Christ the Healer

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-All right. There’s one more area of difficulty I ant to deal ith. And! then! again! and start to loo" at some of the healings in the ministry of #esus. -The final area I ant to loo" at! is the area of S$%%&'I(). -*efore I ma"e any comments! let’s loo" at some of the Scriptures in +uestion. Romans 8:14-18; 11 Cor. 1:3-5, Philippians 1:29, Philippians 3:9-10, 11 Timothy 2:11-12 -There are more Scriptures e could read. *ut! those fe e loo"ed at! -uild a pretty good case for suffering. .There’s no getting around it! the *i-le does say! e’re going to suffer./ -(o ! here the pro-lem comes in! is: 0&102& 3A4&(’T '&A2I5&D T3AT T3& *I*2& TA26S A*1$T 7 DI%%&'&(T 6I(DS 1% S$%%&'I(). 8See! hat e’9e done! is e’9e seen the !ript"res on suffering! and then #H$T%&%R '()* +, -,,%R(). C$/% +-R #$0 .Sic"ness! po9erty! pain/... :& SAT *A;6! and said! “1h! I’m <ust s"11erin2 1or 3es"s.” -*ut! the *i-le tal"s a-out 2 *(,,%R%)T '()* of suffering. There’s one "ind that you and I WILL ha9e to suffer. And! there’s another "ind that e WON’T ha9e to suffer= .And! e need to differentiate -et een the t o=/ 3o can you tell the difference> The '%0 is found! in loo"ing at the sufferings of #esus= -?ou see! #esus suffered T:1 DI%%&'&(T :A?S= our -6 T(T-T%. 3e suffered as our %4$/P5%! and 3e suffered as e’re going to s itch gears

-The things 3e suffered as our su-stitute! e on’t ha9e to suffer= .'emem-er hat the ord “su-stitute” means= .If e’re playing -ase-all! and I send in a substitute to -at for you! 7o yo" still 8at> (o. (1 he9s yo"r s"8stit"te! he bats INSTEAD of you./ -:ell! there are things that #esus suffered as our su-stitute= .Does anyone ant to guess hat those things are> 0o9erty! sic"ness and spiritual death./ -3e -ore the !"rse o1 the 5a: as our s"8stit"te. And! .as :e9ll ne;er ha;e to 8ear= -2et’s <ust do a +uic" re9ie e sa a couple of ee"s ago/! those things

<1= P+&%RT0 - The Scripture e loo"ed at


” ha9e to=/ . e could 11 Cor.” . -*ut! hen 3e suffered as our “e@ample”! 3e suffered those things to H+# .“3e as ounded for our transgressions! he as -ruised for our ini+uities! the chastisement of our peace as upon 3im! and ith his stripes! e ere healed. -(o ! hen 3e suffered as our “su-stitute”! e don’t have to suffer those things. 5:21 . 8:9 .:hat things are they> :e’ll see in <ust a moment. . *ut! first! turn to.That’s “su-stitution”.11 Cor.H+# T+ R% P+)* ! hen e suffer them. “*y 3is -ruise! there is healing for us.” -&erse 10 said! “It pleased the 2ord to -ruise him! 3e hath put him to grief! and made him sic". ( $($H 53:5 .. .“%or ye "no the grace of our 2ord #esus .So! 3e suffered some things as our su-stitute. .:hy> So continue in our lost condition>/ (o= “that e might -e made the righteousness of )od in 3im...” All those things 3e suffered as “su-stitute”! so e ould ne9er ha9e to suffer them..hrist! that! though he sa"es he -ecame poor! that ye through his po9erty might -e rich.3ere e loo"ed at../ <3= P(R(T-$5 *%$TH .Again! e loo"ed at.. :hat things ill e ha9e to suffer> . 3e -ore it so e ouldn’t <2= (C')% .” -(o ! as that “su-stitute” or “e@ample”..)od the %ather/ hath made him . as rich! yet for your :ell! hat did it say> Did it say “3e -ecame poor! so all of you could see ho to do it>” (o. It said! “3e -ecame poor! that ?1$ might -e rich..#esus/ to -e sin for us.“%or 3e .That’s “su-stitution”.Do you understand the 7 types of suffering>/ All right! then./ Then! there are other things! that 3e suffered as our %4$/P5%= ha9e to suffer./ 1 P%T%R 2:18-21 See! there are some things that #esus suffered as our %4$/P5%.” -:hy as #esus made sic"> So! e’d see ho to do it ell> -(o. 8And! those are the things e will .

