Christ the Healer

“The Sower Sows the Word”
Up to now, in this course, we’ve been laying a foundation, concerning God’s Ability and Willingness to heal. thin! we’ve laid enough of a foundation, that "#W healing. can start to teach you $#W to receive your

n the ne%t session, we’ll start to loo! at the & 'ethods that God has given, (which we can use) to receive our healing. *ut, before we do that, Sows the Word”. MARK 4 - $ow do with... want to loo! at the 'ost i'portant parable that +esus ever told , “The Sower

!now that this is the 'ost i'portant parable +esus ever told- .et’s start reading

Verse 11-13 , n other words, this parable is the !ey to everything/ understand every other parable +esus told.

f you !now this parable, you can

n fact, if you understand this parable, you can understand how the 0"T 10 2 "G3#4 #5 G#3 W#12S/ So, let’s pic! this up in verse 67, and see what +esus has to say. ("ow, as we read this, !eep in 'ind that +esus had already told the parable , earlier that day. Now, a few hours later, the disciples have co'e to $i', and saying, “We don’t understand a word you 8ust said”. ,So, what we’re reading here, is +esus’ 09:.;";T #" of the parable.

MARK 4:14-25 ;ll right. The first thing we want to “get” here, as we study this parable, is... (1) TH !"#$ CT What was +esus teaching on- What was the subject of $is “ser'on”See, we’ve studied this parable ( ’' tal!ing about the church world in general, now), %r&' the negati(e for so long, that we 'isse) alt&gether , what +esus was teaching on. We loo!ed for so long, at the different !inds of ground that failed , that we lost the sub8ect of the parable. ,The sub8ect of this parable, is *+T the )i%%erent ,in)s &% gr&-n) the seed was sown in. The sub8ect is “The Word of God”.

T . you’re in a position. . (>ou !now. “. let hi' hear. $is SU*+0?T all the way through here. and it’ll 'a!e so'e sense.n&.. is the Word of God. n other words. represents the Word of God.n in.nd he said unto the'.et hi' hear T$0 W#13/ . The second thing we want to “get” here.) "ow. <.hen y&. here/ .et hi' hear what.So. s TH W+R0 brought (int& the bed. So. *ut. until (erse 2/..nd he said unto the'. that was fine. we can plainly see. +esus 3 3"’T change sub8ects here. *ut.They thought +esus was tal!ing about the )i%%erent . they th&-ght that +esus too! off on so'e totally unrelated sub8ect. and didn’t !now what to do with it. $e doesn’t change sub8ects . 010 2+0 21V and not to be set +"T 1* TH +3 *"! H1! W+R0 to be put under a bushel. but that it should co'e abroad. “3id God send $is Word into the earth t& hi)e it fro' 'en-” #f course not/ .#nce you !now that. is. let’s read it that &% gr&-n) the seed was s&. where you can receive fro' $is teaching. neither was anything !ept secret. or under a bed.. what the translators did.nd he said unto the'."ow. any'ore/) . ($e’s not tal!ing about ground. f any 'an have ears to hear.and not to be set on a candle stic!. or under a .God sent $is Word to 0".” .. G$T0" 'en/ (That’s why $e called it a “candle”. or under a bed- 5or there is nothing hid (in the W&r)) which shall not be 'anifested. $e’s still tal!ing about the Word/ <"ow.) “.nd. . that +esus is still tal!ing about the Word. (2) TH +#$ CT . through this chapter.and not to be set on a candle stic!. is= They put in one of those little “change of sub8ect signs” . (They thought that was the sub8ect of the parable. the W#13 is the sub8ect. .” arth) to be put under a bushel.) “.ll right..<"ow.” (The “candle” in this verse. a lot of people haven’t understood that. s a candle brought to be put under a bushel.. . then they got down to (erse 2/.So. you can read (erse 21.. it) loo!s li!e a little “bac!wards :”.

