“Healing in the Atonement”
-In our last session, we showed you from the Word, that it was God’s Will to “heal all”. -In this session, we want to go bac , and establish from the Word... WHY it’s God’s Will to heal all! "#ee, there’s been great contro$ersy, in the %ody of &hrist, o$er this area of God’s Will to heal... and it all comes down to answering '() %A#I& *+)#,I'(WAS HEALING INCLUDED IN THE ATONEMENT? ",hat’s what it all hinges on! "If healing was ./'0I1)1 2'/ in 3esus’ death, burial, and resurrection, then it’s 2'/ )0)/4'(), 5ust li e the remission of sins is for e$eryone. 6%ecause, what 3esus did on the &ross is a$ailable to “whosoe$er will”.7 "%ut, 6on the other hand7, if healing WA# (', I(&8+1)1 in 3esus’ /edem9ti$e wor , then it’s left u9 to the #o$ereignty of God, and He only heals who He wills. "If healing was 9aid for at the &ross, then I,’# GI0)( '( ,H) %A#I# '2 G/A&), and it belongs to all of us. "If healing wasn’t included in the /edem9ti$e wor , then G'1 H)A8# '( ,H) %A#I# '2 #'0)/)IG(,4, and He 5ust heals those whom He chooses to heal. #o, what does the %ible say: Was healing included in the Atonement: ISAIAH 53 - 6#ome ha$e called Isa. ;< - “,he ;th Gos9el”.7 -What we’re about to read is a ./'.H),I& A&&'+(, of the &rucifi=ion. truth- It’s actually >'/) A&&+/A,) than the eye-witness accounts!7 6If you want to now the

-(ow, that’s not to say that there are mista es in >atthew, >ar , 8u e and 3ohn. %ut, what Isaiah wrote, he wrote by re$elation! "#o, Isaiah includes not only the 9hysical sufferings of the 8ord, he also includes the /)A#'( for those sufferings. -(ow, that’s something that the Gos9el writers ne$er understood! -#ee, none of those men that stood around the &ross that day, understood why 3esus was dying. #o, they 5ust recorded the e$ents as they ha99ened in the natural. "Isaiah, 6on the other hand7, s9o e by re$elation, so he can tell us WHA, WA# A&&'>.8I#H)1 by those 9hysical e$ents. verse 1 - +nderline- “arm of the 8ord”. Whene$er you see the term, “arm of the 8ord”, it’s a reference to the 9ower of God that was released in /)1)>.,I'(. 8et’s ta e a moment ? com9are that... to some of the other 9hrases that are used in the Word, 6concerning God’s .ower7.

6)ng . still.hat’s a reference to the amount of 9ower that’s e=erted when a de$il is cast out.or “ruling 9ower” . "All it ta es God is His finger 6“flic ”7! 6B7 When God created the uni$erse. “Wow.his was the greatest act of God. @-@A 6'$erhead7 "“And what is the e=ceeding greatness of his #. 6<7 When God created the earth. e$er seen in Human history! ./efers to “stored u9 9ower” . what 9ower!” 6.“democratic” or “democracy” . he hasn’t done anything yet! He 5ust wal ed in the room!7%ut.(otice. sim9ly because of his office.“Arm of the 8ord” is always used in reference to /edem9tion. 1:15 1! . dynamo7 .his refers to 9ower that is “demonstrated outwardly”. 1iff. that would be “energia” or energy that is “released outwardly”! 6c7 Fratos .9lural. He used his “fingers” 69lural7 . He’s only used His arm!7 Eph.6authority7. . if he wal ed into the room and 9ut his fist through the wall.Heb.he term. than it did to create the uni$erse and the earth! Why: When God created the uni$erse. it too His Arm! .here are .“endowed 9ower” . or “stored u9 9ower”! #ee.salm A. "'f those .6en-erg’-i-ah7 . when He created the uni$erse.If a bodybuilder were to wal into the room.energy7 ...8u e @@-@A-BC . He used the “finger” of God .'W)/ toward usward who belie$e. He used his “hands” . .. and say. 9ower is released!7 6b7 )nergia . -6It was the greatest e=9ression of God’s 9ower in history! And.6“hea$ens” here refers to the “atmos9heric hea$en”7 6E7 %ut.-.. when God redeemed us. He used a little more 9ower ..hin of a stic of dynamite! #tored u9 9ower! 4ou light it..salm D-< ..6is.E of them a99ear in this $erse! 6a7 1unamis . E of them a99ear in )9h. Gree words for “9ower” . %ut. words.'/)1 .6)ng . 6d7 Ischus .6)ng .hoos’7 .6. He had no o99osition. a certain amount of endowed 9ower is gi$en to him.He used his “fingers” . all of hell o99osed Him.When a 9rime minister ta es office. we’d loo at his muscles.rule of the 9eo9le7. @-@C . #o.6+nderline “finger”7 . what are we saying: We’re saying that it too more 9ower to /)1))> +#.DEMONSTRATIONS OF POWER 6@7 When 3esus cast out de$ils.dynamite. 6e7 )=ousia .hat would be the Gree word “1unamis”. when He raised 3esus from the dead.

