“The Character & Nature of God” The first thing I want to look at, in this course on Healing, is the fact that God is a GOOD God! Now, that may seem like an obvious statement, but there’s a multitude of Christians who don’t seem to have a revelation of the fact that God is not their proble . hen they face the trials of life ! when sickness comes, or calamity strikes ! you hear them say, “Well, I don’t understand why this is happening to me, but I know that God must have some reason for it!”. "ut, the fact is# $od is N%T TH& C'()& of their *roblem! $od is not your +roblem! ,et’s begin our study, by looking at a key verse from the "ook of -ames. JAMES 1:16 - “ o not err, my beloved brethren”. Now, -ames is about to tell us something in the ne.t verse that will hel* to !eep us out of error, as we study the ord on Healing. I want to stay out of error, don’t you/ ell, he’s about to tell us something that will kee* us straight in line with the truth! ,et’s see what he says# JAMES 1:16-17 - “ o not err, my beloved brethren. !very good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and "ometh down from the #ather of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” There are two great truths I want to *oint out to you, from this *assage of )cri*ture. "#$ G%& &%ES N%T CHANGE Notice what it said, in the latter *art of verse 01# 2In whom there is no 'ariableness, neither shado( of turnin)3. I like this verse better in the +hilli*s translation# It calls $od... 2The 4ather of lights, with whom there is never the sli)htest 'ariation or shado( of inconsistenc* 3. I like that! There’s not even a SHADOW of inconsistency in $od! God is not INC%NSISTENT! He isn’t one way one day, and then another way the ne.t! He’s always the same! 'nd, it’s a good thing, for us, that He is! How would 5ou like to )erve a $od that was 2Inconsistent3/ 6 hen you approached Hi , you’d never know what kind of mood He’d be in! 6 hen you ca e into His presence , you’d never know whether $e’d re"eive you or not! 6 hen you pra*ed, you’d never know whether He’d answer you the same way He did last time , or not! It would be awful! "ut, thank $od, we never have to worry about that ha**ening, because G%& NE+ER CHANGES! $od is never inconsistent!


.. and He would never give us anything that would harm us! In 7att. shall your 4ather which is in heaven give G%%& THINGS to them that ask him/3 $od is a G%%& $od. “(r.nd t-en &GO' prea"h the Gospel to a lost and dying world! /esus said.nd.” 1%uke 23-45 6'o..t this point. let’s consider these facts# 7(CH en & (o en of their effecti'eness for God4 $od has commanded each one of us.y that bedfast people "an get involved in fulfilling the Great (ommission. consider this. that’s not God#s 0est! God’s .n pr. /.y while you’re bedfast.t. . if you’re bedfast. to go into all the world.& /!'8' '.” . if that’s true. as believers. you "an’t 7 both parts! 'o.nd. behold I send !O" forth.3 $od is a )ood $od! He lo'es us. for those of you who have been struggling. the very ne0t word that "ame out of $is mouth was. as well.!'& is that you &()A!' .. in order to fulfill some 9ivine +ur*ose ! %!&’' '!! I# 'I()*!'' +. t-ere#s .y ye therefore the %ord of the harvest.“Well. if you’re bedfast with sickness : disease/ 5ou can’t! It’s im*ossible! . “ Go!”. know how to give good gifts unto your children. "b$ Sic!ness R%0S people of the abilit* to carr* out their duties in the ho e3 . then it "ouldn’t have come from $od! It must have come from somewhere else! Now. 1#1! 00. 27aybe sickness comes from $od3. Can you see that/ If God onl* )i'es 2good3 and 2*erfect3 gifts.:”! .ut. and He only gives 2good gifts3 to His children. thinking that..nd. I know bedfast people who spend all their time praying!” It’s true that you c.. and *reach the $os*el to every creature. H% 7%8&.''!' &$! &!'&! Is Sic!ness a “Good” and “1erfect” Gift5 ell. and *ou ha'e so ethin) that’s not 2good3 and 2*erfect3. Conclusion4 Now. a person who "an O%1! ()A!. how are you going to do t-. somebody usually says. then it stands to reason that IF WHA !O"#$E GO IS %O A &GOOD' A%D A &(E)FE* ' GIF + HE% I M"S HA$E HAD A%O HE) SO")*E+ O HE) HA% GOD.I ! 6God wants us to “G7” after we “+9. sickness li its our abilit* to fulfill the $reat Commission! 9oes that sound like a good and *erfect gift/ No/ 'll right then.. . -esus said that not even an earthly father would give his child something that would cause him harm! He went on to say# 2If ye then.ook again at verse 01# 2&very )ood and perfect gift is from above. “Go your ways. before we look into the "a$ Sic!ness robs ord. thank God. being evil. that he would send forth laborers into his harvest. Now. is only fulfilling HA1F 7# W$.