. n other words= What’s the 10. The third things we need to find. if you’ve been in this course. +esus showed us how to US0 $ S W#13..Well. to get results. <$ow 'any of you !now= God wor!s through $is Word<God wor!s through $is Word/ ( n fact. it’s loo! at it again.A. T$0 #*+0?T (of this parable is)= To show us how to US0 God’s word. fro' the Word/)’s pic! this bac! up in Verse 24.We’ve seen the ob8ect= +esus is showing us how to G0T the blessings #55 T$0 :. if you’re ever going to 10?0 @0 .) . in those few short verses. to 10?0 @0 G#3’S *.What do have to do.Well. to get the blessings off the page. and into their lives/ (Where they can see it.) Verse 24-25 . and ’ll 'a!e it si'ple for you. lot of people !now that healing *0.0SS "GS.. . that’s the only way $e wor!s/ $e doesn’t wor! any other way/) <So.">T$ "G fro' God.0SS "GS. “$ow does it wor!”.#"GS to the'. to produce results. here’s where a lot of people have had a proble'. and see h&.T$0> 2"#W fro' the Word. that’s the whole :# "T of this parable/ +esus is showing us how to US0 T$0 W#13. and into our lives. we’ve seen the sub8ect= The sub8ect is the Word of God. every wee!. and %eel it.S#" for this parable. thin! you !now it/B . (3) TH +3 RAT1+* . to 10?0 @0 God’s *.G0. . and into 'y life.&r. +esus is showing us how to US0 God’s W#13. ... <So. <They 8ust can’t figure how to get it off the pages.What is +esus trying to tell -s about the Word. . that healing belongs to the'/ (They’ve seen it for the'selves.. . . $e’s still spea!ing about the Word of God. n this parable. it’s going to co'e through $is Word/ (That’s how $e’s going to get it over to you/) <"ow. is. n other’s go to the ne%t step.s/ (1e'e'ber."ow.

S003 T# :1#3U?0. after class. the W&r) W&r. You just write it down.. to the way a S003 W#12S/ ..TU10/ (That’s what it W. .“So is the !ingdo' of God. +esus is ?#4:. then . .( t’s the e%act sa'e operation/ They both wor! the sa'e way/) <So.. n other words= There’s ne(er g&ing t& be a ti'e .. and reap # A*!/) .” (C%) *ecause..That’s the whole :U1:#S0 of it/ So.) -(Now what do I mean! It’s the N"#$%& of a seed to produce') . :1#3U?0.t sure is dar!/”.."TS T# 3#/) . isn’t going to get in the ground.Well. since they both wor! the sa'e way. if we can understand how a S003 wor!s.nd.hat t& )&. (D%) A.1 "G the way T$0 W#13 W#12S. < T’S T$0 *AT"R #5 . That’s its ".e a %e. you plant =arr&ts."3 T G#0S 1 G$T T# T/ . scratch it’s little “seed. A ! -(I’ll explain what I mean by that in a minute. suppose you went down to !a%e. “What’d they put 'e in here for. (a) 1T7! TH *AT"R +.) . once it was planted/ <(That little seed. when you plant C+R* in your garden. as if a 'an should cast ! .T R . 'in-tes. 0.This is H&. and <lante) it in your garden.s6 Verse 24 . and reap CARR+T!. (#r."o/ That seed !nows its 8ob/ . #"T 1T W188 A8WA9! 3R+0"C 1T! +W* K1*0. and say. n this verse. is= W+RK!/ thought we’d ta.. .&-l)n7t .ay7s.e7ll A"T+MAT1CA889 understand how the Word wor!s. and that seed W .>ou wouldn’t have to worry that= That seed . how thought we’d go at this. t’s 8ob is to :1#3U?0. and bought so'e C+R* ! h&'e.) .head”.ent . WHAT MAK ! A ! 0 3R+0"C : 0 T+ 3R+0"C .n&. and e%a'ine H+W A ! 0 0 into the ground.(Underline= S003. t produces ?#1".nd.> "#T ! 4. that “S003” goes to wor!/) >#U 4. . have W1TH1* TH M! 8V ! the ability to produce a H A81*2 in your body.> "#T .aw of Genesis= “0verything produces after its own !ind/) . 8-."ow.Suppose you want a $ealing for your body.ll right. and produces '&re &% the sa'e .. the <&. T. 8ust li!e that C+R* ! 0 has W1TH1* 1T! 8.. "ow. the power to <r&)-=e '&re =&rn. where do you go to G0T . isn’t it. and filled the' with TH 3+W R T+ H A8 / .. are full of $0. So. what God has done is= $e’s ta!en $is Word.The H A81*2 !CR13T"R ! in the *ible. let’s read it that way= “"o word of God is 04:T>. and filled the' with the 3+W R T+ 3R+!3 R 9+" / <So. 8 T. and filled the' with the 3+W R T+ !AV / . and .er t& <r&)-=e 'ore ?#1". and apply it to the Word. want you to see about a seed. +ust li!e a ?#1" S003 has within itself..>ou go to the “$0.e 1:3> .. "G.0. The second thing.. they’ll produce a healing in your body/ .188 0 1T with $is power/ -$e’s ta!en the !A8VAT1+* !CR13T"R !.>ou plant the =&rn see).. let’s ta!e that !AM 3R1*C138 . See.(A'<li%ie)) . "G :#W01/ .$e’s ta!en the H A81*2 !CR13T"R !.nd. it grows up into a stal.. Where do you go- <>ou go to the H A81*2 !CR13T"R !/ That’s “H A81*2 ! (. . but it does/ t “goes to wor!” 8ust li!e a seed/) .See... "G S003”/ . that’s true."o. $0.. that “H A81*2 ! *#3>/ 0” !nows its business/) 0”/ ts business is t& 3R+0"C A H A81*2 in your (. "G S?1 :TU10S in the * *. >#U ("ow. is this= .. 0verything produces after its own !ind/ (That’s the .ll right.$e’s ta!en the 3R+!3 R1T9 !CR13T"R !.The $0. or W T$#UT :#W01/) . (The word “void” 'eans e'pty.says: “"o word of God is void of power”. .) Well.. as soon as you 2 T AH+80 &% it.