%ut. which is reser$ed for “usward who belie$e”..estament. how do we ta9 into that 9ower: 8et’s read this $erse bac wards.What was the “arm of the 8ord”: . 6/ead some7.. when He raised him from the dead.HA.6 hol-ee’7 . them will the 8ord 9ermit to come u9on you. and you’ll see who gets the 9ower!7 "erse # . and will 9ermit none of the e$il diseases of )gy9t to come u9on thee. He wasn’t 9retty at that 9oint! Is$.6read7 GRIEFS: &holiy . that was the day that God raised 3esus from the dead.”What is this $erse saying: . and it affected it! Is$.'W)/ . 6@ Fings @H-@H7 .'W)/ I( H)A0)(. until thou be destroyed. the mistress of the house. or afflicted”. .here was a day when all of God’s ruling 9ower.'W)/ which he e=ercised in &hrist. ISAIAH 53:1 .. BD-I@7 “And it came to 9ass after these things.7 . .1eut BD-I@ . “. and according to )9h. there’s . when we go to God in 9rayer. which is not written in the boo of this law.. and all of His inherent 9ower was 9ut into the form of “energy”. that’s on /)#)/0) for you! When you belie$e. 61eut. . waiting to be used on our behalf!-#o.. the .ower of God that was released in /edem9tion! . -2ol s. <D-A.6(otice all this 9ower is “stored u9” for us! How much is stored there: He goes on to say.ranslated that way in 1eut. and taught that 3esus was an ugly man.Isa. H-@. @-@A..“#o deformed was his a99earance not to be a man.WA/184 from his /+8I(G A(1 )(1'W)1 .here was a lot of 9ower released that day.. so disfigured did he loo that he seemed no longer human.. that there was no breath left in him.. and his figure no longer resembled a man. that the son of the woman.7 “Also e$ery sic ness and e$ery 9lague. 2li9 it around. H-@. it’s “stored u9”. It’s referring to 3esus on the &ross! 'f course. 5#:1% ..eo9le ha$e read this. “And the 8ord will ta e away from thee all sic ness.according to 6in the same measure as7. that same amount of 9ower is waiting to be used on your behalf. (otice it said that that same amount of 9ower is “stored u9” waiting to be released on our behalf. “What is the e=ceeding greatness of His “stored u9 9ower”.means “to be sic . and sic ness on that body.hat’s amaGing. -And.he Arm of the 8ord is re$ealed to those that belie$e the re9ort!” 61id you get that: /ead again. fell sic J and his sic ness was so sore.” 6&ross /eference %ible7 “As the crowds were a99alled on seeing him.@ Fings @H-@H .He’s 9raying in the 9re$ious $erse that we might now. %ut loo again at the first 9art of the $erse.he . this is the /edem9tion cha9ter of the 'ld . 8oo at it again. 53: 3 % . 61eut..” 63erusalem %ible7 -He bore all of our sins. WA# /)8)A#)1 '+.. wea .