and to 3I11 . -esus is contrasting His %wn works. then $od did it! . in the verses we began -ohn 0>#0><. like the work of a THI&4! .in -ames ch. 'nd.1&his is the “dividing line” of all of the . then SIC8NESS .I’ll give you ? witnesses!< "#$ ACTS #<4=> 9 “$ow god anointed /esus of *a<areth with the $oly Ghost and with power. & HE HIEF "ometh not but for to S EA1. robs the of their future. . that in this verse. we can see that healing is 2 )ood3! 2&very 2good3 and *erfect gift.I am "ome that they might have life. and by what -ames said .It was born out of His loving.ercise harsh control over another *erson3. kills or destroys. his name is 2)atan3!< Jo-n 12:12 .. to me. and to DES )O!. and that they might have it more abundantly. in essence.ible! If you know this verse. then )'T'N did it! It has his 2finger!*rints3 all over it! "ut. means 2to e. ho was -esus healing/ “all that were O(()ESSED OF HE DE$I1.IN$3 ministry of -esus... and HEA1I%G. and causes tre endous heartache ! 9oes that sound like a 2good3 and a 2*erfect3 gift/ No! It sounds. It says that He went about 2doing good3 and Healing! . must be of $od!<. He’s saying the same thing that -ames said.:ST 0E A .. giving Nature!< That’s how you can tell! Conclusion# )o. obviously.. comes from above3! )o.'nd.8ight there.” In this verse.” This verse is talking about the 2H&'. on the other hand. Here6s the Standard to 7ud)e b*4 "a$ If it STEALS/ 8ILLS or &ESTR%-S/ then *ou can !no( that it6s a (or! of the ene *3 !If it’s see if our conclusion can be backed u* with )cri*ture! . healing. "b$ If it6s a G%%& GI2T 9 if it “)i'es life” & “life ore abundantl*” . =udging by what -esus said . +eter calls sickness : disease SA A%I* O(()ESSIO%! )'T'NIC %++8&))I%N The word 2o**ression3 in this verse.” I want you to notice.%R8 %2 THE &E+IL! It’s not of $od! It co45dn#t be! It’s not a 2good3 or a 2*erfect3 gift! .It robs en of the ability to care for their families! It robs (o en of the ability to care for their children! It robs children of their *arents’ care! It cuts people do(n in the *rime of life.who went about doing GOOD. for God was with $im. then.. with the works of the devil. 0<. then you "an “rightly divide the Word of &ruth”5 .

” -ust reading this verse on a surfa"e level. lo. "ut. 2'n evil disease3 cleaveth fast unto him. 2Heb# ' thing of "elial3. behold. there was a woman whi"h had a spirit of infirmity eighteen years. be 1OOSED F)OM HIS 6O%D7AGE8 on the 'abbath day=” ho did -esus say was binding this woman/ )atan! )o.mated allian"es with them. he shall rise up no more. and I think we’ll find something interesting. -esus called sickness 0%N&AGE SATANIC.and immediately she was made straight. we could read +salm C0#@ this way# . doth not ea"h one of you on the 'abbath loose his o0 or his ass from the stall. and "ould in no wise lift up herself. these eighteen years. in 'cts 0>#?@. $od isn’t the author of sickness! )atan is! +eter called it SATANIC them therefore "ome and be healed.n E$I1 DISEASE.and now that he lieth. ## Corinthians ?4#@9#Aa 9 A plified 0ible 9 “ o not be une>ually yoked up with unbelievers .ERE THE A:TH%R of sickness and disease. and said. and was bowed together.$ L:8E #=4#<9#? 9 “. actually. In . +eter said that SATAN was e. then $od was guilty of (or!in) a)ainst Hi self ! and -esus said that a kingdom divided against itself can’t stand! )o. . I2 G%& . or "ome under a different yoke with them 1in"onsistent with your faith5. Woman. "=$ 1SAL. being a daughter of . be"ause that /esus had healed on the 'abbath day. so they can’t live normal lives! "ut.nd ought not this woman. #or what partnership have right living and right standing with God with ini>uity and lawlessness= 7r how "an light fellowship with darkness= What harmony "an there be between (hrist and 6E1IA1 7t-e de9i58 =” "elial is the devil! )o. thou art loosed from thine infirmity. "ut.nd. and not on the 'abbath day. @#4> 9 “. to go and set them free! Now.nd when /esus saw her.braham. we should be able to see where sickness comes from! 9avid called it 2evil3. say they. WHOM SA A% HA H 6O"%D. . do not make mis. and glorified God. let’s look a little bit dee*er into it. "leaveth fast unto him. +eter called sickness SATANIC %11RESSI%N. . you’ll see a note that says. who was 2"elial3/ Have you ever seen that name before/ $o with me to the New Testament.ercising 2harsh control3 over these *eo*le through sickness and disease! That’s what 2sickness3 is! It’s 2harsh control3! It binds *eo*le u*. &here are si0 days in whi"h men ought to work. if you look over in the margin of most study "ibles. . ".nd he 1/esus5 was tea"hing in one of the synagogues on the 'abbath. The Aing -ames Bersion says. 9avid was calling sickness and disease 2a thing of "elial3. "ut. and said unto the people. &hou hypo"rite. $od anointed 7ES:S.uke 0?. and said unto her.In other words.nd the ruler of the synagogue answered with indignation. and lead him away to watering= . )o. he "alled her to him. That’s interesting.nd he laid his hands on her. and THEN HE AN%INTE& 7ES:S T% HEAL the *eo*le. &he %ord then answered him.

)ickness is inconsistent with the Character and Nature of $od! $od is a good $od. whatever bad situation you may be facing in your life. )o. A HI%G OF HE DE$I1 . right now. It STEALS. we can *lainly see from '"ripture.. "ut. he shall rise up no more”. that sickness is not of $od.“. 9avid called it A THING %2 THE &E+IL! )o. Therefore. we could have reached the same conclusion. 8ILLS and &ESTR%-S! It’s not a 2good3 and 2*erfect3 gift. there’s our third witness# +eter called sickness and disease SATANIC %11RESSI%N -esus called sickness and disease SATANIC 0%N&AGE and.n evil disease . 'nd. "leaveth fast unto him? and now that he lieth. $%9 I) N%T TH& C'()&! $od isn’t your *roblem! He’s your solution! . sim*ly by looking at the effe"ts of sickness and disease.. it must have had another source ! other than $od.