and ta!eth away the Word that was s&."ow.. what did we say the “Seed” was.”) <So.0 to church/ :#. A ! 0? WH * 1T 1! 38A*T 0? W188 2R+W6 (There7s a 2R+W1*2 T1M ? in the 81. as if a 'an should TAK W+R0. what’s the “ground” that we “:.. and $UG .20 T$0 $0. this way= “So is the !ingdo' of God. Satan co'eth i''ediately."T” the seed into. <Then. "G S?1 :TU10S.1TS/ .T$0 W#13 #5 G#3/ .+R A ! 0 T+ 3R+0"C A*9TH1*2? 1T HA! T+ # 38A*T 06 . the next ."ow. plant a corn seed one day. where the word is sownE but when they have heard.(. " ?0/ t’s not enough for you to TH f you want to 10?0 @0 $0.. and harvest a ?#1" ?1#:. t ta!es T 40 to G1#W/ . that’s obvious to us.u!e’s Gospel put it even plainer= “"ow the parable is this= The seed is the Word of God.(b) 1* +R0 R ... in the natural/ *ut. "G. it’s not enough. let’s go bac! to our natural illustration. as if a 'an should cast seed 1*T+ TH 2R+"*0@A .1T/ <That’s where your healing S/ t’s " T$0 W#13/ (*ro..T$0 $U4. (=) A ! +.. you’re going to have to T. Verse 15 . we could read Verse 24. $agin= “The Word is the $ealer today/”) That leads us to the third thing want you to see. in the Spiritual/ Verse 24 .11> >#U1 * *." $0.n (.” <That’s where your healing *0G "S/ . for you to 8ust ?."ow...nd these are they by the way side. (3o you-) "o. <>ou never go out.. and 3"T 1T 1* H1! H ART.See. and :UT T$04 " >#U1 $0.1T. how 'any of us 4 SS T.So.. S$ it. and T10. 06) .T T 10. for a 'o'ent.“So is the !ingdo' of God. in your garden. " T$0 1 $0. we’ve established that the “seed” is God’s Word.