hristian./ -So! your -ody as relati9ely untouched -y the ne -irth! and it still ants to do he could/ help them that are tempted.. hat did that say> Did it say that 3e suffered temptation so e ould ne9er &erse 13 . :hen you say! “(1” to your -ody! that’ll cause some suffering= R+/$) 8:1A-1> .:hen you got sa9ed! only your spirit-man untouched -y the ne -irth. -So! hen you say! “(1” to your -ody! that’ll cause some suffering= 1 P%T%R 4:1 . H%6R%# 2:18 .<1= T%/PT$T(+) He8re:s 2:1>-18 .3a9e you e9er -een pic"ed on! -ecause you ere a -elie9er> I ha9e= :ell! that’s par for the course= It’s <ust part of -eing a -elie9er=/ ..(o ! ha9e to> (o.. <a= )oti!e He !alls temptation ?s"11erin2@ -See! e9en though your S0I'IT has -een -orn-again! ?1$' %2&S3 still rong= -. ants to do things that are ere relati9ely as affected= ?our mind and your -ody -1f course! no that you’re sa9ed! )od ants ?1$ to do something a-out your mind and your -ody= That’s Romans 12:1-2= -'ene your mind! and control your them that are tempted.So! e will ha9e to suffer temptation=/ 1 P%T%R 2:18.:hat’s the suffering he’s spea"ing of>/ a-out is SA?I() (1 T1 SI(= That’ll cause suffering= -)o -ac" to.:e could turn that around! and say it this suffered in the flesh”.” -There are 7 things I ant you to see here. <2= P%R %C-T(+) &AAM02&= .” 8So! is that “su-stitution” or “e@ample”. .23 -This is tal"ing a-out suffering on the <o-! -ecause you’re a .“%or in that he himself hath suffered -eing tempted! he is a-le to succour .The suffering he’s tal"ing ay: “3e that hath ceased from sin hath “3e suffered -eing tempted! .

#esus suffered t o ays. 3% -(o ! as healing. +-T5()% +./ 1$T2I(& of principles e’ll -e discussing.o7 is $8le to Heal 8The 2unatic" . *ut! the things 3e suffered as My “e@ample”! I ill ha9e to suffer. () TH% /()( TR0 +..(o ! from time to time! e’ll -e going outside of the ministry of #esus! to illustrate a principle! -ut for the most part! e’ll try to stay as close as e can to #&S$S’ MI' you see that persecution is part of hat )od still lets us suffer> -I’ll gi9e you some other Scriptures to rite do n: 3ohn 15:18-21./ Does that help> 1"ay! let’s go on. 6$ (C PR()C(P5% <1= .Mar" E:CG-C7 .2&S! in the C )ospels..Mar" D:EC-7D 8A-raham .And! I can loo" at 3im! and see ho I should respond. 1 P%T%R 4:12-1A . e do this! I’ll try to point out some of the things the 0&102& DID! in order to '&. -6eeping a clear conscience. . And! loo" at some of theB H%$5().*e not afraid of their terror .threats/ -Sanctify the 2ord )od . 11 Timothy 3:10-12.1 P%T%R 3:14-1A .o7 is #illin2 to Heal 8The 2eper . -So! do you understand “suffering”.. The things 3e suffered as my “su-stitute”! I’ll ne9er ha9e to suffer.'omans C:EF-7E <2= . 1 Peter 4:1-4.&I4& their .gi9e )od 3is rightful place/ in your hearts.

