/1. 8udas betrayed Christ because a disagreement o#er money. 1<' 1G. but character to make it into the ministry. o 1 Thess. RE9ATIONSHI5S 8ITH OTHER 5EO59E a. (tart no!. !.  1 Timothy 2/G.J.) b.ro#erbs . E259O4ERS 6 o *phesians G/C'=. o . </1'=. o .B'2C.

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