Satan also (nows that the Word’s producing/ .TU10S. and “grows” inside you/ ("ow. and 10.“”. Satan will lie to your 'ind/ $e’ll say= “ t’s not wor!ing/” . why would you have to “protect” the Word.Well.(“Well. 1.<The sa'e things is T1U0 with the Word/ “So is the !ingdo' of God. night and day. >ou’d 2"#W it’s growing.T0 ?$.nd.nd. 2alatians 4:5 says .) . would you believe that about your garden. there’s a G1#W "G T 40. he’ll )& his best to try t& get you to U:1##T the seed/ . and (of course). and pray/ They confess it a few ti'es/ .#S0 their healing/ 3uring the “growing ti'e”. after you’ve :UT T " >#U1 $0.nd.(There’s a T$ 05 on this planet/ $is na'e is Satan. and should sleep and rise. (10:0. not see any outward change/ . and get the rest. as if a 'an should TAK TH W+R0. and fainting in your 'ind”/ That’s where the battle ground is= " T$0 4 "3/ <>ou’ll plant the Word. this is where 4#ST :0#:.0 . if we faint not.#f course not/ >ou don’t S#W. they U:1##T the seed/ .They get the Word. he !noweth not how..1ight after we planted. 5or in due season.” <See.See. you can pray. when they don’t see an 4403 . ’ll 'a!e today/ f you get that much.Write that down/ t’s the 'ost i'portant state'ent.nd. and it’s 8ust going to ta!e so'e ti'e.nd let us not be weary (or “lose heart”) in well doing.He can’t do it/ *ut..” <When did :aul say we were going to reap. we shall reap. 'outh/) guess it’s not wor!ing/” >#U +UST U:1##T03 T$0 S003/ >ou uprooted it with your The *ible calls that “*eco'ing weary.1T/ .T. he’ll lie to you."G0 in their bodies. 9+"788 0+ WHAT7! * C !!AR9 T+ 3R+T CT TH 2R+W1*2 T1M ? HARV !T 1! !"R / W+R0? 0"R1*2 TH .: in the sa'e season/ There’s a growing ti'e/ <."#. and 3"T 1T 1* H1! H ART . and the W+R0 should spring and 2R+W "3. and try to get you to U:1##T the seed/ .) . with the Word."ow.) .There’s a ti'e where that “seed” 4.

"T his crop one day. if you hold onto it/ . far'er doesn’t :... night and day”.nd.. WH * TH W+R0 +* TH 1*!10 ? 2 T! !TR+*2 R THA* TH +"T!10 ? TH !1CK* !! W188 C0R+3 +.. see the fact that $0 G#0S #". it’s the sa'e with the Word/ TH W+R0 1! 3R+0"C1*2 in y&-r heart an) li%e? 24 H+"R! A 0A96 9&. first. a far'er has ?#"5 30"?0 in the seed’s ability to produce/ So.. W..A6 That’s Verse 2D/ .> 1#UT "0/ (Write.10 *C 1* TH ! 07! A#181T9 T+ 3R+0"C @ “So is the !ingdo' of God. there’s a growing ti'e. .*ut the Word will 'ature. it/) "o. see two things in this part of the verse= (a) 5irst...nd should sleep and rise.A1TH 1! HAV1*2 C+*.10 *C 1* TH ! 07! A#181T9 T+ 3R+0"C 6 (D%) . plant a seed...1@0ST it the ne%t. So. and $. $e “sleeps and rises...” !1CK* !! +* TH 1T6 . you never see a far'er.B-st )&n7t ! .nd. W+R0? 0"R1*2 TH ()) A .) .. about $ S 3. he goes about his daily routine/ .>ou do that enough... (b) Secondly.nd should sleep and rise night and day.” “. as if a 'an should cast seed into the ground= .. and dig it up. night and day.” . you !idding... “5or the earth bringeth forth fruit of herself. .ARM R HA! C+*.. and then go out 0@01> 4#1" "G. 1. 9+"788 0+ WHAT7! * C !!AR9 T+ 3R+T CT TH 2R+W1*2 T1M ? HARV !T 1! !"R / 5ourth thing.*ut. and you’ll 2 . T "G for the seed to produce. it bac!s up what we 8ust said= There’s a growing ti'e with a seed. to see if it’s S:1#UT03 yet/ (. n the natural.