@-D. .6read7 Is$..“#urely he hath borne our sic nesses and carried our 9ains. you can see He’s referring to 9hysical sic ness..” Isa.he forgi$eness of sin. on the same 1ay. %ody. all < areas were affected: 6'$erhead7"When 3esus went to the &ross. D-@I-@H .and 9ay for our sic nesses some inferior. and was reco$ered of his sic ness.AI1 2'/. and 3eremiah . but that’s tal ing about “s9iritual sic ness” and “s9iritual 9ain”! -4ou weren’t s9iritually “sic ”. second-hand way. I said.<-E . our griefs 6#I&F()##)#7.. 4ou didn’t need a “healing”. 6He didn’t 9ay for our sin '() WA4. +nderline two words. by the same >an. @E-BB. bruised for our iniKuities”.“&hastisement needful to obtain 9eace and well being for us. when Adam fell. . “%ut his flesh u9on him shall ha$e 9ain.” 63ob @E-BB7 “%abylon is suddenly fallen and destroyed.8I2I)1.“Wounded for our transgressions.he writing of HeGe iah ing of 3udah. you needed “life”! -(one of the other references using those words were referring to “s9iritual sic ness” ->att..ranslated “9ain” in 3ob. wea ness and distress ./emember. <D-A7 "In all those $erses. . and then come along a few days later . (otice.” "4eah. was on Him”.he same 9rice was 9aid for both.howl for herJ ta e balm for her 9ain.” A>. and the healing of disease.@-D7 &Is$'$h 53:% . and carried our #'//'W#.7 (o! It was all . all < areas were ta en care of! 6'$erhead7 #9irit.. if so be she may be healed.&ould ha$e been translated.“With his stri9es 6bruise7 we are healed”. you were s9iritually “dead”.sic ness.and carried our sorrows and 9ain of 9unishment.“.“%/+I#)1 for our iniKuities” “with his %/+I#) we were healed” (otice.. 53:5 . and his soul within him shall mourn.” 63er.“#urely he hath borne SORROWS: >a ob .” 6Isa. and the same %lood 9oured out of the same wounds for both. #oul.“#urely he has borne our griefs .wo things were dealt with here. when he had been sic .sort of as an afterthought .

in the sense of suffering 9unishment for something”.” /emember what that word means.the shee9.+. "When 3esus went to the &ross. that was se9arated from God. and to bear it away!7 #o. and the goats. to se9arate between the two. ".7 Goats re9resent s9iritual death! .)1 3)#+#! "."#o.he same word is used for both!78iterally.. then surely He 9aid for our #I&F()##)# in the same way..>att. if He 9aid for our #I( as our substitute.I. when 3esus was bruised for our healing. He suffered our sic ness and our sin. 6(ow.he Bnd goat that bore the sins of the 9eo9le.)! 6. “#urely he hath borne 6nasa7 our sic nesses.$e.6naw-saw7 .” 6Again.“.7 verse % . (ORNE: (asa . into the wilderness.his word is used in $erse @B.' %)A/ AWA4! 6It’s a reference bac to the #ca9egoat of 8e$. it’s interesting to note. as a #I( '22)/I(G. of 3esus “bearing” our sins on the cross! “He was numbered with the transgressorsJ and he bare 6nasa7 the sin of many./)#)(.he first goat was to be #8AI(.and it means “to bear away.%'/() our sic ness and carried our 9ain.o bear away. BI. unto the 8ord. and bore our sins. as our #+%#. of 3esus “bearing” our sic ness.%'. 6. in the sense of suffering 9unishment for something. after He died.H G'A. and His %lood 9oured out! ". 1) THE SCAPEGOAT verse 5 1* .” ".# /).Aaron was to ta e B goats. it means to suffer the 9unishment of another.he Kuestion often arises. “1id 3esus die s9iritually on the &ross:” (otice. which was slain.hey were goats! Goats always re9resent “s9iritual death”. ".he second goat was to be . -(ow understand. so we wouldn’t ha$e to. He suffered our #I&F()## so we wouldn’t ha$e to. and bore the 9unishment of our sin. into the wilderness./e9resented 3esus’ 9hysical body.. @I.he same word is used here. and cast lots u9on them..icture.Get the . He suffered the 9unishment of sin.) G'A. who would carry away the sins of the 9eo9le. 6/ight:7 2ol s.he @st goat that was slain. in the Word!7 6/emember./e9resented 3esus’ inner man.7 LE".H) #&A.