Mt.Mar" I:E-7G All right. ho -elie9es in 8The only people I’9e e9er found ho *+)9T 6%5(%&% that )od is $65%! are people ho ha9e .that )od’s A-le/= -:e ha9e a perfect e@ample of this! in Mar" D /$R' 9:2-9 -(o ! I ant you to get the picture: #esus ent up to the Mount of Transfiguration! and #ohn. ith 0eter! #ames! . -*ut! <ust -efore e do! let me say this! -y ay of introduction into the first 7 points. Acts EC:K-EG 8The :oman ith the Issue of *lood . 2et’s get into this. to heal.2u"e EK:EE-ED <5= ?The (mportan!e o1 Con1ession@ C ?The T:o Types o1 Con1ession@ 8Instruction: 'omans EG <A= 'no:in2 the &o!a8"lary o1 ilen!e 83a9ing Done all to Stand! Stand therefore 8#arius’ Daughter .il 8The 2unatic" . -It all starts ith "no ing that )od is $65%= .&9en the sinner on the street! )od! -elie9es that )od is A*2&=/ ell not pray. .<3= 0o" m"st 'no: 6oth Prin!iplesB . H:I-EJ <4= .%R 6%5(%&% .someho / ha7 their 1aith SHAKEND to the point they )+ 5+).The other D disciples ere left -elo .aith is Release7 thro"2h #or7 an7 $!tion 8Instruction: Mar" EE:7J./ -:hile #esus as gone! something had transpired -elo .Mar" EG:CF-I7 8The Ten 2epers .Mar" D:EC-7D 8The Madman of )adara .o7 is $8le C #illin2 8The . .Mar" I:7I-JC 8*lind *artimaeus .7/ Secondly! you must "no that )od is #(55().enturion’s Ser9ant .If you don’t "no that! then you might as There’s no point=/ -(o ! most people -elie9e that )od is A*2& to heal= .E/ %irst! you must "no that )od is $65% to heal. -There are 7 4&'? IM01'TA(T things you need to "no ! -efore you can e9er recei9e healing from )od. .Mar" I:7E-7J!JI-CJ <>= *ealin2 :ith the *e.

&ng: “pediatrics” .e find out hen this demon came into the -oy. TH+.The pro-lem as ith the disciples=/ -*ut! .Again! ho did it happen> 3e had seen the failure of others=/ -%ol"s! don’t -ase your %AIT3! . 1>:19-20/ -Luestion: :as the pro-lem ith )od> :as it that )od C+-5*)9T heal the -oy> (o.e=” .can 8elie. e’re going to see/ that this man 3IMS&2% :asn9t a8le to heal= $# TH% *(C(P5% 9 . .erse 21 .$(5-R%! and concluded that )od -.age 7-C/ 8:hy did #esus as"> These things gain strength ith time. “If 0+. 9:21-22 -(otice hat the man said! “(.or ?1$' 3&A2I()/ on the fact that “Aunt Martha died”= -Aunt Martha is a human -eing= She could miss it= *ut! #esus ne9er misses it= -2oo" again hat #esus said in ./ -And! they’ll usually say one of 7 things: “)od isn’t illing”! or “)od isn’t a-le”.?ou "no people do that all the time= They see a *&2I&4&' fail to recei9e! and they -lame )od.C$) T do anything”. /att.3uios .0aidion .(otice hat happened hen this man 8%ol"s! e need to get our eyes off M&(! and -ac" onto #esus= got his eyes -ac" on #esus. 1>! e find out that this -oy as full gro n. -In . . -3is faith had -een sha"en to the point that 3e e9en dou-ted JESUS’ ability to heal= -. .1$2D(’T= .9:14-18 -(o ! let’s stop here! long enough to find out :3? T3&? ./ 9:21-23 -(otice! #esus put the responsi-ility -ac" on him./ -This fello chose the latter: 3e thought! “)od asn’t a-le”= 9:1>-21 Side thought: In ..mature son/.erse 19= “*ring 3im to me=” .

o7 is a8le.+* ( $65%= . So! it seemed impossi-le. hether 9:24-2> 8 I ant you to notice! . -. -*ut! )od promised them a S1(! and they had to use their faith to -ring it to pass. And! in that case! the recipient doesn’t ha9e to -elie9e A(?T3I()=/ *ut! in e9ery other case! . 2et’s close -y loo"ing at A*'A3AM.*efore they can recei9e their 2et heale7 ! ithout -elie9ing that ./ All right. 8(o one ill e. hether or not 3e is a-le to heal/! the +uestion is or not yo" !an 8elie.if a person is I(ITIATI() T3&I' 1:( 3&A2I()/! you’ll ha9e to get them to -elie9e that .I% 0&102& A'& S3A6&(! to the point that they (1 21()&' *&2I&4& that )1D IS $65% T1 3&A2! then you ha9e to deal ith that first.?ou remem-er the story. .and this is hat I anted you to get out of this story/ . R+/$) 4 . -%or no ! e’ll <ust say this much: 8)ifts of healings is )od initiating a healing on 3is o n. A-raham M Sarah anted a child.The one e@ception! is the gifts of the Spirit. *ut! she had -een -arren all of their married li9es! and -esides that! they’re -eyond the child--earing years.e=/ ith ?1$! . :e’ll deal ith that later on in the course.-See! the +uestion isn’t ith )od! .