it doesn’t wor! that way/ “5or the earth bringeth forth fruit of herself/ . .The $ealing Scriptures in the *ible. f you’ll do what’s necessary to protect the Word. *ut.(*ut. and “plant” it in your heart. . i''ediately he putteth in the sic!le.nd. . .et’s ta!e the ne%t step.5aith is believing that the Word is wor!ing.@0S."88 C+R* in the ear.1R!T TH #8A0 . and watch the Word produce/ .. gets ST1#"G01 than the S ?2"0SS on the outside. t ta!es T 40. that sic!ness will “drop off”.. it doesn’t happen all at once/) “5or the earth bringeth forth fruit of herself/ . then the C+R* in the ear. . .ll right. after that the . R V1 W: .TU10S on the inside.. .3uring that ti'e. hope all of you are 'ature enough to realiFe= Satan isn’t going to 8ust sit bac!. f you want a healing. in which. the power to produce a healing. you need to go to the $ealing Scriptures/ That’s “healing seed”.nd."88 .1R!T TH #8A0 . .4ost people want to harvest.nd. <. in order to stop the growing ti'e. notice. during the growing ti'e. when the W#13 on the inside. <We said to you that Satan will try to get you to U:1##T the seed. after that the .” AR.."o. realiFe there’s a G1#W "G T 40.Then. . harvest is sure. even though you can’t see it. there’s G things he co'es against us with. have W T$ " T$04S0. n order to receive your healing.. when the fruit is brought forth. . you have to ta!e the Word. in your body. ti'e. for the Word to produce your healing. . $e’s going to do his best. because the harvest is co'e. you have to :1#T0?T the Word in your heart. let’s. the Word G1#WS and 4. as soon as they see a “sprout”/ *ut. before it produces. .. to ST#: the Word fro' producing. here’s where the different !inds of ground co'e in. then the AR.” So. .

up to now . then.4 K1*0! +. (C bad/ .nd.So." *0 "# <The 6st C !inds of ground produced "#T$ "G. the *.e D:15 . 4#ST #5 T$04 10?0 @03 TSo. when it ca'e right down to it..gain.S *.i!e said. which in an honest and good heart.#ST T$0 W#13/ . for so'e reason. not very far/) .Why didn’t the first C !inds of Ground produce<The first C. having heard the word 200: T. don’t we. you have to :1#T0?T the Word. they all fell for different things/ (. and bring forth fruit W T$ :.” . we saw that= There were 7 !inds of ground 'entioned. so'e were born good.s long as he can get the Word out of your heart/ (That’s what he’s after/) So. while the “seed” grows/ So. they . the G##3 G1#U"3. what it really co'es down to is this= $#W 5. 20:T T$0 S003 :. (literally . if you want to produce a harvest.13. H AR0 TH W+R0. Satan has G different things.1@0ST/ . without the “Seed” planted.. 6 good/) . What 'ade the G##3 G1#U"3.1 . T# :1#T0?T T$0 W#13. which one you fall for/ . because they lost the Word/ .3 G1#U"3 W..nd. it doesn’t 'atter to $ 4. and be :. and then. what 'ade the difference. "G T# G#. to try to get the Word out of your heart/) . then.T 0"?0.“*ut they on the good ground are they."ow. and they brought forth a harvest/ . used to thin! so'e of us were born bad ground. T$010 ?. he’ll use. all of us have the potential to be “good ground”.nd. 2R+"*0 When we opened this..nd. and you 8ust hope you got the “luc!y tic!et”.*ut. . *ecause..What 'ade the' differ<They all heard the Word/ <.T 0"T.(With 'ost of us . 8+!T 1T/ . good8-.Satan got the Word out of their heart/ $.3. Hprotect it’)."T03.ll right. >#U’@0 $0.10 >#U W .

. the people represented here. said earlier.(1e'e'ber. with 'ost of us.We at least gi(e it a =han=e to get “planted”. . and the process is the sa'e. so he could ta!e it “i''ediately”.. substitute the word “revelation”. ?T #" and :01S0?UT #" to get the Word out/ We’ll loo! at the affliction itself. They never gave the Word a chance to get planted.Well.S *0. 0@0 T/ ."ow. with . let’s loo! closer.3 to hear that +esus is the healer. steal the Word. Satan has to wor! a little harder.. They didn’t receive it.) want you to notice W$> he was able to . (1-2) A. in this verse. Satan brought .!ATA*7! 5 TACT1C! . .>ou !now. and either 3 3"’T U"301ST. ?T #" and :01S0?UT #". (G things he uses to get the Word out/) We’re going to ta!e the first two together.) Verses 14-1> .55. they 10?0 @03 the Word.They had no 1##T in the'selves/ (Underline= “1oot”. and see what happens. as we pic! this up. notice.So. *’s !eep reading. *ecause. . Satan didn’t have to do . . because they’re very si'ilar. They heard it.81CT1+* E 3 R! C"T1+* Verse 14 . (1-2) A. "0@01 10?0 @03 T$0 W#13.81CT1+* A*0 3 R! C"T1+* .55.Therefore. that happens 'ost ti'es with healing.. $e 8ust stole it. first. Satan uses the' to get the Word out of your heart. (. . or 3 3"’T *0. 5 1ST. So. that tests and trials don’t co'e to develop your faith. 0@01S. Verse 14-15.) (Where you see the word “root”.3"0SS. .. with G. we 0+ R C 1V the Word we hear. you’ll notice that we’re s!ipping right over the first !ind of ground.">T$ "G to get the Word out. :eople are G. he co'es at us. . t never got planted. So.) ."3 T. as soon as they heard it.("ow. in 8ust a 'o'ent."otice.