? o$er all the Hea$enly utensils of worshi9.8iterally.(asa . 3esus died s9iritually on the cross. “>y God.he outer man was illed -@st goat ". or a “land of death”.He has 9ut Him to grief and >A1) HI> #I&F! 3esus bore not only our sins on the &ross. >y God.B transferences here. 1):15 .%'. He left our sin and sic ness there.. 3esus was the 8A>% of God. . some time later.1I1 3)#+# 1I) #.. 53:! . verse #1 ## .9lural. B-@H . He became the sca9egoat! "He died s9iritually.he inner man went to “a land of se9aration” to 9ay the sin 9rice .hen he died 9hysically. into a land of se9aration. too His %lood. and bore our #I(. and with the rich in his deaths . why hast thou forsa en me:” .“1ying 6s9iritually7 thou shalt die +ESUS: 1eaths! 1ied s9iritually.o o$erste9 a boundary.hou shalt surely die .“A land of se9aration”.Heb.+A884 '( . He also bore our sic nesses! Is$. Isa.led into the wilderness. and rose from the dead! And all of the 9ower it too to raise Him. there. "When the 9rice was 9aid. and 3erusalem7! .. or miss the mar . . A . Am9lified. #in. Is$'$h 53:! 1* . where He 9aid the sin 9rice.Inherited wea nesses and tendencies toward sin.#in. and our #I&F()## away. ADAM: 1ied B deaths! 69hysically7” Gen.7 verse #* .<-E bore away our sic ness7 1efine .ransgression. transgressions.sic ness.When he rose. bearing the sin of the 9eo9le. .I/I. if we’ll belie$e.6#ame with 3esus! Heb. And. and sic ness! 6Isa.H) &/'##: 4es! Is$.choliy .one re9resented the inner man. and s9rin led it on the Hea$enly mercy seat.“4et it was the will of the 8ord to bruise him. Lev. then died 9hysically! &# GOATS: 6Indicati$e of s9iritual death7 .%)A/ . when He cried out.He made his gra$e with the wic ed.Bnd goat .<-@B . 5#:1% . and the other re9resented the outer man of 3esus...H . ".G/I)2.IniKuities. sinIniKuity.6&ross /ef.bore away our sin. is a$ailable to us. until He went to the cross.o fall short.

If you’re lost in sin.7 Another *uestion.Is$. your substitute! . He bore your sic nesses in the same way He bore your sin . do you still bat: (o: 6.A# 4'+/ #+%#. do you still need to be 9unished for that sin: 6(o. and you ha$e a #A0I'/.hird *uestion. no!7 4ou can go free because of the wor of 3)#+#.. and you ha$e a .)! *uestion.If you’re sic .I.)/. come in and ta e the 9enalty of your sin. come in and get sic as your #+%#.said it 9leased God to do that! Why: %ecause God was loo ing ahead to you! He saw that if 3esus bore away your sic nesses.). 53:1* . do you still need to be sic : (o! 6A thousand times.7 A .+.+.I(&H HI. and you ha$e a #A0I'/.hat’s right. you don’t. then you wouldn’t ha$e to bear them. come in and bat as your #+%#.I.If you’re 9laying baseball.).+.I.