'os’) . sunshine/ . your hearts be W0 G$03 3#W" with surfeiting. <"ow. A. T0ST/ (.et 'e define these two words for you. (dee.> to try to 'a!e you sic!preached/ 1ight after you’ve heard healing . “:ressure.. 3 R! C"T1+*: 6C&G .Satan brings these things. “harass'ent”.>/ (“>es.. tests. weighed down by responsibilities. affliction. . need to define so'e words for you here. t’s 8ust another for' of fear/ . 1T? .u!e’s Gospel. 8-. t’s a good translation= t 'eans “persecution”.ll 'ean a troubling and engrossing e'otion or affair.. they heard the Word.55. and we’ll 'ove on. because the preacher said it. Verse 1D-15 (3) TH CAR ! +.” . t i'plies oppression of the 'ind.) #"T? TH 9 . grief. 3iog'os . they let go of the Word.nd. . .re you going to ST ?2 with the Word. worry. to get the Word out of your heart. let’s turn to an interesting Scripture in . and received it G."ow. Satan uses it. concern.e 21:34 .ogue. for the Word’s sa!e. when Satan brought . and ’' still sic!/ This “faith stuff” doesn’t wor!/) .81CT1+*: DC7& .”) * V R R A889 HA0 TH R V 8AT1+* +.-) <Too 'any. or go with what you 500. and lose the Word/ ( thought he said +esus would heal 'e/ confessed the Word for C days. an%iety.See.. +esus is the healer. 20. T’S .+R TH M! 8V !6 (They had no “root” in the'selves/ They 8ust believed it. troubles and trials”..3. loo! at their bodies. Thlipsis= We loo!ed at it before= t 'eans. or literally. <>ou !now when Satan’s 4#ST . ?T #" or :01S0?UT #". TH1! W+R80 (Underline= “?ares”) .. to get the Word out of your heart. . .The ne%t three things are all 'entioned in the sa'e verse.3id you !now worry is a sin. and G0T #550"303 at the preacher.“Ta!e heed lest at any ti'e.>ou 8ust lost the Word.So. solicitude. 4ental suffering. +V RCHAR2 0: 4eans weighed down. 2R K: 4eri'na .

with 31U"20""0SS and G.. ’d venture to say that S#40 #5 US.#@0 of 'oney. 50.The ne%t verse tell you. and letting $i' ta!e care of you.$u'ble yourselves therefore. (because that’s not “socially acceptable” a'ong ?hristians). .TT0"T #" away fro' the Word/ ($e’ll get the Word out of your heart/) <So. that he 'ay e%alt you in due ti'e. none of us would have co'e in here. Satan will use that worry. ($ow do you hu'ble yourself. 8ust as 'uch as drun!enness or gluttony. +esus said.ST "G >#U1 ?.nd.. ca'e in here.nd ?. stu'blin’ down drun!/ . as the answer to your proble's/ nstead of letting God be God.” (4) TH 0 C 1T. . . *> ?..*ut.” <"otice what +esus “lu'ped in” there. on $i'E for he cares for you affectionately. ."3 5#1 ."ow. and cares about you watchfully. under the 'ighty hand of God..(A'<li%ie)) . notice what’s 'entioned ne%t. that none of us.11> "G a .10 #" $ 4/” .(We all !now what that is/ *ut.3 #5 ?.) . 1T1*2: #verindulgence in eating or drin!ing. it’s not riches the'selves that cho!e the Word/ ( f riches cho!ed the Word.“$u'ble yourselves therefore. s'o!ing a big Hol cigar.."8* !! +.W#11> S .) “. ?.nd.10S #5 T$ S ....10 and W#11>/ <*ut. t’s not riches that cho!e the Word/ t’s the . because God is so'e. under the 'ighty hand of God. 5#14 #5 :1 30/ *ecause you’re loo!ing to yourself. surely.“?asting the whole of your care .” . will 3U. ’d venture to say.!"R. >#U1 S: 1 TU. and so that day co'e upon you unawares. . all your an%ieties."otice. 1 3 T R 5:> . that’s the root of all evil. R1CH ! .#.. (gluttony). that the ?. then the Word never would have gotten out of $eaven. :01?0:T #". rip roarin’.>ou !now what that tells 'e. your hearts be W0 G$03 3#W" with surfeiting and drun!enness. would have co'e to class. what’s the cure for care1 3 T R 5:4-> . all your concerns #"?0 . to 3 @01T >#U1 .UTT#">/ Worry/ .“Ta!e heed lest at any ti'e.10S (worries) of this life.!inda rich/) .. all your worries.

That was the Word of’s go over to the other side”. he e%pounded all thins to his disciples/” . and there was :#W01 in it/ <"otice what $e did "#T say. us pass over to the other side”. the !AM 0A9 (not a wee! later. and *10. but “the sa'e day. +esus has been preaching this sa'e 'essage .nd.So.5. .nd. *ut.So..W "3= What’s that." #550"3 >#U. strong desire of any !ind/ ("ot 8ust se%/) When you get your . without a parable spa!e he not unto the'= and when they were alone. or a 'onth later). $e preached the sa'e thing. that Word had the power W T$ " TS0. +esus has told this parable. FAM38 .) Verse 3>-3D .>. as they were able to hear it. and didn’t catch what they said. and then sin!”.’s go to the other side”.) Verse 35-3> . "03 T. Verse 33 .00:= +esus isn’t real worried. .. thin! $e’s pretty 'uch covered the sub8ect/ Verse 35 .Those on the good ground are those who “in an honest and good heart. having heard the word :1#T0?T it.1@0ST S SU10/ A R A8 81. to the disciples. (.” 3ass &(er: "ow.2 >#U1 5#?US. .. is $eVerse 3D-35 read this for years.nd with 'any such parables spa!e he the Word unto the'. then $.ffliction J persecution arising for the Word’s sa!e/ (Satan is contesting= “. as well. “.So. and then 09:.ust= .et’s go 6ID way over. The Son of God said.TT0"T #" and 5#?US on T$ "GS/ Then..0T S. +TH R TH1*2! .(5) TH 8"!T! +. $e told the parable of the sower/ 0%plained it to $is 3isciples. .T. and e%plained all of T$#S0 parables. that was the Word of God. “.. and bring forth fruit with patience.S. in depth.. with 'any such parables.” < f you’ll do what’s necessary to "#T . “.$e said. what’s the point here. here. to cause itself to co'e to pass..“.. Satan will use that to steal the Word/ <So. $e didn’t say.

. .13 T$0 W#13/ .. and they co'e and say= “3on’t you ?. it would have wor!ed for $ 4.<They’re in the ship. they could have acted on it. 8ust the sa'e as $e did/ ./” . said HGo to the other side’. and as!ed God for 6D new disciples/) <#f ?#U1S0.nd. 8ust the sa'e as it did for +0SUS/ . “The Son of the . and cal'ed the sea= Then.2/ "ow..10/ . and it beca'e unfruitful. $e didn’t care/ $e had confidence in the Word’s ability to produce/ Verse 3D-4/ . he let the ?. will render the Word ineffective. ’d have thrown the' all overboard. and we’re going if we have to W.$e rebu!ed the wind.( thin! if was $i'. and said. in the 'iddle of the stor'. $e chewed out the disciples= “$ow is it that >#U have no faith-” .iving God. the boat is about to sin!..nd. and they holler= 3on’t you ?.10.10-” .Why could $e e%pect the' to have faith.T$0>’3 $0.*ut.:eter could have stood up in the bac! of the boat.+esus has 8ust spent all day teaching the' that W#11> and ?. peace be ST .10S of the world ?$#20 the W#13.

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